The Lancaster Twins Pt. 08

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Hi! Thanks to you who have asked me to continue this saga. I know some of you want more of the same, but the story has to have some variety. I commiserate with those of you who enjoy only brother-sister incest stories and they really are the best, aren’t they? However, there have to be twists and turns. Hold onto your seats – and whatever else you’re holding!!


Bill awakened Shana several times during the night. He was in quite a bit of pain. She gave him some pain medication at around 6 AM and sat with him until he was in a deep sleep, about an hour later.

The house was cold. She was trying to get the fire stoked when Jackson came in and told her he would take care of it. She kissed his cheek, took a quick shower to warm up, then she got back in bed. She was sound asleep when Jackson went back into the bedroom. He thought how beautiful his mother was and thought back on what they had done the previous evening. She had given him the best blowjob of his life! She was incredible.

As he got back under the covers with her he imagined his sister doing what Shana had done the previous evening. There was no doubt that his sister was incomparable, but she had never been able to take his cock into her throat! That certainly wasn’t important, though. He didn’t care whether she ever did that or not. He loved her and wanted to spend his life with her. He constantly thought about that, even while he realized that it could not happen.

As he lay there, staring at the ceiling as his mother slept soundly beside him, he wondered how he would tell Jennifer what they had done. After all, they had promised each other that they would tell each other of any sex they had with others. Did this count? It did, he realized. But it was more complicated, way more complicated, than it would have been if it were anyone else!

He dozed off and was awakened a couple of hours later by his mother crawling into bed.

“Go back to sleep, Honey, unless you want breakfast. Your grandfather is having a hard time. I’ve been up with him several times. He’s asleep now, though,” she whispered.

Jackson marveled at how sexy his mother looked. Her blonde hair was unkempt and a strand of it hung over one of her gorgeous blue eyes. She looked like a super-model to him. She was tall and slender and so very shapely. She wore an old button-up shirt that came almost to her knees.

She lay down beside him and turned toward him, lifting her cold feet to rub them against his legs.

“Mom! Shit! That’s cold!” he laughed.

“Shhh!” she giggled. “I love you, Jackson. Do we need to talk about last night?”

Jackson didn’t know what to say. He was surprised that she wanted to discuss it. “Well, I don’t know. I guess… I know it was wrong.”

“Yes, of course it was wrong,” she said. “But I have to tell you that I’ve thought about doing that for a long time. Does that make me a bad person?”

“No! You’re one of the best people I ever knew,” he offered.

“We’re not perfect. Nobody is. Would it be worse for me to go and have sex with a man that I don’t love? To have an affair?”

“Mom. I don’t know! What do you mean?” he asked, wishing they were not talking about this.

“I mean I love you more than anyone on earth, except your sister. Even more than I love your father, or your grandfather. I know we crossed a line. I hope you’ll forgive me,” she said, her eyes shining with tears.

“Forgive you? For what?” he asked. “I’m not going to feel guilty about it, if that’s what you’re worried about.” He surprised himself by reaching for his mother, placing his hand at the back of her head and pulling her to him. He kissed her lips as she moaned and began to nibble at his lips. He licked her lips, then inserted his tongue into her mouth. She eagerly sucked it as she moved on top of him, straddling him, her panty-covered pussy pressing on his stiff cock.

“Oh, Baby, that thing is hard all the time!” she giggled. “If you want what you got last night, though, you’re going to have to go shower. I’m finicky about cleanliness.”

“Just like Jennifer,” he blurted out without thinking. Seeing the puzzled, shocked look on her face, he added, “I mean she takes like 10 showers a day.”

“Jackson, is there something you need to tell me?” she asked, a smirk crossing her face.

“No! I mean, what do you mean?” he asked, feeling his face flush.

“I suspected it,” she smiled. “I mean I know about the twin thing and all that, but in the last few months, I’ve noticed a different chemistry between you two.”

“Mom! No! It’s not what you think…” he stammered.

Shana almost laughed at his embarrassment. “Calm down, Jackie. I’m not condemning you for it. I don’t really see how you can help it! I mean, look at both of you. You’re both hot and sexy. How long have you been doing it? Come on, tell me about it!”

“Several months,” he admitted.

“Lucky girl!” she smiled.

“Lucky me!” he mumbled.

