Tina and Ed’s New Year

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“You look like you’re enjoying all the hard work,” the busty middle-aged woman with the platinum blonde hair said to the athletic twenty-two year old bartender, Tina.

“I like New Year’s Eve,” Tina responded. “It’s great money and everyone is partying, so I might as well be in the same attitude,” she told the woman.

“My name is Rebecca,” the woman introduced herself handing Tina a fifty dollar bill with a note attached. The note read, ‘I am not trying to hit on you, just would like to talk with you. Room 1245. Rebecca.”

Tina looked twice at the note and then glanced across the hotel ballroom and saw Rebecca talking to her manager, Ed, a forty-eight year old man with an average body and thinning hair. Ed wasn’t what any woman would consider ‘eye-candy’, his charm was his wonderful charisma that was rooted in his compassion for people. Many times Tina had fantasized being with him because she sensed he would not only be able to please her, but be able to help her achieve a greater sense of herself.

“You have the most wonderful bartender,” Rebecca said to Ed. “What a beautiful attitude,” she went on. “I know you all work very hard on a night like this. It’s amazing how you all are still so pleasant.”

“It’s part of the job, ma’am,” Ed replied to the compliment for his staff and himself.

“Well, I think it’s more than that,” Rebecca told him. “I am going to have to write you and your lovely bartender a wonderful note of thanks that you can take to your higher-ups.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” he responded. Then Rebecca reached up and gave Ed a kiss on his cheek, which made him blush slightly.

Ed looked back at Tina, the bartender the woman complimented so much. He had always liked Tina. She was different from the other beautiful young women the hotel hired from the nearby university. It wasn’t her exotic olive complexion, or her jet black short hair that highlighted her slender neck, or slim, but proportionately shaped body. It was her attitude and demeanor, her sexy smile that made her so appealing. After so many years in the hospitality industry, surrounded by beautiful women, Ed became immune to the allure of most of them. Tina was different.

“Ed Jenkins,” Rebecca addressed him again. “I would like to talk to you about Tina later. I want to help her be a success.”

“It will be very late by the time we get finished here tonight,” Ed informed the woman. “Probably not until three in the morning,” he explained.

“Are you both working tomorrow?” Rebecca asked.

“No. We will both be off recuperating tomorrow,” Ed replied.

“Then I insist on seeing both of you later. Even if it is in the wee hours of the morning,” she said to him with a commitment in her voice.

Ed wasn’t sure how to take the woman or even how to respond, but he didn’t have time to think about it at the moment. He was in the middle of managing four hundred guests having a great time celebrating New Year’s Eve. He had to work hard.

Rebecca was a fifty-two year old woman with a curvaceous figure. Her much older late husband recently passed away leaving her with a fortune and a couple of dozen hotels. Mostly she enjoyed visiting the hotels as she had done with her husband for a number of years. Rebecca relished in the lifestyle and although her husband could never satisfy her sexually, he made sure she had a male escort to take care of her carnal needs. She didn’t really need more than that. A young man had visited her earlier that New Year’s Eve.

The party wound down, the guests who had consumed too much alcohol stumbled their way to the elevators and the staff cleaned up. Ed and Tina were putting away the liquor in the store room when Ed suddenly flashed on the woman who had insisted on speaking with him and Tina.

“This woman wanted to talk to you and me tonight,” he said to her unexpectedly.

“The woman in the Presidential Suite, 1245?” Tina asked. “I saw you speaking with her after she slipped me a note.” Tina pulled the note out of her pocket and handed it to Ed.

“That woman is Rebecca Dyer,” he said nervously. “I didn’t recognize her while I was focusing on work,” he confessed.

“So? Who is Rebecca Dyer?” Tina asked.

“She owns the hotel and all the hotels in the Diamond chain,” Ed explained.

“She must be asleep by now,” Tina said.

“No. She said she would wait for us when I explained how late it would be,” he replied. “What should we do?”

“Call her room,” Tina offered a suggestion.

“If she doesn’t answer we’ll go home.”

Ed picked up the phone in the storeroom and dialed the room number. She answered after one ring.

“Mr. Jenkins,” Rebecca said. “Are you and your bartender ready to see me?” she asked.

“Uh..,” he stammered slightly, “we are finishing up. A couple of minutes.”

“Good,” Rebecca replied. “I will leave the door slightly ajar. Come right in.”

Ed and Tina looked at each other not knowing what to do.

“We better go,” Tina said. “It doesn’t really matter if I lose my job but yours is important to görükle escort you.”

