The Novelist Pt. 05

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Author’s note: This story contains themes of incest, BDSM and Dominant-submissive relationships. If these themes offend you, please stop reading now!

Please read this story from Part 1 to understand the story progression. This can’t be read as a stand-alone story.

All characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental.

I encourage all readers to comment and vote. There is no better way to hone your writing skills than feedback—good or bad.


Marie jumped up startled by the commotion outside. She didn’t think anyone else was around. She and Ybeth ran to the French doors in the kitchen and rushed out to see what had happened. Ybeth was a little faster. She found Jane and kneeled down next to her seeing the scrape on the woman’s elbow. Marie appeared at her side quickly realizing the disaster that was unfolding.

“Ybeth,” She said softly while her eyes were trained on her sister. “Please go back inside.”

The Hispanic woman turned around and kissed Marie on the cheek before retreating back into the house to finish cleaning. She sensed something in Marie’s voice that suggested she shouldn’t ask questions. She thought that Sir’s mother seemed concerned at the sight of this woman. She certainly recognized her.

Jane was in pain from her fall. She had a bruise on her knee and small scrape on her elbow that she held gently with tears in her eyes and confusion etched on her face.

“Marie?” She sobbed quietly. “W-what is going on here? Who was that woman?”

Marie was equally affected by her sister’s presence as she stood in front of her as naked as the day she was born.

“What are you doing here?” Marie asked. “You shouldn’t be here. Does Tom know?”

“What are you doing here?!” Jane cried back clearly referencing her sister’s state of undress. “Are you…? Did you and Tom…? Marie?”

They stared at each other asking questions that neither could answer. This was exactly what Marie had tried so hard to avoid yesterday. This was the one person she feared might learn her secret. She finally broke down in tears in front of her sister crumbling to the ground, and then reaching out and wrapping her arms around Jane. They were both stunned. Marie assumed that judgment would be coming from her sister at any moment. She didn’t need to say what had happened over the last few days. It seemed plainly obvious as she sat there naked save for her collar.

Jane wanted to be angry. There were so many thoughts running through her head as everything became a little clearer. How could he have done it, she wondered. Marie assumed that her sister would blame her for the incestuous actions, but Jane knew she was just as guilty. She had seen his manipulation of the young masseuse. She had experienced his dominance first hand in her house. Now, she realized that his perversion knew no bounds. She held her sister’s naked body realizing that she wasn’t here to assist with the divorce settlement or to declare her error in judgment yesterday. She had come because she wanted him, but now she didn’t know what to think. She cursed her inability to understand her own motives.

“Oh God!” Marie sobbed in her arms.

Jane shushed her sister and cradled her, rocking her back and forth.

“Shhh.” She whispered. “It’s not your fault.”

Marie was relieved at the lack of an outburst or immediate judgment, but admitting it to her sister was still overwhelming.

“Of… of course it is…”

“Marie, there’s something I need to tell you.” Jane muttered with a shaky voice. “I… flew out here this morning to see you and Tom…” She began.

“But… W-why?” Marie interjected. “Why not call? Why not fly back with us last night?”

“Tom said I wasn’t allowed to fly back with you.” Jane stated uneasily.

“H-he said that?”


“When?” Marie asked. “Why wouldn’t he let you?”

“He sent you out to the car to wait for him last night…” Jane said clamping her eyes shut and gathering her courage. “Then he p-pulled me from my chair onto the floor… he… bent me over the coffee table and… fucked me…”

“No!” Marie gasped.

“… When I asked him to fly back with everyone, he called me a needy slut… and then told me if I wanted to visit I had to do it on my own time at my own expense… but… he didn’t say I couldn’t come…” Jane pleaded.

Somehow, despite her sister’s similar actions, she felt this was still a betrayal.

“Marie, please forgive me. Please…”

Marie felt hurt by her son’s actions. As she let the reality wash over her, it seemed less and less bothersome. He had many women. She wasn’t bothered by the others. So why should she be bothered by the fact that his newest conquest was her sister? She should have expected it, she thought. She shouldn’t have underestimated his voracious appetite for domination. Her sister loved his books. She’d told him that much. She realized that she had thrown the chum in the water. He was drawn to it. It was his escort kartal nature.

