Traffic Stop

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Inspired by “Tasha” from the L-Word.


“What the hell?”

Mia Drayton looked in her rear-view mirror, shocked to see the flashing red and blue lights behind her.

“Shit!” she exclaimed. “I wasn’t going that fast, was I? Damn it!”

Mia sighed as she pulled her SUV over to the side of the virtually deserted road. She was on her way home from spending an early dinner with a few friends, taking her usual shortcut on the road that led back behind the City Park. She hated taking the Interstate because she loved to speed and the cops were always out in full force.

“I was bound to get caught someday, I guess,” she muttered. She put the car in park but left it running as she reached for her purse in the passenger’s seat.

She looked again in the rear-view mirror. The police car was parked right behind her but there was no sign of the officer.

“Tap, tap, tap!”

Mia jumped when she realized that the officer was now right outside her window. The smartly dressed officer tapped again on the window with a long, black nightstick.

“Damn. What’s his problem?” Mia grimaced. As she hit the button to roll down the window, she was stunned at what she saw.

First off, the “he” was a “she.” And she was absolutely gorgeous.

The officer stood about 5’8″, lean and slender. Mia smiled as she took in the woman’s smooth, cocoa brown skin. The officer wore dark, mirrored aviator sunglasses and her hair was pulled back underneath her police hat. Though Mia couldn’t see the woman’s eyes, she couldn’t miss the officer’s delicious, crimson-red lipstick.

The officer wore a snug, dark blue uniform: a fitted, button-up shirt that strained against her ripe, full breasts and tight pants that hugged her muscular thighs. As Mia kept looking, she also noticed the gun in the officer’s holster. As such, Mia decided to proceed very carefully.

“License and registration, ma’am,” the officer said sternly.

Mia reached into her purse and pulled out the documents. Her hands shook as she handed them to the officer. “I’m so sorry, Miss–,” Mia quickly checked the officer’s badge. “I mean, Officer Martin. I was just–”

“Ma’am,” Officer Martin warned, holding up her hand. “One moment please.”

Officer Alaina Martin took Mia’s information and walked back to her squad car. As she did so, Mia again looked in her rear-view mirror and watched Alaina’s tight ass swish back and forth.

Take it easy, Mia, she chided herself. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but she’s also got a gun.

Mia continued to watch Alaina in her squad car. She’s a real cutie, Mia thought. Maybe I can charm my way out of this ticket? Mia shook her long, jet-black hair and checked her reflection in the rear-view mirror. She quickly dug into her purse for a rubber band and a tube of her favorite pink lipgloss.

First, she swept her hair up into a youthful, more innocent-looking ponytail. Then she applied the baby-pink lipgloss to her kissably full lips. I’m gonna get her number, Mia chuckled as she admired her reflection. I never had a problem getting kat before. Why should she be any different? And if I play my cards right, she’ll be in my bed before sundown. Mia tingled at the thought of the görükle escort gorgeous woman between her sweet thighs, taking her straight to heaven. I’m gonna get this sexy girl, Mia determined.

After a few moments, Alaina returned. She had removed her hat and sunglasses and now stood at Mia’s window. Alaina’s dark eyes sparkled brightly. Her hair, still pulled back into a neat chignon, was black with brown highlights threaded through. Mia was completely stunned at the woman’s natural beauty.

Mia flashed her brightest smile. “So you see, Officer Martin–”

“I need you to step out of the car, please, ma’am.”

Mia’s smile quickly faded as her mind raced. I don’t have any warrants, do I? she thought. She turned the car off, reached for the door handle, seemingly in slow motion, and stepped out of the car.

“Step around to the other side of the vehicle, please, ma’am,” Alaina ordered.

Too nervous to speak, Mia walked around to the passenger’s side. Once on the other side, the towering SUV virtually hid her from the view of the traffic on the road.

“Turn around and place your hands on the car, please, ma’am.”

Mia’s stomach was in knots as she followed Alaina’s orders. Mia turned her back to the officer and put her hands on the side of her truck. Now what, she thought.

Alaina took a good, long look at the woman in front of her.

