Three of a Kind

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I woke up around three thirty in the morning with a raging piss hard-on. Since at the present time I live alone there was nothing to do with it but head for the bathroom. At my age, a hard-on of any kind is a terrible thing to waste.

Also at my age, waking up this early is always a problem as it’s hard to get back to sleep. I tried to go back to bed and sleep but it wasn’t happening, so I got back up and made a pot of coffee.

Flipping on the TV to the weather channel, I saw it was going to be another typical hot July day. I had worked most of the spring with very few days off and now that it was summer, I finally had time to do some of the things I had wanted to do. The problem was it was just too damn hot.

I had been planning to do some fishing earlier in the year when it was cool but hadn’t had the time. If I left now I could get several hours in on the lake before the heat ran me off.

Pouring my coffee, I moved to the back deck to sit. At this hour, it was cool with a bright specking of stars overhead. Our local lake is straight open water with no trees and very little, to no shade. I got to thinking about the north end of Toledo Bend Reservoir and the cypress shaded creeks and sloughs I used to fish years ago.

I was trying to figure out why I had stopped fishing that area. The only reason I could come up with was it was to far away. It’s only a two-hour drive but that’s each way and I drive enough when I go to work that I am tired of it by the time I get home.

Well, if I got loaded up and left now, I could be there by daylight and if I was too tired to drive back, I could get a motel room at one of the fish camps. What the heck, I might just get the motel room and stay over to fish tomorrow if I had any luck today. Sounds like a plan to me.

I went in, poured the remaining coffee in a thermos, and made another pot. Outside once again, I uncovered the boat and swapped out my cat fishing rods and equipment for my bass fishing gear. Loading an ice chest with beer, cokes, and some sandwich fixings about finished my preparations. An extra pair of shorts, a tee shirt, a bathing suit, my shaving kit and a couple of towels completed my packing.

I loaded the ice chest and bag into the boat and backed the truck up to hook on. After unhooking the battery charger and checking the air in the trailer tires, I pulled out of the carport and went to get the rest of the coffee.


I stopped in town to get gas and several extra packs of cigarettes before getting on the road for the lake. Hey, the donut shop is open; U-turn and a quick pit stop for a six-pack of glazed if you please. Now I’m on the road with breakfast being served in flight. Coffee and donuts, a fat mans delight.

The ride to the launch ramp was all cross-country back roads with very little traffic. I rode with the windows rolled down and the air conditioner off. This is the time of day all traveling should be done.


By the time I reached the Sabine River and launched my boat, it was just cracking dawn. The river was a little low but not bad. The boat I was running was an aluminum seventeen-foot bass tracker pro with a sixty-horse power outboard. I sat idling the motor to let it warm up and remembering some of the places my wife and I used to fish years ago before she passed away.

The first place I tried was a brushy, deep bank about two mile down stream. Since it was early and I was fishing for fun, I was using a top water Pop R. If it’s modified right, it looks, sounds, and acts just like schooling shade, the favorite meal for bass on this lake.

By the time I finished working the cover along this half-mile of shoreline I had caught fourteen bass. If I was tournament fishing, I would have a nice five fish limit of around fourteen or fifteen pounds. I’ve seen tournaments on this lake won with less.

I’d lost one big fish but that’s how it goes, there always has to be that one that got away to make for fish stories later. I don’t think all fisherman lie, per say but I’m glad that fish stretchers are illegal in tournaments.

About six miles farther down the river is a large cypress tree studded pocket on the west side that is shallow, around three feet, but has several deep channels winding through. The moss and hydrilla was thicker than I remember but I stayed with the Pop R for a while alternating it with a black rubber frog fished over the top of the thick moss mat.

By ten o’clock, it was getting hot and the fish had quit biting. I had caught another dozen fish, all of which were small except for two. One was a nice four-pounder and the other was my big bass, seven and a quarter pounds. That would put me at around twenty-two pounds for a tournament. For this time of the year, it would be a winning weight in most any tournament. I had quit fishing tournaments when my wife died but what the heck I might take it up again.


