troi’s holo adventure

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When Lt. Barkley missed his weekly appointment, Counselor Deanna Troi decided
to check up on him. “Computer, where is Lt. Barkley?”

“Lt. Barkley is in Holodeck Three” came the smooth voice of the computer.

Deanna pursed her lips in annoyance. Reg was supposed to be staying away from
the holodecks and should have required special permission to use them. On the
other hand, Reg was also a very good engineer and could probably bypass any
safeguards that were put on them. Troi signed and got up, heading out the
door and for Holodeck Three. When she arrived, the computer (as she expected)
would not let her in.

“Computer. Command code override Troi Alpha Beta 7 Gamma.”

The holodeck doors swept open and closed behind Deanna as she entered. It
took a few seconds for her to orientate herself as she emerged into a loud
boisterous bar scene out of late 20th century earth. As she grew accustomed
to the sounds, she heard moaning and gagging sounds coming from a pool table
around which a dozen or so men were gathered. Unable to see what the men
were watching, Troi pushed her way through to the front and stopped in

She saw herself lying on the pool table. Naked. More than naked, she had one
cock shoved up her ass, another in her pussy and a monster dick being shoved
down her throat…hence the gagging sounds she had heard. Even as the
astonished Counselor watched, the big dick fucking her duplicate’s face
pulled out and a huge load of cum shot all over her face. He was followed
shortly by the other cocks fucking her as they emptied loads into the fake
Troi while the real Deanna stood watching unable to move. Deanna felt a
shiver run through her…..a mixture of disgust and lust as she watched the
three men climb off her duplicate, leaving her lying there covered in their

It was about then that the men gathered around the table noticed Deanna.
“Whoooeee, the slut has got a twin sister!” said one man rubbing the bulge
in his pants. Troi tried to back away from the circle of men, but rough
hands grabbed her and thrust her up onto the pool table to lie beside her

“Computer end program!” called out Troi as she found herself face to face
with her cum slicked twin who was gaping at her in astonishment.

“Unable to comply. Voice overrides deactivated.” came the smooth computer

‘Oh oh,’ thought Deanna as she tried to scramble off the table. ‘Reg is going
to get such a piece of kocaeli escort my mind when I find him.’

“Hey, where you going honey?” asked one of the men around the table. He
pushed her back down beside her duplicate. “Give your sister a kiss!”

Both of the Troi’s eyes bulged out in horror as their faces were pushed
together. A soft “No” escaped both their lips simultaneously just as their
lips brushed together. Apparently her duplicate had been programmed to act
as much like the real thing as Reg could manage thought Deanna as their
lips were mashed harshly together and she found herself kissing her cum
covered duplicate. She felt hands tugging at her uniform and as the two
women were forced together, Deanna literally had her clothing ripped off.
When all was said and done, she found herself naked and lying on top of
her duplicate, kissing her hard on the mouth. The other Troi’s cum smeared
breasts felt warm under her and it took Deanna several seconds to realize
she was no longer being held in place by the men.They had stepped back a
bit to watch the two identical women kissing. Deanna felt her eyes go wide
with astonishment as she realized that this was starting to turn her on
and below her, her duplicate’s face mirrored that astonishment.

Almost as if it had a mind of its own, Deanna’s mouth began to trail down
the neck of her twin until she reached a puddle of cum on the holo-Deanna’s
tits which she licked at.

“Stop, we shouldn’t be doing this,” moaned her twin. “This is wrong…it is
worse than incest…..ahhhhhh”.

“Yes…yes it is,” agreed Deanna but she didn’t stop licking the boobs of
her duplicate. In fact, she began to lick and suck on them with even greater
lust. The shiver of taboo swept over her. A small part of her mind nagged at
her for lying there naked on top of a holo duplicate of herself, in essence
making lesbian love to herself while a bar full of rough looking men watched
her degrade herself. Maybe she could have stopped herself yet, but at that
moment her duplicate’s fingers slipped into Deanna’s pussy and began to
stroke her clit. Deanna gave a loud moan of pleasure and then bent her head
back down to lick and suck with renewed enthusiasm at the tits of her twin.

