This Bikini is so Tiny at the Party

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This is the second installment of “This Bikini is so Tiny I Feel Nude” In the first one, Meagan, a freshman in college in Florida, went to the beach with her BFF and met Chad a handsome sophomore. Shy Meagan ended up the evening give Chad a blowjob in a beach cabana. It’s a sexy story that you will enjoy. This instalment takes their budding romance a lot further.

Finally, after a week of waiting Chad texted me. “Hi Meagan, we are having a beach party on Saturday to celebrate exams finishing. Want to come?”

I instantly text back. “I’d love to. Is your friend Mike going to ask Kelly?”

“No, he’s got another girl.”

I get a nervous feeling in my stomach. I’d like to have my girlfriend there. She knows her way around.

“Can I invite her? She’s fun.”

“No, its all couples, sorry”

I give up and text back, “When and where?”

“We’re going in my jeep. We’ll pick you up by the parking area in front of the university library at eight.”

“Super. Looking forward to it.”

Okay, this is great. He really likes me. I was worried when he didn’t call but of course it was exam time. I was busy too. Saturday is three days away. I can’t wait.

Next night 9:00 PM

Text from chad “Hi, what you doing?”

“Nothing just reading in bed.”

“Hey why don’t we Skype and chat for a while. I’d like to get to know you better.”

I skype my parents all the time, so I reply, “Sure, my skype name is Meagan Hudson”

I get out of bed and get my laptop and power up. My pajama’s are pretty juvenile with little yellow bunny rabbits all over the pink cotton fabric. Should I change them? Hell, he should know I’m a girly girl. That’s just me.

We log in and soon I see him sitting on his bed just like me in a dark bedroom with just a bedside lamp on. He’s got a university rugby team T-shirt on. What a good-looking guy. I blush when I remember him standing naked in the gazebo, last Saturday.

We chat about our families back home and what we might do during summer break. I could see that he is looking down at the front of my jammies. He gets a dreamy look in his eyes and says. “Kelly, why don’t you unbutton your top? I want to see your breasts again.”

I shot of adrenaline goes through me, “Gee, I don’t know Chad. This isn’t very private and all.”

“Hey, don’t be a prude. I’m alone here. You’re alone. Watch, I’ll take off my t-shirt.” He peels his shirt up and off, revealing a perfect muscular chest and six-pack. “See, I did it. We saw each other naked last weekend. If we become a unit, we will be doing all kinds of sex, right?”

I’m feeling a bit trapped but reply, “Yes, of course, no problem.”

I can feel a hot blush on my face as I slowly unbutton my jammies. His eyes are staring intently as I finish. I can see him put a hand from his keyboard under his covers to pleasure his penis.

He says firmly, “Pull the sides all the way back. I want to see everything. Just like that, great. Ah yes, your breasts are beautiful. I’ve been thinking about them since we were together.” He stares intently at my chest and I can see some action under his blanket. “Yes, you have gorgeous tits.” This is turning me on and my nipples are hard and protruding. He gives a moan and licks his lips. “Take off the pajama top.” I toss it to the side. “Hold your breasts and squeeze your nipples just like I would if I were there.” I hesitate. That seems lewd. I’ve never done this cybersex thing before. He says very firmly this time. “I said play with your titties.” I cup them and pinch my hard nipples. It feels great and I can feel my pussy starting to throb. He closes his eyes and a smile of pure pleasure crosses his face. I take the opportunity to sneak my hand down to my crotch. The cotton fabric of my jammies over my sex is hot. I desperately find the waistband and slide my palm under it, down over my soft pubic hair to my super-sensitive pussy lips. I bite my lip and a groan comes from my throat.

Chad’s eyes shoot open hearing my distress. He looks into my face and then down to where my hand is making a small tent in the blanket over my crotch. A big shit-ass grin crosses his face. He says in glee, “Right on baby. Work that thing. Look at me.” He throws his blanket aside and shows his stiff erection in a tent inside his white underwear. He pulls the waistband down and hooks it under his ball-sack then grips the staff. ‘Look at how horny you’re making me. You are so sexy, my sexy girlfriend.”

I love the word, ‘girlfriend’. That would be great. Chad is the full deal. I feel so lucky that he likes me. Jesus, his erection looks so incredible. My pussy is getting dripping wet.

“Show me your pussy.”

No hesitation this time. I throw aside the blanket, lift my bottom and shimmy out of my pajama bottoms. My knees are modestly locked together.

“Spread your legs. I want to see your pussy.” A jolt of adrenaline shoots through me as I spread them. He smiles and holds his ball-sack as I expose myself.

