The Lawn Boy Ch. 05

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Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true, the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early sixties and seventies, but should be a concern for everyone today.


It was about seven o’clock in the morning when I left home driving my 1960 International Scout; it was loaded with everything I thought I would need for my first semester of college. As I drove the five hundred plus miles from Tampa to the small teacher’s college located in the mountains of North Carolina, my mind was at first on the life I was leaving behind. Mowing lawns certainly helped me to get to college, but many of the women whose lawns I mowed gave me memories that would last a lifetime.

I knew there were those who thought that the women took advantage of my youth and innocence for their own pleasure, but I think every boy should experience life’s most important lessons with an experienced, mature woman. If I was taken advantage of, it was certainly to my benefit.

Once I hit I-75, about fifty miles north of Tampa, it was mostly smooth sailing up to Atlanta even though there were still sections of the Interstate uncompleted. I spent most of that time thinking about my previous day with Faye and Katie; what a day. I could still smell their sweet aroma and feel the smoothness of their skin, at least in my mind. It was only a little less than three months before I would be home for Thanksgiving. How in the world would I be able to spend time with everyone I wanted to during one long weekend?

I pulled into a truck stop just south of Atlanta to get gas, go to the restroom, and stretch my legs a bit. As I stood in the restroom taking a leak, I was amused by the wide selection of rubbers and cologne truckers had; there were different colors and styles, some I had never seen or heard of, like French Tickler. Oh well, I’m glad I brought my own. As I got into the Scout to continue my journey, a young woman came out of the store struggling with what looked like a Navy seabag; she was a rather cute, dirty blonde with her long hair pulled back into a ponytail.

I had to ask, “Where are you heading?”

With an exasperated look, she sat the stuffed bag down and displayed a crude card sign with ASTC printed on it, “You ever heard of Boone, North Carolina?”

I chuckled, “Not only have I heard of it, but I’m a beginning freshman at ASTC.”

Her entire expression changed as she looked at my tightly packed Scout, “Do you think you have any room in there for me and my bag?”

“Well, how tall are you?”

She looked perplexed, “Five-six, why?”

I scratched my head, “How much do you weigh?”

Exasperated she replied, “One ten, why?”

“I was just trying to determine if you would fit inside or if I would need to strap you to the top.”

She laughed and we began stuffing things here and there to give her room in the passenger seat. Once that was done, I hefted her seabag onto the top rack and strapped it down securely then off we went. We exchanged names as we pulled back onto I-75; her name was Cass, a short version of Cassandra. She commented about how hot it was then lifted her long flowery skirt up toward the dash so the air vents could blow up her skirt and cool her off. Of course being dirty minded, I immediately thought how nice it would be to see what was being cooled off.

As the miles and hours clicked off we got to know more about each other. Cass was from Mobile, Alabama and was beginning her junior year at the same teacher’s college I would be attending. Her parents had given her a bus ticket back to school, but as soon as they left her at the bus station to get to church on time, she cashed in her ticket and hitched a ride to Atlanta with a trucker.

She laughed, telling me, “He was okay, but he did make several suggestions about us pulling over and getting into the back.”

“So, did you?” I asked.

“Naw, I wasn’t in the mood; it was just too hot for that crap. I told him I was having my period and it would be too messy.”

After a few minutes, she asked, “So did you leave a girlfriend behind?”

“No, I’m footloose and fancy-free. How about you?”

“No, I couldn’t handle all the drama of a long distance romance. I’ve seen too many girls try to juggle a jealous, hometown boyfriend while trying to get laid once in awhile at school.” She paused a minute then added, “I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but there are almost five girls to every guy at school. I guess it has something to do with the school being a teacher’s college.”

By the time we crossed into Tennessee we were well acquainted with each other. Cass wanted to find some other girls and share an apartment or house. She had figured it would be cheaper than living in the dorm and on those rare occasions when she had a date, she would have a place to go.

“The guys at school have it made, they can get laid anytime. We bahis firmaları girls often go through some rather long dry spells.”

I chuckled then added, “Well if I can be of assistance, I would be honored to do what I can.”

