The Start Pt. 05: A Massage for Sally

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Did too much fucking give Sally a bad back?

Sally rang me earlier in the day to say she was going to see her mum after work so wouldn’t be home till late, I said “Ok but don’t be too long I’ve been feeling horny all day and waiting for you as always to look after me as only you know how.” I told her I had some work to do on the computer to keep myself busy and wouldn’t go to bed till she came in . I watched the Television until about 8pm then had a shower got into my pyjamas then got on my computer to check my mails etc and was still working at my desk upstairs much later when I heard my daughter come in.

She shouted up to me “Want a coffee dad before you have what you really want?” giggling as she said it rattling the cups around in the kitchen.

I shouted back to her “I would love one and don’t forget what I want for afters.” She made me a coffee and brought it up to me looking at me with a wicked smile on her face.

She grinned as she said “I’m going to have a shower and my back is aching again so I would love a nice massage after I come out.”

She did suffer with her back from time to time and a massage seemed to help ,so was only to happy to give her one ,besides I loved having my hands all over her as much as she loved a massage .So after a quick shower she came back into me and I stood up and cleared my worktable as we used it when I gave her a massage, she loved me massaging her as she was bent over on the table, giving it that way was more comfortable for both of us she loved bending over it and I loved the closeness as I was standing behind her for obvious reasons it was more comfortable and sensuous for both of us.

She was scantily dressed as usual in a shortie nightdress with tiny pink panties underneath, she dressed like this mostly when we were ready for bed and I loved her being so relaxed in front of me, well I was her dad after all. I was in my pyjamas ready for bed so I didn’t have much on either, guess we were pretty well dressed the same and tonight as she was bent over I had a good view of her skimpy panties leaving to my imagination what they were hardly covering, as if I didn’t know I had seen it so many times since she came back to live with me and our sexual relationship had kicked off.

As usual Sally bent herself over the worktable and I started to rub her back up under her nightdress making small talk while I did so and as I rubbed and massaged her back gently pendik escort I was getting more and more excited to see her in a prone position like this her ass sticking up in the air and her panties so tight around her when I looked I could see the outline of her pussy as the tiny strip of pink material disappeared in between her legs her puffy lips seemed to be either side of that tight pink strip. It looked so inviting and so sexy and as I leaned over her to work on her shoulders my cock bumped her ass and slid down in between her thighs. I started working my way back down to her thighs and hips massaging them while keeping my cock pressed against her pussy and as I kept pulling her back onto my cock I could feel her hotness though the thin material of her panties as I rubbed her and massaged her tenderly.

I worked my way back up to her lower back as she kept pushing back on to my cock. I thought to myself I don’t think I can wait to get you to bed I want to fuck you now, Sally was pushing her ass into me and knew she was feeling the tip of my cock through her now wet panties, I was there at the entrance as she wriggled her ass so she was practically begging for my cock. anyway. I whispered to her “Sally darling you are asking for it pushing back into me like this daddy’s going to fuck you right now I can’t wait.” I reached down and jerked her panties aside and shoved my cock deep into my lovely daughter’s hot wet welcoming pussy, it really did feel hot and wet and so delightfully slippery around my cock and she let out a startled gasp and began to rock back and fore on it as she felt my cock so hard and eager to fuck her.

Then she said “Well are you just going to stand there with that big thing up my pussy or are you going to give me a good hard fucking?” then saying “Oh my god the times I had wanted to get into bed with you but had to get myself off with my fingers before we became lovers.” She looked back at me and smiled saying, “I had wanted this for so long but because you were my dad and because it’s so wrong I was so scared what you would think of me.”

I whispered “Sally my darling I had wanted this to happen so much, to do this for so long before we started as well, I had wanted to make love to you ,to fuck you from the time you came back to me but was as much frightened of your of your reaction if I tried anything as much as you were of mine so guess we are both glad and lucky that we got maltepe escort to do it in the end.”

