Turning the College Freshman

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There are many exciting stories on here that, unfortunately, do not have the added bonus of being true. So here is my story of my first male sexual experience in college. This story is in no way made up, but details have been changed to protect identities.

I was a college freshman the first time I ever did anything with a man. The individual was a senior, and a friend of mine since we were kids. He has since come out as being gay, however, I still maintain being straight (despite what the rest of this story will show).
We frequently hung out together outside of school and on the weekends and were very close. Often, our topics would drift to a sexual nature and he would ask me detailed questions about our experience. He let it be known that he was insecure about his body and as such asked me questions about my penis size, how long it took me to ejaculate, and other male related questions.
My friend, who I will refer to as Paul, worked at a computer repair shop in our small town. Business was generally slow and I would often visit him for long periods of time. Over the course of several months and many discussions he worked up to asking me if he could see my penis. At first I was shocked and a little wary, until he stated it was only to compare because he felt insecure about his. Initially I said no and he did not press the issue.
It should be said that Paul was a master at manipulation. Since I was a freshman, I was unable to drive on campus and he would give me rides where I needed to go. As I was not computer savvy, he would also fix or upgrade my computer if needed. Some time after our initial conversation regarding seeing my penis, he brought it up again while giving me a ride. When I said no again he got a little angry and stated “I give you rides everywhere and don’t charge you for gas, and you can’t even do this one thing for me.” I considered it for a few moments while he went on about how he was going to start charging me (I had no money) before I finally decided to concede. While driving in his car I unbuckled my pants and slid them down to kocaeli escort the floor. As I was very nervous, my penis was smaller than usual and Paul laughed and joked about “not being worried anymore” before telling me I could pull them up.
There was no mention of the incident for some time until Paul one day jokingly commented about my having a small penis while we were alone at the shop. Defending myself, I said I was nervous and was above average normally. Seizing on the opportunity, Paul began convincing me to show him my erect penis.
“I have already seen your dick. If you are larger than prove it. What’s the difference?”
Paul then brought me to the back room of the shop and sat me down in front of a computer and then proceeded to bring up a porn site. “Sit here and jerk off until your dick is fully hard, and then call me back.” Scared, but wanting to prove him wrong, I did as I was told and before I knew it I had a fully aroused cock in my hand and called him back again.
“Ok, so you were’t kidding.” He said as he sat on his knees in front of my chair, “Can I touch it?” For me this had gone too far. I wanted to run out of there and he saw that so he added “Calm down. I just want to see how hard it is.” When I began to pull up my pants, ready to leave he again got angry and said “ All the shit I do for you and this is how you repay me? If you walk out everything stops. You pay me for all the gas money and you better hope I don’t tell anyone about this.” Scared, I walked back and dropped my pants again, showing my still erect cock. Even though it felt wrong and I was scared, I have to admit that all excited me. When Paul reached down and began to stroke the head of my cock I felt a shiver up my back. “Put your hands on your head and don’t move them until I tell you” he said in an angry voice. I listened to what he said as he started to jerk harder and faster, occasional stopping to massage my balls. “Please Paul, you need to stop” but for all Paul listened I might have not said anything at all.
When I finally came, I ejaculated all over his hand and floor. kocaeli escort bayan “This is a mess and you are going to clean it up.” So I ran to the bathroom, grabbed some towels and began to clean up the mess while he sat and watched me, saying nothing. “Can I go now?” I asked. “Don’t you tell anyone about this” he said, and I left.
After that incident I avoided him for some time, but was finally forced to return when my computer needed to be fixed. “Haven’t seen you in a while. You don’t need to be weird about this you know.” I explained to him how I felt and how ashamed I was after. Understanding, Paul stated that there was nothing to be ashamed about and that we could go back to being normal. Agreeing, I dropped off my computer and said I would be back later in the day.
When I returned at night, Paul said my computer was fixed and he had something to show me. Bringing me around to the back room again, he sat me down in the same chair and opened the computer screen. Apprehensive, I said I didn’t want to see anything else and wanted my computer so I could go. “Just look.” and he proceeded to show me a video of the previous event, shot from a hidden camera in the room. “This is just a copy, I didn’t want to have to show you this, but you are being such a little shit about everything.” I felt so scared and ashamed. I wanted to run out and never see him again but I didn’t know what he would do with the video. What if my friends and family found out?
“What do you want from me to delete this?” I asked, though I feared I already knew the answer.
“Put these on” he said as he handed me a pair of handcuffs. I was genuinely fearful as I placed my hands behind my back and felt the cold metal click around my wrists.
“Now wait here” he said as he went to the front of the shop and locked the door. When he finally returned he made me get on my knees in front of him. “You are going to suck my dick now. If you fight me at all I am sending this video to your parents.” he then slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi erect penis.
My feelings at this point izmit escort could only be described as a hopeless excitement. I felt trapped and scared more than I ever have in my life but at the same time I was getting turned on. “Open your mouth” and I obeyed as he slid his penis in my mouth for the first time. With each pump his dick began to swell more and more until it was all I could do not to choke. “Good boy” he said as he grabbed my head with both hands and began to thrust more vigorously. “I bet you can take this right down your throat” and he began to push his penis to the back of my mouth, choking me. Coughing and gasping, I desperately tried to pull back, helpless against his hold. When he finally released me I fell forward on to the ground gasping for air, tears running down my eyes. “Please Paul, I can’t do this.” “We aren’t done yet” as he pulled me up roughly and began to once again thrust his dick in my mouth. As he began to moan louder and louder my mouth filled with the taste of his salty precum. I knew what was coming. “You are going to take this load and swallow it or everyone sees the video.”
With a grasp around my head that I could not escape from and a few final thrusts, Paul held my head in position as his dick shot a huge, milky load into the back of my throat. I began to gag instantly, but I knew that I needed to swallow. “Take it all you little slut” he said moaning as I forced myself to swallow what felt like gallons of his seed. Even after his full load had been taken down, he lingered in my mouth for a while longer as his penis started to lose its hardness. When he finally pulled out he took his penis in hand and rubbed it over my lips and face.
“Are you ever going to tell anyone about this?” he asked as his wet, sticky cock ran over my face. “Of course not” I said, and I knew it was true. “You are going to come back here tomorrow, is that understood?”
“Yes” I said, defiance clearly shown in my face. Unexpectedly, he slapped me across the face with such force that I fell to the ground, still handcuffed. “YES, SIR.” he said as he stood above me. “Yes sir,” I said, defeated and submissive.
If I thought that was the worst of it, I had no idea what tomorrow had in store…

To be continued.

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