Mia was a tiny woman, just over 5 feet tall, but she had a curvy build. Men and women alike often complimented her on her generous breasts, slender midsection and thick thighs. Mia’s long, dark hair was pulled up into a high ponytail. A few tendrils had escaped and they gently caressed her smooth shoulders.

Though it was nearing dusk, Mia’s honey brown skin shone in the remaining sunlight. She wore a snug, white tank top with an obscenely short denim skirt. As a final touch, she wore gold, four-inch heels that gave her calves a sexy look.

Alaina stepped in close behind her, right up to her ear. “Mia Drayton?” she asked.

All Mia could do was nod.

“Do I know why I pulled you over?”

Fear began to tinge Mia’s nerves as she shook her head.

“I’ve seen you before, Ms. Drayton.”

Mia’s mind turned to mush and her knees began to shake.

“Do you know where?”

Mia shook her head. The blood rushing in her ears pounded in her head. She could barely hear what Alaina was saying.

“At the Crystal Palace. Two nights ago. You were in the parking lot. In a black minidress.”

Mia’s mind went blank. The Crystal Palace? Suddenly it came back to her. Oh God, she thought.

“You know what happens at the Crystal Palace?” Alaina asked.

Mia swallowed hard and nodded again.

Alaina whispered right in her ear. “Tell me.”

In that moment, Mia couldn’t find any words.

“Tell me,” Alaina repeated as she placed her hands firmly on Mia’s shoulders.

“It’s…it’s a girl bar,” Mia squeaked.

“Yes it is. It’s a place where girls go to meet each other. A gay bar, right?”

Mia nodded.

“You were pretty cute, you know that?” Alaina’s fingers gently rubbed and stroked Mia’s bare shoulders. “Such pretty brown skin. Such a beautiful bursa escort bayan body.”

Mia moaned at the sudden rush of passion. Though she wasn’t as scared as before, she was still a bit nervous. However, Mia’s body began to betray her as her nipples stiffened against the thin material of her tank top.

“I love cute girls. Especially hot, sexy ones such as yourself.” Alaina chuckled. “But I think you’re a cocky one, aren’t you? I bet you thought you could ‘get me,’ huh?”

Mia gulped.

Alaina slid her hands down Mia’s curvy body until they rested on her waist. “I think I need to frisk you.” She paused and spoke very softly in Mia’s ear. “I won’t hurt you, baby. I promise.”

Mia shuddered at the invitation. She closed her eyes, no longer afraid, but needing badly to feel more of Alaina’s firm, but amazingly gentle touch.

Alaina suddenly knelt down on the gravel until she was at eye-level with Mia’s legs. She placed her hands on Mia’s ankles and stroked the brown skin.

“You’re gorgeous, baby,” Alaina whispered. “I wanted you from the first time I laid eyes on you.” She continued rubbing and stroking Mia’s smooth, silky skin.

Suddenly, Mia felt a warm, wet, tickling sensation on the back of her knee. She looked down and groaned as she realized Alaina was gently licking and nibbling her legs. Mia threw her head back and enjoyed the delicious sensations.

Alaina laved Mia’s firm, toned calves, slowly working her way up to Mia’s thick thighs. Mia shivered as she felt the loving tongue slither all around her golden, heated skin.

“More,” Mia whispered.

As Alaina’s lips and tongue continued their assault on Mia’s legs, her hands were busy too, caressing and fondling Mia’s delicate skin. She continued up higher and higher until she reached the hem of Mia’s miniskirt. Alaina reached underneath and hooked her fingers into Mia’s tiny panties.

Alaina looked up. “Yes?”

“Yes,” Mia sighed. “Please…”

Alaina slid her panties down and was greeted with the scent of Mia’s tangy essence. Alaina licked her lips in anticipation. Then she raised Mia’s skirt until it was bunched around her waist.

Mia’s naked ass was proudly on display. Alaina gripped the firm cheeks and squeezed gently. She ran her fingers all over Mia’s soft, honeyed flesh. Then Alaina groaned as she leaned in and planted tiny kisses all around the firm globes.