Cass replied, “You say that now, but when you have girls pining away to get in your pants, you will sing a different tune. Your problem will be trying to sneak them into your dorm without getting caught.”

We exited I-75 near Johnson City and headed east over the west side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After asking bunches of question about her living habits and how she would get along with sharing an apartment with others, I admitted that even though I was supposed to live in a dorm my Freshman year, I had applied as a local student because my family owned a house, a cabin really, not far from the college.

I asked, “Do you think you would like to try sharing a house with me?”

“Are you serious?” she asked then asked another question, “Would I have to screw for my rent?”

I laughed, “No, you would have your own room. We would share utilities, groceries, and cooking and cleaning chores. You could help me with learning about the school, courses, profs, etc. We could try it for a semester and see how it goes. Of course, I wouldn’t discourage you from screwing me if you hit one of those dry spells.”

She laughed, “I may even have one of those dry spells tonight.”

It was almost mid-night when I unlocked the driveway gate to the house. I pulled the switch to the electrical box and we went in to see if everything was in order. A neighbor down the road had been a caretaker for several years and everything was in order. Cass checked out her room and I turned on the water heater so we would have hot water by the time we unloaded the Scout.

With a smile on her face as big as a Cheshire cat said, “I cannot believe I have been this lucky. Now all I have to do is hide the fact that my roommate is a guy from my parents.”

It was almost two in the morning by the time we had the Scout unpacked and our stuff put away in the closets and drawers. When I suggested that Cass take her bath, she surprised me.

“Why don’t we save on the utilities and take a bath together?”

I smiled and began filling the large, old-fashioned, leg tub; Cass added something for bubbles and removed her top. I removed my shirt and jeans and stepped over to the toilet to take a leak while Cass began brushing her teeth.

I asked, “So is the rule going to be seat up or seat down?”

She removed her brush and spat in the lavatory, “My dad was in the Navy so I know about his obsession with the seat up,” she laughed, “I used to tell him that the reason he wanted the seat up was that he could not hit the smaller target.”

Cass resumed brushing her teeth, as she watched my already swelling cock deliver its stream with perfect aim. I was focused on her firm round “C” cup sized breasts jiggling and shaking in a lace trimmed, white bra. She rinsed her mouth, removed her skirt, and moved to the toilet; as she slid her white, cotton, bikini panties to her knees, my cock went into full rigor and almost jumped out of the fly of my boxers.

As Cass’s stream splashed into the toilet, she reached for my cock. Her fingers moved over the shiny head and down the length of its shaft. I unfastened my boxers and let them fall to the floor.

She looked up at me and smiled, “It’s so pretty and shiny; very nice. I should tell you that, as beautiful as it is, I don’t do oral sex; at least not until I know someone really well. I like to know where one’s cock been before I put it in my mouth.”

I lifted her chin as her stream came to an end and only drops could be heard.

“How do you feel about someone you don’t know very well going down on you?”

She pushed her panties to her ankles then gave them a toss with her foot then reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, unharnessing a beautiful pair of firm, round, orbs adorned with light pink nipples.

“Oh, I would love that. I have only known a few guys who would do that.”

I flushed the toilet and we stepped into the deep roomy tub. Cass slipped down to her chin; her quarter sized, light pink nipples floated among the bubbles. I lifted a foot out of the water and began kissing it; Cass giggled. Minutes later I lifted the other foot and covered it with kisses. I washed her entire front with a sudsy washcloth then had her to get on her knees and rest her arms on the tub ledge. After rubbing her flanks with the sudsy cloth, I opened her cheeks and slowly washed the crevasse between them; she cooed like a dove.

Cass giggled when my tongue danced around the soft petals of her tightly puckered ass, “I’ve had a few guys finger my ass, but I have never had anyone tongue it.”

I moved close behind her and inserted my rigid cock; the heat of her cunt seemed cool compared to the hot soapy water we were in. The engorged head of my cock easily pushed aside the puffy lips of her vulva to kaçak iddaa assault the slick, pink membranes guarding the entrance to her secret place. She pushed backward with her arms as I pushed forward with my hips; she had every centimeter of my cock in her. I began to slowly push my hips against her, grinding against her as my hands moved the sudsy cloth over her back.

