The World’s First Futa 01 – Transformed into a Futa Chapter 2: Futa’s First Taboo Menage

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The World’s First Futa – Transformed into a Futa
Chapter Two: Futa’s First Taboo Menage
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

April 17th, 2047

“So your boyfriend just caught you fucking his step-sister right after you two had sex for the first time,” Adelia, the talk show host, said, leaning close to me. “What happened next?”

My futa-dick throbbed in my panties as I sat cross-legged, facing the world as I talked about the intimate details of my life that happened thirty-years-ago. But I could still remember the events so clearly. I could almost feel Janice’s pussy convulsing around my girl-dick after I just fucked her in the shower while her step-brother, my then-boyfriend Kurt, watched on in shock.

“Well, he turned as white as a sheet,” I answered with a smile, loving the reaction of the studio audience.


September 30th, 2017

Kurt turned white as a sheet as he saw me jump away from his step-sister, my body still buzzing with the intensity of my orgasm. My new cock, I had no idea how my clit blossomed into a futa-dick after I lost my virginity twenty minutes ago, slid out of Janice’s spunk-filled pussy. Her cream and my cum streaked my new shaft.

Kurt’s blue eyes fell on my dick. They widened as he saw how huge it was, how it thrust from the folds of my pussy half-hidden by my soaked, blonde bush. His chiseled jaw worked as he witnessed the metamorphosis my clit had underwent. Guilt stabbed through me at the pain in his sapphire eyes.

I didn’t want to hurt him. But things had changed. The moment his cum spurted into me, I had transformed. My body rejected his male cum and… and made me into a hermaphrodite. I had freaked out. It felt like his spunk was poison inside of me. I had to get it out of me. I ran into the bathroom of his house, ruining our romantic date that had ended up with him taking my virginity. In the bathroom, I douched myself.

And then my clit sprouted.

His step-sister had heard the commotion. She’d come out to investigate. She thought I had a bad experience with my first time having sex. Well, it was, but up until Kurt came in me, I had enjoyed myself. When she saw my new futa-dick—her words to described my transformed clit—she lost all control of herself. She sucked my new cock off then I fucked her pussy hard.

“Kurt,” I said, reaching out to him as he backed away. He ran a hand through his short, red hair. “I’m sorry, Kurt.”

“Th-that’s a… That’s a…” Then he turned and bolted.

“Kurt!” I shouted.

I went to step out of the shower and go after him, my futa-dick bouncing before me, but Janice caught my arm. The brunette pulled me back against her body, her soaked t-shirt thrust up and over her cum-smeared breasts. When she first found me, I had just been masturbating my new cock, and I spurted all over her.

“Where are you going?” she moaned, grabbing my dick.

“After your brother,” I said. “I have to make this right.”

“And what about me?” Janice’s nineteen-year-old face rippled with a lusty hunger. “You pumped me full of your girl-spunk, and now you’re going to bail?”

“But…” I protested as her hand fisted up and down my still-hard girl-cock. I’d cum three times already. What did it take to make my new shaft go soft.

“No, you have to take care of me,” she moaned. “I’m swimming in your spunk.”

“Well…” I said, her hand feeling so good as she slid it up and down my pussy-lubed dick. I bit my lip. The right thing to do was to go after Kurt. I had to make this right with my boyfriend. I never wanted to hurt him.

But his step-sister’s hand stroking my shaft made me tremble. My toes curled in against the shower floor. Her face, framed by her short bob of brown hair, looked so inviting. My pussy clenched, the lust eroding my desire to do what was right.

Like a siren led into the rocks, I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth.

My dick throbbed in her hand as our lips worked together. I savored the flavor of her mouth as the pleasure surged through my body. Her grip tightened on my shaft as our tongues dueled together, sliding past each other. We made such wanton sounds, my round breasts pressing into her large, pillowy mounds. Our nipples brushed.

Tingles raced down my body from my electrified nubs.

“Mmm,” she purred, breaking our kiss. “I need to taste myself on your dick. I love doing that with a guy. And you’re dick is so huge and…”

“And…” I asked, trembling, so overwhelmed by all these new sensations washing through me. I still had all my feminine bits, but now I had this huge slab of flesh full of so many nerve endings. It was like having a clit that was a million times more sensitive.

“And you have to clean me up.” She arched an eyebrow. “With your tongue. I want you to lick me clean so you can pump more cum into me!”

A hot shudder ran through me, spasming out of my pussy. “Yes!” I moaned. “Yes, yes, yes, let’s do that! It sounds so wild!”

