The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 13

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In the information age, news travels at the speed of light. Even information you are trying to keep private. The modern smart phone is faster than a set of jungle drums, is easier to understand than smoke signals, and carries more information than a Western Union transatlantic cable, goes more places than the Pony Express, and is totally ubiquitous! The freaking things are everywhere. Every girl has one.

“Your dad bought you a … WHAT?!” Mac sputtered in disbelief, glaring into her phone at Nikki.

“Shhh! He’s sitting just across the room. You alone?” Nikki asked.

“No. I’m out with Dad and ‘Hooters Girl’, shopping for supper; so that probably means I’ll be spending tonight at your house. They’ve got that ‘I haven’t fucked you in hours’ look.” Yuccccck! Can’t you guys just get a hotel room?

“Daddy, can MacKenzie spend the night?”

Mac could hear Jack, mumbling in the background, “Yeah, but tell her to make sure it’s okay with her dad. And, she has to make sure he knows where she’ll be.”

She distinctly heard Nikki adding, “Hooters Girl’s going to be at Mac’s house.” Then Jack scolding, “You guys ought to be ashamed; the woman has a name. It’s ‘Tammy’.”

“Okay, fine. ‘Tammy’ is going to be at Mac’s house tonight. It’s Friday night, Uncle Spence is going to ‘get some’. You know, Daddy, you should date. You should go out, it’s Friday night!”

Mac grinned, listening as Jack switched his parenting voice, “Nikki, am I gonna have to wash that little mouth out with soap?” ‘Get some’, where do you learn these words?

Nikki’s face came back into view. “He says, ‘Yes’. You know, all the usual lawyer small print about telling your dad, getting his permission, who’s in charge, how late can you stay out…yada yada yada,” Nikki recited their fathers’ routine set of protocols, rolling her eyes dismissively. I swear to God, a father who is an attorney could suck the fun out of blowing soap bubbles on a spring day!

MacKenzie looked around, making sure Tammy and her dad were out of earshot. “Nikki, he didn’t really buy you a sex toy?”

She saw Nikki grin naughtily, nodding her head on the small screen. He did. He absolutely did!

“What kind? How big. Is it electric? Is it real looking or plastic?”

“I’ll show you when you get here; I promise.” She crossed her heart. You’re gonna freak!

An hour-and-a-half later, Jack walked out the front door of his house just as Mac eased out of the backseat of Spencer’s Forerunner. She was wearing the all too familiar Aikido dogi, her waist wrapped in the inconspicuous black belt.

“Jack! Hey thanks, man,” Spencer greeted him. “She just finished Aikido class, so she probably needs a shower.” He tossed Jack the small backpack that Mac had left in the back seat. “It’s got the usual stuff:

jammies and probably a swimsuit.”

“No spare panties?” Jack smarted off.

Tammy lowered her sunglasses, so Jack could see the wicked sparkle in her eyes. “I don’t think she wears panties, Jack.”

Spencer swore, “Too much fucking information, Tammy! Way more information than I need to know.”

A short pause and Tammy asked, “Jack?”

Distracted, he mumbled without looking up. “Yeah?” He was busy staring at her Hooters shirt. My, what big eyes you have!

“Jack, my eyes are up here.” His eyes jerked upward. She was smiling. “It’s the shirt,” Tammy explained, turning to Spencer. “It makes everyone forget to breathe, close their mouth, and forget to look up.”

Spencer laughed. “I really don’t think it’s the shirt, Tammy.”

“It also seems to make the tips bigger.” She took a deep breath, purposely expanding her well-endowed chest.

“Huh?” Jack’s gaze immediately swerved right back down to her nipples, They don’t look any larger to me!

“You know, Jack … tips? The money that guys, like you and Spence, leave on the table? At Hooters, I mean …” No response from Jack, still busy ogling her tits. “And, Jack?!”

“Oh for God’s sake! What, Tammy?” Testily, he forced his eyes back up to hers.

Amused, Tammy’s eyes danced with humor. Jack’s certainly got a short attention span; must be real tough being a lawyer suffering from ADD.

“Hate to interrupt your train of thoughts, Jack; but there is one other thing.” She dropped her eyes. “You may want to deal with that before you go back into the house. I mean, considering the girls and all.”

Jack followed her gaze. Shit, I’m hard! Hard enough to be obvious anyway.

“Sorry I can’t help with that, Jack.” Tammy reached out of the vehicle window and straightened his collar. “I really am; but, I need to take care of your partner here. He seems a little tense. I thought that maybe a night with a full body massage and a couple of happy endings might relax him.” She looked back down. The effect was as expected. Another smile. Yeah, Jack, you go right ahead and think about Spencer’s happy endings. Better yet, you could try pendik escort not to think about them.