“Have either of you been with anyone else? bostancı escort bayan Come on, the cat is out of the bag. Talk to me,” she said eagerly, realizing that her panties were sopping wet. This was the hottest thing she had ever heard in her life. Her own beautiful twins enjoying each other’s bodies! What she wouldn’t give to watch them!

“No, neither of us. Mom, I feel bad telling you this. I promised Jennifer.”

“You’re in love with her, aren’t you, Honey? You know you can tell me anything.”

Jackson nodded. “Yes. I don’t know what to do about it. I know I can’t marry her,” he said as tears began to course down his cheeks. “We’ve talked about moving away and pretending to be husband and wife.”

Shana rolled off of him and lay with her head on his shoulder. “I know she loves you. She’s been in love with you since she was a little girl. She used to tell me that she was. Then, all of a sudden, she never said anything about it. I guess she thought I would think she was weird. But I don’t. I know it’s not acceptable in our society, but it’s silly to say that it’s weird. Why wouldn’t you two love each other? You’re both kind and good and smart and good looking,” she told him.

Jackson sniffled. “You must be the most understanding person in the world. Anyone else would be shocked and would be telling me what a pervert I am.”

“After last night? I’m going to call you a pervert?” she laughed. “Okay, I’ve got to ask. Are you using protection?”

“Yes. She’s on birth control. No worries there,” he told her, surprised at how comfortable he suddenly was and how relieved he was to be able to talk to someone about this.

“I bet it’s beautiful. Sex with someone you love is the most wonderful thing in the world, isn’t it?” she asked. She was so happy – and turned on – that he was sharing this with her.

“It is unbelievable, Mom. I love her so much. It’s like there is nothing else on earth but her…” he admitted, suddenly eager to share this most taboo and secret thing with her.

“Who initiates it? Is it always you?”

Jackson laughed. “No, Mom. I shouldn’t say this about her, but she is insatiable. I am serious. There have been times that I have resolved to stop – but I can’t resist her when she asks for it. I mean… she doesn’t come and ask, usually. We have little signals – you know?”

Shana had a wide smile on her face. “I love that! I am not going to tell you that this thing is right and good, but I am going to tell you that I understand it. That’s all I can do – and if you need to talk about it, I want you to promise you will come and talk to me about it, okay?”

“Are you going to tell Dad?”

“No. I don’t think that would be wise. This will be between me and you – and Jennifer, if you choose to tell her about this conversation. Are you going to tell her about last night?”

“No. I don’t think so, anyway. But I do wish that we both could talk openly with someone about this. That would be you, of course.”

Shana stroked his face. “I’ll leave it up to you, Jackson. You’re precious. Let me get a little sleep, now. If you want… you know… again, later, or tonight… Tell you what, just take a shower, anyway, okay?” she grinned.


Tom dreamed about Jennifer, on and off, all night. He dreamed about having sex with her in every imaginable position. He dreamed that she was sucking his cock as Shana sat in a chair beside the bed, giving instructions to her daughter. He awakened with sunlight streaming through the window, magnified by the heavy snowfall of the previous day and evening. Woozy, he shuffled to the bathroom and took a shower. He figured that Jennifer would cook breakfast when she woke up, but it would be a real treat for her if he made pancakes.

Emerging from his bedroom, he heard the shower upstairs. He couldn’t help but think about the naked body of his daughter. He went into the kitchen, made coffee, and then began to search for the griddle to make pancakes. Unable to find it, he suddenly remembered that Jennifer had made pancakes the previous weekend. Where had she put it?

He climbed the stairs, intending to ask Jennifer where she had put the griddle. He heard her in her room, so knocked on the door. “Jen?”

“Come in, Daddy,” came the reply.

He opened the door and was greeted by the sight of his near-naked daughter sitting on her bed, scrubbing at her hair with a towel. Her firm, spectacular breasts jiggled deliciously as his mouth watered. A towel was draped around her, below the waist, but she was totally unclothed from the waist up. She was utterly gorgeous. What a body!

“What do you need, Daddy?” she smiled, realizing that he was gazing at her bouncing breasts. She loved the way he was looking at her and was eager to show off her body to him as much and as often as she possibly could. She knew that she was a bit of an exhibitionist, but what did that matter? It wasn’t hurting anyone. She had a good body, men liked looking at it, so why ümraniye escort not let them? Of course she wouldn’t let just anyone see her this way, but she loved showing off for her father.