A part of me knew this wasn’t how I should act. That this wasn’t me. I was a virgin who hadn’t done more than give Kurt handjobs and blowjobs until twenty minutes ago. And now I had these lusts to do such naughty things with his sister.

It was this new girl-dick. It twitched and throbbed and drove me mad with lust.

Janice slid out from between me and the shower wall, still gripping my juicy dick. She had such a huge grin on her as she walked backwards, her big tits jiggling. She looked so wanton with her shirt shoved up over them, the streaks of pearly white smeared over her heaving mounds, that hungry look twinkling in her hazel eyes.

Her thumb ran across the throbbing tip of my girl-dick as she led me down the hallway, past her brother’s room. A shameful hand twisted my stomach as I passed, my cheeks flaring white-hot for a moment. I just lost my virginity in there and now I headed to the room next door.

Janice threw her door open, leading me inside. Her bed lay in the center, covered by a mauve duvet, posters of Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Evans, all in their Marvel superhero costumes, covered the wall. She even had a Chris Pine poster as Captain Kirk. My heart tightened as she led me to her bed. I knew this was wrong.

I should stop this. She wasn’t into women. I wasn’t into women.

Well, I didn’t used to be.

But I wanted this woman so badly.

“Mmm, stretch out on my bed on your back,” she moaned, licking her lips. “It sucks to sixty-nine with a guy when you’re on the bottom.”

I blushed. “I know.”

“You and my brother, eh?” She arched her eyebrows at me. “Doing some kinky things before you gave up that cherry?”

“Yes,” I said, quivering. Though I was only a year younger than her, I felt like a child.

She squeezed my dick and a shudder ran through my body. This was so wrong and I didn’t care. I had to enjoy it. I had to lick my cum out of her pussy. I had to feel her mouth sucking on my dick and making me explode.

I sank down on her pink duvet, squirming, my heart thudding in my chest. My breasts rose and fell. My dick throbbed as it thrust over my stomach, a slight bow to it. It gleamed with her pussy juices. Janice let out a purring moan, drawing my eyes to her thighs streaked with my pearly cum.

“I am going to suck so much futa-jizz out of your dick,” she moaned. “Oh, my god, this is so hot!”

Then she leaped onto her bed, landing on her knees beside me. Her big tits heaved and bounced. With deft skill, she straddled my face. I stared up at my first live pussy. Well, I’d seen other girls in locker rooms, but I never really looked at their snatches.

And never so close.

Janice had a brown landing strip leading to her puffy vulva smeared with my cum. Her pussy gaped open from my dick, my jizz leaking out of her. A white glob fell and landed on my lips as she lowered her snatch to my hungry mouth.

It was such a pretty sight, pink, and looking like a flower from a Georgia O’Keeffe painting. That woman must have loved pussies. But I could see why now. I hungered to love this one. I licked my lips, tasting my salty cum infused with her spicy musk.

Then her cunt pressed on my mouth.

“Becky,” she whimpered as my tongue slid through her dick, gathering my jizz out of her spicy depths. “Oh, yes, Becky!”

I didn’t answer her, too busy savoring my first taste of another woman’s cunt. I reveled in the feel of her shaved vulva rubbing on my moth and the silky feel of her folds on my swiping tongue. I trembled, my own snatch clenching in sympathetic envy while my dick twitched.

She grasped my cock, lifting it. Her lips nuzzled at it again. I groaned as they slipped over the crown. Pleasure shot down my shaft. My twat tightened while I moaned into her juicy snatch. I plunged my tongue deep into her cunt, searching for more of my salty spunk as she sucked.

The pressure shot down my shaft to my pussy. I felt her suction reaching so deep into me. She whimpered about my dick, the humming massaging the tip. It made me squirm and ache. I fluttered my tongue through her sheath as I feasted on my salty cum in her delicious depths.

“Janice,” I groaned into her snatch, my hands grasping her ass. “Ooh, yes, Janice. That’s so good. Clean my dick.”

Janice slid more of my cock into her mouth.

“Just suck all your cream off of my futa-dick while I lick your snatch clean of my spunk!”

She bobbed her mouth, taking as much of my huge dick as I could. I had over a foot in length, and it amazed me she could open her mouth wide enough to take my girth. But she did. My cock throbbed in her mouth, the crown sliding against her tongue and the roof of her mouth. My pussy clenched and convulsed, my entire body trembling as she gave me such an expert blowjob.

It kocaeli escort spurred me to flick and flutter my tongue through her snatch. To lick her out and give her all the pleasure I could. She whimpered and moaned, squirming and grinding that juicy cunt into my face. Her cream ran across my chin and cheeks as I feasted on her.

