The “Hot Sister” Folder

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This story involves incest between a brother and sister. It begins with erotic photographs but ends where most stories do, with a couple of good orgasms. I love feedback, especially hearing how it made you feel. Please rate this story and give me comments.


In high school, the majority of guy’s actions are largely influenced by the floods of testosterone raging through their bodies. The only difference for Jude was that he turned his passion into a hobby. Ever since he opened a professional quality digital camera for Christmas during his senior year he had been taking pictures. He had an artistic eye for photographs of all sorts, but especially when his hobby crossed with his passion for the female body. Most of those pictures focused on a body feature which made a woman sexual; her legs, breasts and ass, but also hair, lips and eyes. Nearly all of his photographs were of clothed women, but he had managed to take some more revealing pictures using a telephoto lens. The images where his young hormones crossed with his photographic hobby were private and never shared with others.

Jude’s sister Natalie had recently become his favorite subject. She was a year behind him in school with a body that made his dick swell and college girls green with envy. With only a couple months left of his senior year, Jude had managed to file a very large photo collection of his younger sister with one particularly favorite album.

His favorite included a series of images of Natalie lying on the beach in a small yellow bikini. Jude remembered the day well. His mother had asked him to retrieve his sister from the beach, where she had gone to freshen up her summer tan. It was a very sunny day and the rays were warm, but a chilling breeze blew across the ocean waves and even in a sweatshirt and jeans, Jude felt the wet chill of the air. As he walked quietly through the sand towards his sister his digital camera recorded image after image. She was alone on the beach; the cool temperatures warding off other would be swimmers and sun bathers. When he was within 15 yards of his sister he stopped and laid prone in the sand. She hadn’t noticed him.

Through the mid range telephoto lens of his camera he studied his near-naked sister. Even on her back, Natalie’s young breasts still managed to provide cleavage between them while the small triangles of the thin yellow fabric just capped her perky and mountainous 32B breasts. Her chilled and hardened nipples pushed against their yellow covering, raising the fabric into two pronounced gumdrops of desire. The edge of one of his sister’s areolas had managed to peek out from the yellow cloth like the margin of a petal from a copper flower. The bikini bottom was as revealing as its counterpart. From his position he saw the string of the bikini resting on each hip. A cone of yellow rested atop the mound of his sister’s pubic mount which even offered a barely visible crease to indicate the location of its opening. Between her hip and pubic mound the fabric stretched through the air, not contacting his sister’s bronze skin and leaving nearly a 1/2″ gap revealing the paler, un-tanned skin beneath. Jude didn’t stop taking photographs until his 1 GB memory card was full. Jude had often stroked his cock while the bikini images of his sister flashed across his laptop, but now they seemed to be losing their effect and he was determined to get new material.

Natalie didn’t share her brother’s passion for photography, but had taken the class during her last junior quarter looking forward to an “easy A.” Unfortunately, she had learned that the class actually demanded a lot of extra time out of class and her recent assignment to capture contrast was proving to be difficult. Rather than admit she was having difficulty and ask for her brother’s help she decided to look through his laptop files and find a picture that she could use for her assignment. So one night, when Jude was photographing a school sporting event, she crossed the hall between their two bedrooms, closed the door behind her, sat at his desk and fired up his computer.

When the password protected welcome screen popped up Natalie’s heart sank. First she tried guessing the password with no success. Just before she gave up she saw a yellow post it message on the desk with the word “AnselAdams.” Natalie was good enough of a sister to recognize that Ansel Adams was a famous photographer and after punching in the word, her brother’s computer whirred to life. It was fortunate that her brother didn’t have a great memory.

Natalie browsed through the folders and within a few minutes found a folder labeled contrast and several minutes later had downloaded a couple possible selections onto her thumb drive. As she was closing the series of picture folders one caught her eye obviously referring to her, “Hot Sister”. Natalie opened the folder to find hundreds of photographs of herself dominated by close-ups of various body parts. Initially she felt violated, but she couldn’t help notice the quality of her brother’s bursa escort work. His images captured very erotic views of her in everyday life. Her feelings of violation turned to interest and curiosity. By the time she found the pictures of her in the yellow bikini she had only admiration for his work.

