The Studio Ch. 03

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Melissa Larson was exhausted laying on the leather couch of The Studio as Jannette let the black security guard get dressed and escorted him from the room. Returning, she took note of the naked woman who minutes earlier had been fucking the first black cock of her life. All told, it was only the fourth man she had ever been with, but her career as a submissive slut was still in its infancy.

“So, did you enjoy that?” Jannette smiled.

Melissa looked up at the young woman and slid up on the couch a bit, “Oh my God. I’m not sure I’ve ever been fucked liked that. It was amazing. No, more than amazing. I didn’t know sex could feel like that,” she added.

“What is this place?” she asked looking around the room. Outside of the couch she was sitting on, there appeared to be a few tables with various sex toys, chains hanging down from the ceiling where just minutes before a city elected official had been hanging by his arms — nude! Off to the right seemed to be a restroom and the building itself was in some sort of a warehouse district — a section of the city with which she was very unfamiliar.

Jannette looked at her and without answering, moved over to a counter. She retrieved a bottle and two glasses. Just to the left of the counter was a small refrigerator. Jannette took a container out and dropped what appeared to be ice cubes in the glasses. Each made a distinctive sound as she took the bottle and poured a golden liquid over the ice.

“You like tequila?” she asked.

“I’m not much of a drinker really,” Melissa responded.

Jannette had a sly smirk on her face. “Well, drink this anyway,” she directed as she handed the glass to Melissa.

“You already know it’s called ‘The Studio.’ But the performances here are, well, let’s just say not your G-Rated shows. We entertain a special clientele and it’s a venue used by several of our members. It’s a secure and discreet facility where members can feel free to act on their impulses away from the scrutiny of the public eye.

“Like our city councilman…”

“Like our city councilman,” Jannette smiled back. “…and each month, we have a little show, a presentation of sorts, to entertain our valued members.”

“What kind of show?” Melissa inquired.

Jannette took a long sip of her tequila. “Well again, not something you see every day anywhere else,” she smiled.

Melissa looked into the glass. She couldn’t recall the last time she had tequila. College spring break when she was in school maybe. That was 20 years ago. She took a sip and winced.

“Oh my,” she gasped slightly. It’s been a long time since I had something like this,” taking a few more sips of the beverage.

“It’s Don Julio. Good stuff,” Jannette added as she walked back over, retrieved the decanter and poured more into Melissa’s glass.

“So, what’s the story with you and Wayne Simpson and where is he? I thought he would be here,” Mel inquired.

“Wayne has left you in my care. Don’t take it personally. It’s not that he’s not interested in having sex with a beautiful woman like you, its just he’s more into the end game… so to speak,” Jannette informed her.

“and what pray tell is the end game?” Melissa shot back.

“I thought he made that clear. The end game is you being a submissive slut,” the young woman laughed. “One of the leading women in her field….a doctor, accomplished author and speaker….a mom,” she paused with a glint in her eye, “transformed into a sex craved sub who can’t get enough cock.”

Despite the warmth of the room, Melissa felt her skin tingle and the hairs on her arms stand on end at the thought. Images of the city councilman on his knees feasting between her legs flooded her mind. Her sucking on that long black cock, allowing a man…no, actually begging the man, to cum in her hot pussy as he fucked her minutes later. Who was this woman she was becoming?

Mel took another long drink of her tequila. The golden beverage seemed to slide down her throat with ease, warm and smooth now.

“And you, how do you fit in all this?” Melissa asked. “I recall seeing that picture in his study. The pen and ink… that was you,” she added. “Yet, you don’t appear to be a submissive. Not like the guy earlier… or me.”

It was the first time Melissa had referred to herself as a submissive but she was quickly coming to terms with exactly what she was and what was expected.

Jannette sat down on the couch. She took another sip and then set the glass on an end table.

“True, I was a sub. Very much like you. No, different than you. I sought out a dom partner. You… you were coerced I guess you could say. But here you are.”

“So, you sought out Simpson?” Melissa inquired.

“No, not really. I was about six months out of Law School, working with a large legal firm here in town. Wayne was a client. I was brought in on one of his arbitration cases. At first it was strictly professional. He asked me to dinner and drinks but I told him I didn’t go out with clients. Sincan Escort Besides, I knew he was married. But he countered, it was his dime, and I could bill him. Initially I kept trying to keep things on a purely professional level. But he can be persistent…”

“Tell me about it!”

