The Key to Beginning

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Aly sat on her bed, wondering how much of an idiot she was. Sure, she could blame her roommate – it was Michelle that got her into this situation, after all. She really didn’t have a leg to stand on though, her rooommate only gently pushed and she went along with the rest of it.

Every footstep in the hall, or brush of shadow across her door had her sitting upright, with her breath held and heart racing. It had started out as giggling whispers, tales passed down from upperclassman. They called it a key party – girls would place their room key in a hat, and the guys would draw one and go to whatever room the key fit into. It wasn’t long before the whispers turned into half joking ideas, and then more much less joking ideas being talked about among the more inexperienced students at the school.

Both Michelle and Aly were virgins. Friends since middle school, they had dated a number of guys but never anything serious. Michelle heard the whispers first, and wondered late at night about it with Aly. The pair giggled and joked about it, but it was a shock to Aly when Michelle announced that it was happening. An all-virgin key party. Though she had a lot of reservations, Aly was swept up in the thrill and soon the night was here. A fortuitous conversation with friends going out of town got Michelle a separate room to stay in, so Aly had their room to herself.

Aly’s heart leapt into her throat and her thoughts were drug back to the present when a shadow stopped at her door, and the handle jiggled with a key being inserted into a lock. She smoothed her long, black skirt and swallowed. She couldn’t decide what she should be feeling. On one hand, she was terrified about what was likely to come that evening. No man had ever seen her naked, nor had she ever seen a man naked. Aside from an awkward conversation with her mother when she got her first boyfriend, and a very confusing day of class with bananas, she only knew of the general basics of what was supposed to go on. What if she got it wrong? What if he thought she was ugly? Could she escape out the window before he got in the room? Her thoughts raced. What if she was wearing the wrong thing? Michelle had tried to take her lingerie shopping, but now wondered if her simple bra and plain panties were the right thing to wear.

She was spared any further chaotic thoughts as the door swung open and a boy, the boy, a man? The man who was going to be with her this evening stepped into the room. He was taller than her, around 6 feet tall maybe and looking fairly lean. Dusky blond hair sat rumpled on his head. The angry death metal t-shirt he wore – black, of course – stood out in stark contrast to the apparent nervousness that also showed on his face.

He licked his lips and glanced around, before settling his eyes on her. “Oh um…hi.”

Aly didn’t quite know how to react. He was at least as nervous as she was. “Hi.” She smiled, “I’m Aly.”

He smiled warmly back at her. “I’m Tom.” He held up the key, tagged with her room number. “I guess this is the right place?” His eyes looked her over, and she felt a warm flush cross her face. His gaze hung briefly below her face, lingering on the bare skin showed by the open top button of her white blouse.

She shifted slightly. “Yeah, I guess it is. Would you like to come in, and maybe sit with me?”

His smile shifted to a grin and he started forward.

“You um…any chance you could shut and lock the door behind you?”

The startled look on his face had them both laughing. Chagrined, he turned and closed the door, flipping the lock.

Aly continued giggling until he slumped down onto the bed beside her. His sudden proximity drew her short, and she could feel the tingles of nerves returning.

The pair watched each other, not really sure how to continue. Tom finally spoke up, “Any ideas, I guess, on what you’d like to do tonight? I know what we’re supposed to do, but I don’t want you to think that we have to do anything. I mean, I’d like to do things to you, I mean with you, but only if you’d like to. I’ve never really done anything with a girl, which I guess you knew since I’m here, but I’d certainly like to, which I guess you also knew since I’m here. But we don’t have to, we can just…”

Unable to listen to the painful monologue any further, escort kartal Aly leaned in and kissed him. Just a quick kiss on the lips, but they sat again silently and stared for a moment. A heartbeat later, Tom kissed her in return, and this time their lips didn’t part. His hand drew up to her face to pull her into him, and she slid an arm around his back. His free hand wandered across her back and sides.

They kissed and let their hands touch each other freely. Tom gently brushed her butt, and she gave his a little squeeze. He didn’t quite fully grasp her breasts, but his hands stroked the edges of her bra and the swell at the base of her mounds. A flush raced through her, and a tingling sensation between her thighs awoke.

She finally broke the kiss, watching him and catching her breath. “That was a good way to start.” He matched her smile. “You said you wanted to do things to me?”

He blushed faintly. “With you, I don’t..”

Again she stopped him with a quick kiss. “It’s okay, I know what you meant. Why don’t you tell me what you’d like to do… Maybe that’s a good way to continue.”

Tom moistened his lips and nodded, his eyes again wandering across her body. “Okay, yeah, well for starters I’d like to have sex with you.”

She barked a quick laugh. “For starters? I think, or would hope, there might be some steps in between. Why not tell me what you’d like those steps to be?”