“Night, Jack.”

“Right!” Happy endings?! Jesus, what a tease! “Bye, you two.”

Spinning around, he walked back towards the front door, carrying Mac’s bag casually hung across the front of his trousers. Hey, at least I didn’t hang it on the front of my trousers!

As he passed through the door, no sign of the girls. Probably upstairs already. Walking quickly down the hall, he stepped behind the kitchen counter and pulled down the bottle of bourbon.

He poured some into a small glass, added some ice, and held it against his forehead. A moment’s rest, then he pulled out the cubes and tossed them into the sink.

He headed for his den, bourbon in-hand.

Down the hall in Nikki’s room, Mac and Nikki were sitting face-to-face on her bed. Mac was removing the Aikido uniform; Nikki was sitting cross-legged, just watching.

“Mac, why didn’t you wear a bra? What if you get thrown? You know, like when the guys grab you and throw you around by the front of your gi?” Nikki thought about it a moment, Maybe it’s because you don’t get thrown much at practice anymore. Usually there’s just an outburst of laughter from you, followed by some guy flying across the mat.

She loved watching Mac practice. All through high school she and Mac had taken Phys Ed together, so she knew for a fact MacKenzie could only lift about ninety pounds. That was Mac’s body weight; but, overall physically, she wasn’t that big. On the other hand, she’d once seen Mac simply laugh and toss a two-hundred-and-twenty pound guy all the way across a fifteen-foot wide Aikido mat.

When questioned, Mac had simply answered, “I just let him go where he wanted to be.” It was one of the times Nikki had seen the Sensei actually smile and bow to MacKenzie. That was totally cool!

“Mac,” she had said, puzzled, “he was trying to jump on you.”

In response, Mac had just grinned cutely and said, “Yeah, I know. He missed!” Then, they had both broken out in a fit of giggles.

Nikki abandoned her daydream recollections as Mac rolled backwards on the bed, lifting her legs and slipping off the practice pants in one clean move. Rolling back up she was now naked sitting cross legged in front of Nikki,

“No panties, either?” Nikki gasped. “Practicing Aikido all commando! MacKenzie Dawn Phillips, you are such a ho!”

“I hate panty lines.”

“Does your dad know?”

“No, but I’m pretty sure ‘Hooters Girl’ does. She’s always checking out my ass, wishing it was hers.” In response, Nikki’s hands covered her mouth, stifling a fit of laughter.

“So, what was it you were going to show me?” Mac teased, sliding across the bed towards Nikki.

“Nooooo …!” Nikki thrust a hand on MacKenzie’s sternum, pushing gently back; she sniffed and pinched her nose with her fingers. “You stink; you smell like a dojo. Shower first, then surprise. And, Mac? Take a long shower, ’cause this will take a minute. Okay?”

Nikki reached down, cupped Mac’s pussy, and looked up with an impish smile. “Shave the kitty, too!”

“What … ever! This better be good, Nikki.” She jumped off the bed, padding down the hall bare-ass naked. Shave the kitty. Where’s Uncle Jack when you need him? hahahahah

Nikki started ripping off her sweats as she ran to the closet, where she’d hidden the toy her dad bought her.

She was tossing clothes back and forth, looking for the items she needed. She chewed on a stray strand of hair thinking, then smiled. Perfect!

She grabbed her best pair of jeans, pulled out a pair of cowboy boots, and, of course, white cotton socks. She thought for a moment and then went to her dresser, retrieving a pair of her black boxer boy-style undies. These actually had a fly. No bra for the look she wanted.

With her arms full and naked as the day she was born, she ran for her bathroom.

Standing in front of the mirror, she applied very little makeup. No lipstick. Only the barest hint of eye liner. Pulling her ponytail to one side over an ear, she tucked it up under the ball cap that her dad had loaned her at the adult store. Nicole slipped on a simple, tight white cotton tee-shirt and, over it, a blue denim shirt, tucked in with the top couple of buttons open. She rolled the sleeves up, bunching them at her biceps to make her arms look bigger.

She took the toy from the box and giggled. With the boxer boy-style underwear, she could just get it inside. She squealed as the suction cup slipped into the shorts and came to rest against her already excited clit, mashing it firmly into her mound. The major portion of the shaft hung out through the boxer-style opening in the underwear. She forced it downward, so it hung down a leg on one side of the jeans. She carefully adjusted the balls, making sure they were in the middle. She laughed, So that’s why guys are always moving stuff around maltepe escort down there.

