The Tenants Ch. 06

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This is a work of fiction. It can be read without the other parts, but combined tells a story, albeit with a few holes. I hope you enjoy my work, if not I understand. It’s not for everyone, perhaps you’ll enjoy one of my other stories.


“What should we have her do?” Margo asked, speaking to Janine. Margo held the phone to her chest whoever she was talking to stuck waiting for more lurid details. Jessica could hear the sisters talking above her. Jessica laid on the bed her 5’2″ body naked, her firm breasts heaving from the orgasm she had just given herself. Her red hair clung to her face, but she didn’t care, Janine had pretty much dominated her all day today, she was now as close to broken and spent as she could be.

“Something easy at first.” Janine said. Jessica’s robe was lying on the floor beside the bed. It was the only article of clothing other than slippers she had been wearing when she left her house, driven to the next town and picked up Janine’s sister and a friend.

“Jessica are you ready? This is the first of the three raunchy dares you’ll have to do.” Janine said. “That is if you want your robe back, and would like to go home for a little while.” The buxom blonde’s voice was taunting. Janine was Jessica’s tenant, and Margo was Janine’s younger sister. Janine was a good height blonde and VERY well endowed, she was curvy and although by no means fat she was NOT a small girl, and Margo was a slightly smaller version of her older sister. The other girl in the room was Tara, she was Margo’s friend and was fairly unassuming looking she had brownish hair a medium build and average breasts, her face was caked with way too much make-up.

“Stick a finger up your ass.” Janine said. Margo and Tara instantly erupted into cackling laughter. Jessica’s stomach knotted up. She lay still hoping the nightmare would end. “C’mon!” Janine said she reached down and grabbed hold of one of Jessica’s butt cheeks, pulling it away from the other. Jessica jumped at the contact.

“Please. No more.” Jessica asked. Janine knelt down beside her on the bed.

“Jessy Jessy Jessy.” She said her voice overly sweet, with an icy edge. “You are lying naked on an 18 year old girl’s bed. Your fingers stink like your own soaking wet pussy and you just rubbed yourself off in front of us. The only article of clothing you have accessible to you is your bathrobe, the rest of your clothes are in a heap on your kitchen floor twenty minutes away, and we have your car keys. I’m not gonna’ ask again if you don’t stick a finger up your ass, and I mean all the way up your ass and wiggle it around for me, I’m gonna’ find something to stick up there myself.”

Jessica was slow to react but afraid not to. She lowered her hand down along the outside of her leg and spreading her cheeks with the back of her thumb, she touched her anus with her index finger. She could feel the wrinkled perimeter of her hole, and it was slick and greasy with juices from her recent orgasm. Gently she pressed against it, the opening yielded slightly and the very tip of her finger disappeared inside. The angle was awkward and she pulled her knees up under her to get better access.

“Nice!! Go deeper you dirty, dirty slut.” Janine said. Her tone was cheerily arrogant.

“Are you hearing this?” Margo said into the phone again.

A mixture of unimaginable shame and butterflies tingled from the center of Jessica’s stomach to every sexually charged inch of her body. She shut her eyes tight her finger felt enormous as it slid into her butt. She had never pushed anything into her ass before. Never touched it other than during normal bathroom activities. Despite her shame and slight bahis firmaları revulsion, the fact that she was being made to do it for an audience made it a sexually tense thing. She could feel her pussy begin to tingle and dampen again.

Inside herself she was teetering on the brink of hating herself for getting into this mess, and hating herself for wanting more. If the opportunity to end it came up she would take it and NEVER go back, but at the same time she knew that she was stuck on this train as far as it went.

Finally her finger had slid to the point that she could feel her knuckles against her cheeks. Deep inside her ass she could feel every microscopic inch of her finger.

“Wiggle it.” Janine said, she had leaned forward and grabbed a hold of Jessica’s wrist. Jessica flexed and wriggled her finger she felt it twisting around inside her. “Now you can pull it out.” Janine whispered in Jessica’s ear. Jessica slowly slid her finger back out of her asshole, it hurt a tiny bit when it finally slid all the way out. “Smell it.” Janine said. Jessica’s cheeks went crimson, and her stomach turned. She had turned slightly and was half sitting half lying on the bed propped on one elbow.

Jessica was at the point where she knew better than to refuse. She brought her fist slowly to her face her index finger pointing out slightly hooked. She almost touched it to her nose and inhaled the smell. There was still the lingering scent of her masturbation and her sex on her hands, but the foul smell of her own ass was overpowering that dramatically. It smelled filthy, and yet in its own way the intense humiliation of it was erotic at the basest most primitive nasty of ways.

