The List Ch. 04: Sarah-Miss Jenkins

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*****Author’s Note*****

This is part 4 of a series. Although the chapter can stand on its own, it is highly recommended you go back and read chapters 1-3. I hope you enjoy. All comments are welcome. Chapter 5 should be out early next week.

findingmyvoice deserves a big shout out for her awesome editing skills and her very visual suggestions. Without her, this would not be possible.


THE LIST – Chapter 4 – Sarah (Miss Jenkins)

Miss Jenkins, or rather Sarah, tried to make conversation with Shane in the car. She was not very successful, as her words at times were slurred and other times inaudible. What little portions of the conversation he did hear included words like; you, remember, desk, board. One word he could clearly make out was; ass.

Shane didn’t think she would be able to walk to her door by herself. He asked her where her keys were, and she reached inside of her purse to find them.

Shane slid her out of the passenger seat; and hoisted her up like a married couple preparing to cross the threshold. Finding the right key to open the door took longer than expected. He opened the door to a dimly lit foyer then carried her into the living room.

Next to the couch, a small table lamp illuminated the room in a soft yellow glow. Shane eased her onto the couch, placed a pillow under head, and swung her legs up so she was lying on her side. She looked comfortable; her eyes were closed and a drunk, satisfied smile spread across her lips as she let out small sighs.

Shane looked in the hall closet, where he found a throw to cover her up with. When he put the blanket over her shoulder, she woke up.

“Where am I?”

“I brought you home Miss Jenkins, you had a lot to drink. You should get some rest and I will check on you tomorrow before I leave town. You may need some aspirin and vegetable juice to get your day started in the morning.”

“I can’t sleep on this couch. I need to get to my bed. Can you help me up the stairs?”

“Sure thing Mis…”

“Sarah, call me Sarah!”


Shane swept her up in his arms. “Weee! So strong!” she giggled.

Carrying her up the stairs was a little more difficult. Due to the narrow hallway, Shane had to turn her so her head would not hit the wall. He extended his left arm out bracing her head, and twisted her parallel to his body. His right hand ended up on her ass to support her weight, accommodating for the awkward position.

“I’m sorry Miss J…” Sarah glared at him. “Sarah. I just need to balance you better up the stairs.” She smiled and wiggled her butt.

Placing her feet on the floor in the bedroom, Shane helped her stand. “I need some help,” she said, stumbling a few steps while reaching behind her to unzip her skirt. “Can you pull the covers back for me?”

Shane moved to the bed and pulled the covers back far enough for her to get in. He turned around to find she had shimmied her way out of the skirt, which lay at her feet. She was unbuttoning her blouse, exposing the top of her breasts and a white lace bra, which matched the white, French-cut panties she wore.

Yes, Miss Jenkins is on my list. Yes, I could use this opportunity to cross her off. No, I will not take advantage of her.

While Shane was distracted by his thoughts, Sarah had fully undressed and pushed Shane onto the bed. “Do you still think I’m hot?”

“Umm…Yeah, but this isn’t right Sarah. You are drunk.”

“Are you afraid of taking advantage of me while I’m tipsy? I thought you might like to make a fantasy come true, since I’m in the mood and you are obviously getting there too.” Sarah pushed her thigh into his crotch.

Shane couldn’t control his erection. Miss Jenkins had the sweetest ass he had ever seen, and now he was seeing it bare, laid out in front of him like a buffet.

“I know all of you boys liked my ass. I noticed you looking; could feel all of your eyes burning holes through my skirts and pants. Why do you think I purposely dropped the marker? It turned me on thinking about the way you stared at my ass when I bent over to pick it up.” Shane exclaimed to himself, I knew it!

“You aren’t the only one who had fantasies. Many nights while grading papers, I would think about all the bulging pants I saw, watching them pass my desk. Yours caught my eye several times. You were never able to hide yours easily.”

“Um, Sarah, I think the alcohol has gotten to you.”

“You may be right. I don’t want to pass up an opportunity. Have your way with me Shane,” she pleaded.

“You need to get some rest. Tomorrow, I will check on you before heading out of town. If you still feel the same way, when you’re sober, you can tell me. If not, we will not mention it again.”

Struggling with his conscience, Shane tucked Sarah into bed. He gave her a short kiss on the forehead as she smiled and drifted off to sleep. Shane locked the door behind him, and headed to his parent’s house.