Mia shuddered and spread her legs wider as she tingled in delight. Her head throbbed with need as Alaina licked, sucked and nibbled at Mia’s cute tush.

“Turn around,” Alaina ordered. Mia did so quickly and leaned back against the cool steel of her SUV.

Alaina, unable to wait and needing the sweet nectar, leaned into Mia’s midsection and rubbed her face against the girl’s stomach. Alaina planted more scorching hot kisses all over her soft, supple skin, right to the top of Mia’s dark mound. She playfully wiggled her tongue against Mia’s bare skin.

“You shave, huh?” Alaina asked. “That’s so sexy, baby.”

Alaina kept up her teasing while Mia sighed and panted in sheer lust. Finally, Alaina’s strong hands gripped Mia’s waist as she planted her lips directly onto Mia’s bursa escort hot, wet pussy.

“Oh yes,” Mia gasped. “Yessss!” She wriggled in Alaina’s grip, but Alaina wasn’t letting go.

Alaina locked her lips on Mia’s fleshy pussy lips and drank deeply. She held onto Mia’s waist tightly as she worked her tongue over and around Mia’s sweet honey pot.

“Ahhhh!” Mia cried out. “Oh God!”

Alaina moaned into Mia’s pussy as she flicked her tongue back and forth over Mia’s jewel. Then she took one hand and spread Mia’s pussy open. Alaina spotted the pink gem and went right for it.

“Oh yes!” Mia’s entire body tensed up as she felt Alaina’s tongue dotting all over her sensitive clit. “Don’t stop, baby! Please don’t stop!”

Mia, wrought with passion, reached underneath her tank top and began fondling her swollen breasts. Her nipples were rock-hard and she lightly pinched them, loving the erotic sensations coursing through her body.

Tremors began rising in Mia’s body as she began racing toward an explosive climax. She looked down and Alaina began licking and sucking her hot pussy even faster.

Mia moaned as Alaina suddenly grabbed her ass and pulled her in even closer. Alaina’s wicked tongue kept fluttering over and over Mia’s turgid clit.

Mia’s temperature was almost at the boiling point. She could feel Alaina’s fingers digging tighter into her ass cheeks. Beads of sweat broke out over Mia’s face and neck as she struggled for some type of control. Because Mia never forgot that they were outside, on the side of the road no less, she had to take control of the situation quickly.

As Mia heeded her natural instinct to flip the script and take charge, she realized that Alaina was working even harder to keep her well under submission.

Meanwhile, Alaina, sensing Mia’s hesitancy to let go, took both hands and pulled Mia’s ass even closer, forcing her juicy pussy even tighter against her mouth. Then Alaina took her tongue and slid it deeply into Mia’s tight cunt.

“Fuck!” Mia cried out, shaking with the intense stimulation. “Oh God, oh God, oh God!”

“Cum for me, sweetheart,” Alaina moaned against Mia’s heated mound. “Cum for me!”

Finally letting go, Mia gave in to the explosion building up inside her. She tweaked her nipples and widened her stance, ready for the erotic volcano inside her to erupt.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Mia wailed as her back arched. “Oh God! Here it comes!” she cried out.

White-hot lightening seared though Mia’s brain as her body exploded. “I’m cumming!” she shouted. “I’m cumming! Now! Now!”

Alaina tasted the first burst of sugary juice that flowed from Mia’s essence and groaned in delight. She gripped Mia’s ass even tighter and drank the precious nectar, licking and slurping every drop.

Mia moaned and cried out for several minutes as she lost herself in the waves of passion that Alaina had awoken in her.

After a few long moments, Mia, finally spent, sagged against the side of her truck. “Officer Martin?” she panted, struggling to catch her breath after such an explosive orgasm.

“Please. Call me Alaina,” she said as she rose to her feet. “What is it, Mia?”

“Alaina, I…I’m not sure I can drive,” Mia said as she struggled to compose herself. “Actually, I think I need a police escort home.”

“I’m at your service, baby,” Alaina whispered as she wrapped her arms around Mia’s waist and deeply inhaled Mia’s scent. “That’s my job, honey – to protect and serve.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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