Leaving her brother’s room, Natalie had a new understanding of Jude and his passion and decided that rather than confront and embarrass him, she would make a game out of toying with his obvious interest in her body.


“Hey bro,” declared Natalie from Jude’s doorway the following morning. Rather than her usual robe, she was wearing only a small white towel which was having difficulty covering both areas of her girl parts at the same time.

“Uhhh… hi sis,” responded Jude in disbelief.

“Can you take my picture?” asked Natalie.

No more had the question left her lips than her brother had grabbed his camera.

“Not now silly,” Natalie teased. “I want to update my Facebook profile picture and I want something really sexy.”

“How about tonight after school?” her brother answered. “The light should be perfect for some great shots.”

“Sure,” Natalie answered, before turning and crossing the hall. When she reached her bedroom doorway she tossed her towel across the room and closed the door behind her.

After school was over, Jude and Natalie walked down to the beach. Natalie had brought a few of her favorite outfits.

“Let’s start on the pier,” Jude suggested.

Natalie’s brother let her walk ahead of him and captured some candid shots of her walking in a short black dress. The photography session continued on the pier.

“I want to try a different outfit,” Natalie proclaimed.

“The changing rooms are a long walk, you’ll need to hurry if we’re going to keep the light,” answered her brother.

“No worries,” Natalie replied. “I’ll just change here.”

Quartering away from her brother Natalie pulled off her dress and for a moment stood there in a black lace bra and matching boy short panties. Through the lens of his camera his sister looked like a centerfold and he successfully captured the moment before she had switched outfits. More photographs against the railing, on the shore, looking out toward the ocean and in toward the city were captured before a final change.

This time when she pulled off her clothes Natalie provided her brother with a side profile view, one the camera captured repeatedly before she redressed in tight jeans and a dark blouse with deep cleavage.

Jude hoped that in the waning sunlight his sister wouldn’t notice the growing bulge in his pants.

During the final sitting, Jude’s camera was trained on his sisters beautiful backside. The tight fitting jeans hugs her tight bottom like latex and Natalie was doing a models work shifting her weight and arching her back to draw out the best of her talented ass. Her brother cursed the creeping darkness.

“I guess that’s it,” Jude finally admitted. “The good light is gone.”

“How did I do?” his sister asked.

“You were great sis,” he replied. “Some of these pictures are smoking hot.”

“Thanks,” Natalie didn’t know what else to say. She felt hot posing for the pictures and couldn’t wait to see what her brother had captured.

On the walk home Natalie asked her brother, “So, when do I get to see the pics?”

Jude didn’t want his sister to see the images he had taken of her changing.

“How about tomorrow night?” he responded. “After school I have to take some photos of the drama club for the yearbook.”

“Why not tonight?” Natalie queried.

“I took a lot of pictures, not all of them are good and I want to sort those out,” her brother answered.

Although she was anxious and disappointed, Natalie agreed. When they got home Natalie got caught up in a conversation with her mother and Jude disappeared into his bedroom.

A few minutes after closing his bedroom door, Jude was sorting through the pictures of his sister, removing any which didn’t capture Natalie’s sexuality. He selected about 50 pictures of his sister which were worthy of the cover of a magazine to show to Natalie tomorrow. He also created a folder for those images of her changing clothes between the photo shoots. Clicking through these images Jude freed his throbbing dick from his trousers and slowly began stroking it, imaging his sister’s hands.

Natalie was heading for bed and decided to stop by and check to see if her brother had made any progress sorting her photos.

Just as she was about to knock on her brothers bedroom door she heard him moan, “Oh sissy, suck my fucking dick you naughty slut.” Listening more closely she could hear the slapping of his cock as he worked it feverishly and then grunts of pleasure. Natalie wondered which picture of her that her brother was using to jerk off to, but it really didn’t matter. She felt very sexy as his object of desire and felt her own arousal begin to tingle bursa escort bayan between her legs.

