The Optocynic 5000 Ch. 02

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This is very loosely connected to optocynic’s series Persuading Shy Mom to Pose where a young man gets a new camera and inexplicably gets his mom to pose for and have sex with him. There’s no inference in the original that there’s anything special or magical about the camera, but I’ve chosen to use that as a plot device.

As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and cumshots. Consider this your warning about the content so don’t bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and dicks — if that isn’t your thing, then stop reading now and leave the others to enjoy themselves.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

I spent the next couple of days walking round the house with an almost permanent boner. I’d lost count of the amount of times I’d jerked off while looking at the photos I’d taken of my mom a few days before — first her posing and showing a bit of cleavage, then later after she’d shed some clothes until she was naked except for a G-string, and finally of me fucking her, first her pussy and then her asshole.

I’m pretty sure that’s not something most guys can say they’ve done.

Mom wasn’t exactly distant with me but apart from one brief mention of having taken some good photos with my new camera, things quickly settled back to normal — which was odd if you see what I mean. She’d stripped in front of me, blown me and then let me fuck her — and I had the photos to prove it — but very soon after it was almost as if it had never happened.

I could find nothing on the net about the camera my friend Dan had sold me, the same one he had used to photograph his own incestuous encounters with his own mom. The make and model — the Optocynic 5000 — was unheard of on all the camera and electronic sites I scoured, but there it sat on my desk, waiting to be used.

A few days after our session in the kitchen, mom headed out leaving me home with my sister Lois who’s just under a year younger than me — mom had us close together. Lois definitely follows our mom in her looks and figure — she’s just as gorgeous, has the same mane of dark red hair, a pert, round little butt and a fantastic set of big tits that sit high on her chest. More than one of my friends has commented how they must be fakes and had a punch in the arm from me for their disrespect. Lois’s tits aren’t fake — she grew up into a gorgeous woman and blossomed in all the right places.

We have a small pool out the back and I stood in my bedroom looking out at it as Lois walked out in a bikini, carry a towel, obviously wanting to catch some afternoon sun. The bikini was sensible but still had trouble containing those big tits of hers and I watched as she moved the lounger around in order to get the best position for sunbathing. I glanced at my new camera and found myself wondering.

A minute later, wearing a T-shirt and some baggy shorts, the camera around my neck, I headed out to the pool.

“Hey sis,” I said as I got nearer.

“Hey Bobby,” Lois said, raising her hand and waving. “New camera?”

“Yeah, thought I’d try it out in the daylight,” I said, lifting it up and taking a few shots of the trees and clouds. I turned it towards my stunning sister and grabbed some shots of her lying on the sun lounger in her bikini.

“You taking photos of me?” she asked.

“Well yeah,” I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Nothing else out here looks better than you,” I continued, flattering her.

“Well aren’t you the smooth talked?” she said. We’d always gotten on, being friends as well as brother and sister. I moved closer, standing over her and taking another couple of pictures. “You gonna show these to your friends, Bobby? Pictures of your sister in her bikini?”

“Not a chance,” I said. “Not a one of them deserves to see you like this.” I said. “Put your hands behind your head, would you?” I asked.

Without a moment’s hesitation, she did as I asked, putting her hands behind her head, the action pulling her tits up, making them swell out of her bikini. Was it this camera that made her so that without questioning it?

“Gonna keep them for yourself, are you?” Lois smiled. “Something to look at when you’re on your own?”

“Maybe,” I laughed. “Would you — lift your hands higher, stretch them up over your head?”

Lois did as I asked again, her hands pulling her long red hair out from beneath her head, spreading it wide over the lounger as she stretched her arms out. Her huge tits bulged out the top of her bikini — had it been any smaller, I’m sure they would have popped free by now. I took a number of shots, moving round so that I was behind her head, looking down past her face into the big swells of her melons.

“Getting a good view there, big brother?” she laughed.

“What the fuck is going on here?”

We both looked up to see Lois’s boyfriend Todd stood by the edge of the pool, glaring at us. He’d obviously had no answer at the door and just walked round the house into the back yard.

“Bobby’s ataşehir escort trying out his new camera,” Lois said.

“By taking photos of you in a bikini? His own sister?” Todd barked.

“You’d rather it was someone else taking pictures of me?” Lois said, sitting up, getting angry.

“I don’t want anyone taking photos of you,” Todd shouted. He was an asshole and I’d never liked him; Lois had told me how he was jealous of basically anyone she spoke to.

