The Man in the Woods

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Maybe it was the sunset.

Maybe it was the impending rain.

She didn’t know what it was, but there was something different. Something electric. The dying light bled down through the trees across the face of a man that she thought she knew. There was something in that filtered light of early evening that made him even more desirable. A way that urged her to act on those fantasies that she had kept hidden in her secret heart.

She could smell the coming rain on the wind as it drifted lazily through the maze of trees and brush, the smell of summer. Maybe spring was known as the time for lovers, but the summer had always done it for her. Hot and moist, at times pungent. Like the light scent of his sweat that teased her nose.

The Man in the Woods exerted a kind of benevolent control over her. He had since the day she had met him, standing against a tree and watching her walk along the worn path beside the creek that led through the deep, dark woods. She asked his name many times, but he would never tell her, and he never asked for hers. How many weeks had she been walking with her new friend? Three? Four? And she still didn’t know what to call him.

This day had been different from the start. For one thing, the way he was dressed. He was leaning against his tree, as always, but gone was the rugged flannel shirt and heavy boots. He stood there nonchalantly in nothing but his faded blue jeans. His feet were bare against the floor of the forest and his triangular shaped torso disappeared into the narrow band of his pants. For the first time she was being given the opportunity to take in the sight of the muscles that had teased her waking dreams for the last few weeks. She was tortured with wonder at the thoughts of what was under his tight shirts, the muscle apparent, but modestly covered.

She liked what she saw. He was well built, but not overly large. His skin was a deep tan, probably due to the Native American blood that obviously flowed through his veins. His hair was long and black, and for once, unbound. It spilled over his shoulders and down his back.

“Can I walk with you?” he asked. He always asked the same question, never presuming. She smiled when she said yes. Could this handsome man be so naïve as not to realize that the only reason she walked in the woods everyday was to see him?

Her blonde hair was tucked deftly away from her face, underneath the hood of her red sweatshirt. The red of the shirt was the only splash of color to stand out amid the lush greens and earthy browns of the woods. She wore cut off denim shorts and ankle socks and sneakers below the red sweatshirt. The flapping tails of her white cotton blouse fluttered in the breeze where they hung from under the sweatshirt.

They walked along the edge of the creek together for some time, watching as the sun began it’s descent in the western sky and the rainclouds began to gather darkly in a line to the east. The scent of copper came on the wind as the smell of the distant rain blew through the forest. The leaves turned their white undersides skyward with the updraft of the wind.

And that was when she came to the full realization that she wanted this man. Right now. This quiet, unassuming man who walked and spoke with her for hours, never needing anything from her in return. That he didn’t need her seemed to make her want him more. He wasn’t aloof; he was just comfortable, confident. The smoothness of his walk and the grace with which he moved belied a sense of pure unselfconsciousness. The Man in the Woods was truly at home in his skin. At home in the forest.

He looked her in the eye and knew what was on her mind immediately. She looked away nervously, wondering how much truth he had seen in her face. She had nearly been lost in his steel gray eyes. Lupine eyes.

“I want you,” he said matter-of-factly. “Will you have me?”

“What?” she asked, incredulously. She knew she heard him, but his words had stunned her. “What did you say?”

He stepped closer to her and she involuntarily backed away from him. When her back came into contact with the trunk of a large oak tree she abandoned her thoughts of flight. Where would she run anyway? Did she even want to run? The unexpected nature of his advance caught her off guard. It wasn’t how she was used to being approached by men. It wasn’t a corny line in a city bar. It was an honest statement and a serious question, spoken with a purity of mind and an innocence that was out of place in such a lustful proposition.

“I said, ‘I want you. Will you have me?’”

She didn’t move, the stability of the huge tree at her back helping to hold her up on wobbling knees. She didn’t speak, her lips merely trembled.

He leaned against the tree, an arm on either side of her head, as bahis firmaları he leaned slowly down, putting his face level with hers. He whispered again, “Will you have me?”