Soon, I had cleaned out all my salty jizz, leaving only her spicy cream to enjoy.

So I enjoyed it.

She squealed about my dick. Her ass tightened beneath my grip. She squirmed and shuddered as I plundered her juicy depths. Her moans and whimpers buzzed around my dick. I loved it. She bobbed her head faster and faster, sucking, slurping, driving me wild.

“Janice!” I moaned into her snatch, my fingers clenching hard into the cheeks of her ass. “Oh, my god, Janice! I’m going to cum!”

That only encouraged her.

She squirmed atop me, rubbing her pillowy tits into my stomach. She ground her juicy pussy against my hungry mouth. I licked and lapped through her folds while the pressure swelled in the depths of my cunt. My ovaries tightened.

Then she spasmed atop me. Her pussy juices flooded my mouth. Spicy cream poured out of the depths of her snatch as I made her cum. I drank up her juices, reveling in the flavor of my boyfriend’s sister. The hot delight spilled across my mouth and down my cheeks as my body twitched. My nipples throbbed against her squirming belly.

“Janice!” I screamed, my fingers biting into her rump. “Yes!”

My cock erupted.

My futa-cum spurted into her mouth. I thrashed and convulsed as the rapture boiled through me. I whimpered, the delight shooting through my mind. I groaned and gasped, my body writhing and undulating beneath her.

She gulped down my cum. She swallowed it with such hunger. I whimpered into her snatch, licking through her folds as my futa-cum poured out of me. My pussy convulsed. My juices flooded out, soaking her duvet, the wet spot growing beneath my ass.

“Oh, my god!” she moaned after swallowing the last blast of my cum. “You’re amazing. And you’re still hard.”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, my entire body buzzing, the pleasure bleeding through my body. My eyes rolled back into my head. My blood pounded through my body. I sucked in breaths. “Mmm, you were delicious.”

“I have to feel you in me again!” she moaned and moved.

Before I could stop her, Janice was turning around. Her big tits swung before her as she straddled my waist now. She grasped my girl-dick, rubbing it against her juicy pussy lips. I shuddered, my tip so sensitive from all my orgasms.

She slammed down my shaft. My eyes bulged as her hot, tight cunt wrapped about my girl-dick. I bucked and shuddered, gasping out at the top of my lungs. My body quivered, my round breasts heaving before me.

Her big tits slapped together when she bottomed out on my futa-dick. Her pussy took me to the hilt. Her silky flesh squeezed about my girl-dick. I groaned, my own cunt squeezing as the heels of my feet drummed the bed.

“Holy fucking yes!” I screamed out, not caring that only a thin wall separated her bedroom from Kurt’s.

Thirty or more minutes ago, Janice had to hear us making love. And now… Now he had to hear me cheating on him with his step-sister. Guilty hands twisted my guts into knots for a moment. But then Janice slid her pussy up my cock.

My eyes widened at the pleasure engulfing my girl-dick. I groaned, the wave of rapture rippling out of my cunt swamped those guilty twinges. It felt too good to care about the consequences right now.

My hands shot to Janice’s breasts. I squeezed her big boobies as she rode me hard. She worked her cunt up and down my dick, her bedsprings squeaking and grinding. Her bed’s headboard thumped against the wall. A symphony of hot sex echoed through her room.

“Oh, my god, your dick, Becky!” she gasped. “Your dick is so huge! I’ve never seen huger! Felt huger! Holy shit, yes! I love it! I love it so much!”

“Good,” I whimpered and shuddered, my hips thrusting up to meet her plunging pussy.

Our crotches smacked together. Her tits heaved in my groping hands. I loved the way her heavy boobs shifted and swayed as I groped them. My fingers found her pink nipples. I squeezed and kneaded them, her pussy clamping down hard on my shaft.

That felt incredible.

I pulled and pinched and rolled on her nubs. I abused those fat, pink nipples, making her groan and gasp. The friction of her pussy sliding up and down my girl-dick increased. I whimpered and groaned, my head tossing back and froth.

I spotted movement.

Janice had left her bedroom door open. Kurt stood in the dark hallway, his body almost all shadow. He watched us, his hand stroking his dick. He witnessed his step-sister riding me, his girlfriend. I whimpered, staring back at him, wondering what he felt at this exact moment.

It made him horny, clearly. But did it humiliate him? Did it make him feel emasculated? Did he hate me now?