It had been bahis firmaları a strange day; running into Charlene; having amazing sex with her; and Miss Jenkins, or rather Sarah, making drunken advances on him. Who in their right mind would turn that ass down? Am I an idiot?

Shane’s emotions were running wild by the time he got home. His mother had been waiting up for him, as usual. “You’re home kind of early aren’t you?”

“It’s not that early. Besides, I have to head home tomorrow and need to get some rest. It’s been a…interesting night.”

“Oh? Did some pretty classmate peak your interest in something?” Shane knew she was referring to finding someone to marry.

“You could say that,” Shane smirked to himself; wanting her to think he had a possibility in mind.

Turning in for the night, Shane hit rewind on his mental recording of the day’s events. Rolling the film over and over in his mind, he fell asleep thinking about the opportunity to take Miss Jenkins.

Morning arrived too quickly. His head hurt and he hadn’t slept long. Shane packed his things, said goodbye to his parents, and headed to the Mediterranean grill Charlene had introduced him to yesterday.

After forty-five minutes, he decided to call Charlene to check on her. The phone rang several times before the voicemail picked up. Shane left a brief message stating he would wait for a bit longer, but would have to head out soon.

Immediately after he hung up, his cell phone rang. The caller ID informed him Charlene was calling. “Hey Charlene. I just left you a message.”

“I’m so sorry Shane. I had to leave town last night. My mother was taken to the hospital.”

“Is everything okay? Do you need anything?”

“She will be fine. I’m sorry I missed our lunch date. I will call you once Mom is out of the hospital.”

They said goodbye and Shane headed back into town, stopping in front of Miss Jenkins’, Sarah’s house. It’s hard to call her Sarah. He rang the doorbell and heard her say, “Come in,” through the screen door. He entered to find Sarah on her way into the living room carrying two drinks as if she was expecting him at that exact moment.

She was wearing a flowery sun dress, short and flowing. The top was cinched against her bodice, but what caught Shane’s eyes was how the back of it rested on the top of her ass, accentuating it, before flaring out. Shane could picture it like he had x-ray vision. He had done it many times before. This time however, he had a mental picture of what it really looked like; no need to imagine after last night’s preview.

“Shane, I want to thank you for getting me home safely last night. I’m sure I made quite a fool of myself. The only thing I remember was dancing, you carrying me inside, taking my clothes off, and falling asleep. I have no idea how I got upstairs and into bed.”

Shane pondered if he should fill in the gaps for her. “You were pretty lit up last night.” He looked at the end table to see a bottle of aspirin and a V8. “I see you took my advice,” he said, pointing to the end table.

“Thank you, it worked perfectly. So, what else did we talk about last night?”

Shane’s stomach knotted as he debated what to tell her.

“Don’t be shy. We’re both adults. Give me all the details and don’t leave anything out.”

“Okay. It was a short conversation really. You asked me if I thought you were still hot then you told me you knew us boys were always staring at your behind, and you purposely bent over for us.”

Blushing, Sarah said, “Wow, that’s embarrassing. Is that all I said? I know when I get drunk I don’t have a very good filter.”

“No, you said more. You told me about how you got turned on seeing the bulges in our pants walking past your desk.” Shane paused, waiting for the deep crimson hue of embarrassment to fill her cheeks before he continued, “Then you said you needed to go to bed.” He left off the part about stripping down and pinning him; practically begging him to make their fantasies come true.

Sarah stood and turned toward the kitchen. When she did, the napkin she had been using as a coaster fell to the floor. She spun fast and bent over, straight-legged. Shane suddenly sprung fully erect in his pants as he got a full view of her ass when her dress flew up. Her ass was plump, round, and naked; no panties.

She stayed bent over for several seconds before retrieving the napkin. Shane shifted in his seat hiding his raging hard-on after she went out of view. She returned to stand in front of him.

“You never did tell me what you answered to my question about being hot.”

“Oh, Uhm, Very. You don’t look a day older than the day I left for college, twenty years ago. It’s like time stood still.”

“Do you know what the difference is between my getting turned on with you boys staring at my ass then, and you staring at my ass a minute ago?”

Flustered at being caught, Shane said uncomfortably, “No, I don’t.”

