The Potter Wives

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The Potter Wives

Disclaimer: J.K.R. owns ii make nothing from this.

Harry re woke up to a very naked Hermione Granger cuddled up to the side of him. The sixteen year old smirked at the site of the bare breasts. He eased his morning wood inside of the young witch who moaned in her sleep. She opened her eyes with a smirk on her face was Harry keep thrusting inside of her.

The young witch rolled over to were she was positioned on top of him and started ridding his cock. Harry reached around and started smacking the girls arse to get her to pick up pace, to which she did. Hermione was in heaven not only was she building to a great orgasm but with Harry Potter the brother of the B-W-L but a popular and powerful wizard himself.

The tween rode his cock until she felt hm exploded inside of her sending her over the edge as well. Harry led his lover into the shower. The two took a long shower where Harry fucked Hermione against the wall until she came twice. Again in a broom closet on the way to lunch as they had missed breakfast.

The duo entered holding hands. Several students stopped to stare but shrugged it off his spoiled brother glared at him then with anger shining on his face stomped out of the hall. His mother smiled at him and Sirius ,who was DADA teacher gave him a thumbs up. Harry and Hermione sat and ate all the while getting several jealous looks from several other females. As Harry ate his mind went back to the letter the two of them received from Gringotts at four in the morning


Harry woke to instant pecking on his window he groaned and rolled out of bed opening his window a regal owl bearing the Gringotts seal flew inside. Harry removed the letter and a start struck Hedwig let the owl drink out of her bowl and eat his fill and when he took off she did too. Harry smirked at his owl as she followed the Gringotts owl into the forest.

Harry ripped open the letter and started reading

Dear Lord Potter

Yes I know you wont be Lord Potter until 17 but seeing as how you are now listed as Married in the ledger to a Miss Hermione Jane Granger now Potter we too the liberty to emancipate you and the young Mrs. Potter. We would like you two to come to Gringotts ASAP to discusses several things and would find it prudent to bring you brother and Draco Malfoy for this pertains to them too. My your gold ever flow

Manager Hope-knife

An angry Felix Potter strode down the hall, hoe could those two do this to him his brother should have known that he liked Hermione, that’s why he picked on her all the time. The fuming young teem unaware of his surroundings hit a moving object who likewise was not paying attention.

Felix looked up to see the most beautiful pair of violet eyes he had seen. “Watch were you are going Potter” snarled an angry Sapphire Greengrass. The Slytherin second year looked up at the stunned boy.”Well are you going to help me up”, she intoned. Felix smiled and said “sorry My Lady your beauty stunned me” as he helped her up.

The young Sapphire smirked at the boy and said “why thank you Potter, but next time you knock me over I will hex you”. She then snatched her book out of him hands and walked off her hair bouncing around covering her arse which if Felix was not mistaken had a little more swaying motion.

The young man then forgot all about Hermione, and was smitten with the beauty he had just met.

He walked up two floors and herd grunting and groaning. He opened a little known secret passage and was shocked by the site. Ron was bent over a pedestal that once held a but of a man that peeves broke. And behind him was Seamus Finnegan who had his paints around his ankles wan was thrusting into his best friends brothers arse. Felix was shocked and quickly dropped the tapestry but not before he heard cum in me please Seamus knock me up, I want to give you a child..

That stopped Felix in his tracks. Their was only one potion in the worled that could do it and the coast of it should have been over Rons reach by a thousand Gelleons. Pondering this mystery Felix noticed Harry making his way to him with his mother, Rose Black, Draco, and Hermione….

Back inside the tapestry Ron moned as his insides were blasted by his lover and the potion that he had taken would insure a child. The sixteen year old was glad Dumbledore was able to get him the potion when he asked for it. Working for the man had it’s perks and it helped that Albus himself was seeking for the other team. Ron and his lover got dressed and made their way to the room in a abandoned part of the castle

Inside were several BDSM devices. Ron forced the other potion down Seamus’s throat and put him in the stacks. He then whipped out the cat o nine tails. Several minutes later the Irish screamed out in pain as Ron thrust his cock into the man without lub. Tears were running down Seamus face but the man loved every minute of the torture his mate was causing him. After an half an hour of fucking Ron finally let his load off inside him lover.