Slipping on her socks, she finally stood up and, sucking her breath in, zipped the jeans closed over her problematic anatomy. Putting on the cowboy boots, she slipped on a pair of sunglasses. She struck a pose in the mirror. Eat your heart out, Tom Cruise!

Nikki quickly slipped down the hall, past the guest bath where MacKenzie was finishing her personal grooming. She waited, out of sight. Mac came out, patting her newly shaved pussy dry and started toweling her hair as she walked back to Nicole’s room. She was singing to herself. Mac walked into the room naked, rubbing her short hair to dry it.

As MacKenzie entered through the door of the bedroom Nikki stepped in behind her, reached up and cupped her wet breasts. She squeezed gently, making them pout. Her lips found Mac’s neck in a kiss.

Casually reaching behind her, Mac squealed as her hand landed on an obvious erection and her nose identified the ‘Brut’ fragrance that Uncle Jack liked.

Erection?! What the fuck, Jack? Stay the hell out of our room when we’re naked! MacKenzie let go of the erection, jumped away, trying to find the now missing towel and cover everything all at once. Only two hands, but three things to cover.

Nikki just stood there, towel dangling from her hand. “Loose something?” She pulled the sunglasses down the bridge of her nose, so Mac could see her eyes.

Mac knew those eyes. “Nikki Grant, you are a totally evil bitch!” She looked her best friend up and down. Where the hell are your breasts? And, what the fuck is that bulge in your jeans?

“You scared the shit out of me, Nicole.” She moved closer. Reaching up, she slid the glasses back up Nikki’s nose. Lifted the hat just a little, making out the hidden ponytail. Reached out and laid a hand flat on the shirt, finding Nikki’s small breast and soft large nipples. No bra, huh?

Nicole just leaned up against one of the bedposts on her four-poster bed. It took a couple of tries, but she finally found a pose she was satisfied with. Straight out of a classic Western film, she just leaned there with her arms crossed across her chest, her shoulder against the post, and one cowboy boot crossed over the other.

MacKenzie grinned. “Well, aren’t you all butchified?”

Delighted, Nikki giggled. Mac was pleased, and intrigued. You’re like totally hot!

Mac pointed down at Nikki’s jeans. “What the fuck is that?”

Nikki stepped closer; taking Mac’s hand, she placed it on the obvious bulge in her pants. “That’s your surprise.” Mac felt the outline. Her eyes found Nikki’s and she palmed it gently. This pushed the shaft against Nikki’s clit and twisted the suction cup over her aroused teenage pussy. Holy shit!

Nikki sucked in a deep breath and held it, surprised at the unexpected caress. Instinctively, she reached behind Mac, cupping her ass in both hands and moved her against the ‘erection’.

Mac moaned. “What the hell?!” I’ve felt Uncle Jack’s erection in his jeans enough to know what that feels like. And, Jesus, it does feel good.

Nikki uttered softly in Mac’s ear as she ground her pelvis against Mac’s naked pussy, “I told you my dad bought me a toy. Cool, huh?”

“God, that thing feels real. You’re like this total biscuit of a boy with a raging hard-on.” Even as she said it, she was thinking, Jesus, Nikki! That thing feels almost as big as your dad’s.

“Yeah, I know.” Nikki placed her friend’s arms around her neck. Lifting Mac’s butt in both hands, she leaned in and kissed the surprised black girl full on the mouth. Mac stopped her, reached up and took off the sunglasses; then, she closed her eyes and tilted her head for another kiss. Let’s try that again!

This one was so good that Mac forgot she was kissing a girl. As a matter of fact the kiss was so good that, for the first time, Mac felt like she was naked in front of a ‘boy’. She felt her mouth go dry, her nipples go hard, and her pussy go wet. She felt a wave of embarrassment as Nikki bent her head down and surrounded a not-so-small dark nipple and breast with her mouth, licking the nipple and mouthing the only slightly larger breast.

Mac put her hands on Nikki’s chest, trying to push her away. “This is too much. I … you make me feel like … I mean, just look at you.”

“Don’t you want to know what it looks like?” Nikki grinned like some farm boy on his first date.

Mac laughed so hard, she had to hold her sides. “You’re gonna have to work harder, if that’s your best pick up line. That’s just lame.”

Nikki unzipped the tight jeans, took her friend’s hand, and slid it into the open fly of the jeans. Mac bit her lip, looking up at her best friend. If you were a boy, I would slap you for that.

“Come on, MacKenzie.” Like every other young man in the history of the world, Nikki pleaded, “Just touch it!”

Mac palmed kartal escort it through the shorts. Her small hand found the fly of the Joe Boxer boy-shorts underwear. The shaft stuck out and bent down the pants leg. She reached further down the leg. Wow! Big and soft! No, hard; it was both soft and hard at the same time.