“Very good.” Janine said in a way too sweet tone. “You are a dirty, dirty woman aren’t you? Tara it’s your turn to get our filthy nasty slut to do something to amuse us.”

“I don’t know what to DOOOO!” Tara said. “She is DIRTY though isn’t she!?!” Tara laughed. “Keep sniffing your finger while I think!!”

Jessica held her soiled finger to her face, she was breathing shallowly through her nose, her eyes glassed over with tears.

“I think you’ve been naughty!” Tara finally said after a long pause. “I think you should give yourself a spanking while apologizing to us for being such a slut.” Tara had barely finished talking when Janine started snickering.

“Yeah she’s sniffing her finger and about to spank herself.” Margo said.

“Ten good whacks!” Tara added. “And after each one tell us how dirty you are.” Tara paused. “Margo what are you gonna’ make her do?”

Jessica, somewhat relieved to not be sniffing her own filthy finger anymore turned and once again stuck her ass out obscenely. For a moment her head got light and spun, she thought she might pass out.

“Start slappin’!” Tara cooed she reached out and lightly patted Jessica’s bum.

Jessica took a deep breath and raised her hand out behind her. Unsure how hard to strike herself and feeling a mixture of several deeply conflicting emotions, she brought her right hand down on her right cheek. Not hard, but certainly a long way from soft. A sharp slap sound filled the room.

“Tell us what a slut you are!” Tara said. “Tell us with each slap or they won’t count!”

“I’m a slut.” Jessica said. Her voice cracked and it was barely audible.

“A filthy whore.” Tara said. “And say it louder. Tell us you’re nasty, you’re cheap, you’re easy, tell us you need lots of cock!” Tara giggled at the last part. “Go on, I’m dying to watch this.”

Nervously with a shaking hand Jessica smacked her own ass again, slightly harder as the smacking sound hit she whispered out…”I’m a filthy whore.” kaçak iddaa It was almost a hiss, but everyone heard it. Again her hand came down, “I’m n-nasty and cheap.” Jessica said, her voice hitching as a sob began to escape her. The cracking sound of her slaps echoed in the room.

“I need lots of cock.” Jessica said, her ass was burning up from the spankings, and her whole body tingled with sensitivity.

“What do you need from the cock?” Tara asked between snickers and laughter.

“I need to be fucked!” Jessica said as she smacked her own ass for the fifth time.

“Can we use you like a dirty whore!” Janine asked. “Because if we can I think you should beg us to.”


“Please use me like a dirty whore.” Jessica said.

“Tell us you’ll do whatever we tell you to.” Janine said. Her voice was quiet but she timed it between smacks and Tara’s shouting. Still hearing Janine’s voice giving such a prophetic directive caused Jessica’s hand to falter. She had been getting a bit of a rhythm down and it was clear that Janine had disrupted it.

“I-I…” Jessica stammered a bit, her voice and hand both trembling. -SMACK- “I’ll do..whatever you tell me to do.”

“That’s good to hear, four more whacks.” Janine said.




“Say thank-you.” Janine said.

“Thank-you.” Jessica whispered, then smacked her ass for the tenth and last time.

“OK I’ll call you back.” Margo said and shut the phone off. “MY TURN!” Margo said, she was giggling and seemed drunk with the prospect of having Jessica do something. “She’ll do anything right?” Margo said looking to her big sister Janine.

“I think our little slut is ready to do whatever you tell her to.” Janine said. A wry smile lifted the corner of Janine’s mouth, she could tell that her sister had something in mind. “Why what are you thinking?”

“I have an idea, but it’s a little crazy and I don’t know if I really want it, but it’s a wicked raunchy, but I think I do want to do it, but I don’t know.” Margo said half thinking out loud and exasperated. “OH MY GOD what the hell, I gotta’ see if she’ll do it.” Margo finally said. To Janine and Tara’s surprise and Jessica’s instant mortal terror, Margo undid her pants.

“Oh god…..Please no.” Jessica said, “I can’t do that.”

“It’s not what you think! You nasty slut.” Margo said giggling. “It might be worse though, I don’t need you to eat me out! I could have five guys from school lined up to do that! No I want something I thought of a few minutes ago seeing you sniffing your nasty finger! First you’re going to sniff MY ass, a big old honkin’ deep breath, then you’re gonna’ kiss it. So I can say I’ve actually had someone kiss my ass.”