I whimpered and moaned, “Janice!” I gasped, wanting to let her know he watched. But something held me back. I caught just a glimpse of Kurt’s blue eyes reflecting the light spilling out of Janice’s bedroom. “Janice, yes, keep riding my dick. Work that pussy up and down my new futa-cock.”

“Ooh, I am!” she groaned, oblivious to her step-brother’s presence. “It’s such a huge dick. You’re a futa! A real, live futanari!”

Kurt mouthed that word.

“I am,” I moaned. “I don’t know how, but I love my new cock. Just keep riding me.”

“You are so big,” Kurt groaned.

Janice gasped, her cunt almost crushing my dick as she threw a look over her shoulder. Her eyes widened as Kurt stepped into her room, naked, his body muscular and strong, his hand stroking the dick that had taken my virginity.

“Oh, little brother,” moaned Janice, her hips undulating as she rode me again. “Watching your big sis fuck your girlfriend’s big dick, huh? Such a perv.”

“Yeah” he groaned, his eyes so glassy with lust. He stroked himself faster, the muscles of his right arm rippling and flexing.

They didn’t turn me on any longer. I didn’t find that masculine strength appealing. I squeezed the softer, feminine delight of his sister’s breasts, my girl-dick throbbing in her silky pussy. This… This I enjoyed.

“Ooh, yes, watch me fuck her futa-dick!” Janice moaned, her pussy growing hotter and hotter at the same time.

“Yes,” I whimpered. “Watch her fuck me, Kurt! Watch your sexy, older sister ride my girl-dick. Ooh, have you ever played with her tits before?”

“No,” he groaned.

“But you wanted to.” I squeezed his sister’s tits. “You wanted to squeeze them.”

“Fuck, yes.” His voice became so hoarse as he fisted his dick. “I’ve always wanted to touch them.”

“Ooh, what a pervy, little brother,” whimpered Janice, riding me so hard and fast, her breasts jiggling in my grasp. “Oh, fuck, yes!”

Janice exploded on my girl-dick. She whimpered and moaned, her pussy massaging my futa-cock. I whimpered as she slammed down my girth. She took me to the hilt, her back arching. Her moans echoed through my bedroom while her flesh rippled around my cock.

It felt so amazing. My shaft ached and throbbed in her massaging depths. I shuddered and whimpered, my snatch growing so hot and tight. My ovaries ached to unload my cum into her depths. She milked my cock, eager for that spunk.

“Oh, my god, Kurt, you have got to feel her pussy! It’s just rippling about my dick. Your sister’s cunt feels amazing.”

“I bet!” he groaned.

My futa-dick erupted. The sound of his naked hunger had me spurting. I shuddered, staring at my boyfriend stroking his dick while I came in his older sister’s pussy. My spunk fired into her depths. I flooded her, filling her to the hilt with my spunk.

She arched her back, moaning louder as her cunt milked my futa-dick. Her spasming flesh wrung me dry, sending such waves of delight washing through me. Every time my girl-cock exploded, my body convulsed.

The rapture poured out of me.

It felt incredible.

I whimpered and moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. I groped at her tits as the pleasure shot through me. Kurt stared at me with such hunger. It was so exciting to be watched. It turned me on so much.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” groaned Janice. “Your girlfriend’s firing so much girl-spunk into me, Kurt!”

“I bet,” groaned Kurt, sounding so envious.

I felt so bad for him. He had to watch. I came over to spend the night with him. We were in college, dating for years. It was supposed to be a special night and then this futa-cock sprouted. I wanted to hate it, to be angry at that throbbing shaft buried in Janice’s cunt. But I couldn’t. It gave me such pleasure.

“Want to play with your sister?” I asked him.

“Both of you?” gasped Janice, clenching her pussy down on my girl-dick. “At the same time?”

“Yes,” I groaned.

“But he’s my brother!”

“And?” I asked, squeezing her tits. “You’re not related. You only grew up together.”

“Still,” she groaned. “Ooh, that would be so wrong. So wicked. So hot to fuck my pervy, little brother.”

Kurt came to the bed, grinning. I could tell this turned him on. He came up on Janice’s left side, opposite of me. I shook his sister’s left boob at him, the pillowy mound jiggling in my grasp. The girl moaned in pure delight as her brother leaned down and sucked on her nipple.

I joined Kurt, latching onto the other. I glanced at my boyfriend, smiling as we shared this slut’s nipple. I sucked and nibbled and flicked my tongue across it. My hips squirmed from side-to-side, my new futa-dick swaying between my thighs as I loved the nub.

