Tonight, You’re Mine

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Big Dick

We had been sitting across from each other at the table. Your light blue eyes staring at me, measuring my reaction to the cards I was picking up. The game was Canasta and you never lost… well you never lost to me. But at the moment I was staring at you, my emerald eyes watching you sweat. I could tell by the way you kept moistening your lips you were nervous. And everytime you did it I thought how nice it would be to have that tongue running along the slit of my cunt.

“You gonna play a card or are you just gonna stare?” The frustration leaking into your voice as you asked me for the third time.

“Well, I dunno what to do. I’m allowed thinking time.” I replied, noticing the way the light caught your hair and showed its auburn copperiness. I played the black three I was gonna play for the last couple minutes. I had been holding it back to watch you. This game was a mental contest between us. Both of us trying to outdo and outmanouever the other. We had the usual wager on the game, whoever won controlled the bedroom tonight. You always thrashed me, but I was confident tonight, the luck of the cards had finally come my way and I was gonna thrash you, probably literally later. The next few discards we didn’t talk, both of us planning our end game. But I, luckily, had the ability to lay my cards on the table and win at any time, having collected both the necessary sets of seven in my hand with the one discard card to end the game. But I was savouring the kill, so to speak. I loved the hunt, and tonight you were the prey.

…”or discard Jaime?” I heard my name and looked up, I’d been staring at your ample bosom and had completely zoned out thinking of what I was going to do to them when I won.

“I’m sorry Lissa, I only caught half of that.” That small,satisfied smirk of yours settled itself on your lips.

“I said, are you going to meld or discard Jaime?” You giggled, you believed you were going to win.

“Oh yeah, sorry…” the smile spread across my lips as I started to lay down my cards “… I win.” I announced as I finished laying them down and discarded out the last card.

“Shit. Well played… Master.” You knew I liked it when you called me that.

“Thanks Lis, I can’t believe I finally beat you.”

“What would you like me to do for you now, Master?”

“Let’s leave the cards here til the morning, you and I görükle escort are going to bed, Slave.”

“Yes Master.”

I couldn’t help but lick my lips as I watched you peel off your clothes for me as you walked slightly ahead of me towards the bedroom. I watched you crawl across the bed covers, your round arse swaying as you crawled. I loved our game, especially when I won, now that I’d won. The hint of a cruel smile started on my lips. It had been long since you and I had switched roles, so long. I planned to enjoy every second of this rare occurance. I had tricked you into giving up your control in the bedroom, had sat on that hand for fifteen minutes before claiming the win. I came to the bed and leaned in to kiss you. I could smell your musk already. The scent of your excitement was so arousing I pounced on you. Forcing you backwards. My hands wrapped around your wrists like iron and you whimpered, just a little, as I dug my nails into your wrists.

“Tomorrow you will be covered in the marks of our passion tonight. I want everyone to know that you belong to me when you walk down the street. I want people to see the bruises from my teeth, I want them to know how filthy you are on the inside. But mostly you will feel what we do tonight tomorrow and I’ll know you will.” I growled under my breath, barey audible but I saw you melt. And you pretended to be scared but I knew you weren’t, not really. You liked the animal in me.

“Yes, Master. Please, please mark me as yours.” You strained your neck up to kiss me, but you couldn’t reach, not quite. My right hand left your wrist and grabbed your throat roughly, pushing down onto the bed and I bit into your neck, hard enough I knew it would bruise for a couple days at least. You squealed, and I thought it had been too hard until you moved your pussy against my leg… I could feel the wetness from you covering my thigh. I felt your lips against my neck… your fingers across my back. Making little lines of ice-cold fire spring up wherever they made contact with my skin. I hadn’t realised I’d released your other hand. I felt your opening, slippery with wanting my touch. A wave of need ran through my body and I shivered with the intensity of your breathing against my neck. Goddess I wanted it, your teeth sinking into my neck, your nails digging into the tender flesh of my breast. the primalness bursa escort bayan of our togetherness. I wanted to take you, make you scream out for me in that moment…

But I held back for now. I was scared to show the depth of my desire for you. My need for your pleasure. My need for my own pleasure. I wanted to take my time with you. You were mine to control for as long as this union lasted. Your sweat mingled with mine. I tasted the salt from it on your breasts as my tongue swirled lightly around your nipple, puckered and hard. Standing out to me. Calling for me. I bit down hard on it, unable to resist its call. You squealed in pain and pleasure, the two so closely entwined in our togetherness. I felt your nails digging into my shoulders.