Marie finally looked up at her sister’s scared and nervous eyes, and began to laugh. The laugh sounded as uneasy and nervous as Jane looked. It was unsettling.

“A needy slut?” She asked. “That’s what he called you?”

“Yes.” Jane replied unsure about her response, and guilt ridden over her own admission.


“Well, what?” Jane asked thoroughly confused.

The last two weeks had been enormously burdensome. The last two days, though, were terribly confusing for her. It all seemed like some bad soap opera — successful novelists and incest and fancy houses, private jets, masseuses and illicit lifestyles. Jane craved the comfort of normalcy, yet she cursed herself for being drawn to the allure of the forbidden world she had stumbled upon.

“Well, are you a needy slut or not?”

Marie blurted the question out knowing how ridiculous it sounded. The tears hadn’t stopped streaming down her face, but the edges of her lips had drawn outward as if she were going to burst into a fit of laughter at any moment. Her eyes seemed more intense as she examined her sister.

“I…” Jane was irked seeing this side of her. She hadn’t even seen Marie naked since they were teenagers. She looked at her waiting for a response. “I’m not sure. Maybe I am.”

And with that simple answer Marie finally bellowed out in full laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Jane asked upset by her reaction.

She wasn’t sure if her sister truly found humor in this situation, or if she was delirious and mentally unstable given everything that had happened.

“You wouldn’t understand.” Marie blurted back at her. She wrapped her arms around Jane again. “I’m not mad at you. I’m really not. Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Marie stood up helping her sister to her feet. She had come to terms with the fact that she had submitted to her son. She was only ashamed when she felt she was being judged for her decision. She cared deeply for her sister, and the thought of being disowned or ridiculed by her only sibling was overwhelmingly painful. But her sister was guilty too. Marie noted the change in her own demeanor immediately. She felt better to a degree even if the reality was still shocking to them both. She shared a bond with her sister now — and incestuous, terrible bond — but a bond nonetheless. Her sister, however, was only just beginning to deal with the emotional repercussions.

Jane looked at the deep bruises on Marie’s ass.

“Jesus, Marie.” She gasped with honest concern. “Did he do that to you? Does it hurt? Did he beat you?”

Marie turned giving her a sister a full view of her ass. She looked back at her over her shoulder gauging her reaction. Jane examined the brutal result of his punishment, and then she noticed the proud smile on her sister’s face.

“Did Sir do that to me?” Marie repeated as she glanced down toward her rear. “He did.”

“Why would he do that?” Jane asked stunned both by her sister’s seemingly proud smile and by her use of the name Sir in reference to her son.

“Because I broke the rules, Jane.” She answered as if it were obvious. Then she turned around and took her sister’s hands and held them. “Listen. There are plenty of rules in this house. I can’t tell you anything about it now. I will say this, though… If he fucked you… if you showed up here… it was because he wanted it. He knew you’d come. You can’t fathom his calculation. He knows people… he knows how they think… and… well it would be too hard to explain it all. But you need to understand this much, I let him whip me. In his house, you always get to choose.”

Jane felt very uncomfortable. Her sister was speaking with some type of cryptic allegiance to her own son. She wondered for a moment if he was running some type of cult.

“Should I not have come?” Jane asked nervously.

In that moment, Marie realized how naïve and silly she must have seemed a few days ago when she arrived. She had shown up at his house as if everything was normal, yet everyone around her knew a secret that she didn’t. Now she understood and her sister was the oblivious one. She knew that Sir could set her on a new course if he chose. He could open her eyes if she were willing. She wondered if this is how Alexis had thought of her the first time they met.

“Do you want to be here?” Marie asked.

“I… Yes. I thought so.”

“Then this is where you should be.”

“Is he going to be mad that I showed up without asking first? Am I in trouble?”

“Mad?” Marie asked. “No. I don’t think he’ll be mad at all.” Then she paused. “In trouble? Oh, Jane, you’re in over your head already!”

Marie could not effect Sir’s actions. He did as he pleased. She realized that he had chosen to fuck her sister. Maybe he had to involve her because of the circumstances surrounding the divorce. Maybe he couldn’t have stepped in to manage it without her figuring things out. She maltepe escort wondered if her sister’s arrival was somehow her fault. Marie knew that Jane had allowed him to fuck her, though. He certainly had a way of being convincing and manipulative, but she could have said no. So she let her last statement hang in the air.