“Ooh, this is so naughty,” moaned Janice. “Ooh, my little brother and his kocaeli escort bayan naughty futa-girlfriend…”

“Uh-huh,” Kurt groaned, his hand brushing mine squeezed about his sister’s tit.

I pulled away from his strong grip, letting him play with his sister’s big mound. He sucked hard on her nipple, his whiskered cheeks hollowing. It sent a euphoric wave through me. I was glad he could join in the fun. The tightness in my stomach lessened.

I nibbled on Janice’s nub, watching her brother love her other nipple. The brunette moaned and writhed, squirming on the bed. She made such wicked sounds. I loved it. I sucked as much of her nipple and areola into my mouth.

Kurt did the same.

He used to do this to me, engulfing as much of my tit he could into his mouth when I would let him play with my tits. Then he’d go down on me, licking me with his whiskered cheeks. That thought made me shiver, my stomach churning. I never wanted to feel that again.

But he had taught me things. And I would be forever grateful for that.

“Holy shit, that’s awesome,” moaned Janice. “Both of you… Little brother, what have you been teaching Becky?”

His mouth popped off his older sister’s nipple. “Lots of things.”

“Mmm, I can see that. She’s a little minx. Ooh, she’s sucking so hard on my nipple. And you, perv, get your mouth back on there. You’re both making me feel incredible.”

Kurt engulfed his sister’s nub again. I shuddered, loving the taboo sight. They had grown up together, known each other almost all their lives. Janice’s father married Kurt’s mother when he was not even 1 year old and she wasn’t even two.

It was so hot watching their forbidden passion.

Kurt groaned and shuddered. Then I gasped, understanding why. Janice had grabbed both our dicks, stroking my juicy cock soaked in her pussy cream. She fisted both our shafts, her hands pumping away, making me whimper, my pussy clenching.

“Two dicks to play with,” Janice moaned. “Isn’t it my lucky night? And, little brother, your dick feels so cute.”

Kurt just moaned, his eyes squeezing shut, his cheeks going red.

Janice gave a wicked giggle. “Your girlfriend’s got a bigger dick than you. Ouch, huh? But don’t worry, I’ll still play with your little cock. I’ll let you slide it into my pussy while I take that monster your girlfriend’s packing in my asshole.

My dick twitched. My lips popped off her mouth. “What, really? Anal? I thought you’d suck one of us while the other fucked you.”

“Oh, no, we’re doing DP right!” groaned Janice, her body shuddering. “I want to feel your cock sliding into my asshole. I’ve been too scared to ever give anal a try until tonight.” Her hand squeezed down on my dick. “But this cock… This cock will make me explode, won’t it?”

“Yes!” I moaned and sucked on her nipple again.

She whimpered and groaned as I loved her nub. She shivered on the bed, rubbing her thighs together. She squirmed back and forth as I sucked on her nipple again. Her hand pumped up and down my dick, making me ache and squirm.

She rubbed my tip into her hip, smearing it around in circles. I shuddered, moaning about her nub. This felt so naughty. So wrong. I loved it. I stared into Kurt’s blue eyes. They were so deep and excited. I could lose myself in his eyes.

Why did he have to be a guy?

Why did I have to turn into a futa?

Kurt released his sister’s nipple. “If you’re really going to let her fuck your ass, then I better get you ready.”

“Ooh, how?” Janice asked.

“Yes?” I asked, pulling my lips away. “Did that slut you dated before me let you fuck her asshole?”

“Eh, no comment,” he said as he flipped his sister over onto her stomach. He parted Janice’s butt-cheeks, exposing the cute, brown rosebud of her sphincter.

She squealed as he nuzzled his whiskered cheeks into her crevasse and licked her butthole.

My sphincter clenched and tingled. My eyes widened while my new dick throb. “Kurt… Did you ever want to lick my asshole?”

“Yeah,” he groaned. “I figured after we’d have sex a few times, I’d ease us into anal by rimming your asshole.”

“Ooh, you naughty, pervy brother,” Janice moaned. “I like it. Just rim my asshole. Get me all nice and ready for your girlfriend’s big cock.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, stroking my dick, smearing my precum down my shaft. There was so much leaking out of me. Kurt’s dick never got this wet when I jerked him off.

I was so different from a guy.

Janice groaned and shuddered on the bed, rubbing her tits into her duvet. Her butt-cheeks clenched about her brother’s face. He rimmed her, moving his head around, making her squeal and groan and gasp.

“That’s it, little brother,” she hissed. “Oh, my god, swirl that tongue around inside my asshole. Ooh, yes, you love doing such naughty things to me. You’re going to drive me wild.”