“Well, eventually we did go to dinner. It was to discuss the case, but he ordered wine, and then more wine, and eventually the conversation turned to sex. I’m not sure how it even happened.”

“It started with my background. He had asked where I went to Law School and I told him I had a dual degree from Columbia Law -a JD/MBA. But I did an undergraduate at Penn State,” Jannette said as she picked up her glass, took a sip of the tequila and deposited it again.

“I went to State on a swimming scholarship. I specialized in freestyle and the 100-meter breaststroke. In high school, I was on the swimming and tennis teams and set records in the 100 meter in competition. But in my junior year, I hurt my knee, ironically, lifting weights, not swimming. I did rehab but never recaptured my form. I stayed on with an academic scholarship and did some training and assistant coaching with some of the other students.”

“That’s when I met Lani,” she smiled fondly.

“Lani?” Melissa asked as she moved her legs under her on the couch. It didn’t seem to faze her in the least that she was naked on the couch with Jannette fully clothed beside her. Actually it began to feel comfortable and the tequila made her feel that much more relaxed as she held out her glass for a pour.

Jannette tipped the decanter and poured it into the glass. The ice cube now just a remnant of its earlier form.

“Lani was an older student. She was in grad school at the time. Lani Lee…” Jannette said fondly as she took a sip of her own beverage. “Lani was Hawaiian and really pretty. I had seen her around the pool and in the locker room. Shoulder length black hair, big brown eyes and a figure… damn she was pretty.”

“Then one day as she prepared to go swimming, she removed her wig. Lani was completely bald. At first, I thought it was a condition or maybe she was going through chemo. I knew of students who dealt with hair loss.”

“It was only later I found that she kept it like that but typically wore the wig to fit in,” Jannette explained. “No, not really fit in. She was totally comfortable in her own skin. It was more about putting others at ease and really….to keep from answering so many damned questions,” Jannette added.

“I had never had a thing for women. I mean I had lots of girlfriends, but I wasn’t into girls like I was at the time with guys. But there was something about Lani. Something that really attracted me to her.

“I followed her out to the pool one day and watched her glide through the water. Her strokes cut through the water, so smooth, effortlessly. She didn’t displace at all. Moving through like a current. Anyway, I got the nerve up to talk with her and we quickly became friends.”

“Then one night, back at my dorm apartment, we were having wine. There was music in the background, we were both sitting on the couch, and, well she leaned in and kissed me.”

Melissa was glued to her story, soaking in every word.

“The next thing I know, our clothes are all over the living room floor and we’re in my bedroom and she’s going down on me. I had never been with a woman in my life. We kissed… no one had ever kissed me like that. It was like we were one. Do you know what I mean?”

Melissa simply sat there listening, visualizing a beautiful young Hawaiian girl and what it must have been like.

“Lani’s lips, her tongue was all over me…wet, soft. She kissed my breasts, licked and sucked on my nipples. I can still see her flicking my nipple with her tongue,” Jannette sighed. “God it was amazing!”

“Then she moved between my legs, her tongue was all over my pussy, gliding across my vulva, sucking on my clit. I reached down and my hands rubbed across her bare scalp. Damn, I came like I had never cum with a guy,” Jannette shared.

“The whole time she was between my legs, she was looking at me. Her big brown beautiful eyes focused on me. And her smile! I’ll never forget her smile as she licked and sucked me. I had never been with a woman before. Never thought about it really but Lani, she was making me feel like no one had ever made me feel before.”

“I remember telling her I was going to cum and she begged me to cum for her. She said she wanted to taste me. I reached down and our fingers locked. The last thing I saw before I exploded was her face buried between my legs. God I came so hard and when I had come down from my high and thought I was done for, she slid up my body, rubbing her breasts against mine.

“I had closed my eyes, my fingers clenching the sheet, and when I opened them, I saw her face descending toward mine as her soft lips met mine.

