Torn Ch. 2

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Melissa walks in and sees Steve and I locked in a 69 position. “Um, this isn’t what it looks like?” I meekly reply. “Oh really? That’s too bad, because it looks really hot!”

“You’re not mad?”

“Mad? Not at all! I don’t own you. You could fuck whoever you want. Speaking of which, I believe an introduction is in order.” I climb off of Steve and introduce my two lovers. Steve stands before Melissa completely naked with an incredible erection. He offers his hand and says, “Um, hi, I’m Steve. I’ve heard a lot about you.” Melissa pushes his hand away and grabs his rock-hard cock. She begins to stroke his shaft as she kisses him deep on the mouth. “We’re all friends here Steve, no need for formalities. MMM, I can taste her sweet cunt on your lips, she’s yummy, isn’t she?” All Steve could do was moan and nod in silent agreement. She lets go of Steve’s cock and reaches into a shopping bag she brought in with her. She pulls out a shiny, new, black 9-inch strap-on dildo.

“Well, Michelle, I bought this for us, but apparently you don’t need it. You’ve got a real one.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. I’ve always wanted two cocks at once. Hmmm, I wonder how I could make that happen?” I walked over to Melissa and kissed her full lips. She ran her hands up and down my naked body and I began to moan. “Is there any chance I could persuade you to join us?”

“I think there’s a very good chance you could get me to do anything you want.” I keep kissing Melissa as I remove her blazer. She’s wearing a white silk shirt underneath which can barely contain her perfect full C-cup breasts. Her bra can’t disguise the hardness of her nipples. I unbutton her shirt and squeeze her breasts, I rub my thumbs against her aching nipples. She moans into my mouth. Steve is sitting on the edge of the bed watching us and stroking his cock. Seeing two beautiful women together is every man’s fantasy.

I meet Melissa’s eyes and whisper, “Let’s put on a show for him.” She nods her head in agreement and begins to moan a bit louder. I unsnap Melissa’s front-hook bra and her full, firm breasts pop out. I slowly start kissing her neck and move my lips down her body. I caress her right breast and proceed to take her nipple into my mouth. She runs her fingers through my long blonde hair as I suckle her rock-hard nipple. Her moans are driving me crazy and I start to gently bite her. I know she likes this because I can smell her excitement. As I work my way over to her left breast, she discards her blouse and bra. Steve is practically drooling watching us. I reluctantly leave her luscious breasts and begin to kiss her lips again. She’s squeezing my big, firm tits as I caress bahis firmaları her smooth back. I find the zipper for her skirt and I slide it off of her. She steps out of her skirt and she is fully exposed to me. No panties, no stockings. All she’s wearing is 4-inch heels and a smile.

I kneel before her and breathe in her heady scent. She’s the girl of my dreams. I hold on to her hips and gently kiss her tight, flat belly. I glance over at Steve and can tell he’s close to an orgasm. His cum-filled balls are so big and tight! I spread her clean-shaven lips with my fingers and I’m greeted by her very erect clit, begging to be sucked. I stick my pierced tongue out and gently flick at her labia and clit. How can anyone taste this good? I start to suck and bite on her blood-engorged clit as I put two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She grabs her tits and begins to make low, gutteral noises. Steve is jerking his huge cock so hard, not taking his eyes off of us. Melissa grabs the back of my head and pushes her cunt deeper into my mouth. “Eat me, you fucking whore. I want to cum all over your face.” I bury my face as deep as humanly possible into her juicy folds. I insert two more fingers into her welcoming pussy. “Oh, fuck, baby! You’re going to make me cum!”

“Not yet, you bitch, not yet,” I answer. At that moment, I stand up, take Melissa by the shoulders, and throw her on the bed. “Steve! Get your hand off your cock and get over here!” Steve awakes from his orgasmic trance and does what he’s told. Melissa is laying flat on her back begging me to make her cum. “Steve, I want you to kneel above her head and shove your cock into her mouth,” I demand. “A-Are you sure that’s OK…???”

“Do it now!!” Steve shoves his cock into Melissa’s waiting mouth and she hungrily accepts him. He throws his head back in ecstasy. He’s holding her arms above her head and is raping her mouth. I kneel at the bottom of the bed and spread Melissa’s legs as wide as they can go.

I start working her pussy again and I hear her muffled groans. I look up and see Steve’s ass rhythmically thrusting into her mouth. My own pussy is dripping and aching to be fucked. I gently nibble on Melissa’s sweet clit as I shove four fingers into her hot cunt. She’s writhing in pleasure. “I want you to take my whole hand in, you bitch. I want to feel you from the inside.” I slowly but surely work my thumb into her as well. I have all five fingers inside of her. “C’mon, baby, spread those whore legs just a little more for me…” She spreads them even further apart, allowing my entire hand to invade her pussy. I’m slowly fisting her as I violate her clit with my tongue. I kaçak iddaa feel her body tense up and her legs start to shake. “Cum for me, baby, please cum for me,” I beg. With this, Steve starts thrusting faster. Melissa’s body convulses and her sweet nectar gushes into my mouth. I don’t let any of it go to waste. “Fuck! Fuck, oh God! I’m going to cuuuummmm…” groans Steve. At that same moment, Steve shot a hot load of cum down Melissa’s throat. She greedily devoured all of it and licked her lips clean. Steve collapses beside her, physically, and literally, drained.