“Don’t shout at my sister,” I said, stepping forward.

“That the sister you’re perving over?” he said.

“Jesus, Todd,” Lois said, standing up. “I am fucking sick of your jealousy — I can’t even hang around with my own brother now without you throwing a fit. Every time I talk to another guy you get angry and fucking jealous, even my own brother! Well you know what? I’ve fucking had enough!”

“Wait, Lois, wait a second,” Todd said, suddenly quiet in the face of her anger.

“No, I’m not waiting any longer. We’re through, Todd. I don’t want to see you anymore. We’re done — I’m breaking up with you.”

“Wait, I mean — I can — hang on,” Todd babbled.

“Fuck off, Todd,” Lois said.

“But — “

“Fuck. Off.”

Todd looked at her for a moment before tears started running over his cheeks. He bowed his head and meekly turned away, walking out of the back yard and my sister’s life.

“Nicely done, sis,” I said.

“He’s been pissing me off for the last month or so,” Lois said. She looked at me. “But thanks for being here, too.”

I quickly raised the camera and got a shot of her face as she smiled at me.

“What?” I said to her frown. “He’s gone, you’re gorgeous, I’ve got a new camera to play with.”

“I suppose you and that thing were the catalyst there,” Lois said.

“Great, does that mean we can carry on?”

“Not out here,” Lois said. “I don’t want that asshole wandering back to apologise and get me pissed off again.”

“So where we going?” I asked. She took hold of my hand and pulled me back to the house — I took the opportunity to grab a couple of shots of her perfect ass as I followed her — and I couldn’t help grinning as we headed up to her bedroom.

“Here okay?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said.

“So what now, Mr Photographer?” she asked, using the same title our mother had used a couple of days before.

“Well — how about some shots of you near the window?” I said.

Lois walked over to the window and posed for me, reaching up with her hands, pushing her butt out, arching her back as I took picture after picture. But, for some reason, something wasn’t right. Sure, Lois was playing along and didn’t complain but I wasn’t feeling any of the heat that had been between me and mom.

“This okay for you, Bobby?” Lois asked, picking up on my frustration.

“Honestly, sis, something’s not right.” I said. I looked at my stunning sister who stood in a sensible bikini next to her dresser and something clicked in my head. “I know what’s wrong — when was the last time you saw a photoshoot where the model’s in a bikini in her bedroom?”

Lois looked at me blankly.

“Bikinis are for pools, beaches, outside areas. We’re in your bedroom — you should be in a — a nightdress — or pajamas — or lingerie or something.”

Lois smirked at me. “You want to take photos of me in lingerie?”

“Well, something more — you know — appropriate is all I’m saying.”

Lois thought for a moment, biting her bottom lip — a sexy look which meant I had to grab a quick snap of that.

“Okay — as long as you promise these aren’t going to end up on Facebook or something.”

“I’d never do that to you, sis,” I said in all honesty.

She stepped over to her dresser and paused. “I’m not getting changed in front of you,” she said, opening one of her drawers.

I smiled and turned around, facing the wall.

“Better?” I asked.

“It’ll do,” she said. I looked at the wall, fighting the urge to turn around as I heard the sound of my sister stripping off her bikini before rummaging in her dresser and pulling something else on. I heard the unmistakeable sound of bra straps being snapped in place over shoulders before smaller clicks that I didn’t recognise, followed by something else being pulled on.

“Before you turn around,” Lois said, “promise me these won’t be going anywhere.”

“I promise, sis,” I said. “I’m just using them to get used to the new camera.”

“Then turn around,” Lois said.

I did so, my jaw falling open. My gorgeous, busty sister stood in a pair of stockings, suspenders, a tiny G-string and a bra that pushed her huge tits together creating a deep, inviting cleavage. The whole outfit was in black and edged with a deep, emerald green that really set off her dark red hair.

“Do I look okay?” she asked.

“Oh my God, Lois,” I said. “You look fucking stunning.”

I quickly took a couple of shots, then more as she turned around, showing me the tiny string that disappeared between her perfect ass cheeks. They weren’t kadıköy escort bayan as full as mom’s but they were perky.

“I take it you approve?” Lois said. I simply nodded and moved around the room, getting shots of her from different angles.

“Would you — ummm — would you climb on to the bed, sis?” I asked. “On all fours?”

