The Morrisons Ch. 11

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A million thanks to BffseOhio for editing!

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**Author’s Note: This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapter. If this is the first chapter you’ve encountered of The Morrisons, I’d like to suggest you go back and read the previous chapters first, so you’ll understand the character’s actions as you read this chapter. I’ve added a list of the main story characters on the last page of the story. Please enjoy this chapter!

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For the record: All characters in this story are legal aged!

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From – Chapter 10

We walked over to Hanna’s room and her door was partly closed so I peeked around it then walked in and pulled the sheet up to cover Hanna. Again as I was walking away I heard a small voice say, “Thank you and I love you dad.”

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around and walked back to Hanna’s bed and leaned down and kissed her forehead and said, “I love you to honey and don’t ever forget it.”

Hanna looked up at me and smiled saying, “I won’t dad and thank you for everything.”

When I walked out of the room my eyes were misty and the girls just looked at me. I looked at them simply saying, “Allergies.”

All three girls smiled at me and never said a word. When we were standing next to Mary and Shelly’s room I noticed Beth was holding hands with Mary. I stepped up and gave Shelly a passionate kiss on the lisps and told her to have a good night. I kissed Mary next laying a passionate kiss on her before pulling back and saying, “Take great care of my secretary, she’s apparently a virgin and I want her to have fun on her first night out.”

Next I pulled Beth into my arms and kissed passionately her like I’d never done before. Then I said, “I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. Both of these ladies are the best and I know they will treat you like you’ve never been treated before. Good night sweetheart and enjoy yourself.”

I walked to my bedroom and tried to crawl into bed unnoticed but Kim woke up and moved so I could lie between her and Terri. Both of them threw an arm over me and said they loved me. I fell asleep with a giant smile on my face.


Chapter 11

I awoke the next morning with a start, hearing my alarm clock blast away, and my sub-conscious was thinking there was something wrong. I jerked my body upright and looked around before I realized it was only my alarm clock, so I leaned over and switched it off. Simultaneously, Kim sat up quickly and asked, “Is there something wrong, Dan?”

I looked around my room and said, “No honey, everything is alright. I guess the sudden noise combined with yesterday’s events just shook me up a little.”

Kim asked me, “Are you getting up?”

I looked down at our bed and saw Terri was gone so I got out of bed and told Kim I would be right back. I walked down the hall and looked in Mary and Shelly’s room and saw that they were still in bed with Beth in the middle. I checked Hanna’s room and she was still in bed. I peeked in Jenna’s room and she was in bed, so I walked across the hall into Terri’s room and she wasn’t in there. I headed for the stairs and when I didn’t smell coffee at the top of the stairs I took the stairs two at a time moving quickly toward the kitchen. The light was on, but I didn’t see Terri anywhere. Instant panic gripped my body and I yelled, “Terri, where are you?”

Terri stood up from behind the counter and looked at me then asked, “I am right here dad, what do you need?”

I smiled at her and said, “Oh nothing, I was only wondering where you were.”

Terri came around the end of the counter and rushed me, throwing her body at me. When I caught her, I hugged her to my body. Terri’s arms and legs were wrapped around me holding on tight when I realized she was crying in my neck. I patted her back as she clung to me and said, “Terri, it’s ok, you are here with us and you’re safe. I promise I will do my best to protect you. I love you so much honey, you are my girl.”

I thought my words would calm Terri, but all I did was cause her to break down and cry even harder, her body trembled against mine. I continued to rub and pat her back, reassuring her that everything would be ok. I walked over to a chair and sat down so I could move Terri around and cuddle her as she cried. I reached up and brushed the hair away from her face and I told her over and over again how much I loved her.

Finally in a very quiet voice, Terri said, “I know you love me and you just proved how much by rushing down here. I saw the look of concern on your face when I stood up and only a loving parent would have a look kartal escort bayan like that. I love you and mom so much and I’m scared, really scared, after what happened yesterday. But I try to be brave, especially now that Hanna is here.”

I hugged Terri to me and said, “Terri, do you want Kim to stay home with you today? I am sure she will if she knows how you feel.”