“Um…er…,” he muttered. “Um…the, uh…griddle…”

Jennifer laughed. “You act like you’ve never seen a naked girl before, Daddy! Don’t you remember last night? Aren’t you used to seeing me naked yet?” She stood, allowing the towel to fall from below her waist, revealing her totally naked body to her father’s lecherous gaze.

“I…don’t think I will ever get used to it, Jen. You should not…do you know what you’re doing to me?” he demanded.

Jennifer smiled again. “I sure do. I’m making you have an erection. Right?” She looked into his eyes as she sat on the bed, placing her palms on the bed and leaning back, which naturally thrust her breasts upward.

“Jen,” he stammered. “You should not talk that way and I should never see you like this. Nobody should.”

“Nobody does, Daddy. Except you. Don’t you like it?”

He nodded. “You’re very beautiful, Honey. I just don’t think this is proper. I’m your father. You’re grown, now…obviously.”

“Can I see it?” she asked.

“See what, Honey?” he managed. He knew he should turn around and get out of there as quickly as he should, but he could not bring himself to turn around or to stop gazing at the incredibly lust-inciting body of his luscious teenage daughter.

Jennifer, although trembling slightly with nervousness and lust, was loving displaying her body for her dad. She knew from the expression on his face that he was loving it as much as she was. She could feel the lubrication wetting her pussy. She was ready and willing for anything her father wanted. She was happy to just let him look at her, but if he wanted more, she would give him anything he wanted. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for him.

“Your hard cock, Daddy,” she said boldly. “I can tell it’s hard. I just want to see it. Please?”

This could not happen. He would turn around and go downstairs. Perhaps he would jerk off later, remembering what he was seeing right now. Then he realized that his mind was no longer in control of his body. Had it ever been? He walked toward his daughter and stood within a foot of her bed, directly in front of her. His erect cock was bulging the front of his sweat pants.

Jennifer looked up at him and tentatively reached one hand toward the elastic at his waist. She pulled downward, but the length of his gargantuan manhood was hung inside the material, making it impossible to pull his sweatpants down. She took her other hand and reached inside his pants, grasping his massive truncheon in one hand, pushing it toward his body, as her other hand pulled his pants and underwear down.

His massive phallus sprang out like a cobra striking. She knew it was big, but this was shocking! He was literally hung like a horse! She had seen him pee and had sat in his lap when he had an erection, but she still had not imagined how big he really was. She knew that Jackson was hung very well, but he was not nearly this big. Not as long by at least 2 or 3 inches, and not nearly as big around!

A wave of sheer lust hit her like a tidal wave. She wrapped both hands around the massive phallus and kissed it on the tip, which was already secreting a thick, transparent liquid. She licked it, her heart beating out of her chest. Her own father’s pre-cum! Nothing had ever been this exciting and forbidden! Nothing that she had done with her twin brother was as taboo as doing something with her own father! She felt her loins being flooded with her own natural juices. She knew that she was already making a large wet spot on her bed.

As she grasped his blood-engorged cock and leaned forward to kiss it, Tom moaned. The sight of his naked daughter grasping his cock and then kissing it was almost too much. His mind was in overload. He didn’t know what was going to happen, but he knew that he wasn’t backing out now. He wasn’t going to stop her. In the dark recesses of his mind he still hoped that he could stop himself from pushing her to do more than she was willing to do – but certainly she would get whatever she wanted. She had, unexpectedly, extricated himself from the situation last night and he had been grateful. He wondered if she would do something similar today, but he sensed that she would not. In any case, she was in control and he was more than a willing participant.

“Daddy! It’s beautiful,” she gushed. “I’ve never seen anything like it!” she said as she began to lick around the gigantic head, probing into his meatus with her tongue, starved for more of his pre-ejaculate.

“Baby… Jen! Oh we shouldn’t…” he moaned.

Jennifer opened her mouth as wide as she could and began to force her father’s cock into her mouth. She couldn’t take much of it at all. She was determined, however, and after several efforts, managed to get the head past her teeth. She could not close her mouth, but laved her escort kartal tongue wetly around the corona, causing him to groan in abject pleasure.