Ron released Seamus who passionately kissed Ron then their privacy was taken away and Crabbe and Goyal entered. The duo just grunted and stripped nude and started using the facility’s.

Harry and Co. arrived at Gringotts at two o’clock They waited in line for a free teller. “Hello honorable teller I Harry James Potter am hear for a appointment to see manager Hope-Knife is he available”. “ Yes human I will take you to him now”.

They were led down the hall to the right hen into a conference room. Inside sat an aged Goblin with several stacks of folders and a box.

Ah Lord Potter and company I am glad you could come on short notice we have just one guest to wait for and then we can began.

Several minutes later Mrs. Malfoy came strolling in her belly bulging with child. Draco’s eyes went wide seeing this. Lady Malfoy looked radiant she had a glow about her that made other pale in comparison to her.

“Ok now down to business we will start with Lady Malfoy. My Lady we have a outstanding marriage contract between the Malfoy and Weasley family’s that date back to 1864 when Septem Weasley was accused of raping Hope Malfoy. The ministry investigated but since Halbert Nott the girls uncle was the head of the DMLE the case was ran rougshed over and the Weasley’s were stripped of their wealth and from then on forty present of the head of houses income was sent to the Malfoy family vault. We on the other hand completed the investigation and found it was a plot of Scipio Malfoy to gain the Weasley monies to gain Noble status.

We still have a contract that is outstanding and has to be filled. There are no Malfoy females to Marry but you My Lady. Since your son is sixteen he can be emancipated and bursa escort given his head of house ship and you have to fulfill the contract or you loose your magic which would kill you and the child.

Narcissa nodded and asked “Who do I have to Marry”? William Weasley, he is the only eligible child as of now since Charlie Weasley had an accident last month and is impotent for the next three years until the potion regiment is completed.

Narcissa did not like it but she knew from experience the the man was wild in bed and well endowed.

“We can give back all the Weasley monies but was a bride price were are annulling the garnishment of the Weasley money and giving a hundred thousand galleons to the Weasley’s and forty thousand to you for yourself and husband aw well as paying for any children you have way threw Hogwarts”. Draco nodded as did his mother. He knew that the interest and investments would triple that in a year.

“Manager I would like to also give them Shell cottage in Wales as a vacation / getaway spot and invite them to live in Malfoy manor with me, I have many room that needs filling and would be honored to have them their. Narcissa kissed her boys cheek thanking whatever deity decided to smite Lucius when he was a Death-Eater for she knew he would have corrupted her wonderful boy.

“I will talk to my future husband and see what he says”. Narcissa left escorted to where Bill Weasley was working on a new Runic seam to ward off dementors, to talk to her new man.

“Now we moving on to you Lady Potter we have a similar situation. In 1901 Mrs. Camilla Potter and her Husband Frank were expected to have a girl and signed a contract with Samuel Malfoy. When Carley Potter was born a boy the contract went dormant and just reactivated. You now have to Marry Draco Malfoy”. Lilly looked Shocked but nodded saying “There could be worst things then started to snog her future husband”.

Harry smirked at his wife who looked shocked. Now to you Harry Potter. Here is your head of house ring and the other for your beautiful wife.” When he said wife it sounded like a plunger was unstuck “Wife what do you mean wife” asked Lilly.

Twenty minutes later and one laughing Sirius Black later his mum finally calmed down then sat down beside Draco.

Now back to what I was saying. We have found several inconsistency in your vault when Lord Black informed us that you would not withdraw a thousand galleons and we found that Minister Fudge has been stealing from you along with his undersecretary Deloris Umbridge with the help of Grab-spoon he has been executed and the money returned. We have confiscated the vaults of the thief’s and tortured Umbridge when she cam in. Minister Fudge will be dealt with soon enough.