His face turned deep red this time. “Oh man, yeah. Okay.” He looked at her thoughtfully, the redness fading slowly. “First, I’d love to kiss your throat. Your lips, too, but also your throat and neck. From there, I think I’d unbutton your shirt. Not fast, though. As much as I want to see what’s underneath I think I’d also like to savor it.”

She felt his gaze burning a hole in the garment. With a whisper, she replied “Show me.”

Without missing a beat, his lips met hers once again. His fingers slid across her body, brushing her chest. As they undid the first button, his kisses moved across her cheek. One hand released her shirt to brush aside her long, raven hair. After a quick kiss on her earlobe, he kissed down the side of her neck. The next button popped free, and he kissed across her throat. His fingers parted her loosened top, and he kissed down her collarbone into her newly revealed cleavage. As he undid the next button, he returned to her throat. She moaned and leaned back, raising her chin to give him better access. As each button fell free, his kisses wandered across her throat, neck and cleavage. When the last button was undone, he returned to her lips.

Breaking the kiss long enough to speak, Aly asked “Then what would you want to do to me.”

Moving to her neck again, he replied “It’s your turn to say what you would do to me”

She smiled and shook her head. “I’m yours. I’ll do what you ask of me.”

He felt his cock stir in his pants at her words. “Okay then. Next I think I would touch your back, chest and stomach, and take off your shirt the rest of the way. I think you should take my shirt off as well.”

Aly again kissed him. His hands slid beneath her opened shirt. His cool fingers were a counterpoint to the fire they traced across her body. He gently brushed at the small of her back, and across her belly. Grasping the base of his shirt, Aly lifted upwards to slide it over his head, before discarding it to the ground. His hands came to her shoulders, and slid her shirt down onto the bed. A flush raced across her face as his hands and eyes ran across her exposed skin.

Again they broke off the kiss, leaning back slightly to take each other in. With gentle fingers, she felt and the lean muscle he carried. He wasn’t ripped, but beneath a faint layer of chest hair he had some definition. He also touched her bare skin, taking in her smooth, milky skin. Her breasts, the size of his fists, still remained covered in a plain bra. Between the cool air in the room and her growing arousal, her nipples stood out dark and hard through it’s white fabric.

Kissing him again, she spoke “Come on, what next?”

“Next? Why don’t I just show you.” He kissed her hard, leaning her back into the bed. His hands wandered everywhere, and his kisses starting working lower across her chest and stomach, taking his maltepe escort bayan time on her cleavage. Gentle hands worked her socks off of her feet, and then slowly worked their way up her calves. They slipped under her skirt, and she felt herself tense slightly as he brushed her knees and thighs. When they came to her hips, he took her panties with both hands, removing them from her without lifting her skirt or breaking his trail of kisses. Though it was still covered by her skirt, she felt a thrill at her now exposed pussy

He discarded her undergarment on the floor and his kisses returned to her lips. Tom lay down beside her. “Take off my pants.”

She fumbled at his belt and fly, before undoing them both and pulling them free of his legs. His boxers were tented hard, dots of precum covering the front. As she went to lay down next to him, he shook his head. “No, sit over me.”

Eyeing his thin boxers and knowing of her partially exposed state, she hesitated before complying. Aly tossed a leg over his hips, and arranged her skirt to cover both their lower halves. He placed his hands on her waist and pulled her into a kiss. The shifting position drew her hips down onto his, and she could feel the heat of his hardened manhood pressing between her thighs. An electric buzz filled her as his cock strained against it’s concealment. Her lips grew slick as she felt his rod near to filling her.

Tom’s hands grasped her bra and undid the clasp. He pushed her upright, settling himself even harder against her exposed pussy, and withdrew the bra from her shoulders. With a gentle hand, he brushed her long hair aside, revealing her now bare chest. Her nipples were rock hard, rosy red thimbles that stood out in hard contrast to her pale skin. With a flick, the bra hit the floor, and his hands slid up her waist. He brushed across the swell at the base of each breast, and circled them. Her skin was somehow even smoother here, taught against the firm mounds that stood from her chest. He took one in each hand, reveling in how they seemed to fit perfectly in his gentle grip. His thumbs gently brushed her nipples, and she found herself unconsciously grinding her hips.

He leaned her downward to take a nipple into his mouth, and she moaned and grasped his head. After a gentle suck of the other breast, he pulled her further down so they could kiss once more. He rubbed and massaged her breasts, and she found her hands on his waist. Shifting slightly to allow herself access, she pulled his boxers from him. The front of the garment was soaked with her arousal and his.

She re-positioned herself at his waist, his now bare cock against her exposed pussy. She felt the skin of his shaft become moist with the wetness that coated her most private parts. Her lips parted slightly as they slid along his length, and she shuddered at how close he was to slipping into her virgin hole. She rocked her hips to move his cock against her pussy.