Deanna felt one hand of her duplicate slide in and out of her pussy while the
other one cupped her ass and drew Deanna down on top of her harder. Deanna no
longer cared how wrong or forbidden what she was doing was, but just wanted
to kocaeli escort bayan kiss and lick and be kissed and licked by this warm body underneath her.
The two women broke their embrace as if with one mind and reformed into a 69
with the real Deanna Troi on top. Her mouth dipped into her duplicate’s pussy
and began to lick without hesitation at the mixture of pussy juices and cum
she found there. For her own part, she was dripping wet now and her twin was
licking furiously at her pussy which sent huge waves of pleasure through

Heaving and writhing with ecstasy, Deanna finally came to her climax and
she felt a similar shudder run through her duplicate at precisely the same
moment. For long shuddering moments, Deanna lay there and then reality
drifted back in the form of the men laughing, whistling and clapping. Oh my
god, what have I done she thought as she looked around the circle of men,
several of them who had their cocks out and were stroking them at the
lesbian play of the counselor and her twin.

There was little time for remorse, however, as one of the men grabbed Deanna
and pulled her head down onto his cock. The thick head pushed between her
lips and Troi gagged slightly as he forced it further down her throat. Out of
the corner of her eye, Deanna could see her duplicate being forced to blow
another huge cock. Deanna knew the look of fear, mixed with lust and shame
was mirrored on her own face as the cock slid in and out of her soft lips.
Side by side the two women were forced to swallow the large cocks. Hands held
their heads in places and forced them up and down in a steady rhythm on the
face choking meat. The man fucking her face was moaning loudly and Deanna
knew he was close to cumming. He is only a hologram she tried to reassure
herself but then his cum flooded down her throat and it tasted very real.
She saw that her duplicate was choking down her own huge load.

The cock pulled out of her mouth with a popping sound and some cum dribbled
down her chin as Deanna lay there exhausted. Then she felt hands lifting her
and before she knew it she felt herself being lowered onto a hard cock that
slid up her ass. Then her breath was taken away as another cock slipped into
her pussy and she found her the meat in a cock sandwich. As she opened her
mouth to complain, another big sausage was shoved inside and she realized
she was duplicating the scene she had first stumbled into. Sure enough,
beside her izmit escort on the table, her duplicate was getting the same triple treatment.
The three cocks drove in and out of Deanna with unrelenting force and with
uncanny timing as each cock drove to its deepest point at exactly the same
time. The cocks in her ass and pussy seemed to be touching on each stroke
while the one in her mouth was jammed twelve inches down her throat. The
helpless counselor could do nothing but lie there being ravaged by the three
hard cocks until finally with a repeat of the scene she had walked in on as
the cock in her mouth pulled out and spewed its thick load over her face,
followed a moment later by the surge of cum into her pussy and ass.

Deanna lay there on the pool table, table with cum dripping down her face
wondering what was going to happen next when she heard a gasp from the back
of the room and a figure hurried forward. It was Lt. Reg Barkley and he
pushed his way through the crowd of men. Apparently he had been off to the
holo-washroom or wherever and had missed the entrance of the counselor. “Oh
my,” he said looking down at the two nude women. “Computer, I didn’t order
a second Counselor Troi.”

“I’m the real Counselor Troi, Reg,” said Deanna trying to cover her naked
body and then giving up since he had obviously programmed this scene and her
nude body was no stranger to him.

“Sigh. Just what I need,” muttered Reg. “A glitch in the holomatrix so the
holograms think they are real. I better fix that right away before someone
investigates. Computer. End Program.”

The computer was apparently programmed to respond only to Reg and the bar
scene faded away into the black walls and yellow lines of the holodeck. The
naked and cum covered Deanna was still there.

Reg looked around in puzzlement. “Computer, why is there still one of the
holograms present after I told you to shut down the program.”

“The program is no longer running,” intoned the computer.

“Reg!I am the real Counselor Troi,” seethed Deanna. “You missed your
appointment and I came looking for you only to get raped by your
holoprogram! I will expect you in my office in one hour for a very
long session of counseling. You are even more deeply disturbed than
I realized!”

With that Deanna turned and marched out of the holodeck. In her anger she
had forgot she was stark naked and a couple of Ensigns got quite an eyeful
as she marched past them. A chagrined Deanna looked down at her nude body
when she saw their stares.

‘Oh well,’ she thought, ‘at least the holo-cum had disappeared when she left
the holodeck!’

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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