“OK,” he said. “But I really don’t know what this is all about.”

Ed and Tina made their way up to the top floor of the hotel and pensively walked down the hall to the Presidential Suite. They were both nervous as they approached the door. Ed knocked, not loudly, just hard enough to be heard.

“Please come in,” Rebecca invited, “and lock the door behind you.”

The living room of the suite had a large sofa and a love seat, where Rebecca sat dressed in nothing more than a red silk robe. There was food, shrimp and small sandwiches, on a table with an ice bucket, a bottle of champagne and three glasses.

“Please sit down,” Rebecca gestured. “You are not working now,” she said. “Now, you are my guests.”

Ed and Tina sat down on the sofa, their nervousness was apparent.

“You must be tired and uncomfortable,” Rebecca went on. “I want you to feel at ease. Both of you are valued employees here, so I want to thank you and show my appreciation.”

Ed and Tina were still unsure how to react. Tina spoke up first.

“Thank you, Mrs. Dyer,” Tina said emphatically. “Thank you for your generous hospitality.”

“Yes,” added Ed, “we appreciate you inviting us up here but it is somewhat unusual at this hour of the morning,” he said inquisitively. “You said earlier you wanted to talk to us?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Rebecca apologized sensing some apprehension from Ed. “Let me explain. I make it my business to check on my hotels very discreetly so the management doesn’t put on a dog and pony show. That way I can get a true picture of the operation.”

She paused. Then continued looking directly into the eyes of her guests. “I noticed something about the two of you. Something you may not admit to being the professionals that you are,” she said to them. “The way you interact with each other tells me that you both have an affection for each other, an attraction and desire for each other that you repress because you will not cross any boundaries of professional conduct.”

Ed and Tina looked at each other. They both knew she was right when they let down their emotional guard. Ed had felt an attraction to Tina beyond her outward beauty. Tina had yearned to get to know Ed, the compassionate man, beyond his capacity as her boss.

Rebecca smiled. She witnessed their agreement by the way they looked at each other in that moment.

“I met my husband Charlie working at his Caribbean resort thirty years ago,” Rebecca explained. “I know how hard you work, that you devote so much of yourselves you don’t have the opportunity to really know yourselves and your emotional needs.”

“Ed and Tina,” she spoke to them. “I am here to serve you now.”

Ed and Tina were speechless. Ed didn’t know if he should run or succumb. Tina felt tears well up in her eyes.

“First I need you to be comfortable,” Rebecca said. “You must feel grimy from your long day’s work. Come with me.” She stood up, took them both by the hand and led them into the enormous bathroom. There was a hot tub bubbling on one wall next to the bath. The walk-in shower was enormous with showerheads on three sides and multi-levels.

“There is no room for modesty,” she told her guests. “I will adjust the shower while you undress. Leave your clothes in the basket. I will have them laundered later.”

Rebecca disrobed; naked she turned the water on the shower and began to adjust the temperature. Tina kicked off her shoes while Ed stared momentarily at Rebecca’s full round breasts, her erect nipples, her trimmed pussy and her round inviting ass.

Once the water temperature was to her liking she went over to Ed, who by now had only removed his shoes and socks, to help him.

Ed’s face turned red when Rebecca pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, revealing his erection that was out of his control. Rebecca sensed his embarrassment at being so obviously aroused.

“That is one of the most magnificent cocks I have ever seen,” Rebecca exclaimed, trying to ease his self-conscious awkwardness.

“Don’t you think so, Tina?”

“Oh yes,” Tina cooed admiring Ed’s length and girth. He certainly wasn’t average in that regard.

“Come, let’s get you both cleaned up and then you can relax in the hot tub,” Rebecca offered. She stepped into the shower with her guests and helped scrub each of them, washing away the day’s sweat and hard work.

“Tina, will you help me relieve Ed’s discomfort?” Rebecca asked the young woman. Without hesitation Tina knelt alongside her hostess in front of Ed’s throbbing erection. Tina wrapped her lips around Ed’s thick shaft while Rebecca massaged his balls with hers.

Tina relished the sensation of Ed’s cock filling her mouth and touching the back of her throat as she bobbed up and down on him.

“I.. I.. I’m… going to cum,” Ed warned but Tina did not relent. She gagged as the first shot of Ed’s sperm hit her throat. Tina pulled away to catch her breath so Rebecca took her bursa escort bayan place and sucked the remaining cum from Ed’s cock.

Rebecca directed Ed and Tina into the hot tub. Rebecca dried herself off, put on her red silk robe, and went back to the living room to retrieve the champagne and plates of shrimp and sandwiches.