Natalie turned from her brothers closed door and crossed the hall to her room where she immediately stripped and crawled beneath her silk sheets. Under her sheets, Natalie let her hands glide over her breasts, only gently teasing her hardening nipples before letting a single hand trail down between her legs. With expert attention Natalie began to massage began to massage the swollen lips of her smooth wet pussy imagining her brother first just masturbating with her, then his cock in her mouth and when she could hold back no longer, it parting her pussy driving deep inside her.


Not even Einstein’s theory of relativity seemed to explain how slowly time passed for Natalie the following day. When her brother finally returned, the two went straight to his room to look at the pictures from yesterday’s shoot.

The images were of a very sexual Natalie, but seeing them she couldn’t believe it was her. She felt, and in the pictures looked, like a model. Jude was downloading the photos onto his sister’s thumb drive when she pointed to a folder on the screen and asked, “what’s that?”

“Just old family pictures,” Jude replied, but his face washed warm with embarrassment.

“Let me see,” Natalie challenged.

“I don’t really think…” her brother protested.

“The folder’s called “Hot Sister”, I’m your only sister. Now open it and let me see or I’ll get mom,” Natalie said more sternly. It had been years since she’d used the “I’ll tell mom” threat and it caught them both by surprise, but it worked.

Natalie expected to see the yellow bikini images, which she did, but there was a new folder nested under the original folder, labeled “Nat Nude.”

“Open it,” Natalie demanded and her command needed no further explanation. Jude slowly moved the mouse pointer where it hovered over the folder.

“Listen sis,” Jude started to explain.

“Now,” his sister commanded.

Natalie’s mouth dropped when she saw the photos of her changing on the pier. Image by image her apparent strip tease began to unfold. Two series of photographs caught distinctly different strips before the most surprising photographs of all. Five pictures of her from behind, pulling off her towel and tossing it through the air. In the final two pictures she was completely nude and it even included the side of her left breast all the way to the nipple.

“I’m sorry,” stammered Jude, “I’ll delete them.”

Jude waited like a scared little boy for her sister’s rage to surface and thought he caught a glimpse of it before something else replaced it.

“These are hot,” his sister finally whispered. “You have a real talent for taking sexy photographs.”

“Thanks,” responded Jude, “but my camera only captures what is there, so I can’t take all the credit.”

The two watched the slide show of Natalie undressing at the beach and tossing her towel through the air in silence several times, before Natalie rose and left her brother alone in his room.


A week passed and then two. There was an awkwardness between brother and sister, not obvious to others, but it felt that way to each of them. Jude continued to masturbate to his sister’s images, but Natalie too was imagining her brother while touching herself each night before bed.

“No parties.” Their parents insisted before leaving for a week-long conference, “and no friends in the house.”

“I want you to take my picture again,” shared Natalie with her brother within minutes of her parents leaving, “but I want them to be for the hot folder.”

“What do you mean?” her brother asked, cock already hardening with excitement.

“Tonight, I’ll put on a lingerie fashion show for you brother,” Natalie continued. “You can capture it on your camera and maybe give me some direction on posing.”

“Sure,” Jude managed to say, trying to conceal his enthusiasm.

Evening came. Jude had spent a few hours after school preparing the backdrops, props and lighting for the photo shoot. Natalie came downstairs wearing a robe.

“I don’t think I can do this,” his sister admitted. “I’m too nervous.”

“Maybe a glass of wine would help you relax sis,” Jude suggested.

One glass didn’t do it, but by the end of the second glass, Natalie shed her robe. Jude captured the revealing with his camera, but paused to admire his sister.

“You’re smoking hot sis,” Jude said and meant it. She was about 5’9″ and thin. Long jet black hair, an olive complexion and dark features. Her eyes were captivating with the lustful mystery that a camera adored. Her lips were full and well defined which made her brother believe he wasn’t the only guy who imagined them around his cock. Her entire body was well-toned, most of it was good genetics, but Natalie was a regular runner too. Jude had seen first-hand the tight tone of her ass and knew from laundry days she wore a 30B bra.