With the sun up and the heat rising I ran another mile down river and turned left into a narrow Ankara Escort creek channel. It was only a foot or two wider than my boat so I had to take it slow and easy. After about a hundred yards, it opens out into a deep pocket of several acres covered with dead timber, with logs and willows lining the banks. Staying in the creek channel and winding through the stumps, I crossed to the far left-hand corner and entered another channel.

This channel isn’t much wider than the first but hanging willow limbs makes it hard to find. It winds for several miles back into the oak cover countryside and has many wide deep pools along the way. It was one of my wife’s favorites fishing places and a place we did other things if you know what I mean.

In all the years we fished and made love here, I never saw another boat or another person. If you have never watched a woman cast a rod or catch a fish while she’s nude then you’ve never been fishing. You just can’t imagine all the different ways a dirty minded dirty old man and woman could find to make love and have sex in a bass boat.

As the channel opens, I killed the big motor and let the boat glide to a stop in the shade. I stood up and stretched before checking to see if there’s anymore coffee, a half a cup is better than none, someone used to say. I pulled off my tee shirt and tennis shoes then thought about the bathing suit in my bag. What the heck I might as well get comfortable.

My daughter doesn’t like my choice of swimwear; she thinks I’m too old to wear a Speedo. She’s probable right but who cares, I’m comfortable in it and I’m not out to impress anyone. If other people don’t like it, sorry about that, don’t look or go somewhere else is the way I look at it.

I started to put it on and the memories of me, my wife, and the things we had done in this creek came flooding in. I just laid it on top of the console. What the hell, I hadn’t fished nude in too long.


I sat on the front casting seat and sipped the last of my coffee as I thought back over the years. Betty, my wife had loved life, our two kids, fishing, sex, and me not necessarily in that order because sex was way up on that list. Getting away from the kids was also way up on her list when I got time off from work and we could do things together.

Don’t get me wrong, she loved the kids but she spent most of her time with them and some adult company, even me, was a welcome change. We spent a lot of time doing things with and taking the kids places.

We lived not to far north of this area then and when we went fishing, we usually ended up back in here. It started out one spring day when we were pole and minnow fishing for crappie. The fish were still deep and the water was cold so they were biting slowly. Betty got bored and decided to read a while and get some sun.

She stripped down to her panties and lay down in the bottom of the boat. The boat we had then was narrow but deep, with carpet on the floor. After a few minutes, she slipped off the panties and tossed them in my lap. I didn’t need more of an invitation.

She had spread a towel out and was laying on it with her feet toward me and her knees raised. She had her feet about three feet apart and was holding the book so it rested on her breasts. I had been admiring her body, as I always did, since she had lain down.

I was also keeping an eye on the fishing corks and she must have thought I wasn’t paying close enough attention to her. Slipping my shirt off and removing my sandals took only a moment. I stood up and took a quick look around before removing my shorts and kneeling down between her feet.

Betty was tall with very long tapered legs and narrow hips. A small waist and small breasts add to her slender boyish figure but believe me she was all woman and when you get her heated up you better hold on tight because it’s an E-ticket ride all the way.

I leaned forward and licked the inside of her left thigh, which made her lower the book and look over it at me. With a grin, she said, “Oh, you finally got the idea.”

With a chuckle, I replied, “You just go back to reading your book and don’t pay me any mind. I’m just going to have an early lunch.”

She laughed and said, “Ok, what’s on the menu? Is it anything good that I might be interested in?”

Leaning farther forward, I licked lightly up the center of her sex. Her knees spread farther apart and she giggled. “Henry, you know I don’t eat pussy, it’s against my principles, I only do dicks.”

I took two licks, one down the outside of each cleanly shaven outer lip before answering. “I know dear, that’s why I’ll have a nice fat sausage for you to nibble on after I’m through here. If you suck on it real nice and lick it all over you might get a cream filled surprise.”

Her laugh was cut short by my tongue slipping between those outer lips to dip into her sweet honey pot. She lifted her hips as my tongue dove deeper inside and wiggled around in circles. I cupped an ass cheek in Çankaya Escort the palm of each hand as I sucked on the long thin inner lips. This brought a purr of pleasure from her.