“Take it out Mac; it won’t bite.” Nikki ground her cock into Mac’s inquisitive fingers.

Fumbling with the pant’s narrow fly, she finally got the head through.

In her surprise, she almost let go of it. “Holy shit, it’s black?!” Girlfriend, you talked your dad into buying you a black cock? You rule!

Nikki kissed her on the neck again, then said quietly. “It’s for you. I know you have this thing about being black. I thought you might like it black.” Actually, it’s for us.

Mac continued to fumble. “How big is this thing? Oh my God, it even has the loose skin on the end.”

Pleased with herself, Nikki smiled. I think you like it.

“Where did you get this? Oh my God, Nikki, you look so much like a boy!”

“Do I look enough like a boy to ask you out?” Please, please, please say, ‘Yes’!

“Uh … OUT?” Mac stammered. What do you mean out? Like on a date?

“Yeah, out. You know, can I ask you to go out on a date?”

“I don’t date white boys.” Mac answered her dismissively, then glanced down at the molasses-colored erection. “But, I might make an exception for you.” I’m being asked out on my first date and it is by a girl.

“Well, for this anyway.” Mac giggled, squeezing the all too realistic dildo. She couldn’t help herself, she licked her lips. “So, Yes, you can take me out. But it has to be like a real date.”

Eyes dancing, Nikki brazenly quipped, “I thought we might zip it up first.”

“Where will we go?”

“I know, hang on!” Nikki dashed to the door of her room, with the molasses-colored cock bouncing all the way. “Daddy?” she yelled.

Jack called back up impatiently, “I’m busy. What do you want?”

“Can you take Mac and me to go get her car at the mechanic’s? Please, Daddy, will you take us?” Mac watched Nikki in the door, the realistic cock still hanging out of her fly.

“OK. Aaaaaahhhh … ten minutes, okay?” Jack bellowed from the bottom of the stairs. Shit, I was looking forward to that bourbon.

Nikki turned to MacKenzie, dancing around on one foot trying to stuff it back on and zip the fly at the same time. “I’m taking you to a movie, so we better find you something to wear.” She walked to her closet.

Mac had forgotten she was standing there stark naked. “Do you have anything that fits me?”

“School uniform?”

Two voices, simultaneously, “Nooooo … Loser!”

“Sweat pants?”

“On a date?”

Two voices again, “Total Loser!”

Mac looked at the ever-present bear on Nikki’s bed. On an impulse she reached over, untied the bear’s black velvet bow tie, and re-tied it around her neck.

She saw Nikki’s nipples pout through the thin white shirt; she watched Nikki’s eyes dilate slightly looking at the tie. Girl, I swear you’ve definitely got a thing a fucking thing about that bear. That’s just not right. But, this tie! This tie is just right!

Nikki was intrigued. Why Barrister’s tie? But, I gotta admit you look sensational in nothing but a man’s tie. Make that a bear’s tie.

“How about these?” Nikki tossed out a pair of knee-length, low heeled, soft-leather slouch boots. “I don’t want you taller than me.”

Mac slipped one, then the other on. She moved over to the full length mirror next to Nikki’s bed. Naked, except for the boots and tie, she turned with her butt to the mirror and smiled. “Yeah, I like these.” I definitely like these.

Nikki teased, “Yeah! I like that outfit, too. You look good. Let’s go.”

Mac chuckled. “So, now, you even think like a boy. Something’s definitely missing, like maybe a dress? Does having a cock in front instantly lower your IQ or something? You’ve had that thing on for, maybe, fifteen minutes and you’re suddenly drooling and mouth breathing. “

“Oh, yeah. I almost forgot, huh?” Nikki fired back.

She rummaged around, trying to separate the ‘sort-of-clean’ clothes from the ‘maybe-not-so-clean’ clothes.

“Olivia Nicole Grant, you are such a pig!” Mac berated her. How can you find anything to wear in all of that?

“Hey, closets are not my thing.” I have organizational issues. She found a little black dress. She looked at the spaghetti straps, the stretchy soft black material, and gently held it to her face. She inhaled. Smells good. Smiling, she tossed it to her friend. Try this!

“Nikki, this is beautiful.” MacKenzie held it out, then brought it close and hung it against her body looking into the mirror.

“My dad got it for me so he could take me to a nice restaurant for my birthday. He said, ‘Every girl should have a little black dress’.”

Mac smelled it too, slipping it over her head. It fell gently to the tops of her thighs. “Whoa, this is short.”

She turned in the mirror, again. “I love it.” She slipped her hand down to the hem in the rear and found her butt was just barely covered. “Cheeeeeky.” She giggled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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