Now there are sixteen outstanding contracts for the Potters you and your brother has to split. Yours Lord Potter is a daughter of Black, Turipn, Li, Patail, Greengrass, Weasley, Bones,and Delacour. For you Felix it is a Daughter of Greengrass, Loovgood, Abbott, Davis, Smith, Sinatra, Longbottem, and Chang now we also have to do a heir check on the two of you. Harry and Felix both cut their hands and dropped three drops of blood in the stone bowls.

Inheritance test results for Harry James Potter

Lord of House Potter
Lord of House Perevell
Lord of House Emrys
Lord of House Gryffendor
Lord of House Hufflepuff
Lord of House Starlight
Lord of house Le-fay
Heir apparent of house Gray
Heir apparent of house Grindlewald

Inheritance teats results for Perseus Felix Potter
Lord of House Crouch
Lord of House Pendragon
Lord of House White
Lord of House Lupin ( Remus gave him the tittle sense he could not use it)
Lord of House Trelawny
Lord of House Makinon
Lord of house Slytherin
Heir apparent house Dumbledore

BLOODY HELL!!! exclaimed Felix and Harry at the same time. Hope-knife smiled knowingly at the duo they were going to be a giant power-block in the ministry when they arrive to claim their sets. “Here are your Lordship rings, this box contains every inactive house wizerding world. I believe if most muggle borns would take the test they would find themselves surprised”.

The rest of the day passed in a blur come to find out Hermione was Ravenclaws heir. His mum was the granddaughter to Dumbledore and Grindlewald, apparently the two of them were together before Gellert left and Dumbledore had little Shiva Alexia Dumbledore but Gellert stole her away when she was three and Albus never saw her again.

Harry was staggered at the amount of gold in his vaults

Potter vaults total
2,398,840,913 galleons
assorted uncut jewels, Potter family jewels, necklace and rings
Magical Investments
50% in daily prophet
11% in Ollivanders wands
20% in Nimbus brooms
35% in Valhalla brooms
59% in Winchester wands Knockturn ally
Muggle investments
35% in apple
49% in windows
55% in yahoo
2 Wizengamont votes

Perevell vaults
45,000 Galleons with interest
1,071,550,000 galleons
no investments
1 wizengamont vote

Emrys vaults
20,938,467galleons (on interest)
assorted weapons, Merlin’s staff and the Pendragon shield
2 wizengamont votes

Gryffendor vaults
23,094,374,000 galleons
¼ of Hogwarts
assorted weapons and jewels
3 wizengamont votes

Hufflepuff vaults
10,935,047 galleons
¼ of Hogwarts
assorted potions ingredients
assorted diamonds

Starlight vaults
100,000,000, galleons
magical investments
100% of quality Qudditch supply’s
49% of Daily prophet
75% of Florish & Blotts
16 % of Borgain and Brukes
100% of Corbins odds and ends
50% of Greengrass Enchantments
100% of Ashland’s Exotic Bordello in knockturn alley
70% of Exotic Familiars

Le-Fay vaults
198,239,981,110 galleons

Morgan Le-Fays scrying glass
her hair brush (under status)
Mordred’s lance ( tip impregnated with ancient Malclaw venom)
A book of the true history of King Author by Merlin, and Morgan Emrys
Lycanthrope the curses beginning and possible cure by Guinevere

As you can see Lord Potter you have in excess of 225 billion in liquid assets and this is not even the jewelry in the heirlooms vaults. Harry nodded stunned then said “I wish to make a fund to help needy children buy Hogwarts items, and give them spending money throughout the year for Hogsmead weekends and such”.