Using the tip of my tongue, I parted and smoothed them out over the outer lips and licked up the slit to tickle her clit. Drawing tight circles around it brought a soft sigh to her lips. I let my tongue drift back down to her open sex, which was much wetter and on down to probe the tight brown circle of her anus. This caused her hips to jump and then wiggle back against my probing tongue. She relaxed allowing my tongue to penetrate the elastic ring.

I worked my way back up to her clit and drew more circles, which caused her hips to flex and shiver. I shifted my right hand to the left and let my thumbnail graze lightly across the puckered ring of her ass hole. Between the action of my tongue and thumbnail, she moaned and flexed her hips back toward my thumb. I rubbed my thumb up and into her vagina to feel the moist heat clamp down on it.

Still circling my tongue around her clit, I wiggled my thumb before removing it. I pressed it firmly in the center of her anus and felt it slip slowly inside. Her moans became louder and longer and her hips moved to fuck herself on the thumb. I licked and flicked her clit harder and faster as I knew she was building rapidly to a climax.

It wasn’t long in coming, if you’ll pardon the pun, but it was a long coming. It had been almost a week since last, we’d had sex, and she had built up a head of steam. I moved my attention down to the dripping cave of her sex and lapped the juices up as fast as I could. Now that’s what I call a high protein liquid diet lunch.

As her climax subsided, I lowered her hips to the towel, sat back on my heels to rest, and once again admired the beautiful lady I was married to. It had taken me a long time in my younger and stupider days to figure out just what I had at home and that nothing I could find anywhere else could compare.

I took a quick look around before standing up to stretch my legs and check to see if there were any fish on the lines. I picked up one pole, checked the minnow, and replaced it. Then I checked the other pole. I moved to the back of the boat to check the bait on Betty’s two poles only to have her sit up and check out my pole.

She grasped my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls with the other, rolling them around lightly. “Is this that sausage you were talking about?” She asked before planting a kiss on the tip and licking the drop of pre cum off the head and her lips.

“It does have an interesting spicy flavor. Maybe I should just nibble a little more to see if I’m going to like it.” Saying this, she ran her tongue over and around the head and tickled the V underneath.

Sucking it into her mouth, she continued the tongue bath until I arched my hips forward. Popping it out of her mouth, she nibbled gently on the spongy head scrapping her teeth over the fleshy bulb.

Sitting back, she ran her closed fist up and down the shaft, and said, “Not bad, a little chewy but an excellent flavor.” Her hand slowly moving up and down the length of my dick was making my legs shake.

She chuckled. “Maybe you should sit down before you fall down old man.”

I moved forward in the boat and sat in the front swivel chair. She knee walked between my legs and draped her elbows over my thighs returning her hands to my shaft and balls. She looked around and grinned. “You will tell me if someone is coming, besides you that is. I hate putting on a show without the benefit of advanced ticket sales. Anyway I don’t want my lunch interrupted until I get my cream surprise.”

I grinned down at her and said, “Dear, don’t talk with your mouth full.”

“My mouth isn’t full, thank you.” She replied.

I reached out with my hands, grasp the back of her head, and applied gentle pressure. “Why isn’t it?”

She chuckled, sucked half my shaft into her mouth, and made mumbling sounds around it.

“That’s better,” I said as I applied a little more pressure to her head and another couple of inches disappeared.

Rolling her head from side to side, she swirled her tongue along the underside of the shaft and then started to bob her head up and down. She used her hand to follow her lips and pressed her tongue to the bottom side of the shaft so that the head rubbed along the roof of her mouth.

The feeling was exquisite. As my climax neared, she took as much of me into her throat on the down stroke as she could. She was making a low moaning whine deep in her throat that added to the pleasure and pushed me over the edge, as I knew she was climaxing just from sucking my dick.

Three hard squirts hit the back of her throat before she could move her head forward. She swallowed around me and held just the head inside as she swirled and fluttered her tongue all over it. Her hand was moving up and down the slick shaft milking each and every drop of cream she could get as Etlik Escort her other hand continued to massage my balls.