My own asshole clenched. I trembled, my heart racing as I watched him feast on his sister’s asshole. What did that feel like? I ached to find out. I wanted a cute girl—with smooth cheeks!—rimming my asshole.

My pussy clenched. My juices flowed as I squirmed. Pleasure raced down my dick. It ached and throbbed. I ran my tongue along the tip, spasms shuddering down my length. I rubbed faster and faster, the ache swelling at the end of my girl-cock.

“Ooh, Kurt, yes, yes, I think that’s it,” Janice moaned. “I think I’m ready to be speared between you. I want that cute, little cock in my pussy while your girlfriend’s monster dick reams my asshole.”

Kurt lifted his lips. His sister rolled onto her side, her tits pillowing together. She snagged his shoulders and pulled him down. With great enthusiasm, she kissed him on the mouth, pressing her tits into his chest.

I shuddered at the taboo sight before me. Kurt kissed with step-sister with such passion. His arms went around her body. His hand grabbed her butt-cheeks. He parted them, revealing her asshole now glistening with his saliva.

My dick throbbed at the invitation.

“Janice,” I moaned. “I can’t believe you’re letting me fuck your virgin asshole.”

Janice broke the kiss and looked over her shoulder at me. “I can’t let Kurt get all the cherries tonight. You deserve one, Becky.”

I grinned at her.

She kissed her brother again, their tongues dueling. Even though I didn’t find Kurt hot any longer, it was still so naughty watching him kiss his step-sister. I shuddered, loving the sight of them writhing together and…

She whimpered and stiffened her back as he thrust his hips at her.

My eyes widened. I ducked my head down, peering between her thighs, and witnessed his dick spearing into his sister’s cunt. He rammed to the hilt in his sister’s pussy. He sank into her shaved snatch, forcing out more of my cum. My pearly girl-jizz spilled around his dick.

I groaned. My dick throbbed.

I paused to take a quick lick at her asshole, savoring the sour flavor of her musk, before I slid up her body. She undulated and squirmed, fucking her brother back as they writhed together. I pressed my tits into her back and guided my cock between her butt-cheeks.

“I’m going to fuck your sister’s asshole so hard!” I whimpered.

He broke their taboo kiss. “Do it, Becky!” he groaned. “Oh, wow, her pussy is so wet. You pumped her full of so much cum.”

“Uh-huh,” I purred, rubbing the tip of my girl-cock against her asshole. “I just flooded her with my jizz.”

“And now you’re going to pump it into my asshole,” whimpered Janice. “Fuck my asshole. I need your huge dick in me. Kurt’s cock feels nice in my pussy, but I need more! Ram that monster futa-dick into me!”

I thrust.

Her tight asshole resisted. The puckered ring didn’t want to let my futa-dick in. I groaned and thrust harder, not holding back. She whimpered, arching her back and rubbing her supple skin into my throbbing nipples. She let out a low, whining moan.

“Shit, she’s clenching down hard on my dick,” groaned Kurt, thrusting away at his sister’s cunt.

“I’m entering her asshole,” I moaned. “That’s why.”

“She is!” Janice gasped as her sphincter swallowed the tip of my dick.

I worked in slowly into her bowels. Inch-by-inch I sank my massive girl-cock into her velvety depths. I shuddered at the hot feel of her bowels wrapped about my cock. I sucked in a deep breath, my heart pounding in my chest as I penetrated deeper into her.

Her bowels clenched down on my dick. The velvety friction burned around it. I groaned, savoring my first taste of ass. It was amazing. My nipples tingled against her back as I penetrated farther into her depths.

Then my bush pressed against her asshole. I shuddered, my dick throbbing in her bowels. I did it. I rammed every inch of my dick into her.

“Holy fucking shit!” howled Janice. “You’re both in me. Oh, my fucking god, yes!”

She came.

My eyes widened as I felt her velvety bowels writhed about my girl-dick. She massaged me, making me tremble. I groaned, my pussy clenching. Pleasure flooded through my body and I wasn’t even thrusting away.

“Did you just come?” Kurt asked his sister, his dick pumping away in her pussy. “Damn.”

“You’re both in me!” Janice whimpered, trembling between us. “Oh, my god, yes. And fuck me, Becky! Fuck my asshole! I don’t want this pleasure to stop. I want it to melt my brain!”

“Yes,” I groaned and pumped my hips. I thrust away into her pussy.

I fucked into her depths. My dick plunged over and over into her writhing bowels. I shuddered as the convulsing heaven spasming about my dick. Her body twisted and bucked. Her moans echoed through the room as she kept cumming. They seemed to spill from one to the other as we both thrust over and over into her.