The manager nodded and asked how much do you wish to place in their My Lord”? “A million should do nicely and that from the Le-Fays vault. Then set it up to were half the money made from the from the Starlight investments are put into this charity”. “It shall be done”

Felix stood and said “I wish to add another bursa escort bayan half mill to that and the other half is to be split to St. Mungos and Hogwarts provided they use it to get new brooms for the school to use. Maybe a nice cleansweep 5 not too fast but mot ancient moldy nothings ether”. “So noted” stated the goblin. Well allow me to add my two knuts in but the Slytherin common room is in dire need of better heating I would like to contribute say twenty thousand galleons to that and the rest can go to purchasing a printing press to have a school news paper, “yes and may be we could do an annual so the students can remember their class mates”.

“Sounds like an idea to me” sated Harry “I will match Draco’s offer in this”. “Have the staff place the left over money from the cleansweep buy to this also” said Felix. A goblin came in and spoke to his manager in quite tones

“Ok I have sent out notices to your future wives Lord Greengrass was inside the bank today so he choose Lord Potter is to marry Daphne and Felix to marry Sapphire. The head of house will notify you of which daughter your to marry if able and when the marrage is to take place”. And another unsetteling mater has came up

Apparently your previous account manager’s daughter has decided to declare herself your property to bring honor back to her family. Harry knowing Hermione squeezed her hand and gave her a pointed look. The witch about a second from her usual that’s totally barbaric speech kept quite. Harry nodded his head saying “ That is acceptable but she will not have to be a sex slave but soon we will need a nanny, She of course will be payed and at the end of the year she will have two choices become a wife of mine or to return to her people .

Hope-knife nodded and the party filled out.

They gathered in the banks lobby Harry and Felix wanted to visit their vaults and the other wanted to go back to Hogwarts. Sirius took Draco, and Rose with him while Lilly stayed with Harry Felix and Hermione.

A wild trip down into the vaults Harry and Felix arrived at the Potter family jewel vault. Harry entered with Hermione to pick out a ring. After ten minutes the duo left with a beautifully crafted goblin ring.

Felix entered the Pendragon vault to see all the gold piled around a pedestal and at the top was a sword set in stone. Felix went up to pull it out but he could not manage so he gave up for now.
He grabbed another goblin crafted blade a sack full of galleons then they went to vault 001.

Harry entered the vault alone and sitting on a table was three staffs one of gold the other mithril and the last wood. A note in old welsh was pinned to the pedestal on the side oh ye that come for my staff will be tested hidden in the line of the ones on the table only touch mine they other are cursed. Only the one truly worthy can find it good luck heir,

Harry sat and pondered he looked at the three on the table and he immediately knew that the staff was none of the three. He then reported back to Hope-knife who was their cart driver and asked permission to use magic. “Well it is only a crime if you use it outside the vaults but inside it’s considered your property”. Harry nodded to the goblin then returned to the stone table.

When Harry had got their he noticed the table had a seam in it he removed his rand from the holster then levitated the two slabs away inside he found a beautifully carved staff with a focusing crystal atop it he gingerly reached in and garbed it when he pulled it out pain instantly raced through his body and he felt his ore expand twenty fold a voice sounded in his head.

“Ah ye figured it out did ye, well good laddie because you will need it. Your brothers greatest foe is still not dead he will return soon it has been foretold nothing can stop it. Tell the goblin to prepare the ritual of cleansing for your brother he has apiece of the Dark Lords soul. If you do not do this very soon the piece will grow strong enough to take control of the chosen one. Good luck Harry Potter.

Harry filled up a bottomless money sack with about 10,000 galleons and pulled out eight bank drafts then joined the others. They arrived back in the lobby thanked Hope-Knife left to do a little shopping. Harry got a few looks carrying the staff until he figured out how to shrink it dawn to the size of a wand. They entered Corbins odds and ends. Inside Harry bought a pensive, three invisibility cloaks, a foe glass, and several books on wand crafting and runic seals.