Melissa could feel the moisture between her own legs and she realized Jannette’s Escort Ankara story was having a profound impact on her. “I’m not sure how long we kissed. All I know is I couldn’t get enough of her. She flipped me over and I found myself on top of her. I kissed her face, her neck and moved down to her breasts. I remember pulling back and looking at her, It’s funny — the absence of hair on her head made her exotic…erotic. I was so turned on. I took one of her nipples in my mouth. Lani had the darkest nipples.”

“I sucked it, licked it drawing little gasps and then I moved down her smooth stomach. Down to her pussy. I had seen other girls in locker rooms, between showers but I cannot really say I had ever paid much attention to their pussies. I mean I noticed breasts. I’d always check out girls and, I don’t know, compare them to me. But this was different. Lani was shaved smooth. Really the only hair on her body was her black eyebrows and even they were trimmed.”

“Lani was so sexy!” Jannette reflected. I rested on my elbows and looked at her pussy for a minute and then bent down and lightly kissed her. I remember Lani rubbing her fingers through my hair as I started licking her, trying to emulate what she had done with me. I was so excited when she started to moan. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I knew I was doing something good. There’s a special feeling the first time you go down on another woman. You never forget that feeling.”

Melissa thought about what she said. She had yet to taste another woman. But in the back of her mind, she wondered if this afternoon that would all change.

“Lani was so sweet, She tasted heavenly. I knew then, that we would be doing this a lot… and we did. Over the next few weeks, we got together often back at my apartment. Lani was the first to introduce me to a strapon.”

“But I always felt she was holding something back. Just a feeling. Then one day, we’re laying in my bed and I asked her when she first shaved her head. That’s when she floored me! Lani told me there were things about her I didn’t know…dark things. I couldn’t imagine. I pressed and she turned over in the bed facing away. I told her she could tell me anything.”

“She turned over and I never will forget this. She said, what if I show you? I had no idea what she was talking about. Lani asked if I trusted her and I told her implicitly. That’s when she went over and she took the belt of my robe and fastened it into a blindfold around my head.”

“Then I heard her going through my drawers. I couldn’t see but I could hear her and the next thing I knew she had taken some hose and using it, tied my hands and feet to the posts of the bed. I had never role played any kind of bondage games before but here was my lover tying me down to the bed.

“She was gone for a few minutes and then I felt the mattress give way a little and I knew she was back. That’s when she said this is going to hurt a little. She had been in my pantry and retrieved clothes pins and she fastened one on each nipple. Talk about intense pain. I had never felt anything like that before but I didn’t tell her to take them off. I merely winced and went with it. All the time Lani was telling me how happy I was making her. How hot she was getting.”

“Then I felt something warm just above my chest. That’s when I felt the first drop of hot candle wax that splattered across my nipple, still clamped with a clothes pin. The wax dripping on my nipple, my breast and down my stomach. My body shook in anticipation of what she was doing. Then I felt her breath on my face and her lips closing over mine. As she kissed me, her fingers found my pussy and she started finger fucking me. She took her fingers and madly played with my clit, rubbing it with her fingers, back and forth as quickly as she could. I could hear my juices sloshing, all the while her tongue pushing further into my mouth exploring…”

“Stop!” Melissa almost shouted. “Damn, you have me so worked up. Melissa set her own drink down on the floor. It was empty anyway. She slid her leg over Jannette’s straddling her lap and looking at her for just a moment, closed the distance. Their lips meeting in a slow sensuous kiss. This time it was Melissa who pushed her tongue into the young attorney’s mouth and Jannette accepted it willingly.

Their mouths moved together in concert. Melissa’s lips sliding over Jannette’s. Melissa reached between them and began unbuttoning Jannette’s top with the attorney not bothering to stop her. Once undone, she pushed it off her shoulders exposing her beige bra encasing Jannette’s 34 B breasts. “Don’t you want me to finish my story?” Jannette uttered between breaths, as Melissa continued her oral assault.

“I want you. I’ve never wanted a woman before but I want you…please,” Melissa panted.

“Hold on,” Jannette instructed as she pushed back at Mel just a little causing her to sit back on her lap still facing her. Jannette let the top slide completely off and then she reached Eryaman Escort Bayan back and dropped it to the side of the couch. Then reached back again, she unhooked her bra and pulled it off revealing her breasts to Melissa for the first time. Not much bigger than Melissa’s but capped off by two pink nipples that Melissa immediately put into her mouth.