Lois did as I asked, climbing on her hands and knees on to her large double bed. I moved behind her and took some shots of her ass — her knees were spread a little and I could make out the mound of her pussy hidden beneath her G-string.

“How’s that?” Lois asked, looking over her shoulder at me.

“Stunning,” I said, snapping away. I moved round to her front and, as she turned to look at me, I knelt down a little so that she loomed over me, her huge tits hanging down, almost falling out of her bra, creating an even deeper cleavage.

“That’s fantastic, sis,” I said. “You look stunning like that,” I said, snapping away.

“You sure?” Lois asked, glancing beneath herself. “I mean, my boobs are nearly out of my bra.”

“No, no, they look fantastic — I mean, you look fantastic,” I said hurriedly as she grinned at me.

“Are you taking photos of my big boobs?” Lois said.

I laughed. “How could I not, sis?” I said, deliberately taking some shots of them. “I mean, they’re gorgeous and big and perfect — you could make a fortune going topless, you know?”

She knelt up suddenly and I wondered if I’d overstepped the mark. She cupped her big tits and pushed them together, making them swell up and out of her bra.

“They are pretty good, aren’t they?” she said, looking at her own tits. “I definitely take after mom in the boob department.”

She looked at me for a second as I carried on taking photos.

“Do you — do you want me to go topless for you?” she asked slowly.

I smiled at her. “Sis, I would love to see your boobs — but only if you’re sure.”

She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. “But these photos go nowhere else, right? No-one else is going to see them, Bobby. Right?”


She held the cups in place with one arm as she used the other to pull the straps free, just as mom had done a couple of days before. Slowly, she moved her hands away, pulling her bra down and tossing it to one side.

Her big, heavy, round, perfect tits sat high on her chest with just the slightest bit of sag to them. Her small, pink nipples were hard and stiff. I couldn’t help moan a little as Lois took hold of her tits again and pushed them together, her fingers leaving white marks that faded as she let them go before pushing them together once more.

“What do you think?” Lois asked.

“Oh my God, sis,” I said, snapping away with the camera. “You’ve got fucking awesome tits.”

She laughed. “I’m not sure that’s something a brother should say to his sister, but thank you anyway.”

I remembered what I asked my mom to do. “Sis? Lift one of them up and — and lick it, would you?”

“Ooooh, naughty,” Lois said, doing as I asked, holding the pose and letting me take a snap of her long tongue sliding over the round top of her tit. I groaned again, more than a little aware that my dick was rapidly hardening which meant the front of my shorts would be sticking out. “Like that?” she asked as she lifted her other tit up and did the same with that one.

“Uh-huh,” I said.

“What else would you like me to do?” she asked with a shy grin.

“Ummm — can you — lie on your back and — and hold your tits together?” I asked.

“Like this?” she asked, falling back, her knees up but spread wide, using her hands to push her huge tits together.

“Exactly like that,” I said, moving round and taking shots of her. I made sure to get some snaps of her tiny G-string which barely covered her pussy, the crotch clearly damp. “God, sis,” I said again. “Your tits are perfect.”

“That asshole of an ex-boyfriend liked them, too,” Lois said as she moved her hands, rolling her enormous tits around, pinching her nipples. “He loved getting his dick between them.”

“Lucky bastard,” I said.

Lois smiled up at me. “Bet you’d love to have seen that, wouldn’t you?” I nodded. “How about this?” she said, turning briefly to her bedside cupboard, opening a drawer and pulling out a long, blue gel dildo. She popped it in her mouth and sucked on it for a while — letting me get some close up photos — then using her left arm to gather her tits together, slid the dildo between them with her right hand.

“Yeah, sis,” I said. “Fuck those big titties.”

Lois did as I suggested, sliding the blue dildo up and down her cleavage. She smiled at me before slowly pulling it free and moving it down her smooth belly towards her G-string covered pussy.

“I’m being really naughty, Bobby,” she said, rubbing the dildo over her panties.

“You can be as naughty as you want, Lois,” I said. “This is just between you and me.”



She pulled her G-string aside, exposing her bald, shaved pussy lips escort maltepe that glistened with her juices, before slowly pushing the dildo inside.

“Mmmmm — fuck that feels good,” she sighed, closing her eyes as she gently fucked herself with the fake cock. My own dick was now rock hard and causing a huge bulge in my shorts as I watched my sister masturbate before me. “Uuuhhh — you getting — mmmm — some good pictures, Bobby?” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” I said, taking as many shots as I could.