Leaving the shop Hermione led him by the nose to Florish & Blotts, fifty books and a hundred and thirty galleons later they left dragging Hermione behind him. Harry and the other decided to leave after Felix slipped a way and placed an order for the 28 of Nimbus two-thousand and ones. Harry smirked at his brother who also he noticed had a fire-bolt on the receipt too.

Arriving back at Hogwarts they found the castle in a uproar. Apparently Peter Petaigrew tried to kidnap Rose Black but was plumbed by Sirius before he could make his escape. He was being kept in a room in the astronomy tower room warded against animagi but someone let the little shit out and he has not been seen scene. Hermione decide to got sit with her friends while Harry carried the purchases to their rooms. When he arrived their he was pushed in by a brunette blur.

When he realized he was not being attacked he smiled down at the figure of Lavender Brown the buxom roommate of Hermione was smiling up at him. He smiled down when she started kissing his crotch. He picked her up and threw her on the couch ripping the teens clothes off as he kissed her.

Lavender moaned as he kissed his way to her snatch. The witch squealed when his tongue connected with her clit. After twenty minutes of tonguing her cunt she came with a screech. The Hermione burst threw the door. When his wife saw who he was with she smirked an evil little smirk.

“Could not resist could you Lav, not after I told you how wonderful he was in bed”. Said his wife taking off her clothes. “Well I believe you should be punished for seducing a marred man don’t you Harry”? Harry smirked catching on to what his wife was playing at. “Ho yes the little whore should be punished severely” he said stroking her hunch and kissing her cunny. Lavender moaned when she realized what they were about to do.

Hermione put the witch into position and pulled her knicker down, which harry had left on. SMACK “are you going to seduce my man with-out my permission again”? SMACK her hand descended on her witches arse again SMACK “I cant hear you bitch” SMACK “NO I WONT MISTRESS PLEASE” yelled the teen. Good girl now my husband is going to fuck my brains out and then you are going to suck his cum out of my cunt do you under stand. Lavender nodded her head saying “yes mistress escort bursa Hermione.

Harry who was about ready to burst watching the scene in front of him quickly got up to obey his wife. Harry sheathed his prick in her tight quim. Harry rode her from behind for ten minutes before releasing his cum deep inside her. Hermione presented Lavender with her dripping cunt and the witch tentivly licked it once but Hermione was having none of that.

She garbed “Cunts,( Lavenders new name )” hair and forced her face into her dripping pussy. “Lick it bitch” was the command and a scared Lavender obeyed.

“Harry get behind this thing and fuck her like the bitch in heat she is. Harry hastens to please his wife. Getting his cock into her was a easy task but it griped him even tighter than :Mione’s” did steeling himself he thrust all the way in with a single push.

Lavenders scream was lost into Hermione’s pussy as Harry’s cock ripped her hymn to shreds. He fucked her just like Hermione ordered Harry had her hips in his vice like hands rutting into her pussy beneath him. At the end of his thrust he brushed against her cervix until he angled it just right and pushed all the way into her womb. Lavender screeched again into Hermione’s cunt but eventually started thrusting back impelling herself on his cock until she came screaming the viberations from her lips and tongue hitting Hermione’s clit causing her to also orgasm.

Lavenders cunt muscles clamped down on Harry’s cock milking it until he fired off into her womb.
Harry with drew from her pussy while a smirking Hermione kissed her lips Harry quickly joined in pulling the two into the bed room…

Draco Malfoy could not be happier he is now betrothed to the woman he loved even tho she was old enough to be his mum he still could not get enough of her. After arriving back from Gringotts they had retreated to her rooms and shagged like bunnies several times. They then hit the kitchen’s for lunch and a quickie. And he could not wait until his next detention tonight.

Narcissa Malfoy soon to be Weasley was visiting the Burrow getting reacquainted with Author and Molly, she and Molly had been friends once but got into a tiff once that eventually escalated into spellfire. But a happy Molly was sitting their planing a rushed Wedding so they could be propely bound before the baby was born.