Margo pushed her tight jeans and panties down to her ankles, her young pussy was clean-shaven. She then turned around and stuck her butt out towards the bed where Jessica was curled up on her side. Margo’s butt was a few inches from Jessica’s face.

“Pucker up Jessica.” Margo said and with a hand on each cheek opened her butt towards Jessica’s face.

“Oh my god!” Tara said. Janine was snickering and nodding approvingly at her sister.

Jessica looked up in horror, unable to move as Margo exposed herself then turned and opened her ass. Jessica could see the starfish open up, Margo’s cheeks now obscenely spread. Below her anus the girl’s pussy gaped open slightly and Jessica could see the moisture and smell the musky aroma of her arousal.

“GET TO IT!” Margo said impatiently. “I’m not standing here all day!” She spread her cheeks a little wider and thrust her ass closer to Jessica’s face. Jessica could see the kaçak bahis discoloration around Margo’s puckered asshole. She raised her head and got close.

“I expect to feel your nose right up my butt!!” Margo said. “I’ll tell you when you’ve been there long enough to kiss it.”

Jessica swallowed hard and slid her face closer and closer to Margo’s asshole, she tested the air with her nose and could already smell it, not unlike her own finger, she could smell the musk of Margo’s pussy mingled with the filthy smell of her ass. Oddly enough now being made to sniff this girl’s ass, and the humiliatingly erotic rush of being so completely submissive was causing her to associate the filth with arousal. Her nose finally bumped Margo’s sphincter.

“Breath deep through your nose!” Margo said.

Jessica inhaled deeply through her nose. When she breathed out a noise escaped her throat, it was almost a moan.

“Now kiss it, I want to feel your lips on my ass, don’t lift your mouth until I tell you, your done.” Margo said.

Janine raised her head and placed her lips on Margo’s asshole, puckering them slightly. A second went by, then another. Jessica was breathing through her nose, the foul stench drifting in her nostrils while her lips were pressed against its source. Although she could only see Margo’s back she heard rustling behind her.

“You’re done!” Margo said. Jessica raised her head and sat back on the bed only to see Tara and Janine both with their asses bare and facing her.

“Our turns.” Janine said.

“Me first!” Tara laughed excitedly. As Margo fixed herself Tara bent over and stuck her butt at Jessica. Jessica shut her eyes after seeing the light wispy hairs on Tara’s pussy and ass. Again she pressed her nose to a different girls asshole and inhaled the now growing on her filthy aroma. Tara giggled and wiggled her butt. “NOW kiss it! HARD!” Tara said.

Jessica pressed her lips against Tara’s asshole feeling the wrinkles against her mouth, and the tiny hairs and Tara’s wet slit against her chin.

“OK you’re done.” Tara said, and pulled her panties back up under her bunched skirt.

“MY TURN.” Janine said. Jessica turned towards Janine, she couldn’t tell if she was eager to get it over with, or to do it. Janine had her ass pushed way out. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, there was a tiny bit of light blonde hair on her lips. Her asshole was a dark color compared to her otherwise pale flesh.

“Breathe deep, you dirty slut!” Janine said, patting her ass as she spread the cheeks with her hands.

Jessica leaned into her tenant’s butt, she no longer wrinkled her nose, she was now aroused by the smell, it was dirty and gross, but she wanted and expected it. She pressed the end of her nose to Janine’s butt.

“Harder.” Janine said. Jessica pressed her nose harder, having to wiggle a little. Janine let her take five deep breaths.

“NOW!” Janine said pausing as Jessica continued to inhale her ass. “Kiss it, with tongue, and don’t stop until I say to.”

Jessica raised her head and kissed Janine’s ass. Janine laughed a little. She was waiting for Jessica to do it. Jessica took another deep breath smelling Janine’s butt, and a hint of her pussy below. Then she tentatively stuck out her tongue. The tip settled right into the center of Janine’s starfish. She flicked it back into her mouth then out again.

“Really lick it!” Janine said. “I want to feel the back of your tongue.”

Jessica stuck her tongue out and dragged it across Janine’s ass, she accidentally caught the edge of Janine’s pussy in the process, causing Janine to coo.

“Maybe I’ll let you lick my pussy later, but for now, you’re done. You can have your robe back you filthy slut.” Janine laughed. “C’mon lets go to my place. Are you two coming?” Janine threw Jessica’s robe to her and with Margo and Tara in tow, headed back towards Jessica’s car.

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