Mel had never been with a woman. She had breast fed both her sons when they were babies but never gave much thought of sucking on a nipple herself, But here she was going from one tit to the next, sucking, licking.

Jannette leaned back on the couch and let the older woman feast on her breasts, thrusting them out allowing Mel to go from one to the other. Melissa felt possessed as if the woman attacking Jannette was someone else. “I want you. I want you so bad,” Melissa panted. “I’ve never tasted a woman before but I want to taste you. I want it…please,” Melissa begged.

“Take off my boots,” Jannette smiled. Melissa scooted off Jannette’s legs and pulled a boot free and then the other. The young attorney had been wearing thin grey socks which Melissa also removed to reveal two pretty feet capped off by toes with bright pink polish.

Jannette had also been wearing jeans and she unsnapped the top and pulled down the zipper. Melissa did the rest as she tugged the jeans down and off revealing Jannette’s black thong panties. Melissa trailed kisses up the young woman’s leg, positioning herself between them, coming face to face with her satin covered pussy. She dipped her head and kissed the woman on her panties, inhaling and taking in her scent.

Jannette stroked her head as Melissa planted kisses on her leg, belly, and satin covered pussy. The older woman had never done anything like this but was now consumed in passion. There were no thoughts of David, Wayne, her sons… only this woman and her pussy… and she knew she wanted it. She had to have it.

Melissa pulled the satin panties aside and eyed the prize underneath. Jannette’s mound was covered in a sparse light brown bush, trimmed but not shaved. Melissa kissed the side of her pussy and pulling more of the panty aside, kissed more and then dared let her tongue slide across the moist lips. Jannette tasted every bit as sweet as she knew she would.

Melissa all but yanked down the panties and taking up a position again between her legs and dove in with abandon. If it was her first time, you could not tell it as Melissa was possessed. Jannette pulled her legs up and placed the heels of her feet on the couch giving Melissa full access. “That’s it, show me what you can do. You liked that black cock a while ago but I think you really love pussy. Don’t cha’ baby? You love the way I taste?” Jannette chided.

“Yes, yes I do, I love it,” Melissa moaned in between her kissing and sucking on her first pussy.

“Oooom, that feels so good,” Jannette moaned. “I think you’ve been holding out on me. I think you’ve done this before,” she teased.

“No, but it won’t be the last…” she moaned. Damn, you taste good. I love your pussy. I love going down on you,” Mel admitted.

“That’s good baby. I’m going to make sure you get lots of pussy…and lots of dick. You’re going to be our little slut.”

“Yes, I want that. I want to be your slut. I’ll do whatever you want me to…” Melissa groaned as she let her tongue wander over and between the folds of Jannette’s’ juicy pussy.

“Not just mine. Remember, your Wayne’s little slut… his sub…his whore,” she corrected.

Melissa let those words sink in. Just a week ago she could never have imagined herself submitting herself to another man, allowing a black man to fuck her…not just fuck her, take her bareback, his load released deep within her womb. Much less devouring another woman’s pussy… and she loved it. She knew she could never go back to the woman she had been. That woman was gone. That Melissa was no more.

“Yes, I’ll be his slut, his whore…your whore. Whatever you want. I’ll be what you want me to be,” she admitted.

“Let me up,” Jannette said very matter of factly. Melissa didn’t want to stop. She didn’t want to give up that delicious pussy but she moved to the side as Jannette stood up. She walked over to the counter and picked up the harness and cock she had used an hour ago on the city councilman.

Jannette disappeared for a minute and Melissa heard the sound of running water. Her new lover returned wiping the black rubber cock with a towel. Then she pulled the harness up her leg and fastened it into place.

“I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to fuck you like only another woman can fuck you. I’m going to use that pussy of yours. The fucking you got earlier is nothing compared to what I’m going to do,” Jannette warned.

“Yes, please, I want it. I want you so bad,” Mel pleaded.

Jannette took the lube she used earlier and coated the cock and then approached the couch. “Get up on the couch. Spread those fucking legs slut,” she barked.

Melissa slid up on the couch, her fingers instinctively moving between her lips. “Now taste yourself. Lick your fingers,” Jannette sneered.

Melissa did as she said, Sucking her own juices from her fingers. “Damn, you are such a slut,” Jannette smiled.

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