“I can do something about kaçak iddaa it now!” Sarah pounced on Shane, placing her knees on either side of him on the couch. She pushed his head back and kissed him. Shane could feel the heat of her vagina as she sat directly on the bulge in his pants.

Pulling her lips from his, she cupped his face in her hand, and looked deep into his eyes. She smiled and whispered, “Someone’s excited. Grab my ass!”

Shane reached around her, placed his hands on her ass and squeezed. The feeling was everything he thought it would be; meaty, soft, and firm. “Yeah, that feels good doesn’t it?”

“Yes, but, Sarah, do you really want to do this?”

Sarah sat up straight. She placed a finger to the side of her mouth as if to think. She smiled, biting her fingernail, and said slyly, “Have your way with me Shane, like I asked you to last night.” She arched her back, thrust her hips forward, and pulled his head up to rest on her chest.

Shane realized she had been playing him. The napkin was dropped on purpose, like in high school. He grinned respectfully at her ruse. Sarah was right. There wasn’t anything that could be done in the past to alleviate the tension brought about by fantasies between a teacher and student. He wasn’t her student any more.

Still grinding on him, she pulled his shirt over his head and placed her hands on his chiseled chest. Her long hair fell around her face when she lowered her mouth to take in one of his nipples. Sarah sucked and used her tongue to draw a circle around it. Shane had moved one hand to the front of her and fondled her breast. He pinched her nipple through her dress while she continued to suck on his.

Her palms spread flat over his rippling abs, making their way down to his pants. She undid the fly and pushed with her hands at the edge.

Putting his arms between her legs, he grabbed the top of both his pants and underwear, and pushed them down past his knees. On his upward approach, he seized the hem of her dress, pulling up until it rose above her tits. Sarah lifted her arms, offering Shane the needed access to remove her dress completely.

Shane traced the contours of her body. One hand stopped on her tit. He squeezed and rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His other hand travelled down her body and found its target. His fingers traced along her swollen sex. She shuddered and shifted, sending out a ripple of heat. He accepted the invitation and dipped his fingers inside. The escaping lubrication both coated and coaxed his driving fingers.

Sarah helped Shane knead her breast and pinch her other nipple to match his pressure. She pulled on it; stretching it. Letting go, she cupped her tit and brought it to her mouth. Her tongue snaked out of her lips to flick at her nub before they opened and clamped onto it. Shane watched her teeth grab the nipple as she closed her mouth around it, and sucked; releasing it with a popping noise.

She cupped her other breast inviting Shane to suckle her. Sarah continued to lap at her breast as Shane watched out of the corner of his eye. Whenever she bit down, he did. When she licked he licked; sucking, biting, and lapping in time with each other. Her moans ensured him she was enjoying it. Sarah leaned forward for him to get closer to her.

Shane could feel her legs trembling from holding herself up. He caressed, massaged, and lightly spanked her ass cheeks before grabbing them, taking the weight off of her legs. She was wet; he was hard; they were hot. Sarah lowered herself onto him. Shane knew to sit still until she was able to get used to his size. Every couple of pushes down on him she took more into her.

“AHHH!” she sighed reaching the bottom of his shaft. She began to rock back and forth, side to side, until she was rocking and rolling her hips like a belly dancer. She made his penis touch every part of her insides before slowly sliding up and down on him with short strokes.

Her muscles tensed and released, siphoning his cock. “Oh my GOD!” Sarah screamed.

Shane heard the screen door and remembered the front door was wide open. Anyone outside could hear them.

A male voice spoke, “Are you ok Miss Jenkins?” Footsteps could be heard making their way to the living room.

Shane’s heart stopped. Sarah continued to ride him, quickening her pace. “Mmmm. That feels so GOOD!” She panted and rolled her hips more.

Shane heard the footsteps turn. The front door closed, followed by the screen door. Whoever had come in, realized what he was hearing, and respectfully backed out, shutting them off from the world.

His hips thrust up against her as he played with her tits, squeezing, pinching, sucking, and biting them like she instructed earlier. Both of them were moaning, gasping, and inhaling sharply. Sarah’s thighs started shaking and her grip on Shane’s shoulders tightened.

“Make me cum Shane. Make me cum, please!” Begging, she stopped pushing on him, and stayed in one place kaçak bahis as he hammered up into her powerfully. Dropping herself down, impaling herself, she wailed, “I’m CUMMING!” Shane could feel her fluids gushing over his shaft.