Terri said, “No dad, both of you have a job to do just like I have a job to do. I will be ok after a minute. Please don’t tell mom that I broke down. It’s just the way you looked when you came down here to find me. If you get a chance during your day, and if you want to, call me and talk to me even if it’s for only a few minutes; I would love to hear your voice.”

Looking into Terri’s eyes, I said, “Terri, I can’t promise anything, but I will do my best to call you. I don’t want either you or Hanna outside unless Mary or Shelly is with you. That includes just stepping out on the deck to check something. I know it will put a kink in the way you are used to doing business, but I want one of them with you at all times. Will you promise me you’ll do that?”

Terri looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “Daddy, I promise you I will be extra careful and I will watch out for Hanna too.”

Terri wiped her eyes then got up and pulled a tissue out of the box before turning to me saying, “Now get out of my kitchen and don’t come back until you’re dressed for work. I’ll have the coffee ready.”

I stood up and started walking out of the kitchen then turned and asked, “Are you sure you’re ok?”

Terri looked at me saying, “Shoo… go get ready for work, I’m fine!”

On the way back to my room, I passed Mary and Shelly’s room and stopped in the room, standing at the end of the bed for a few seconds looking at the beautiful scene before me. Three very beautiful ladies, lying next to each other, each of them were touching one of the other girls. Beth was in the middle just like Kim had been yesterday morning when I woke her up. Finally I reached out and tapped Beth’s foot and when she didn’t respond, I gripped her foot and shook it. Slowly she came around and lifted her head to see what was happening. When she moved, both Mary and Shelly woke up and looked around before they spotted me. I smiled at them saying, “It’s that time again and I came to wake up Beth. If you two want to go back to sleep for a little while you can.”

Mary pulled Beth to her and kissed her passionately before saying, “Girl, now that we’ve unlocked that special hot and sexy girl inside that great body of yours, I want you again one day soon.”

Shelly was next to kiss Beth before saying, “I second what Mary said. Don’t wait too long before you come back. I have a place for you to sit, honey.”

Beth smiled and said, “Both of you are too gracious. I had a wonderful time last night and I am looking forward to round two, three, four, well you get the idea.”

Beth scooted out of bed and I said, “You can go in your shower all by yourself or you can come with me and shower with Kim and me. All you need to do is grab your personal items and come in and we’ll get you clean.”

As Beth and I were walking out of the bedroom we heard Mary say, “Come on, Shelly, let’s go hit the shower.”

Beth walked into my bedroom with me and we saw Kim still lying in bed. I said, “Come on sleepy head it’s time to get in the shower.”

Kim rolled over, saying, “I’ve been waiting for you to come back. I didn’t want to give up my warm spot until I absolutely had to.”

Kim looked up and said, “Oh Beth, I’m so glad to see you this morning. How did you sleep?”

Beth asked with a big grin on her face, “Sleep, what’s that? Do you know where I went to bed last night?”

Kim looked at me and saw I was laughing, then she turned to Beth and said, “Oh my God, aren’t those two great? They didn’t let me sleep either.”

Beth said, “I never even imagined that two or more females could make such satisfying and meaningful love to each other like I experienced last night. I kind of like this bi-sexual title.”

Kim walked over to Beth and embraced her in a hug, and then both looked at each other a moment before they kissed, then kissed more passionately. Kim allowed her hands to roam all over Beth’s naked body while they kissed. Kim broke the kiss and held Beth close to her body and said, “You and Dan are going to be traveling tonight and if both of you get the urge to enjoy yourselves, please don’t hesitate to indulge. Don’t worry about the boss/secretary status once you close the door to your room.”

Beth looked at me and then back at Kim before saying, “I saw what happened here last night and although I understand that all of you share everything, and I do love that idea, I was still going to ask you this morning if I could be part of your circle of sharing. That is, if Dan is willing.”

Kim smiled at Beth, saying, “Since you are going to shower with us, I will wash your body and you can wash his body so you can escort maltepe get familiar with his cock. That is, if you want to.”

Beth said, “Kim, I would like to use your bidet if I may. I only have one disposable douche with me and I want to save that in case Mr. Morrison wants to take advantage of his secretary tonight.”

Kim laughed before she asked, “Where are you two going anyway?”