“All right, there’s my girlfriend’s pussy. The pussy izmir escort bayan I’m going to fuck on Saturday night. You are my girlfriend, right?” I nod yes. “Okay. Great. Are you on the pill or should I bring a condom?”

This is all moving faster than in my small-town experience. But we’re adults here at university now. I confess, “I’m on the pill.”

“Nice, that’s better than using a rubber.” I give a smile like I’m experienced. He continues, “Do me a favor Meagan, lose the beaver. I like to do oral on my girlfriend and …. You get the picture.”

“Sure, no problem.”

“Okay, let me get ready here.” He leans out of the camera and comes back with a handful of tissue. “Don’t like to be messy when I cum. Now, lean back and spread your pussy lips really erotic like.”

I put two fingers inside my labia and spread my lips are he stares intently and strokes his erection.

“There’s the sweet pussy I’m going to fuck. Feel your pussy, Meagan. I know you masturbate. Go for it. Talk dirty. Haven’t you done this before?”

I lie and say, “Sure I’ve done this.”

I search my brain for something dirty to say. “Your cock is so big.” He gives a big smile. “I wish I was there with you so I could stroke your big cock.” He strokes his manhood and stares at my crotch with a hungry look. My other hand goes to my crotch and the index finger circles my super-sensitive clitoris. Intense pleasure shots through me. This cyber-sex is turning me on.

He moans, “Your pussy looks good enough to eat. I can’t wait to get my tongue deep in that sweet pussy.”

Receiving oral sex is a fantasy of mine. He’s hitting my hot buttons. “Oh yes, I want you to eat my pussy.” My legs spread as far as they can go and I strum my clit deliciously.

“You’re fucking right I’m going to eat your pussy.” His hand picks up speed on his shaft. “Put a couple of fingers in your pussy.”

I slide two fingers into my love juice, lubricated vagina. My brain is consumed with lust as I concentrate on his beautiful erection. I plunge my fingers in and out of my vagina vigorously as I strum my clit. Far off I hear Chad screaming that he’s cumming. My crotch explodes too.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaahhhhhhh. OH MY. OH MY. Oh dear lord. Aaaaahhhhhhh.” My fingers are lodged deep inside my sex. I’m panting and my heart is beating a mile a minute. Wow, that was intense. I withdraw my fingers and look over at Chad on my computer screen. He’s wiping his softening erection with the tissue.

He smiles at me slyly and says, “That was sweet baby. Next best thing to the real thing.”

I agree truthfully, “Yes, it was great.”

He abruptly says, “Okay love, I’ve got some studying to do. See you on Saturday.”

I wave at him as the screen goes blank. Hmmm. Welcome to the world of university dating.

Saturday arrives.

As soon as I woke up, my mind was fixated on the sex that was going to happen in the night. I’m not a virgin but my experience is with boys just as amateur as me. Chad is a whole different thing, a real man. It gives me a shiver just thinking about his big stiff penis from our Skype session. After my shower this morning, I shaved my pubes as he asked. I even went up around my anus. That was weird but I want to be perfect. I’d love to have him give me oral. My BFF in high school kept talking about how she loved it. Going on a date with sex a sure thing is something I’ve never done. I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I think about it.

I was too shy to ask him where we’ll go to have sex. Maybe it’s his dorm room. I have a roommate so we can’t go there. She’s a goody two-shoes. Best to just go with the flow. He’s so confident and a good-looking guy like him must have a lot of experience with girls.

I’m waiting at the meeting place Chad said. This is a beach party so I’m wearing my bikini under my jeans with a light, long sleeved sweater over my top in case it gets chilly. Do they swim at a beach party? My girlfriend told me to bring something to drink so I’m bringing two blackberry hard seltzers in a small tote bag. In it is also a towel along with panties and bra in case my bikini gets wet.

A fun, convertible Jeep pulls up full of laughing guys and gals with loud music blaring. Chad is driving and I open the front door and jump in beside him.

He shouts over the music, “Hi Meagan. Meet my friends.” He points to the two couples squeezed into the back seat. They shout greetings and the Jeep jumps forward. Chad looks so handsome as his long blonde hair flows in the wind. My heart leaps when he looks over and gives a big, beautiful smile. I smile back completely taken. The four happy folks squeezed in the back scream joylessly as we drive along.

Ten minutes on, we go down a dirt back road to a deserted beach. There is a makeshift firepit with rocks circled around a mound of firewood of tree limbs and driftwood. The boys must have built it during the day. The sun is starting to fall as the fire is lit and is soon raging. Somebody brings out a big ghetto-blaster and music escort izmir with a strong beat fills the air. Two boys, one at each end, carry a heavy cooler and put it in the sand away from the fire. They open it and take out two cans of beer, crack them open and give a big cheerful toast and guzzle down half the can.