“I know what you really want,” she teased, as she stood up and assumed a position on the floor in front of him. On her knees, with her forearms touching the floor, she beckoned to him, “Come get what you always dreamed of. Stick your big cock in my ass and fuck me hard!”

“You’ll have to teach me Miss Jenkins, I’ve never done this before,” said Shane, playing the shy school boy.

Without correcting him, she responded, “Mmmm. Miss Jenkins is going to have to instruct you in a naughty extracurricular activity. I’m a bad, naughty teacher, aren’t I?”

“You were never a bad teacher Miss Jenkins, but you sure are a naughty one now! What’s the first lesson?”

Sarah reached between her legs to find his cock and backed toward him guiding it to the entrance of her pussy. “First, we need to get it nice and wet. Lots of lubrication is the key.”

“Stick your finger in my cunt and get it really wet.” Shane placed his index finger into her. He could feel her quivering and trembling and got his finger as wet as he could. “That’s it,” she said as she moaned and grinded against his hand.

“Shove your cock in my pussy to keep me flowing and rub your finger around my asshole” Shane followed her directions and circled his finger around her dark, wrinkled dimple, making it glisten with her cum. “Good, Shane, just like that,” she said as she pushed back against his curious finger. With a natural impulse, he dipped his finger down to where his cock was gently moving back and forth, to collect more of her sweetness, then pushed as much of it as he could into her puckered hole.

He slowly tried to invade her dark tunnel with his finger, trying to work her cum down inside. “Someone’s an eager learner. I see you have taken it upon yourself to excel in your studies. You always were an over achiever.”

She gasped as his finger entered her, pushing past the tight outer ring into her anal cavity. Sarah pushed back and forth on his cock and finger. “Good job! Now take it out and get another finger wet. Use two this time.”

He did as he was told and got his second finger wet. He pulled out of her in order to put his fingers into the natural lubrication factory. Shoving his cock back in, he pushed both of his fingers into her asshole and started moving them like a piston. He could feel his fingers pressing against his cock through the thin wall of tissue separating them. Sarah backed up forcefully, making sure his fingers sunk in as far as they could go. “Uhn, UHN!” grunting, as his finger continued to fuck her ass. His cock slammed into her, his balls slapped against her.

Shane didn’t know how much longer he could hold out. Seeing his fingers working in and out, feeling his cock and fingers work together, and hearing the sound of Sarah’s pleasure were hard to resist.

“Ok. Take it out of me and place the head of your cock at my ass. Push slowly until the tip is in.” Shane continued to practice his live lessons, doing as she said. He pushed hard, but slow; not wanting to hurt her. The tip all of a sudden popped into place. Sarah shrieked, “Oh Yeah! Stop right there! Don’t push yet!”

Shane waited. He could feel her twisting and shifting, obviously getting used to his size, stretching herself out to receive more of him. “I want you to push as hard as you can until you can’t go any further, wait a second and then pull back out. BUT NOT ALL THE WAY! Leave the tip in my ass, right where you are now. It’s going to feel really tight. PUSH!”

He pushed as hard as he could. Sarah cried out in pain, “OWWW!” Shane stopped immediately. He had only gotten another half inch of his cock in her. “Are you OK?”

“I’ll be ok. It always hurts at first with something your size. Pull out like I said and do it again.”

Shane pulled until the tip of his cock was still in her and thrust forward with all his might. Sarah let out a scream. Shane did not get any further in than he had with the first push.

Remembering her spring of lubrication flowing near his balls, he dipped his fingers into her pussy and got them really yet. He rubbed his fingers around his cock where it met her asshole. “I knew you would figure it out sooner or later. You were always a bright boy.”

Another push and he moved further in. Sarah didn’t scream in pain this time, but moaned. “Now that you have it started, do short strokes and try to push further, little by little.”

Shane followed her command, slowly, deliberately he pushed and pulled. The more he moved, the more lubricated she became. Her hole was tight, but Shane was inching forward with each short stroke.

“Oh yeah, that feels good. Keep going! You’re stretching me so good. Ooooh! Mmmm, don’t stop,” Sarah said breathlessly.

Half into her ass, Shane started extending his strokes into longer thrusts. He found a rhythm with her, and as they opposed each other’s movements Shane drifted in deeper. “That feels so warm and so tight! Miss Jenkins, are you sure you’re ok?”

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