I replied, “Tom didn’t tell us. He only told us we were going to meet a supplier for some face time with their CEO and Board of Directors. He wants to introduce me because the company is a major parts supplier for us.”

I continued to say, “Not only that, he asked both of us if we had passports. He said something to me about Egypt.”

Beth squealed and asked, “Dan, are you serious? Are we really going to be traveling to places like Egypt?”

Looking between Beth and Kim before I replied, “I don’t know for sure, but we are going to be traveling overseas because I know we receive parts and material from various countries.”

I said with a smile, “If we don’t get showered and on the way to work, we won’t be going anywhere except the unemployment line.”

All of us walked into the bathroom and Kim turned to Beth and asked if she knew how to use the bidet and when Beth said she didn’t, Kim said, “I’ll go first and you can watch me then you can use it.”

Kim sat down and peed then wiped her pussy without any fanfare with all three of us in the room. Next I stepped up to the toilet and lifted the lid and Beth looked at me then turned to leave. I asked, “Where are you going, Beth?”

She said, “You’re going to go to the bathroom, I was going to step out.”

Kim smiled and said, “You can come back, we are very open here. Nothing is really sacred around here. I just peed and you didn’t walk out so there is no reason for you to leave when Dan has to pee.”

Beth said, “I’m still not used to all this openness, but I guess if I’m going to come back here and hang out with all of you, I might as well start practicing now. I’ve got to pee to.”

I turned on the water in the shower and adjusted it to the right temperature while Kim adjusted the water on the bidet, then she sat down and cleaned her pussy. After Beth finished peeing, Kim said, “Come over here so you can see what I’m doing.”

Beth stood by the wall and looked down at Kim’s spread legs and watched what she was doing and then unceremoniously Kim stood up and stepped back saying, “Your turn.”

Beth sat down and Kim coached her to slide all the way to the back so she was spread open. When the water hit Beth’s pussy, she jumped a little, but settled back down and said, “Wow, this is better than a hand held douche. I may have to get one someday.”

When they were finished both of them joined me in the shower. We washed each other then Kim bent over, lifted my hard cock and licked the end of it. Kim looked up at Beth and asked her to lean over next to her. Kim offered my cock to Beth who timidly licked my cock. Kim pulled it back and put my cock in her mouth and sucked me a few seconds before she pulled it out and offered my cock to Beth. Over the next few minutes Kim and Beth took turns sucking my cock before I said, “Honey, we have to get going or we will get hung up in traffic.”

Kim smiled up at me saying, “Spoil sport.”

Looking at Beth, Kim asked, “Do you want to suck him and then I’ll swallow his cum?”

Beth said, “I would love to watch you suck his cock this time and I’ll do it the next time all of us are together.”

Kim got down on her knees and pulled my cock into her mouth and started sucking like a wild woman. Beth reached out and cupped my bald balls saying, “Oh, your balls feel so different being bald, I love them.”

Kim didn’t take long to make me cum and I shot my load down her throat. Just as I was coming down from my orgasmic high I heard Beth ask, “May I taste him too?”

Kim pulled my cock out of her mouth leaving a little of my cum still on my cock. She watched as Beth took my cock into her mouth and sucked it until it was clean. When Beth was finished she turned and kissed Kim. Then both of them stood up and shared a kiss with me. All of us rinsed off one last time before I shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. I handed out the towels and Kim pushed Beth in the middle so I could wipe her body dry. Once we were dry, we stepped over to the sink to do the other morning duties when Beth said, “I’ll use the other bathroom for this so I can blow dry my hair and get ready.”

Between Kim and me, I was the first one to be finished in the bathroom and dressed. When I walked by Beth’s room on the way downstairs I stopped and said, “Beth, if you don’t want to carry the suit you had on yesterday with you to work this morning, you can put it in our closet. Ted and Marion will be using this room tonight.”

Beth said “Thanks Dan, that’s a great idea. I’ll take you up on that offer.”

I backed up to our room and said to Kim, “Honey, Beth pendik escort is going to hang her suit up in our closet so she doesn’t have to carry it today.”

Kim said, “Ok, tell her to bring it in when she is ready.”

I relayed the message to Beth then asked if she would like a cheese omelet? Beth said, “Sure that sounds great.”