I am standing beside Chad with my beach bag and feeling a bit out of place. The others obviously know each other very well. The girls are stripping down to their bikinis and the guys to their Speedos. They’re all so good looking.

He says, “Do you want a beer?”

“Thanks, but I brought a couple of these. They’re yummy.” I bring out my can of hard seltzer.

He smiles and says, “Right on.”

He pulls his rugby team jersey over his head and takes off his jeans. I undress beside him and put my clothes in the beach bag. I go to put my towel down on the sand.

“Hey, let’s go over by the other guys.”

We walk over and they’ve laid out blankets and beach towels on the sand near the fire. It’s burning nicely. A tall guy passes Chad a lit joint. He inhales it deeply and passes it to me. I’ve smoked grass before and take a toke. It is very strong weed and I can feel it almost instantly send a wave of pleasure through my body. The strong sensation makes me giggle girlishly.

The boy smiles at me and says, “Cute. Very cute.” I feel so juvenile and take a swig of my drink.

A dance tune comes out of the ghetto-blaster and everyone pairs up and dances. Night has fallen and our bodies are lit up by the big fire. Everyone is swaying and twirling to the heavy dance beat. The grass has me so relaxed and I can feel the effects of the alcohol in my seltzer. Everyone holds hands and makes a circle. We laugh and run to the right and then the left. One of the girls. I think her name is Debbie goes into the center and does a sexy solo dance. The guys hoot their approval. The other girl goes into the center. She has a beautifully voluptuous body with large breasts. She bends at the waist deeply and twerks her bum sexily with her breasts hanging down. I can see Chad checking her out with a hungry look in his eyes. Now it’s my turn and I don’t want to disappoint. I go to the middle with everyone shouting encouragement. I put my hands together high in the air and swivel my hips in a sexy a belly dance action as I can. The men are staring at my crotch as I wiggle my bum. I feel so naughty and very sexy. Chad opens his arms and I run back into his embrace laughing. We kiss and I can feel his hands on my bum.

He whispers, “Aren’t you the sexy girl.”

I look over at the others. They are also holding and kissing each other. One boy has pulled down his girlfriend’s bikini top exposing her breast and is kissing it as she closes her eyes and enjoys the moment. She’s the one with spectacular breasts. Debbie is over with her man and is brazenly massaging his ass as they kiss passionately.

Chad steps back and says, “I need another beer. You don’t want one?”

I finish the last of my can of fruity hard spritzer and say, “Sure, that would be great.”

Everyone goes over to the beer cooler and gets a drink. Debbie’s boyfriend lights up another joint and passes it around. It hits me again almost instantly as I hold in the smoke long and deep. The girl that I don’t know the name comes over. I’m surprized to see she has taken off her bikini top and her beautiful large breasts are proudly in plain sight.

She says, “Hi I’m Chelsea. We haven’t had a chance to meet.”

I say, “Hey, great to meet you. My name’s Meagan.” We nod and smile at each other. It would be nice if I could make a few new friends. Chelsea and Debbie seem nice.

She lifts her can of beer high in the air and shouts in glee, “Hey guys, exams are fucking over. Let’s party!” We all lift our beers high and then drink deeply. Debbie’s boyfriend put new logs on the fire and the other fellow turns up the volume on the ghetto-blaster that is playing a drum solo. It is like an African native beat. We all dance crazily around the fire like kids. I haven’t had fun like this in forever. Debbie gives a scream and takes off her bikini top. Of course, I have to as well. The other men check me out. I should be embarrassed, but the grass and booze make me brave. The drumming song finishes, and we stop and fall into our partner’s arms panting and laughing.

Chad looks down at my bare chest and says, “There’s those beautiful boobs that I was seeing on our web session.” He cups them in his hands. I cringe as I look over at the other guys watching Chad fondle my breasts. Chelsea’s boyfriend is embracing her with her back to me. He smiles at me over her shoulder and slips his hands inside the back of her bikini bottom and holds her bum-cheeks. Chad pinches my nipples and my pussy throbs in response. I feel a hot blush on my face and lay my cheek on Chad’s chest looking away from the others. The men’s lust-filled eyes are too intense.

He says loudly, “Your tits feel so sweet.”

I’m sure the other could hear that. izmir escort Oh well, we are all adults here. They all seem so comfortable with each other.

Chad says. “It’s getting a bit chilly. Why don’t we go and sit by the fire?”

