The Moon, My Mother, , Me

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It started by chance. I was 18, and had needed the bathroom at 3 in the morning, and on returning I noticed the door to my parents’ bedroom was slightly open. Normally I’d have just carried on back to my room, but a slight movement caught my eye through the moonlit chink in the door. Pressing my face against the jamb I could just make out my mother and father asleep. My mother was sleeping on her back and occasionally gave out a very soft snore.

OK it wasn’t much, but it led to my adventure.

Dad worked night shifts one week in four. This gave me 3 more nights to plan my moves before he was next away.

Each night I set my alarm for 3 a.m. and stealthily crept to their bedroom. The door was always left slightly open and with a little manoeuvring I could see my mother’s beautiful Audrey Hepburn face bathed in the moonlight, plus the thin straps of her sheer night-gown.

Monday came and I was so nervous I almost convinced myself that this was madness and I should take it no further. Mum went to bed at about 11:00. At midnight I made a great show of preparing for bed, making far more noise than necessary. I needn’t have worried, she was sound asleep.

Night 1.

Peering through the crack in the door I could see she was taking full advantage of the extra space in the bed. She lay in the centre on her back, the cover up to her neck. I slipped into the room as quietly as a mouse. I realised I was hardly daring to breathe. My plan was, if she should wake I would do my sleepwalking act. But she didn’t.

Carefully I pulled down the covers a little way until her gently heaving breasts, covered by the thin night dress, were in view. It was all I could do to stop myself touching them, but the sight of her cleavage was enough. My cock was so hard I thought it was going to snap as I stroked it. Within 3 strokes I had ejaculated over her bedroom floor and wall. This was a problem I hadn’t foreseen, surely she would notice that in the morning….

Night 2.

Midnight kartal escort came. I was trembling with excitement. The orgasms of the previous night had been the most intense of my young life. I wanted more.

Peering through the doorway, I noticed something strange. The straps of her night-gown were not in evidence. It was a hot night, maybe she had chosen something a little different.

Taking up my place I saw her beautiful mouth, lips slightly parted and glistening. I bent down to kiss her. After all, if she woke I could just say I was giving her a goodnight kiss. No harm in that. Her breathing quickened almost imperceptibly, I wondered if I had somehow entered her dreams.

Again I eased back the covers ever so gently. What I saw almost made me shoot there and then. My mother’s naked breasts, firm and round. The sudden cold air must have got to her because her nipples were hard. No man could have resisted. I leaned forward and took her nipple in my mouth while I stroked my rock hard cock. Again it was all over in a flash, this time I had steered my cum into the mattress where hopefully it would be soaked up by morning

Night 3.

Mum went to bed a little earlier tonight, about 10:00. She said she was feeling a bit drained and kissed me goodnight. Strange thing though, the kiss was on the lips, she rarely does that…

At midnight I crept down the passageway. It had been a very hot day and the door was wide open. I popped my head round the door. This was very exciting, she was laying with the covers down to her waist. Her breasts glistened in the hot atmosphere. Again her nipples were poking up about a centimetre. I had taken to coming in naked. She was obviously a very heavy sleeper. As usual my hickory hard cock was dripping with precum. Her breasts and slim body looked so appealing, like a blank white canvas waiting for a great master to create beautiful art.

I pulled down the sheet a little further until her little white panties maltepe escort bayan were clearly visible. Her legs were parted slightly. Without knowing what I was really doing I leaned forward and placed my nose on her panties. Inhaling deeply I became aware of a faint musky scent. My cock brushed against one of her breasts and that was all it took! My cock pumped at least 8 times, spurting her breasts with my cum.

Night 4

I suppose with the confidence that success brings I was becoming bolder. At 11:00 I walked brazenly into her room – my cock sticking up rock hard and thick. The hot weather had continued. Tonight my mother had dispensed with bed covers completely. As she lay there I marvelled once more at her beauty. Why were her nipples always hard though? Her arms were by her side and I saw the inviting white panties once again. These were a slightly different style and seemed somehow flimsier. Her mouth was slightly open and every now and then she would let out the gentlest of faint snores.

I placed my hand on her body. This was it, if she was going to wake then this was the time. Stroking my rigid cock with my left hand I cupped her breast with the right, manipulating her hard nipple between my fingers. Feeling braver by the second I rested the tip of my dripping cock on her mouth, the salty precum glazing her lips. I had lost all sense of reasoning now. No flimsy sleepwalking or kiss goodnight excuse could save this situation. If she woke I was done for.

She didn’t stir.

Reaching down I placed the tips of my fingers under her panties. The material was so flimsy they put up no resistance. I felt the fringes of her neat pubic hair. Then, like a man overcome with lust I threw caution to the wind and slipped my hand inside her panties and cupped her warm cunt. I easily located her lips which, to my astonishment, were soaking wet. I slipped a finger then a second into her while I gently gyrated my cock against her mouth. Within seconds escort pendik I could feel the cum welling up. I knew I should break away, but I couldn’t. I was powerless to stop it as my cum splashed over her mouth and face, my fingers gliding across her swollen clit.

Night 5

Dad would be back tomorrow. My plan was frightening yet exhilarating. Could I…would I dare to? The weather had cooled slightly. She lay there in her baby doll night dress. I could see she was naked underneath, the shadow of her pubic hair visible through the see through material. Why had she not worn panties?

It was simplicity itself to raise the material a few inches. For the first time I clearly saw her neatly trimmed exquisite vagina. Her legs were parted a couple of inches and I could see her lips, for some reason already moist. Maybe she was having erotic dreams. I leaned down and rested my mouth at her entrance. Sucking slightly she seemed to become wet almost instantly.

Gently I eased her legs open, she put up no resistance. This would be the tricky part, how could I climb on top of her without waking her? Using my strong arms to bear all my weight I found my face a few inches above hers, my legs between hers. No part of our bodies were touching. I looked down and could feel the twitching head of my cock almost straining to enter her. Slowly oh so slowly I eased forward. There! My cock had made contact with her fleshy outer lips. This was the point of no return. Resisting the urge to collapse on top I nudged my wet cock little by little until her opening yielded to me like a blossoming rose.

Inch by inch I slid my cock inside her cunt. There was hardly any friction, she was soaking. My plan had been to withdraw in plenty of time. But lust had other ideas. I tensed up every muscle in my body in an attempt to thwart my ejaculation, but to no avail. In a mighty release of energy I shot what seemed like a pint of cum deep inside her. All the while stifling my moans and steeling myself to prevent falling on top of her, I let my erection subside completely until it shrank from her with a slight slurp.

I eased myself from the bed and made my way to the door.

Just as I left the room she groaned slightly then muttered – “I love the moon”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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