They decided for a spring wedding so that the children could attend if they wanted. They sat their talking when a owl bearing the Gringotts seal landed to stuck out it’s leg to Author. He felt dread as he opened the letter thinking they had went over balance again.

Dear Lord Weasley
Yes I mean Lord Weasley since your son William is Marring Mrs. Malfoy the bride price injected into your family vault the amount is a hundred thousand galleons and there will be no more garnishments on your checks. We also would like to inform you of the Marriage contract between Your house and House Potter singed between your father and Charles Potter before their deaths so your daughter must Marry Lord Potter. I also regret to inform you it will be a polygamist marriage since Lord Potter already has a wife ans several more contracts to fulfill. They must be fulfilled Lord Weasley don’t fight this. The contracts must be carried out before this time year after next.


Author Weasley was stunned not only did his precious girl have to get married but to a already Married man. He handed the letter to Molly who was just as sunned as he. They decided to set the date for right after Bill and Narcissa’s welding. Author sighed and wrote a letter to his daughter and Lord Potter.

Harry woke up in a tangle of legs and arms. Lavender and Hermione were cuddled to his sides both with smiles ion their faces. Harry ran his hands over Lavender thinking about their wild night, Harry could not believe how authoritative Hermione could be the witch had a vicious streak in the sack a mile long. As Sirius say’s “It’s always the brainy ones”. The witch conjured a strap on and fucked Lavender’s ares while Harry pounded her Cunts pussy. This caused Lavender to be smitten with the two of them.

The next few days were busy the Dementors were pulled back when they kissed a up standing member of society but in reality Yaxly was just a death-eater. Lavender followed Harry and Hermione around every chance she got. Several times Harry had to pull the Nympho into a broom closet to satisfy her sexual needs.

Harry noticed Ginny sneaking peeks at him in the common room when he joined it and the great hall. He went and talked to her one day and the stuttering witch just handed him a letter. He red through it and nodded saying I will sent a positive reply back tonight. Harry swooped down and gently kissed the startled teen on the lips and said “Until next time Ginavera”.

When Valentines day was a week away Harry had an idea. He took in to Professor McGonagall
who passed it along to Dumbledore. After classes the next day Harry was pulled into the headmasters office.

“Ya Harry my boy how are you”? Very well Headmaster”. Would you lick a lemon drop”? Yes I would Headmaster. Harry sat their sucking on his treat. “So Professor McGonagall told me that you would like us to throw a Valentines Ball, and you would gladly cover the expense of said Ball correct”.

Yes Headmaster that is tight” I will present it to the board but I see no problem with it”.

Two days later the Ball was announced everyone third year and up could attend but the first and second years would be provided separate entertainment unless invited by a third year or older an extra Hogsmead weekend would be provided to shope for dress robes. Harry promptly asked his wife to accompany him along with Lavender. The duo both squealed yes but reminded him to dance with his future sister wives.

An exhausted Harry led Ginny, Lavender,and Hermione back to the castle carrying the robes when he heard “DIE POTTER AVADA KADAVERA”. Harry noticed a green light heading for his brother who was fifty yard ahead and quickly dropped his packages, his staff appeared in his hand and he conjured marble in the curses path. The marble was reduced to sand but Harry transfigured it into spears and banished them at his brothers assailant.

A viscous duel started between them Harry using his staff/wand like a mad man. Hermione had pulled Lavender and Ginny behind a boulder so not to get hit in the cross fire. Harry noticed when the masked man started tiring out and knocked his mask away with a spell. Bernie Goyal stood looking at him with hatred before a spike was levitated from behind him and banished into his back.

Blood spurted form the front of his chest and the spike kept on flying right at Harry. He quickly destroyed it and noticed his brother standing behind the dead man with a manic grin on his face with blood red eyes. “Bow before me”, he said with and unearthly voice. “Lord Voldemort has returned “

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