He takes my hand and we go and sit in the center of a large blanket laid out between the cooler and the fire.

The other two couples come and join us on each side of Chad and I. We gaze into the fire calmly. Another joint is passed around and we smoke it silently, enjoying the peaceful moment. There is soft romantic song playing. I sit on my bum with my arms wrapped around my knees and Chad’s arm around me. It just feels like everything is right in the world. Chad pulls me to him and I put my arm around his waist behind his back and lean my cheek on his chest, close my eyes and kiss it.

The peacefulness is broken when I hear Debbie behind me say, “Yes, baby, suck on my nipple. Oh, fuck that feels good.”

My eyes shoot open and I stiffen. Oh my god, they are making out right behind me. Chad must have felt my reaction because he is stroking my hair and saying, “Just relax sweetheart. It’s all good.” My body relaxes but I can feel my heart beating faster as Debbie moans behinds me. Chad’s other hand slides down my back to my bum. I hear a groan from Chelsea’s boyfriend on the other side. I stiffen again instinctively. Sweet Mary, are we all going to be making out on this blanket?

Chad says, “Are you okay Meagan?” I hesitate. What should I do? Can I ask that him and I to go somewhere private? Should I just go with the flow with what he wants? He continues more firmly, “Is there a problem, Meagan?”

Oh shit, I want to be Chad’s girl. “No, everything is cool.” I realize in saying that he knows I’ll do whatever he wants.

He says, “That’s what I like to hear.”

His hand shifts under my bikini bottom to my bare ass-cheek and he gives it a firm squeeze to seal the deal. I kiss his chest in total surrender. He takes my hand and places it on his swimsuit over his penis. I can feel it thicken inside. My lips kiss the area below his ear. I can feel my inhibitions falling away as the six of us enter a sex charged bubble. Chad drops his head to my chest and his lips encircle my nipple. A shot of pure lust hits my brain and I moan loudly. I can now see Debbie and her boyfriend clearly over Chad’s back. She is totally nude and is helping him peel off his Speedo. Oh my god, his erection just popped up as it was released. I look up and see him looking into my eyes with a shit-ass grin on his face.

He says, “Suck my cock Debbie.” With her head low and bum high, she wraps her lips around the head of his erect penis. It is such an erotic sight. His gaze is too intense for me. I bite my lip and lay my cheek on Chad’s back as he licks my breasts. My crotch is on fire. He pushes me and I fall onto my back. He is on his elbow beside me looking down at my body hungrily. He grabs the side of my bikini bottom and pulls down. I lift my bum to help and he grabs the other side of the swimsuit as well and it is down and off. I’m too horny to be shy about my exposure, I feel relief that my pussy is available for pleasure. His hand goes to my sex and expertly runs his fingers along my hyper-sensitive pussy lips. I bite my fist to stop from screaming and spread my legs like a common harlot. I can feel each of my feet touch a woman on each side of me.

Chad goes to his knees beside my head. His swimsuit-covered crotch is so close and I know he wants me to take out his cock and suck it. He wants me to do the honors. I obediently peel the swimsuit down his thighs, and he removes it the rest of the way and offers his erect manhood. I rise on my elbow, grasp the shaft and take the head into my mouth. He holds my head with both of his hands and gently pushes his cock in and out of my mouth.

He makes animal sounds above me and murmurs, “Oh fuck, Meagan your mouth on my cock is so fucking incredible.” I feel a mixture of embarrassment and joy as he uses my mouth for his pleasure. He moans, “I love the look of my cock sliding in and out of your pretty mouth. Fuck that’s hot.”

What’s this? I feel a hand on my bum. It must be Debbie’s boyfriend. He’s squeezing my ass-cheek. Chad must see this. What do I do? Oh, wow, his hand is sliding up under my bum to my pussy. Dammit, my legs just parted with a mind of their own to give him better access. My god, he’s putting fingers into my vagina. Shit, my hips are humping his hand. Chad’s going to think I’m a total slut.

Chad says above me, “I told you I like to eat pussy.”

He releases my head and I fall to my back onto the blanket. The other man’s hand goes away. Chad walks on his knees down towards my feet. He spreads my legs and takes a prone position on the blanket between them and nuzzles his nose into my crotch. Oh, sweet Mary, he’s going to give me oral. His nose bumps my mons and I can feel hot breath on my crotch. I lift my head to see what’s happening. His eyes are closed above the line of my crotch. My breath is taken away when I feel his wet tongue glide over my pussy lips. The tip of it splits the vulva lips and traces between them into the sensitive inner area from my vagina opening to my clit. Oh fuck, his tongue on my clit is crazy making.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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