I grabbed her hips and started plunging my hard thick cock into her hot wet slippery pussy giving her the hard fast fucking she wanted, she started screaming “Oh my god dad fuck your horny daughter hard come on shove that big hard thick thing into your daughter’s pussy and fuck it hard!! oh my god daddy you are making me cum, shoot your hot load deep inside me daddy.” Muttering to me “Oh dad I am so glad you got me on the pill so we can both enjoy it without any worries, fuck me, fuck me and shoot all that lovely creamy cum into me.” She was pushing back hard into me wanting my whole length deep inside her with , swollen cum filled balls tight against her ass . She moaned “Oh daddy that feels so good oh daddy cum with me fill me up with your hot cum.” I was shoving so hard and fast into her wet slippery hole holding her tight my cock jerking and pumping my creamy cum deep inside her, deep inside my darling’s pussy as I was thinking to myself god this is so hot I’m cumming inside her pussy, my own daughters pussy oh my god I slumped over on her as we began to relax after our wild hard fuck session. Eventually I pulled my shrinking cock out of my daughter’s pussy and she turned around and dropped to her knee’s and started sucking and cleaning our combined juices from my cock. I looked down and saw my beautiful daughter Sally busily sucking my cock and all I could think was, god that was amazing, wrong but so amazing .

When she was all finished she looked up at me licking her lips smiles and said “Oh daddy lets go to bed and sleep in each others arms, I love being cuddled up to you all nice and cosy.”

Smiling as I looked down at her happy face I reached down and pulled her up into my arms, hugged her then as I took her by the hand leading her to our bed I whispered in her ear “Oh my darling Sally lets do it I love feeling your naked body in my arms so close to mine after we have made love.”

I woke up around 8.00am the next morning and heard the shower running, it was usual for Sally to take a shower in the morning before she went to work. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom stepping into the shower with her. She had her back to me and when I saw her naked wet body I got an instant hardon thinking about the night we had together. She was bending over as she washed her legs and I got in kartal escort the shower behind her , I looked at her exposed pussy in between her legs and with my hands on her hips I pulled her back into me as I shoved my cock deep into her lovely sexy hole again.

She giggled as she straightened up and looked behind her and with a big grin on her face she said “I thought that big hard thing in between my legs felt familiar, oh dad lets fuck again my pussy is aching for your cock as usual,” she went on to say “I’ve really missed this part of life since I split from Rob it’s been so long since I have enjoyed being fucked regularly like this ,thank you dad I don’t have to worry about batteries in my vibrator being drained now that I can have your big hard cock fucking me any time I want it.”

I slid my cock out of my Sally’s hot slippery cunt, twisted her around, bent my knees a little, then slid it back into her from the front. I picked her up ,my hands under her bum cheeks and her wrapping her legs around my waist as I pinned her against the wall of the shower I started fucking her hard, in and out of her hot wet hole my cock was like a piston in top gear.

Sally started screaming into my ear,”Oh god yes daddy ,oh god that is so good keep fucking me with your lovely cock, pin me to the wall with that big thing that’s inside me, cum deep in my pussy, fill me full of your hot cum like last night, oh god that feels so good.” .My cock started jerking as I started shooting my load of thick creamy cum into the depths of my daughter’s love hole as waves of her orgasms swept over her as she released her juices all around my cock bathing it in her hot slippery wetness. We stood there joined as one for several minutes hugging and kissing and recovering as my cock was going limp inside her.

As we washed and the towelled off my Sally my lover asked me with a devious smile “So daddy since we became lovers and started fucking do you ever think about how wrong it is and do you have any regrets that it happened.”

I looked at her face, looked deep into her eyes and smiled saying” Regrets no way I did think about how wrong it was in the beginning but I am so happy now I don’t think like that any more I think about the joy and excitement we both give to each other how about you?”

She smiled and said ” No regrets here and I want you to fuck me like that as often as you want to and when I want it to which I think will be very often so when will I be due for another massage?”

All I could say was “My sweet darling daughter I think that can be arranged very soon and you should know by now I’ve never been able to refuse you anything?”

Part 6 to follow

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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