I stopped at Jenna’s room and walked over to her bed admiring her small tits as she lay on her back, snoring quietly. I stood by her bed for a few moments looking down at my sleeping beauty before I leaned down and kissed her forehead a few times until her eyes started to flutter; I said, “Time to wake up, baby.”

Jenna smiled up at me saying, “You are so sweet to wake me up with kisses daddy, I love you so much.”

I looked at her lovingly saying, “I love you too, darling.”

As I left Jenna’s room I looked back at her bed and Jenna was just pushing her foot out from under the sheet saying, “I’m getting up, dad.”

I walked down the stairs and this time I smelled that wonderful aroma of coffee. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen, I saw Terri at the stove while Mary and Shelly were sitting at the counter. Terri looked over her shoulder and said, “You’re late so I started making cheese omelets for all three of you. I hope that’s ok.”

Mary stood up and made me a cup of coffee, buttered the toast and put it on a plate before she put some more bread in the toaster, then sat down again. A few minutes later Kim and Beth walked into the kitchen and Beth said, “The coffee smells great, what do I have to do to get a cup?”

Mary got up and headed towards the coffee maker, then she giggled and said, “Take a half day off from work and we’ll be glad to show you.”

Beth said, “I’ll have to ask my boss if he can spare me for a few hours to have wild sex with a couple of very hot ladies.”

I responded, “Beth, although your boss might think that would be a good idea, I am positive he will have a full agenda for you today.”

Kim and Beth both sat down and Mary placed a cup of coffee in front of each of them. Terri put a plate in front of each of us with an egg omelet on it. We were having a general conversation when suddenly I remembered to tell Terri about the camera and the monitor.

I said, “Terri, when Ted gets here this morning I want you to tell him that I’ve decided I want you to know who’s at the front door before you open it. Mary, Shelly and I talked about it last night and I decided I want a small monitor mounted here in the kitchen with a pinhole camera mounted some place in the doorjamb. Please, tell Ted to just do it despite the costs and the sooner the better.”

Terri replied, “No problem dad, I’ll let him know.”

Then I said, “Terri, last night I decided I am going to compensate Mary and Shelly for being here. Each Friday, I would like you to discreetly pay each of them fifteen hundred dollars cash, out of the house account. I will make sure you have enough money added to the house account to take care of this. Terri, I don’t want Ted to know we are giving the girls the money so keep this only between us.”

Again Terri smiled and replied, “No problem dad, I’ll set both them up on my expense sheet. But until I’m able to drive out on my own, I will have to have either Mary or Shelly take me to the bank to draw out the cash.”

Kim finally said, “I think it’s a wonderful idea to compensate these dedicated young ladies for going above and beyond their normal duties to make sure we are safe. They have given up their time off from work; they’ve been here twenty four hours a day and haven’t seen any of their friends so they are sacrificing a lot to pull the duty here. Actually, I want to make any additional offer and say, if either of you have a friend or two who you trust and would like to invite them out here, please consider this as an invitation to do so.”

Mary was quick to say, “All of you have been super and I haven’t minded a bit being here whether I’ve been on duty or off. You are an exceptional family and I wouldn’t trade this opportunity to serve you, for anything.”

Shelly spoke up saying, “I’ve expressed how I feel many times and I’m with Mary, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, either. I love all you guys and I truly mean it.”

Jenna wandered into the kitchen and asked, “Who loves who?”

Shelly said, “We were just talking about Mary and I pulling duty here and I said I love all you guys.”

Terri said to Jenna, “Sit down sweetie and I’ll get you some coffee. Do you want a cheese omelet too?”

Jenna smiled at Terri and said, “Thank you Terri, you’re the best sister a girl could have.”

I looked at Kim and said, “Beth and I have new cell phones courtesy of the company. There’s no sense of me carrying two, so I will only carry theirs. I will call you later so you can save the number on your phone. Terri, I’ll call you too so you will have that number. Actually, I’ll have Beth call both of you so you will have her number as well.”

Mary asked for a piece of paper and pen and when Terri handed it to her she wrote down her number and handed the paper to me asking, “Would you be so kind to call me to and then I will have your number in case of an emergency. Not that I expect there will be one, but just in case.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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