“I never really enjoyed giving blow jobs until just now,” Tina confessed shyly to Ed. “You felt so good in my mouth,” she told him.

“That was the most fantastic blow job I ever received,” Ed said to her. Tina leaned into him and gave him a kiss on the lips. She was now resting on top of him, her hard nipples pressing into his chest as their tongues began a dance of their own inside each other’s mouths.

Rebecca came back into the bathroom, set the tray of refreshments on a stool beside the hot tub and sat down on the edge facing her two guests embraced in a lingering passionate kiss.

When Ed and Tina noticed Rebecca’s presence, they disengaged and sat up. Rebecca handed each of them a glass of champagne.

“A toast to a New Year and to Ed and Tina,” Rebecca said as she raised her glass.

“And a toast to you Mrs. Dyer,” Tina added. They clinked their glasses and took a swallow of the bubbly liquid.

“Please call me Becky,” Rebecca told them. “That’s what my friends call me. You are my friends now that we have shared some intimate moments together.”

“Thank you very much for this, Becky,” Ed said to her with sincere gratitude.

“There are two robes hanging over there,” Rebecca said pointing to a rack on the wall. “I’m going to go to bed in the second bedroom so you two can have the master bedroom. Have something to eat. I’ll leave you two alone now,” she said walking out the door.

Ed and Tina munched on a couple of shrimp, got out of the hot tub and made their way to the bedroom after drying each other off.

Ed reached deep inside himself and found the energy to ravish Tina’s young body. Their kisses were long and lustful. Their touches were desirous. Ed found himself salaciously licking Tina’s hot wet pussy and sucking her swollen clit between his lips. Tina moaned heavily as Ed brought her to several orgasms with his oral ministrations. Tina’s body bucked and writhed.

Tina gestured for Ed to roll over. She once again wrapped her lips around his throbbing shaft, lubricating it with her saliva. She went to mount him, guiding herself slowly down onto the head of his cock, her pussy lips slowly pushed apart as his girth stretched her vagina walls.

“Oh my god,” Tina cried out as she finally took Ed all the way in. “It feels so full,” she vociferated. Tina rocked back and forth, then up and down as she became accustomed to Ed’s size inside her. After several minutes, Ed rolled Tina over, pinning her legs back as he thrust his cock in and out of her furiously.

” Oh…, OH…,” Tina screamed as her orgasm peaked from the sensation of Ed’s pumping his hot cum into her pussy.

The two lovers were exhausted as they dozed off into blissful sleep.


“Fuck, oh fuck,” were the screams emanating from the other bedroom that woke Ed and Tina up. “Shit, YES,” they continued.

Ed and Tina got out of bed and put on their robes, curiously making their way to the open doorway of the second bedroom. There they saw a young man, maybe in his twenties, with an excellent physique, frenziedly pounding Rebecca’s pussy from behind. Her tits were swaying from the force of the young man’s energetic pummeling.

“Yes! FUUUUCCKK,” Rebecca screamed one last time as she collapsed face down on the bed. The young man pulled his impressive cock out of her sloppy wet cunt and removed the condom, tossing it into a waste can on the side of the bed. He sat on the edge of them bed, smiling at Ed and Tina, while Rebecca laid motionless trying to regain her breath.

“That was a nice one,” the young man said rubbing Rebecca’s ass. “What do you guys think?” he asked directing his inquiry to Ed and Tina.

“Erotic,” Tina replied.

Rebecca picked her head up and saw her two guests standing in the doorway, visibly aroused by what they had just witnessed.

“Thank you Andy,” she said. “I really enjoyed that one.”

“Can you get us a bottled of water from the refrigerator?” Rebecca asked Ed.

“Sure,” he responded and went to the kitchenette area of the suite.

“There’s more to come,” Rebecca said to Tina. “Both of you are welcome to watch. Andy loves performing for an audience.”

“I do,” the young man confirmed.

Ed came back with two bottles of water and handed one to Andy and the other to Rebecca.

“Why don’t you sit here on the bed with us,” Rebecca offered. “And you can take off the robes,” she added. “Andy, here, is my favorite male escort when I visit here,” Rebecca explained. “He’s really one of my favorites anywhere,” she said putting her hand on his cock.

“Yes,” the young man affirmed. “Becky is one of my best clients. I am always happy when she calls.”

“Have bursa escort you ever tried anal?” Rebecca asked Tina.

“No, I haven’t. I am afraid it’s going to hurt,” she replied.