She lowered her blue eyes and reached her hands out, taking his hips and guiding him against her body.

She felt his muscled chest pressing against hers, forcing her shoulders back against the curve of the tree trunk, making her breasts stand out, high and proud. He took the zipper to her red sweatshirt and brought it down in one fluid motion, sweeping it from her shoulders. He stripped her of the sweatshirt and discarded it at their feet. Her nipples were erect under her flimsy blouse, poking out under the white cotton.

His hand snaked up her body from thigh to breast, his fingers capturing her nipple, rolling it, pinching it. She moaned softly, turning her head and closing her eyes, taking in every sensation.

He leaned in and she tilted her head to receive his kiss, her mouth slightly open, lower lip still trembling. She felt the familiar hot, wet sensation in the juncture of her thighs, but rarely this hot or this wet. Her pussy pulsed along with her pounding heart and she began to subtly thrust her hips forward, grinding her mound into the hard bulge in his pants.

Just short of completing the kiss, he stopped, extending his tongue slowly and softly, tracing it delicately along the edge of her lips. Feather soft and deliberate, his tongue stretched out and licked her full lips. Her tongue waited impatiently, desperately wanting to reach out and welcome his into her mouth, but she held back. The longing was exquisite torture and she was about to burst when he finally crushed her lips to his.

Too soon he broke the passionate kiss, pulling away from her with a quick, soft bite to her lower lip, tugging it gently with his teeth. With one hand he pulled her hair, maybe a bit too roughly, but she had no complaint. With the other hand he began working the button and zipper of her denim shorts, expertly opening the front of her pants to his exploring fingers. Her panties were pink and brief and offered no resistance as his hand dove beneath the thin elastic waistband, through the sparse covering of hair, and to her boiling center. His fingers nudged and teased her engorged clit, stroking it softly. He nibbled at her neck, drawing her skin into his mouth and brushing it lightly with his tongue. The pressure of his teeth and the softness of his tongue combined to drive her over the edge.

Buttons be damned, she thought, ripping open her blouse, exposing her firm, pink tipped breasts. Her own hands found their way to his head, entwining fingers in his long hair and urging his head down to her breasts. He happily complied, moving down and sucking one pink nipple into his mouth. As she moaned from the new sensation at her breast, he slipped a finger tentatively inside of her, eliciting an even stronger moan.

As with her lip, he bit softly on her nipple and tugged, slowly rolling his tongue over the puckered skin surrounding it. He pushed her away from the tree, just far enough to slip the white cotton blouse completely from her body, and then he pushed the bare skin of her back against the rough bark, as he moved to the other nipple. She squeezed and released handfuls of his hair, pressing his face to her chest, as he dropped the white blouse on top of the red sweatshirt.

A small cry escaped her lips when the finger in her pussy found just the spot. Taking that cue, he concentrated his ministrations in that area, and soon she was coming. Her body rigid against the tree, eyes squeezed tightly shut, as the small spasms coursed through her in slow, undulating waves. She pressed herself greedily against his hand, wanting the waves to go on and on. The sensations at her breast and her groin were overpowering, her body in spasm, breath ragged.

The distant rain finally caught up to them, coming down through the heavy forest canopy, making the woods around them sizzle with every little drop. The cold rain on their hot skin sent up little plumes of steam, and he let out a moan of pure ecstasy, low and drawn out, luxuriating in the feel of the water on his flesh. He turned his face up, letting the rain drip lazily onto his face, into his mouth. She cast her eyes down and watched the tiny rivulets making their way down his muscular chest and abdomen, through the little line of hair coming up from the waistband of his jeans and disappearing into them.

Brazenly, she allowed her tongue to follow their trails, dragging her tongue hungrily down his neck, biting and kissing as she went. Down over his chest, stopping to lick and suck his nipple. Biting and kissing down over his belly. She soon found herself on her knees in front of him, eyes fastened on kaçak iddaa the tautly stretched fabric of the denim over his groin, the shape and size of his cock obvious as it pressed against his hip. She nibbled along his shaft through the jeans, up to the head and back down, pressing soft kisses against the bulge of his testicles.