I rinsed her back by dipping the warm water over her with my hand; I dropped the cloth and reached for her clit. Within minutes Cass was grunting and moaning; water was splashing over the sides of the deep tub. I bucked against her rear flanks and created waves. She pushed me back. Within minutes she grunted, arched her back, and her body shook with spasms; she sighed and almost went limp.

“Let me lay back and rest for a minute. We will have to take a cold shower after we get through fucking,” she announced after collapsing in the tub.

When I pushed my legs together Cass’s body floated up and came to rest on the top of my legs; I pulled her hips closer to my still engorged cock. She reached for my cock and began to rub its bulbous head up and down her slick furrow and around her clit.

“So do you think this is better than sharing an apartment with other girls?” I asked.

She smiled a sexy smile, “If you share with the right girls it isn’t all that bad; you learn to help each other through the dry times,” she giggled then continued as she used my cock to pleasure herself, “I have never gone down on another girl, but I have enjoyed mutual petting; sometimes we dry humped each other naked to get off. I have let a couple girls gown down on me”

“You should invite one of your old roommates over for a threesome; you could find out who is the best at eating your pussy.”

“I know one who would love that; I’ll talk to her when I see her on campus. Since we are both clean, let’s get out of here and go fuck in front of the fireplace.

We dried each other off and headed to the living room. I spread a large down comforter out near the fireplace.

Cass barked, “Lay down on your back Freshman!”

I did as she said and stretched out on my back. My cock had deflated somewhat and lay on my thigh until Cass stood over me straddling my thighs; her hands were on her hips and a determined look on her face. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed; she took a step forward and straddled my chest. Her pink, glistening labia peeked through the puffy lips of her vulva covered with light brown, curly pubic hair. I felt my cock pulse at the sight of her; it no longer lay against my thigh. It pulsed again and stood straight up.

Cass dropped to her knees then made a small adjustment; her beautiful cunt was just inches from my lips. She reached down and lifted my head; my face was pressed into her warm, slick lips. My face slid through her juicy treat from my chin to the bridge of my nose. My tongue lapped at her delicious nectar as she bucked her hips to and fro. I had to gasp for breath between her thrusts. Once again, in just minutes, she grunted her way through an orgasm until she was spent.

When she regained her composure, she moved backward and impaled herself on my cock; she leaned forward and kissed the sweet juices covering most of my face. She sat up straight and ran her fingers through her long, dirty-blonde hair; she shook her head from side to side, her long hair seemed to float in mid-air.

“That was wonderful, Freshman,” she said as she squeezed my cock with her muscles.

I teased her, “I think you liked the taste of a juicy pussy.”

“Of course, it was my own; I have tasted it many times.”

“My experience has been that girls, who like the taste of one pussy, will like the taste of another one,” I teased her with a smile.

“I guess you are right, I have tasted other girls on my fingers.”

After some back and forth teasing, Cass got quiet, closed her eyes, and began rocking back and forth on my cock. We were soon in a passionate fuck all over the floor; I rolled on top of her and slam fucked her to the best of my ability then she would roll back on top of me riding my cock wildly. We yelled, bit, and hit each other as we fucked across the floor. I had crossed that point of which there was no turning back. I pinned her to the floor and made my last stand. We were soaking wet with sweat as I began to pump spurt after spurt into her wrecked cunt. The last thing I remembered was Cass getting up and staggering into the bathroom. I woke up the next morning alone on the living room floor.

Cass and I got along well as roommates; we were both serious students and worked hard on our studies. We shared the housekeeping and cooking chores. Since the cabin was located in the woods, there was no lawn work to do. Cass was prompt on paying her share of the expenses.

Both Cass and I adapted easily to living in close quarters with a member of the opposite sex. Neither of us felt any qualms about the other one seeing us nude or in our underwear. The bathroom door was kaçak bahis usually open unless one of us was taking a dump; we each insisted on privacy for that particular body function. Neither of us had a problem if Cass needed to change her tampon while I was shaving.