It was amazing.

My izmit escort pussy drank in the bliss shooting down my cock. I whimpered, my nipples throbbing against her back. I squirmed and moaned, my breasts rising and falling as I plowed into her convulsing asshole. Her flesh writhed about my girl-dick, driving me so wild with rapture.

“You’re both so good in me!” Janice groaned. “Oh, yes, little brother, fuck my pussy!”

“Shit, this is hot, Becky!” Kurt grunted.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned.

I thrust as hard as I could. My crotch smacked into her rump. The bed rocked, the springs creaking, as Kurt and I fucked his older sister. The nineteen-year-old brunette writhed between us. Her skin felt amazing against my body, my breasts pressing tight against her. The slide of my nipples across her skin shot rapture down to my pussy.

My orgasm built in me.

I pounded her spasming asshole, shuddering as the rapture shot down my dick. My ovaries tightened. Once again, that explosive need begged to erupt from me. I had to satiate it. My hips pumped away, frantic with my need.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I groaned.

“Shit!” Kurt moaned.

“Just cum in me!” gasped his sister. “Both of you, dump your cum into me!”

“I will!” moaned her brother.

“Such a pervy, little brother! Yes!”


He buried into her. Over her shoulder, I watched his face twist with pleasure in the same way it had with me earlier. His cum spilled into his sister’s pussy. I shuddered, ramming my girl-dick deep into Janice’s asshole.

“I’m going to explode,” I whimpered.

“Do it!” whined the cumming girl. “I need it. Yes!”

Her asshole spasmed harder. She sucked at my bowels. I groaned and my cum erupted out of me. Futa-jizz fired into her bowels. Her hot hole milked me. Pleasure shot down my shaft and met the waves washing out of my cunt.

My cream flooded my thighs as the rapture surged to my mind. I hugged Janice tight, loving her velvety bowels massaging my futa-dick. She drained me dry as I whimpered. Stars danced before my eyes. Such amazing bliss rippled through me. Such an awesome delight. I loved it. I wanted this pleasure to keep surging through me.

It was amazing.

“Janice!” I groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes!” the girl moaned. Then she collapsed between us.

“Jesus, I think she passed out,” groaned Kurt as my last blast of cum fired out of me.

“Wow,” I moaned, rolling onto my back. My dick popped out of her asshole. I sucked in such deep breaths, my body buzzing.

Kurt stood up, his small dick glistening with his step-sister’s pussy cream. Janice shivered beside me. I sucked in a deep breath, my breasts dripping with sweat. My entire body buzzed from the rapture. I climbed off the bed, buzzing from the euphoria of what just happened.

I stared down at Janice, blinking as she lay in a stupor. She shuddered on the bed, mewling in her doze. Our cum leaked out of her holes, jizz dribbling out from between her flushed, peachy butt-cheeks. More cum stained her shaved pussy lips as it bubbled out of her depths.

“Damn, that just happened,” my boyfriend said, studying his older sister. “I just… fucked Janice. We just fucked her.”

“And she loved it,” I said, stretching my arms, my round breasts lifting. I let out a groan as I arched my back, my futa-dick swaying half-hard before me.

Kurt glanced at me, his eyes growing still, the smile fading from his lips. “You want something to drink?”

“Sure,” I said, the pleasure dying down inside of me, swallowed by the rising twist in my guts. “We should… probably talk.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, shaking his head. “Come on.”

I padded after my boyfriend, my head bowed, my thoughts struggling to understand what had just happened tonight? How could I go from a straight girl totally in love with this great guy before me to a futa who just wanted to fuck his step-sister? It felt surreal, like a dream that I half-expected to wake up from.

But no dream felt as incredible as what just happened. Cumming with a cock… fucking Janice’s mouth and pussy and asshole…

My cock swayed between my thighs as we trooped downstairs. My breasts jiggled. This new dick would take so much getting used to. Even soft, it was still bigger than Kurt’s dick. What would I do about clothing? I could never wear a tight pair of jeans again. At least not one for women, and guys’ jeans just weren’t cut to show off their asses like girls’ jeans were.

And panties? Would I have to switch to boy shorts or just starting wearing guys underwear entirely?

I didn’t want that. I was still a girl, even if I had a huge dick now. I still had a pussy. I still had tits. I still felt feminine. I still wanted to be pretty, to show off my eighteen-year-old body. I didn’t want to change anything.

But everything had changed.