Alexis folded the small blanket and stuck it away in Tom’s pack. She placed the remnants of their lunch in small plastic bag, and then she knelt down next to the tree and said a short prayer and a goodbye to her mother. It was the first time she had come here where she wasn’t overwhelmed by sadness. Today, instead of mourning the loss of her mother, she chose to use the occasion to celebrate her future.

Tom took her hand as she stood back up, and they enjoyed the cool breeze that blew in from the ocean making the heat of the late afternoon somewhat bearable. They walked quietly around the vineyard taking a longer path back to the car. The silence allowed them to share a new closeness before they headed back home. Tom and Alexis both loved their life, but each knew that the nature of it prevented them from having as much time together as they might prefer. When they reached the car, they embraced one more time and shared a kiss before departing.

Alexis made a three point turn to get the car turned around on the small dirt road.

“Sir,” She said. “I’m sure you’re curious about my father. I’d like you to meet him at some point, just not today. This day is hard for him. It’s the reason we don’t see each other often. I remind him of her. He could never look at me the same way after she was gone. But I promise sometime soon I’ll introduce you. You’d like each other.”

“Whenever you think it’s best. I’d like that.” Tom replied.

Alexis drove inland from Santa Barbara toward Ojai making a more circuitous route back to the freeway. She was struck by nostalgia, and made the detour without discussing it. It was a nice drive regardless of the time it added to the trip.

“Sir, I just want to mention that I’m not going to be able to hide my condition much longer. I’m not sure what you want me to say. The other girls will figure it out sooner than later.”

Tom had been staring out the window lost in thought. He began speaking before he even turned his head as if he’d already been thinking about it.

“We’ll tell everyone soon enough.” He said. “But not yet. I need to handle these other complications first.”

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do on Monday, Sir?”

Tom turned back looking at her. His serious expression dissolved when he saw the beautiful glow in her face. She looked happy and he enjoyed seeing her this way.

“I’m not sure exactly.” He said. “I want him off his guard though.”

“Won’t he be when he sees the house, or realizes that his attorney has resigned?”

“It’s not enough, I don’t think.” Tom said contemplatively. “I want him to talk to my mother first of all. I want them to have that chance. Lexi, as much as I’d like to see him suffer, I owe it to her and to him to discuss things first. He deserves the opportunity to make the right decision. I want to believe he has it in him.”

“Do you think that they could get back together, Sir?” She asked even though she didn’t think it was possible.

“I’m not sure what’s going on in his head.” Tom replied. “She’ll never be able to take him back. Nothing will be the same for her. Not after the last few days.”

Alexis considered that and felt profoundly sad for a moment.

“Does that bother you, Sir?” She asked.

“No.” He answered surprised by how little it actually affected him. “She’s happier now. I think she’s happier than she’s been in a long time. Not that I attribute that to myself. I just think she needed to discover herself. Lexi, you can’t think of her differently than any other woman that has come to our house.”

Alexis beamed at the small changes she saw him making. She enjoyed hearing him say things like ‘our house’. It wasn’t their house, it was his. The way he said it made her realize that he imagined them together always.

“And your aunt?” She asked.

Tom smirked. “She’ll be here soon. I’ll bet sometime tomorrow.” He paused for a moment. “You know, Lexi, I won’t be able to handle things on my own anymore. I know you’ve always been by my side, but I’m going to need you to take a larger role in our life. My aunt is a natural submissive. I can sense it, but she has plenty of resistance. She’ll struggle with it. I want you to be more dominant with her. I need you to be more forceful. I don’t want you helping her like you helped my mother.”

“Yes, Sir.” She said.

Tom and Alexis talked for the entire drive home unlike the relatively quiet drive on the way out to Solvang. Alexis had never listened to him talk through his thought processes. He never included her when he thought out a course of action or outlined the careful moves to bring someone to the moment of submission. pendik escort bayan But that was all Tom wanted to do on the drive home. He wanted her to hear the possible outcomes and countermoves for the coming days. He wanted her to understand the careful consideration required of a Dominant. She drank it in admiring his complicated view of social dynamics. Alexis didn’t mention the pregnancy for the rest of the trip. If anything this day marked a change in her life and her future, the same way her life changed the day she first knelt for Sir.