Tom rolled her off of him and onto her back. As he knelt beside her, she got her first glimpse of a naked man. His cock was standing straight out, bobbing slightly with his heartbeat. He grabbed the waist of her skirt and slid it from her. He stared unabashed at her pussy, grinning slightly.

“Touch yourself, ” he said as his grin widened.


“Touch yourself. Masturbate for me. I want to watch you.”

She nodded and licked her lips. It wasn’t that she hadn’t done it before, she had. She and Michelle both did it the first time together at a sleep over. Not actually together, but giggled discussion led to them trying it out in the secrecy of their own sleeping bags. Another time after a particularly exciting movie, and then occasionally as a needed stress reliever. It was just the intimacy of it all that gave her pause. She brushed it off as a silly thought, the evening was going to get much more intimate.

Aly leaned the pillows against the wall and lay against them, spreading her thighs. Tom’s cock jumped as he saw her pussy already soaked, and he restrained himself from leaping over and taking her right then. One hand slid between her thighs, and she parted her lips to dip her fingers in the wetness. She circled her hole before sliding up to gently rub her clit. Her eyes closed and her hips moved pendik escort bayan slowly against the bed as she softly worked the nub.

Tom wrapped his fingers around his dick and stroked slowly as he watched her. She began to relax into it, her lips parting and fingers increasing in speed, her free hand rising to massage her own breast. Her breath jumped and started, and she opened her eyes to watch him slide his hand over his length. Their eyes were locked on the sex of the other as they stroked and touched themselves.

He released his cock and leaned forward to kiss her feet and calves, working up to her knees. She gasped as his lips caressed her thighs and traced along her hips. She continued to finger herself, moaning beneath him as he continued kissing up her belly, through her cleavage and then to her nipples. She felt his fingers squeeze her breasts as kissed her throat and neck, chills from his lips joining the sensations of her fingers. She shuddered slightly as he settled above her and kissed her lips. His body divided her legs further, and his hands gently tweaked her nipples.

Continuing to rub herself with one hand, her other came up to wrap around his dick. She trailed her fingers across it, exploring him. His pulse throbbed between Aly’s fingers as her hand slid easily across his already dampened shaft.

Brushing her hand aside, Tom slid a finger across her wet pussy. She watched as he parted her lips and began stroking him faster. With her free hand, she guided his fingers to her clit. She released a small cry as he began circling her nub. His fingers moved faster, and she released his cock to grab his hips with both hands. She began to twitch and writhe beneath him, an orgasm racing through her.

She collapsed into the bed, and he lay atop her, his lips finding hers. One of her hands slid between them to grasp his dick, now a bar of fire. She adjusted her hips and hand until his head was pressed against the entrance to her virginity. She rubbed it slowly across her hole as their eyes each searched the other’s face. He relaxed his hips downward and filled her pussy with his rod. She winced as he pierced her hymen, but made no noise of protest as he sheathed himself fully inside her.

He picked himself up on his arms, allowing both a view of where they were joined. They sat still for a long moment, and then he began sliding in and out of her. The tight lips of her pussy clung to his shaft each time he withdrew, her juices coating him with a shine. As she grew accustomed to the feeling of his cock inside her, she moved with his thrusts. He leaned back and watched the beautiful girl beneath him. As he thrust faster, her eyes closed and lips parted. Her breasts bounced in time with his rhythm. She was breathing hard, and her moans grew louder.

He settled into a quick pace, slipping his length in and out of her fully. Aly reached to grab his arm, her grip tightening almost to the point of pain. “Oh..oh..don’t stop, God don’t ever stop, ” she moaned.

Tom smiled and upped his pace, the girl beneath him arching her back with the sensation. He could feel tension building in his balls, the need for release growing. “I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up, ” he panted.

She wrapped her legs around his waist. “No, don’t, you can’t stop, just keep going.”

Tom propped himself up and began thrusting as fast as he could. Aly gave a faint cry, her moans growing louder. Her pussy was slicker now, her juices flowing freely. Her breathing grew fast, and her hips pressed down hard into him. The walls of her sex clamped down onto his cock and she gasped and jumped, her orgasm wracking through her. The feeling of her pussy growing tighter was more than enough to send him over the edge, pumping his seed into her.

The two collapsed into the bed. Their bodies were coated in sweat, their lower extremities wet with their mutual orgasms. Tom traced circles around her breasts as she rubbed his back while they panted heavily.

He looked at her, and she had a curious look on her face as she ran a finger through the trail of semen leaking from her. “I guess it’s a little too late to ask if you brought condoms with you.”

Tom started. “You mean, you’re not on the pill? I assumed, you just kept going so..oh man.”

She smiled sheepishly. “Oops. I guess I kinda got caught up in the moment.” She kissed him. “Next time you’ll just have to shoot that thing somewhere else.”

“Next time?”

The sheepish smiled turned all wolf. “You didn’t think you’d be getting off that easy, did you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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