“Want a coke or I think there’s some iced tea?” he asked as he headed to the kitchen.

I grimaced. “You know I hate tea.” I sometimes felt like the only girl in the world that hated tea. “Coke is fine. Especially if it’s not a diet coke.” I liked my sugar.


I sank down on the couch, sitting with my legs pressed together, trapping my cock. I had to adjust it, lifting it out from between my thighs before I could cross my legs the way I liked to. I stared down at it, the tip wrinkly and pink, the shaft the same beige as my skin.

Kurt appeared a few moments later, his dick swaying before his balls, this bush so bright. Only an hour ago I’d burned to feel that dick in me. And now… Now just the thought of him entering me made my skin crawl… And his cum being in me?

I’d freak out again. I had changed.

“So we’re breaking up, aren’t we?” Kurt said as he handed over the coke.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I… I really enjoyed it up until you came in me.”

He shook his head as he sat down beside me, glass of iced tea in hand. He sipped it, his face serious, brow furrowed. “I can’t believe my cum turned you into a…”

“Futa,” I said. “That’s what Janice called me. A futanari.”

The can of coke chilled my hand. Condensation rippled down the red exterior. The carbonation hissed out through the open top, little bubbles dancing in the dark liquid brimming right at the surface. I drew a deep breath and said, “I did love you. I do love you, just not… Not that way any longer.”

“Well, I mean, my cum did cause you to flee to the bathroom.”

“I think I’m allergic to guys cum,” I said.

“And your clit turning into a fully-functional cock is, what, like someone else’s throats swelling shut? An allergic reaction?”

“I don’t know.” I leaned back. “This isn’t how I wanted this night to go. I… I thought we would always be together.” Tears stung my eyes. “Have a family, you know?”

“I know.”

I took a deep breath, fighting back the emotions. “I wish I could undo this, but…”

“But your totally into girls now.” He sipped his iced tea again. “I saw that with Janice. You were ravishing her. You were so into it. More than you ever were with us.”

I squirmed, a flush warming my cheeks while my insides twisted. “I guess I was.” I finally took my first sip of the coke, feeling the liquid pour across my tongue, the carbonation caressing the roof of my mouth. I swallowed it. “I hope we can still be friends.” I reached over, touching his wrist. “I still care for you, Kurt. I want you to be happy.”

“And you won’t be happy with me.” He swallowed. “Christ, this is messed up. I’m so bad at sex, I made you into… What did you call it again?”

“Futanari. It’s something from Anime, I guess.”

He glanced at my dick. “Yeah, I can see that.”

“But you’ll meet other people. Other girls. They’ll love you like I did.”

“And if I turn them into…” He squirmed. “What if it is me?”

“I didn’t hear Janice screaming out in panic after you came in her,” I said, giving him a smile. “It was me, Kurt. Not you. You were just the…” I searched for the word.

“The unlucky bastard that gave you the catalyst for your change.” He took a deep breath. “I… I need to sleep. This is too heavy.”

“Kurt!” I gasped as he rose, clammy hands squeezing my heart. “I…”

“Yeah, we’ll still be friends. I just… I just need a bit, you know. To process.”

“Okay.” I hopped to my feet, wanting to hug him, my arms opening wide, but we were both naked and… And it felt so weird now. My cheeks burned. So I just patted his shoulder instead. It felt so lame, so pathetic.

“You’ll meet someone, Kurt,” I told him. “Someone who won’t turn into a futa. Someone who’ll give you that family. Those children. What we would have had.”

“But will it feel as right?” he asked.

“It will. Because you’ll love her.” I said those words even hoping they wouldn’t be true, hoping he would never get over me. But I didn’t want to be a selfish cunt. It wasn’t fair to him what happened. So I pushed down those negative impulses.

He paused. “I’m sure you’ll find a woman to love, too. Maybe she’ll give you those kids you want, too.”

“Thanks,” I said.

He gave me a smile, warm and caring, that classic Kurt grin. Something relaxed from my shoulders. I trembled and knew we would be friends. That we’d still care for each other, still help each other out. We just wouldn’t do it as boyfriend and girlfriend now. And that was okay.

Sometimes, people just didn’t fit together like they thought.

I sat back down on the couch, sipping my coke. I felt better. I had this new cock. I’d need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Senior to figure out what caused it. I’d adjust though. And it was a lot of fun.

Maybe Janice and I could…

The front door opened.

My eyes widened as Kurt’s mom stepped into the room, stretching her back. Then her eyes fell on my naked body.

I squeaked in fright, covering my boobs and my new girl-dick.

To be continued…

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