I was ready when Cass was interested in a quickie before her morning class and she never complained if I was feeling frisky while we cooked dinner; nor was it a problem if one of us said, “let me finish this” or “not right now.” Cass especially liked to crawl into bed with me on rainy or cold weekend mornings.

I didn’t forget my friends in Tampa, I wrote letters to Katie and a half dozen of the women whose lawn I had mowed for years; women with whom I had spent lots of quality time during my coming of age years. Often, I wrote about some fantasy I had imagined or even made up. Cass teased me about the perfumed letters I received in return; I let her read one now and then.

“Wow, this girl is horny!”

I laughed, “This girl is in her sixties,” her jaw dropped.

We both brought our dates home from time to time; occasionally they turned into threesomes. Cass did invite Ellen, one of her old roommates, over for some threesome fun. They put on a show for me when we sat on the floor in front of the fireplace playing strip poker; they entwined their legs and ground their pussies together. Ellen was the more experienced and aggressive one; she would push Cass onto the floor and mount her as if she was a man. When she had Cass really hot, she would force Cass’s legs open and bury her face in the juicy treat between Cass’s thighs. Ellen loved being doggie fucked as she ate Cass’s pussy.

As the fire in the fireplace was dying down, Ellen stretched out on her back. I pushed her legs open and slipped between them with my face just inches from her exposed labia, nestled in a thick patch of dark, curly pubic hair; I pulled Cass beside me. She had fingered Ellen many times in the past as they sought to give each other sexual release, but she had never gotten close enough to see the beautiful pink bed, glistening with the slick juices she had often licked off her fingers. She had never seen the small, white pearl hidden just inside the long sheath that held the bundle of nerves that could send waves of pleasure throughout her body. Cass opened Ellen’s lips to see what her fingers had only felt. She leaned closer; her tongue darted out and flickered over the long sheath. Her lips kissed where only her fingers had explored.

By early October, the warm autumn days were gone and a chill was in the air and frost covered the ground each morning. Cass had written her mother in Mobile asking her to send her sweaters and warm clothes. I was outside chopping wood for the fireplace late one afternoon when I saw a car pull into the driveway. As the large Buick sedan came to a stop, I could see a woman driver through the darkened windows. I was certain it was some salesperson, maybe selling encyclopedias or insurance.

An attractive, well-dressed woman exited the vehicle, “Hello, Is this where Cass lives?”

Her deep South drawl and appearance left no doubt, “Oh my word, you have to be Cass’s Mom.”

“Yes, and who are you?”

I stuttered and muttered; I knew Cass had not told her family that she was rooming with a guy, “I’m Will, I’m…I’m just chopping wood for the fireplace. Cass is at the library with her study group; she won’t be home until about ten.”

“Would you be kind enough to get the box clothes out of the trunk? I guess I can come back later.”

“The house is open; you can come on in and wait for her. I can heat up the pot roast we had for supper,” I told her as I carried the box into the house.

She looked at me as I held the box, “So I gather you do more than chop wood here?”

I decided to come clean, “Yes ma’am, I’m Cass’s roommate.”

I led her to Cass’s room and sat the box on the floor, “This is Cass’s room,” then I pointed the opposite way, “This is my room.”

“So you aren’t sleeping with my daughter?”

“No ma’am, we have never slept together,” and that was the truth; we had fucked all over the house, but we had never slept together.

If you would get my bags from the car, I’ll sleep with Cass.”

I brought the bags in from her car, but instead of putting them in Cass’s room I put them in my room.

“Our rooms are so small, I think you will be more comfortable in my room and I’ll pull out my camping gear and sleep on the floor; I’m used to that.”

We chatted about everything from Cass’s baby days to her studies in college. I tried walking the line between being polite to her Mom and not giving away information Cass didn’t want her Mom to know.

Finally, she said, “Will, you might as well call me, Gilda, since you seem to be taking good care of my daughter.”

I laughed, “Actually, she is taking care of me. She has been a big help in getting me through the ropes of college life my first semester.”

Gilda sat down on my bed and announced, “It’s been a long day; I’ve got to get out of this girdle so I can relax.”

When she lifted the hem of her dress to unfasten her stocking right in front of me, I brazenly asked, “Could I help you with that?”

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