He thought he was going to explode when she dragged her teeth firmly along the same path that she had just nibbled, her hands coming up and massaging his balls as she did this. He groaned heavily, fists clenched at his sides, fighting for control.

The button was hard to open, due to the tightness of his pants, but she managed. Her fingers took the clasp of his zipper and pulled down slowly, one agonizing tooth at a time. When she finally had lowered the zipper enough to allow, his cock sprung out, achingly hard and visibly pulsing. With every beat of his heart it leapt slightly, feeling like it was a foot long and dangerous. The head was a dark purple and the shaft had one large vein running across the top. It disappeared into the patch of wiry hair at the base of his abdomen.

A glistening drop of clear liquid formed in the slit at its crown and she darted her tongue out, touching it briefly to the tip of his cockhead. The little drop held to her tongue in a long, thick string before breaking and dropping onto her bottom lip and chin.

Wrapping her hand around his cock, she gripped it firmly, giving a little squeeze and watching with delight as more of the clear liquid oozed out. He groaned again, reaching out and placing his hands gently against the sides of her head, urging her forward, pleading wordlessly. She looked up and met his gaze, staring down at her with those gray eyes, hungry and needful, almost violent in their gleam. His lips were parted and he breathed slowly and heavily through his mouth, his chest heaving.

One long shiver coursed through his entire body when she finally bent her head and took him into her mouth. Her eyes had been just as hungry as his and she devoured him ravenously, sliding her lips up and down his hard length, feeling every ridge and sinewy knot beneath the skin. She let her saliva pool on her tongue and spread it liberally over his shaft, slipping her mouth down until her nose was pressed into his pubic hair, and then pulling back slowly with a long sucking motion, before diving right back down. She took him into her throat and coaxed him with the muscular contractions she could produce, summoning the load from his churning testicles. She pulled back once more and heard him grunt and then groan again, feeling his cock swell further in her mouth.

“Not yet,” he breathed, desperately pulling his throbbing hardness from her mouth. He was going to explode if she didn’t stop and he had very precise intentions for his seed. It was not to be wasted.

A few more loving licks along his cock was all she had time for before he grabbed her shoulders and brought her to her feet. Once again, he pressed her back against the oak tree.

The Man in the Woods slid down her body onto his knees, his tongue delving quickly into her belly button, and then sliding down to the edge of her little pink panties. As he nuzzled her sex through her shorts, he slipped off her shoes and socks, his big hands slipping leisurely up her legs. From her ankles to her knees he teased her skin with his fingertips, a slight tickling across the backs of her knees. His hands reached up behind her, grabbing her buttocks and pressing her body to his face. He grabbed the loosened waistband of her denim shorts, brought them down smoothly and she stepped out of them, arching her back against the tree for stability. Just as quickly he brought his hands back up and grabbed the elastic band of her panties and brought them down, baring her completely to his eyes.

Leaning his head forward, he placed a firm lip kiss into the fine covering of pubic hair above her cleft, inhaling her scent deeply as he pulled away. Driven by her smell, he lunged at her, biting into her hip, the last vestiges of his self-control being all that stood between pleasure and pain. A surprised gasp, followed by a soft moan, answered his bite.

The rain began to come down heavier, the canopy of the forest barely slowing the drops. A cool wind picked up, twisting through the trees like a sentient being, seeking and finding the two lovers. They both shivered, but only partly from the chill.

The man picked up her right leg and placed it over his shoulder, spreading her for his kiss. His tongue moved out slowly, pushing the few strands of hair out of its way as it found her clitoris, engorged and reddened. She raised her head and cried out, one arm bent back along the trunk of the tree, the other holding his head. She involuntarily kaçak bahis ground her pussy onto his face, hard against his mouth. Her left leg nearly buckled when he curled his tongue around her clit and gently sucked it into his mouth, coaxing her orgasm in much the same way she had attempted to bring his. He sucked at her softly, yet voraciously. He was a man starving for her, trying to engulf her entirely into himself. A deep, resounding growl rose from his throat, the air vibrating from his lips and sending her once again over that edge.

