Trading Places Ch. 7

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Author’s Note:

This story was originally distributed in 7 chapters.

If you missed the other installments, check my author’s page.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author.

This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached, as long as no charge is made for it and it isn’t changed in any way. If it is archived or displayed, it is done so with the understanding that the author will have unrestricted access to the archive or posting.

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Michelle felt Dan tense under her and sucked harder, using her tongue and teeth until he was panting from over stimulation. Once he started to relax, Bill gently worked a finger into his still tight, but well broken in, ass.

“Bill,” Dan mumbled plaintively from between Michelle’s legs. “You said if I let you fuck me, I could fuck Michelle.” It was weird to hear his baritone voice muffled by her crotch and bordering on a whine. “I did my part,” he insisted.

Bill inserted a second finger and wiggled both until they found Dan’s prostate. In response, Dan sucked Michelle’s pussy lips between his teeth and tongued them savagely as he shook, groaning uncontrollably.

“So tell me to stop,” Bill challenged. “Say the word and I’ll let you be.” He wiggled his fingers again for emphasis.

Instead, Dan grabbed Michelle’s hips and pulled her against him tighter, running his tongue over her sex faster. He wanted to tell Bill to stop, tell him to get away from him, but he couldn’t. The feelings, the intensity–Dan had never felt anything like it. What’s worse, he didn’t want it to stop at just fingers. He wanted to feel Bill’s cock again.

He gripped the fingers with his ass, squeezed them as tight as he could, and tried to push his cock deeper into Michelle’s mouth. Bill pumped and twisted forcefully, then withdrew them.

“What’s the magic word?” he taunted. Michelle ground her pussy against Dan’s face in encouragement, then raised herself up so that he could speak.

“Fuck me…please,” he said softly.

Michelle dropped back on his mouth, squirming noticeably as she started to come. She couldn’t believe this guy, this god, was begging her husband to fuck him.

His lapped at her pussy as her juices flowed out, coating his tongue with sweet, sticky liquid. Satisfied, Bill placed Dan’s ankles on his shoulders and rested his cock head on Dan’s asshole. Grunting, he pushed past the tight opening. Dan sucked harder on Michelle’s pussy, as Bill’s Escort Çankaya cock drove deeper, until Bill’s balls scraped roughly against Dan’s smooth, well-muscled ass. He wiggled inside, making Dan moan, then slowly extracted himself, letting the head pop out lazily.

The second time he plunged in faster, a wet slapping sound following his connection. Michelle, who had begun sucking Dan’s cock again choked as it swelled even larger and plunged further down her throat. Still holding it with two hands she pulled it further toward her, lifting his balls up and allowing Bill even easier access to his ass.

Bill picked up his pace, reaching down to play with Dan’s balls as he fucked him, causing Dan to tighten around his cock. Startled by the grip, Bill felt himself shoot deep into Dan, a loud yell accompanying his orgasm. He pulled out, a thin trail of cum coming with him. After a minute, Dan found the strength to push Michelle free of his cock and rolled her off him.

“You have one hell of a fucking coming,” he said standing, his cock swinging seductively, dripping precum on the carpet.

He extended his hand and helped her to her feet. Again he leaned down and kissed her, her rock hard nipples digging into him, his cock hot and sticky against her. She was so horny she made an audible squishing sound when she moved, and her skin was flushed pink from being turned on so long–it looked like she had a low-grade sunburn.

He led her over to the dining room table and positioned her so that her ass was perched on the edge and she was leaning back, supporting her weight with her arms. Standing between her legs he spread her legs, then reached down and grabbed his cock, rubbing it over her clit. The heat from between her legs was incredible.

He maneuvered his cock head in between her legs and Michelle arched her back to meet him, her mouth agape with pain and pleasure. Actually inside, she finally appreciated just how big he was. She fell against the table, clawing at the air, trying to grab his hips to slow the invasion, but she was unable to make contact. Her mouth opened and closed rapidly without uttering a sound.

“That a girl,” he said gutturally. “Now you know how I felt.”