I begin to roughly stroke my neglected pussy. Melissa sits up and says,”Oh no, you’re not getting off that easily!”

“What do you have in mind?” I ask. She gets up off the bed, walks over to me, and gives me a deep soul kiss. We both taste an intoxicating mixture of male and female on our lips. As she’s tongueing me, she begins to pinch my nipples and teasingly slap my tits. She knows I like it rough! Her hand snakes down to my dripping pussy and she instantly slips four fingers in. “Oh yes, Melissa, that feels so fucking gooood…”

“You like that? I didn’t think a whore like you would be satisfied with just fingers filling your cunt. I bet you want a big, fat cock buried deep inside of you, don’t you?”

“W-Well, I don’t think Steve is ready to go another round just yet…”

“Have you forgotten the “gift” I bought for you?” In all the excitement, I actually did forget about the strap-on! “Do you want me to fuck you with my cock?” Melissa asked. “Oh God, yes please…”

“I want you to beg. Tell me where you want it…”

“I want you to fuck my pussy and my ass, please, please fuck me…” Melissa pulled her fingers out of my cunt and shoved them into my mouth. I licked her fingers clean. She got up and retrieved the strap-on from the shopping bag. She slid her lovely ass into the harness and looked menacingly at me.

She stood above me. “Suck my ‘cock,’ whore…” I greedily deep-throated the dildo, taking in almost the whole 9-inches. I looked up into her deep brown eyes and watched her tits bounce as I sucked her ‘cock.’ It was surreal. “Bend the fuck over like the slut you are,” she demanded. Steve sat up in bed to survey the action. It seems he has caught his second wind because more than his interest was piqued! He began to stroke his semi-erect cock. I leaned over the bottom edge of the bed, fully exposing my tight round ass to Melissa. She ran a saliva-lubricated finger across my puckered hole. “Hmmm, no lube around. I guess I’ll have to lubricate you.” Melissa got down on all fours and spread the cheeks of my ass. She made her long tongue as kaçak bahis stiff as possible and probed my tight asshole. She buried her gorgeous face deep into my ass as her fingers penetrated my wet pussy. “Please fuck me, I need to cum.” I begged. “As you wish.” Melissa got up on her knees and positioned her ‘cock’ by the opening of my pussy. She inserted the bulbous rubber tip, then quickly removed it. “You bitch! Stop fucking teasing me! I want you now!” She slammed her ‘cock’ into my waiting pussy and rode me hard. She held my hips for balance as her thrusts got deeper and deeper. She reached around and roughly squeezed my tits with her left hand, she smacked my ass with her right hand. I was already getting close!

This little scene was obviously all the inspiration Steve needed to get back into the game. He walked towards me with a raging hard-on. I graciously accepted him into my mouth. I’m deep-throating Steve, my nose is buried in his lush pubic hair while Melissa is fucking my cunt.

“Hey Steve,” says Melissa. “Why don’t you fuck this whore’s pussy while I rape her ass?”

“Absofuckinlutely! I was hoping you would ask!” Steve slid his cock out of my mouth as Melissa slid hers out of my pussy. He laid at the end of the bed with his legs draped over the edge. He pulled me on top of him and grabbed my ass to deeply impale me on to his cock. Melissa then took her ‘cock’ which was well-lubricated from my pussy juices and positioned it by my asshole. She slowly worked her ‘cock’ in, inch by glorious inch. “OOOOO, YEEEESSSSSSS,” I moaned as I was totally filled with cock. Steve and Melissa got a rhythm going as they ripped me apart. I’ve always wanted to be double-teamed, it feels soooo amazing! Steve’s sucking my tits as he’s fucking me and Melissa is smacking my ass, I’m in heaven. I can’t hold out any longer, I need to cum! “Oh, fuck me, yes, harder, yes, oooohhhhh, yes, I’m going to cuummmmmm…”

Melissa wrapped her fist into a handful of my hair and pulled as she fucked me as hard as she could in my ass. “Y-Y-Yessssssssss, Unnnnnnnngggghhhhhh, I’m cuuuuummmmiiinnnggg…” I came in a huge orgasmic rush. I felt as if my soul had left my body. Melissa and I were both drained and exhausted, but poor Steve was still rock-hard! We couldn’t leave him that way! Melissa and I smiled at each other as we positioned ourselves on either side of him. We took turns sucking his cock and balls. He had his hands tangled in our hair, shoving his cock as deep as possible into our mouths. His balls began to get full and tight with cum. “I’m going to cuuummmm…,” he loudly moaned. He grabbed his cock and violently began to jerk off. He showered a hot load of cum all over our faces and tits as Melissa and I enjoyed an out-of-mouth French kiss. We all collapsed on to the bed, entangled and intricately woven into each other. Who says I have to choose? I CAN have it all!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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