His knees felt weak, so he steadied himself by placing his hand on her head. She relinquished his cock from her mouth, giving her aching jaws a rest. When she did, he sat on the bed and wrestled his pants and underwear off.

Jennifer stood, her juices running down the insides of her thighs, past her knees, and down her calves. “Take your shirt off, Daddy,” she ordered, her voice shaky with lust. “I want us both to be naked together.” She bent and pulled his socks off and then kneeled on the floor. He father’s butt was on the edge of the bed. She crawled between his legs and began kissing his legs, his knees, his thighs, loving his near-hairless legs. He was so gorgeous! He was so muscular! What a man! His balls, the size of baseballs, rested on the edge of the bed. The sight of them almost made Jennifer orgasm. This was where the seed came from that created she and her wonderful brother. Her gorgeous father had given his warm seed to her beautiful mother. She wanted to experience the same thing!

Tom continued to moan and groan as his deliciously naked daughter kissed and licked the insides of his thighs, then lifting his massive balls delicately, he felt her wet, warm tongue bathing them with her saliva. She sucked gently at them as she reached upward and grasped his solid cock and began to slowly shuck her hand up and down, smearing his copious flow of pre-cum all over his immense shaft of man-meat. It was obvious to Tom that she knew what she was doing. She wasn’t a virgin – that was one thing he didn’t have to worry about. She knew her way around a cock. With whom and how many times was of no consequence now. This was a woman that knew what she wanted and he was confident that she was about to get it if he could manage not to cum before impaling her on his tumescent organ.

Jennifer held his balls in her right hand and his heavy cock in her left as she continued to lick and kiss it from base to head. She suckled at his meatus and licked around his massive corona with her saliva-coated tongue. She was practically drooling. She was hungry to take his fat prick into her mouth and thirsty for his cum, but her relative inexperience precluded her from taking as much of her daddy’s cock into her mouth as she wanted.

As she sucked at the very tip of his cockhead, she imagined what Jackson would say if he knew what she was doing. Could she ever tell him this? Should she stop? This was so wrong, she knew. It was sin. There was no other name for it. Yes, what she had done with Jackson was sinful, as well, but she could easily rationalize it – they were in love with each other. What they did was incest, of course, but this was incest of a higher order – at least in her mind – this was nothing but pure lust. Yes, she loved her father and she felt that all sex should be based on love, but this wasn’t the kind of love that a woman has for her husband. In her mind, Jackson was her husband, in a way. She shared everything with him. Could she tell him this?

As she thought about how she was going to tell Jackson – or if she was going to tell him – Tom suddenly reached and grasped her underarms and lifted her from the floor. She stood before her naked father as he sat on the edge of the bed. He grasped her firm ass-cheeks and pulled her loins to his face. Inhaling her fresh, feminine aroma, Tom pulled his long-legged teen daughter to his mouth and, without preamble, took her swollen clit into his mouth and began to gently suck it.

The pleasure was overwhelming. Jennifer’s knees buckled as she gasped. “Oh Daddy!” she moaned.

Tom caught her, suddenly concerned that his daughter was about to collapse on the floor. He eased her down on the bed. She scooted up so that her head was on her pillow, opened her legs to whatever her father might want to do to her, and looked into his eyes in expectation. She wanted more of what he had just done, but was reluctant to enunciate her needs to her father. She knew it was ridiculous to be naked with him and to suddenly feel bashful, but she did, nonetheless.

Tom got on all fours and bent his head, again, to her open loins. His immense cock jutted out from his groin like an oak tree on the slope of a hill. Catching a glimpse of it, Jennifer wondered how he was ever going to get it inside her. It was too late to back out. She had come this far. She had purposely titillated her father past his breaking point. She, of course, had fantasized of having sex with him, but now that it was about to happen she began to have doubts. Her body wanted it; of that there was no doubt. Her nipples were swollen and pulsing with need. Her pussy was flowing like a flood-swollen river. Still, her father was hung like a horse. She imagined laying underneath a stallion, her bottom lying on a bale of straw, and trying to put his thick animal cock inside her pussy. Would that be much different?

A slight tremor of fear coursed through her body as he father, once again, took her aching clit in his mouth and began that same gentle sucking. Fuck, it felt good. Her brother was great at this, but he was still learning. Her father was a fucking expert! Of that there was no doubt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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