“It can if it isn’t done right,” Rebecca replied. “Ed, watch how Andy does it. Then you will know how to please Tina someday.”

The young male escort was hard again and ready to further please his client, Rebecca. Ed and Tina sat on the bottom of the bed watching Andy playfully slap Rebecca’s butt cheeks. Then he spread them open revealing her tight little sphincter. Dipping his fingers in Rebecca’s pussy to lubricate them naturally, he inserted two of them into her butt hole.

For a minute or so, the young man plied Rebecca’s opening, coaxing the muscles to relax, preparing for his cock. With one hand and his teeth, Andy ripped open another condom and deftly covered his dick with it.

“Are you ready, baby?” he asked Rebecca.

“Uh, huh,” she replied as she first felt Andy’s tongue rimming her butt hole and then depositing a copious amount of saliva. First Andy thrust his cock in Rebecca’s cunt, lubricating it some more. Then he placed the head of his shaft at her opening and slowly penetrated her bowels. Once he was in he waited for her signal to begin the serious fucking, which was for her to pull her butt up and back on him.

“Fuck me hard,” Rebecca screamed as Andy increased the intensity of his pounding. Rebecca reached down and started madly rubbing her clit. “Oh Fuck,” she screamed over and over as Andy applied more and more of his strength to each thrust.

The young male escort wasn’t about to cum anytime soon so Rebecca endured a tremendous ass pounding delivered with athletic prowess. Eventually, the force of his thrusting flattened Rebecca on the bed, her screams muffled by the pillow her face was buried in. Using his weight and the force of gravity, Andy hammered her five times, filling the latex bag buried deep in Rebecca’s rectum.

Andy got up, leaned over and gave Rebecca a kiss on her cheek. He then got dressed and shook hands with Ed and Tina.

“It was nice meeting you,” he said to them. “I’m glad you enjoyed the show,” he remarked glancing down at the huge puddle beneath Tina.

“Nice meeting you, too,” Tina responded with a smile.

End and Tina were already in the shower when Rebecca made her way to the bathroom to clean up.

“Come in with us,” Ed gestured. “Let us return the favor,” he offered. Rebecca gladly joined them. Ed enjoyed rubbing his hand all over Rebecca’s tits as he applied the body was. Tina was careful sponging her ass and labia, surmising she might be a little sore there. Rebecca noticed her tenderness.

“Thanks for being gentle,” she said to Tina. “After a workout from Andy, I’m aching down there for a week.”

Earlier in the day, the Concierge’s assistant had delivered clothing for Ed and Tina that Rebecca ordered. The three of them were dressed and Rebecca had offered to take them out for some food, suggesting an Italian restaurant a few blocks away where they could be together discreetly. It was already dinnertime, Ed and Tina having slept through breakfast and lunch.

“Getting the two of you together was only the first part of my thank you gift,” Rebecca began to explain. “The rest of it is a two week vacation at my resort in the Caribbean,” she went on, “where you can get to explore each other emotionally and physically without the constraints of proper behavior at the workplace.”

“But we haven’t arranged to take any time off of work,” Ed protested.

“I took care of all that,” Rebecca responded. “I do own the hotel.”

“When do we leave?” asked Tina.

“First thing, early tomorrow morning,” Rebecca answered. “And don’t worry about packing or anything. I have appropriate clothing and all the necessities arranged for you. Just take it all in and enjoy.”

That night Ed and Tina decided that in order to get some sleep on a normal schedule, they would make love lasciviously until they were exhausted. After an especially heated round of relentless fucking that brought Tina to a dozen orgasms, she laid in bed pondering their new situation.

“I wonder why Becky is doing this for us?” she questioned her older lover.

“I can’t say for sure,” Ed responded to his younger sweetheart, “but I think that maybe she wants to live a life she missed through others,” he conjectured.

They fell asleep embracing each other.


“There are many ways to enjoy yourselves and each other here,” Rebecca explained as they were pulling up to the resort. “My favorite has always been the nudist beach. That’s where I first made love to Charlie,” she said with a hint of sadness. “I will take you there tomorrow,” she promised.

After checking in and a light dinner, Ed and Tina decided on retiring early for the night. They would have two weeks here in this paradise, no sense exhausting themselves early on. The following morning Rebecca approached the couple as they were eating breakfast.

“I will come by your room about ten so we can head to the beach,” she told them.

“Don’t wear too much. It will be coming off,” the older woman laughed. “I will have blankets, water, umbrellas and sun screen there so you don’t need a thing, besides yourself, of course,” she concluded.

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