She let out a small scream just as a distant clap of thunder began to rumble over the forest. She rode the waves of the thunder as it faded away. She screamed again, another orgasm ripping through her, pulling her entire being to her center. To his mouth.

The tree bark was rough on her back, possibly cutting her, but she was beyond caring. She leaned forward, pressing harder to his lips, and then slamming herself back against the tree in pure wantonness, over and over. There was no pain.

She didn’t realize it when he brought her leg from his shoulder and back to the ground, so lost in ecstasy was she. Her body trembled still, the remnants of the climax still rippling outward from her core, as she sagged against the oak, eyes closed. Every nerve in her body refocused its intention to carrying on the devastating feelings coursing through it.

The ripples were coming slower as the thunderstorm grew ever closer. She tried to sink into the tree, to feel everything at once. She felt the cool rain dripping on her skin, a trailing drop running to, and then going around her nipple. She curled her toes into the wet, mossy ground. The soft murmur of the rain on the leaves sang to her.

A loud clap of thunder brought her out of her reverie and her eyes snapped open. She gasped, startled, as she realized that she was face to face with the Man in the Woods again. He was gazing at her with a predatory gleam in his ice-gray eyes.

In one move he was against her body and inside her, sliding up into her as she stood against the tree. With his hands on her hips he raised her and lowered onto his cock, thrusting himself madly into her, too insistent too care about anything else.

She turned her cheek against the tree, exposing her neck, and he could no longer hold back. A bestial groan escaped his lips, followed by a snarl through clenched teeth. Every muscle in his body was wire taut, the force of his thrusts lifting her from her feet, suspended between the tree and the man. She planted her feet firmly on top of his thighs and rode him, taking each pounding stroke as deep as gravity and flesh would allow.

His eyes remained focused on the smooth curve of her neck, the delicate slope to her shoulder. The saliva began to slip from the corners of his mouth and he couldn’t take it. He lunged forward and bit her, hard. Too hard. She cried out, but she never broke her stride. He tasted a small bit of her blood on his tongue and it drove him to the point of rage.

Lightning split the sky just above, with an instantaneous crack of thunder. Not far away from the lovers, a tree fell, burnt and smoldering. The rain was now pounding down on them. The wind driving it down and into the forest, hard against their rutting bodies.

She screamed with another orgasm and he howled with rage and pain and lust as he emptied himself inside of her. Thunder and lightning crashed above them, pale in comparison to the rapacious nature of the beast coursing through both of them. He looked into her eyes and saw the lightning flash. She looked into his and saw the truth of what he was. They rode out the storm and the passion, moving slowly, kissing and touching. She brought her feet back to the ground, pumping her hips slowly, letting him go soft inside of her as the storm blew away, almost as quickly as it came.

At last, he slipped from her sheath and he stepped away from her. They said nothing. The rain dripping from the forest canopy, the receding thunder, and their breathing were the only sounds. With his hand he softly stroked her cheek, gazing intently into her eyes. Then he turned and walked away, naked, into the heart of the forest.

She watched him go, knowing she would never see him again. Touching her hand to the bleeding bite at the bend of her neck, she winced absently. The pain was negligible, but it would surely leave a scar. That scar would be the only thing left to her as a reminder of him.

The thunder rolled on and a wolf howled in the distance, answered by the howls of many other wolves. Through the canopy of trees she could see the moon trying to peak out from behind the lingering storm clouds. It seemed to call to her.

She sighed and sunk to the forest floor, leaning against the tree, exhausted. The scar would remind her, certainly. But as she touched her belly softly and gazed up at the moon, she thought that perhaps there might be something else, as well.

Copyright 2003

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