Marie had brought down some Neosporin and a bandage and tended to her sister’s scrape in the living room. She hadn’t given Jane a tour of the house. Marie’s nerves were aflutter the more she wondered what would happen when Sir arrived. She loved her sister, and the more she thought about the choices that Jane would have to make in the near future, the more nervous she became. She went to the kitchen and pulled a bottle of wine from the temperature controlled wine fridge, and poured herself a rather liberal glass. She brought one for her sister as well.

Jane stood up and walked around the living room. She remembered her surprise when Marie had told her of Tom’s success, but being in his home was another matter altogether. She looked at the same photos that Marie had seen when she first arrived. She was struck by the same realization that he lived quite a charmed life.

She glanced at her sister who had gotten awfully quiet since they went inside. She looked at her sitting on the plush sofa. She noted that she didn’t sit back into the cushions, rather her posture was rigid. Her feet were planted firmly on the floor; her ass sat on the edge of the sofa, her back was perfectly straight causing her generous bust to hang out in front of her. The glass of wine sat in front of her on the coffee table, but her hands remained on her knees except when she reached forward to take a sip. Something about it seemed off.

“Aren’t you going to put on clothes?” Jane finally asked. She’d been thinking it since she arrived.

“No.” Marie replied quietly wishing not to elaborate.

“So you just walk around Tom’s house naked all day long? You don’t find that strange?”

“No.” She answered again.

Jane was growing frustrated with her sister. She wanted to have a conversation, but Marie was making it very difficult. She tossed back her glass of wine finishing it.

“Would you at least get me another glass of wine?” She asked.

“Of course.” Marie said taking her glass and walking in to the kitchen.

Jane followed close behind her. She peered into the dining room on the way, and looked around the kitchen.

“He has good taste.” Jane stated as she admired everything. “Are you going to show me around?”

“I… it’s not my house, Jane. It’s not my place to show you around.” She said handing the wine glass back to her sister.

“Why are you acting so strange?!” Jane pouted. “Why won’t you have a conversation with me? Why won’t you explain what’s happening here? Why are you naked? Why are you wearing a collar? Why were you licking… what were you doing with that woman? Damnit, Marie! I want answers!”

It was true. Jane did want answers. She had shown up here to see Tom, but what she had found was far beyond her comprehension. She wanted to know more. She needed to understand it. Her sister stood there with all the answers, but she wouldn’t share. Her sister was the conservative one. Jane couldn’t wrap her head around Marie’s actions. The mystery of it all was an agitation. Jane had only just come to terms with her needs, but she couldn’t live this life. It was too strange and too surreal. She hoped some simple explanation would make her feel better about it.

Marie took a sip of her own wine. She closed her eyes savoring the taste.

“He has an excellent collection of wine. I’ve never been a big drinker, but I’ve never been able to afford a good bottle either. Well… maybe on a special occasion. John would buy a nice bottle at a restaurant on our anniversary… back when we still celebrated it meaningfully. You should savor it a little bit.”

She was stalling. She didn’t want to explain anything. She looked up at her sister seeing her disturbed, frustrated glare.

Marie breathed deeply. “I’m not sure what to say to you, Jane. This is very awkward for me. I’m not trying to act strange, and I’m not trying to avoid a conversation. I’m just not comfortable standing in front of you like this. I didn’t expect it, and I don’t know how to give you an explanation.”

“Well then go put some clothes on!” Jane said exasperated.

“I can’t… I won’t…” Marie replied quickly. “I… I don’t care what you think of me. I mean I do care… but… oh, you wouldn’t understand…”

“Stop saying that! Explain it to me!” She pleaded.

“Explain what?” Marie cried out in frustration. “Explain it how?! My life fell apart, Jane. My husband is a cheating asshole. I flew out here to get away from it, and I ended up fucking my son.” A few tears escaped her eyes. “Oh god! You don’t understand at all. Do you think I’m ashamed? I should be ashamed. But I’m not! I’m not ashamed at all. I love him. I have no regret. Don’t you see? I’m happy here. I’m happy.”

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