“Yes… Oh damn baby, dig harder!” My breathless cry, desire breaking through to the surface. Harder and harder, I felt blood trickle from your fingertips. Tickling its way down my spine. I pushed further into you. My fingers sliding easily inside of you. I had wanted for so long, it seemed, to feel that delicious slippery feeling. My thumb pressed on your clit. You almost leapt off your bed. I drove my fingers in further. Pushing and retracting until you dug harder into me with your nails. The pain, a stark contrast between the tingly feeling starting to spread from my cunt.

Your mouth captured my nipple, swirling it. Releasing it, then sucking it back into your mouth. Then you bit into it. A payback for your red, teeth-marked nipple. My back arched. I forced my fist into you, teaching you that I own you here, in this bed. Everywhere else you had the control, but here… here I was in charge. You reached for me. Begging me to drive harder. I lifted your arse up with my other hand. Forcing my fist further into you. Then I smacked you as hard as I could. Square on your arse.

“My rules baby, you’ll take it as I give it to you”, I grinned cruelly as you loved every second of this little game, “Behave or you’ll get worse then the spanking I’m gonna give you.”

“Yes Master.” Your cries getting louder more urgent. Needing it. Wanting it. A resounding crack, the open palm of my hand connecting with your sweaty flesh. Again and again til my hand was too sore to continue. You wouldn’t be able to sit leaning on it for at least two days by the looks of the red welts coming up on bursa escort your white and smooth skin.

I roughly rolled you back on to your back. You winced slightly.

“You ok babe? I didn’t hurt you real bad, did I?” Real concern showing through the pure lust in my voice. “I didn’t want to really hurt you, just leave my mark on you.”

“I’m more than ok baby, its nothing. Keep going.”

Your arms encircled me. Pulling me closer, on top of you. I could feel your breasts pushed against mine. Lust overtook me as I entered you with my fist again. You were so close I could hear it in your breathing, your begging, your pleading. I loved the way you breathed my name. Calling out for me. Wanting me. My tongue entangled yours. Fighting for dominance. Neither winning but neither losing. I broke from the kiss to trail hot, wet kisses down your neck. Across your collarbone, between your beautiful, heaving breasts. I lingered to make lots of nips and tongue swirls on both your nipples.

I started to trail my tongue further down over your belly, over your stretch marks. The texture of the ripples felt good as I passed over them with my tongue. I reached your pussy. The smell of your cunt intoxicating me. The muskiness, the wetness. I could smell your need. I blew lightly across your pubic hair. The little curly hairs moved and your hips pushed up against my face. Then, with no other warning, I buried my face into your pussy. Covering myself with your juices. Lapping it up, my mouth latched onto your clit. I lashed it with my tongue. Dug my teeth into it carefully and pulled at it. Forcing it to stand out. Hard and erect. Well, more erect (if that was possible). Then I drew it into my mouth and rolled it between my lips. Driving into you with my fist while sucking hard on your clit. I felt your fingernails digging into me again as you cried for me to stop. That it was too much, you’d peaked and I had to stop. But I couldn’t. I wanted more than one orgasm from you. I’d earned it… I wanted you to orgasm over and over. Until you were so exhausted you fell asleep. But after the second you detached me. Kicking down on my shoulder to push out my fist and force my mouth away from your clit. I felt you tremoring with the aftershocks in my arms. Wrapped up warm and safe where the world was just you and I.

Just before we passed out I heard you whisper to me…

“You may have had me today, love. But I know you’ll always be my dirty, little whore.”

“That I will my love, that I will.” I whispered back in the darkness. Then sleep engulfed us, arms and legs an entwined jumble beneath the solitude and safety of your covers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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