She balled her hands into fists and pounded the table violently as he continued to enter her. Reaching between them he trapped her swollen clit between his thumb and forefinger, squeezing firmly and pulling it toward him.

“Goddamn!” she bellowed, her eyelids fluttering and her eyes rolling back in her head. “Oh shit, I’m going to die,” she moaned.

He tried to grab her Ankara Escort hips and pull her onto him, but he met resistance. Only about two thirds of the way in, he didn’t want to hurt her, at least not that way, so he withdrew, pulling back so that only his cock head was still buried in her. Her body flattened against the table, her chest rising and falling raggedly.

Leaning over, he sucked one angry, enflamed nipple into his mouth. She purred, her head lolling back and forth as he teased and tickled it, the muscles in her pussy contracting involuntarily around his cock. He alternated between the two of them, trying to give each nipple adequate attention, until she was writhing. Then, very gently, he slid his cock back in, burrowing in a little deeper this time. He repeated this routine, sucking on her tits to make her wet then sliding more of his cock in, until he was mashing his pelvis against hers.

He fell forward, burying his face in her neck next to her ear, and whispered, “That’s all there is. How does it feel?”

Michelle opened her mouth to reply just as the first orgasm gripped her, shaking her body so hard her teeth rattled. The harder she came the tighter she gripped his cock and the harder she came, until it felt like she might pass out.

Finally, the shaking subsided, and he slowly began pumping his long thick cock in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles, as bolts of arousal shot through her, starting at her crotch and radiating out. She grabbed his forearms, felt the muscles move under the skin as he slid in and out of her, and held on as he fucked her.

When he felt the first twinges of his impending orgasm he withdrew all the way, her pussy gripping him tightly, reluctant to let him free.

“Get on the floor. On your hands and knees,” he commanded gruffly.

She just lay there, dazed, her hands squeezing her nipples, crotch humping the air. She was so horny, so close, that all she could focus on was getting herself off. He smiled and reached down, yanking her off the table. She scrambled to get her feet under her so she didn’t fall, then dropped to the floor as she’d been told.

He got behind her and spread her legs, then reached under and teased her lips, dragging his fingers over them until she was pounding the floor in frustration. When he thought she’d been tormented enough, he worked his cock part way in. Before she could react he grabbed her hips and pulled himself deep, slamming into her as hard as he could. He took several hard, fast strokes before settling into a slow easy rhythm.

Finally Sincan Escort rejuvenated, Bill scooted under Michelle so that his cock was in her face and his face was under her crotch. As Dan continued to pump her he felt Bill’s tongue trace her lips and dance over his shaft. It was an erotic feeling, wet and firm and hot, and he slowed a little so that Bill could run his tongue along more of his shaft as he fucked his wife. Bill and Michelle both groaned at the same time.

Bill reached up and fondled Dan’s balls, pulling and squeezing them, while Michelle stuffed Bill’s cock in her mouth all the way down to the base, swallowing and humming. Dan fucked Michelle as slow as he could, until he couldn’t hold out any longer, and let loose his first warm, hard jet of cum. When she felt it splash inside her she screamed, cock deep in her throat, and started to come again as well. This time her orgasm was short and intense, strong enough for her ears to still be ringing even after her breathing had returned to normal.

Bill followed her close behind her, grabbing Michelle’s hips as he forced his cock as far into her mouth as he could manage. He tore his mouth away from Michelle’s crotch gasping, unable to keep up the licking as short bursts of cum filled his wife’s mouth.

Seizing the opportunity to even the score with Bill, Dan pulled his cock out of Michelle and slid it into Bill’s parted mouth. Bill took it willingly, relaxing his throat and running his tongue over it, using the same technique his wife was using on his own cock.

The three of them collapsed in a jumbled heap of body parts, cum and juice dripping all over each other. Gradually they untangled themselves and rolled on their backs, exhausted. Dan had just started to drift off when he felt soft, gentle kisses trail along his still twitching cock and make their way down toward his asshole. He found himself looking forward to Round Two.



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