As I slowly softened, she sucked the whole of me in one more time and slowly moved her head back holding firm pressure with her tongue and lips.

When I popped out with a soft sucking sound, she licked her lips and grinned up at me. “I was a bad girl, I came before you did and I made a big mess. I can feel it running down my legs.”

I laughed. “I don’t see the problem, just trade places with me and I’ll have dessert early today.”

We swapped places and I cleaned up the sweet mess. I had no problem with it at all, as I love eating my wife’s pussy. She loved it to.


I came out of my revere and realized for the second time today I had a raging hard-on. I grasp it and slowly stroked it several times wondering if I shouldn’t just go ahead and masturbate. I decided to wait.

To get my mind off the boner, I tried to remember the first time we had been up in this creek and I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t even remember how we found it. No, wait a minute, that’s right, it was a real windy day and I’d made a squirrel cast. You know, that’s where you throw a lure up in a tree and see if the squirrels are biting because it’s way too high for the fish unless they can fly.

I hung the lure up in the tree and had to go get it. With the boat up under the limb, I stood up, unhooked the lure, and looked around to see this creek. We had used the trolling motor to explore a lot of it that day and even caught a few fish. There was even a sand bar about a mile farther on where we stopped and had lunch. Food this time although we did make love on a towel next to the water.

Thinking about that had my right hand back on my shaft, so I shook off the thoughts and decided to fish. I reached down, picked up my casting rod, and started to make a cast when the absurdity of my situation hit me and I started to laugh. Here I am, a forty something year old man standing on the bow of a bass boat in the middle of a creek fixing to cast to catch a bass with a raging hard-on sticking out in front of him.

I slowly shook my head thinking what an old fool I was, and then made a long cast down the left edge of the creek to a stump at the backside of the bend. The creek made a hard right at that point and the stump was in deep water. I gently shook my rod tip and the black frog wiggled and exploded. I set the hook on a nice fish and started to play him when a movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention. The nose of a Jon boat slowly came into view. I froze for a couple of seconds before I reached for my swimsuit with one hand while trying to hold the rod with the other.

A young woman sitting on the front seat came into view next and I froze again. I moved back off the front casting deck, dropped the bathing suit, and grabbed for my shorts. Her back was toward me as I tried to hold the rod and get a foot in the shorts. I got one foot in and was trying for the other, when she turned around and looked straight at me.

Surprise showed on her face then she scrambled to grab the towel she was sitting on. She was as nude as I was. I got my other foot started in the shorts as she got the towel wrapped around her waist and spoke to someone still out of sight.

The boat stopped and slowly moved back out of sight as I got the shorts up and over my hips. The fish was still on the line, so I went ahead and landed him. He didn’t put up much of a fight, as he was confused about my lack of interest in getting him in quickly as I was supposed to. Don’t kid yourself, the fish know the rules of the game and expect you to play by them.

Now that I was free from the fish and dressed, I felt a little better. I figured that she was dressing, as was her huge boyfriend or husband whose next move was to come over here and pulverize me. Ok, so this place wasn’t as private as it used to be but it’s not my fault that they were paddling so quietly. It’s not right for them to sneak up on an old man like that I rationalized. Actually, I probably should leave.

I put my rod away, picked up the trolling motor, and had sat down behind the console to fire up the big motor, when the boat came back into view. The young woman had the towel wrapped around her like a sarong.

She waved and spoke to me loudly, “We’re sorry we invaded your space but we didn’t know there was anyone else out here.” She paused for a moment then asked. “You’re not leaving are you? You don’t have to leave because of us.” With a grin, she said. “Anyone who fishes nude with a hard-on has to be a friend of ours or a relative.”

I heard several other people laugh at that statement and they all sounded female. I had to chuckle at it myself. No, just a crazy old man lost down memory lane, I thought to myself.

“I’m sorry myself. My wife and I used to fish and play in here years ago and never saw anyone else so I assumed things were still the same. I’ll just go on and find another place to fish so I won’t disturb you and your friends,” I said to her as the boat came into full view. The other two girls in the boat were dressed like the first in just a towel. Something puzzled me about them but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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