She pushed the dildo in as far as it would go, giving herself some long, deep thrusts before pulling it out. She lifted it up to her mouth and sucked it deep, making a show of licking her own juices from it.

“You like the taste of pussy, sis?” I asked her.

“Mmm-hmm,” she said, staring at the camera as she ran her broad tongue up the fake cock. “You know what else I like?” she asked. I shook my head. Lois smiled and lowered the dildo once more, letting me follow it with the camera. She tilted her hips ninety degrees, reached down with her other hand and pulled her butt cheeks apart. I watched, a huge grin on my face, as my big titted sister slotted her fake cock between her cheeks and, with a little effort, pushed the dildo into her asshole.

“Aaahhhhh yeahhhhh — that’s what I like,” she sighed, slowly fucking her own ass, the dildo moving in deeper with each thrust.

Like mother, like daughter, I thought, taking photo after photo of Lois buttfucking herself.

I watched, horny beyond belief, as my sister pushed the dildo in and out of her butt, deeper and deeper each time, her eyes closed as she moaned in pleasure. Eventually she slowly pulled it out.

“Need a little more lube,” she said staring at me as she raised it to her mouth and sucked it deep, coating it with spit, watching me photograph her all the while.

“Oh my God, sis,” I gasped. “That is so fucking sexy.”

“I’m glad you like it,” she said, slowly pushing the slippery dildo back into her butt. “I don’t know — uuhhnnnnn — why but I like — aahhahhhh — like being naughty for you — and your camera.”

“I like it too, sis,” I said. “I want you to be as naughty as you want to be.”

“Really?” she asked. I nodded. “Then come round here — this side.”

I took a last shot of her working the dildo into her ass and moved around to the other side of the bed, standing over her. Lois stared at the big bulge in my shorts and licked her lips.

“Take it out,” she said quietly.

“I’m taking photos, sis,” I said, doing just that. “You take it out.”

She paused for just a second before reaching up with her free hand and unbuttoning my shorts, then pulling the zipper down. I hadn’t worn any boxers and my shorts were baggy enough that they fell to the floor, revealing my huge hard-on that was pointing up at the ceiling.

“Oh my God,” she whispered. “That’s so fucking big.” She looked up at me, wide eyed, biting her bottom lip. “Can I — can I touch it?”

“You can do whatever you want with it,” I said.

My camera worked over time as I photographed her reaching out and wrapping her fingers around the base of my cock, her fingers not meeting around its girth. She slowly stroked it and I noticed she was matching the movements of her other hand, jerking me off and fucking her ass in rhythm. As she pulled my shaft down, I knelt slightly to make it easier for her, sighing as she wrapped her lips around the big, pulsing head of my cock.

“Mmmmmmlllpppp!” She sucked hard on it before letting it pop free of her mouth for a moment. “So fucking tasty,” she sighed before taking it back into her mouth, deeper this time, her hand moving up and down the shaft as spit ran down the length.

“Oh God, Lois,” I sighed, rocking my hips slightly as she took more and more of my cock between her lips. “Suck my dick, sis,” I said, still taking photographs.

She crammed as much of it as she could into her mouth, squeezing her eyes shut as she forced herself on to my cock, the head pushing at the back of her throat. She gagged and coughed, spitting out thick streams of spit which she then spread along my length.

Lois took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me, a glazed, lust-filled look in her eyes.

“Fuck me, Bobby,” she said. “I want this cock in my pussy right now.”

Just as demanding as mom! I thought to myself. I moved on to the bed and knelt at her hips — she laid on her side so one leg went under and between mine, the other she lifted straight up so her ankle was on my shoulder. I took hold of my cock — still taking photos with the other hand — and aimed it at her slick, hot slit, pushing forward. She would have been tight anyway but with the fake dildo still up her ass, she was even tighter and I hand to grunt and push to get my mammoth shaft inside her twat.

“Oh fuck — oh fuck yes — aaahhhhhhh — do it!” she moaned, looking up at me as I pushed more of my cock into her pussy. Her hot, wet muscles clamped at my knob, swallowing it and the first couple of inches. As she kept fucking her ass with the dildo, I moved in sync with it, sliding in as she moved it out and vice versa. “Uhnnnnnaahhhh! Fuck! Yes!” she yelled as more and more of my cock slipped into her pussy until my big balls were resting on her thigh, all but an inch or so of my dick inside her because of the angle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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