“Where do escort bursa you want me?” his sister asked.

In Jude’s mind he imagined having her anywhere, everywhere, but managed to reply, “let’s have you start by the bar stools.”

Jude gave his sister guidance for poses which brought out the best in her amazing features. He really liked her first choice of intimate apparel. It was a black lacy bra with matching boy short panties. Her breasts were barely contained by the bra and Jude couldn’t help but wonder if she was more of a C-cup. In either case, on her small frame, even concealed by a bra, her breasts looked spectacular.

“Time to change things up,” Jude proclaimed to his sister.

“Now what master?” asked Natalie finishing her 4th glass of wine, feeling warm and ultra relaxed.

“Why don’t you change outfits and we’ll move into dad’s den, it has great soft lighting and dark furniture,” replied her brother.

Equally influenced by the wine and her growing arousal, Natalie began undressing immediately. She was still modest enough to turn from her brother, but as he snapped picture after picture he was aware that her strip was very deliberate.

Natalie slowly pealed the bra strap down over each shoulder before reaching back and unhooking the clasp. Closing her eyes she let the lacy fabric slide downward across her silky soft skin until with a shuddering tickle, the edge exposed her hard nipples to the air. She knew her brother was watching her, capturing her sexual essence. Next she bent forward at the waist and slowly shed her panties, inch my inch revealing their hidden treasure.

Jude’s cock throbbed painfully in his pants as he gazed at his now nude sister standing before him. He willed for her to turn toward him, but her modesty prohibited providing him such a view. She then pulled a small white pair of panties from her bag and stepped into them. The bright white contrasted exquisitely against her tan skin. Pulling them all the way up the thin string disappeared between the cheeks of her ass leaving only a small sheer triangle at the top. He wondered if the panties were sheer in front too, couldn’t wait to find out.

“No peeking,” his sister teased, turning slightly more toward him giving a profile view of her left breast. Looking back she noticed the obvious bulge in her brother’s pants and envisioned reaching into his briefs and freeing the hardened monster from its cage.

Natalie pulled a matching bra from the bag and put it on with the same seductive purpose she had used when removing the black one minutes earlier. Instead of facing her brother, she reached for the light switch and plunged the room into shadows.

“I’ll meet you in the den in a few minutes,” Natalie told her brother.

“OK, come in slowly, I want to capture you as you walk,” Jude asked his sister before walking through the shadows towards the dim light coming from their father’s den.

Jude waited for what seemed like an eternity for his sister to enter, but when she did he knew that she was worth the wait.

The sheer white material of her matching bra and panties was completely transparent. Jude had turned down the thermostat in the den and there was a chill in the air. Her breasts were firm, high and round much like a soft grapefruit. Each stiff nipple was the thickness of a woman’s pinky finger and was standing erect, stretching the thin white fabric. Each nipple was surrounded by a quarter-sized dark bronze areola, distinctly set apart from the rest of the breast material. Natalie’s young, perky breasts bounced only slightly with each step before snapping back into place like jello.

Jude could see no hair beneath his sister’s panties, which only made his cock harder.

“Take a seat in the chair sis,” Jude instructed. His sister obeyed.

“Pull down a bra strap and let it hang low on your arm,” again his sister obliged; however this time, she did more than her brother requested, pulling down the bra to allow one bronzed nipple to peek out for the camera.

“You look uncomfortable,” Natalie teased her brother pointing to the erection straining in his pants.

“I’m sorry about that sis, you’re just so fucking hot,” he replied.

“I’d be more comfortable if I wasn’t the only one of us hanging around in their underwear,” Natalie said continuing her taunt.

Jude just adjusted his hard cock and continued with the photo shoot.

“Lean back in the chair and lengthen your body sis,” he demanded.

“I’ll do what you say and one better big brother,” Natalie shot back, “IF you help me feel more comfortable.”

“One better?” Jude questioned.

“Lose your pants and I’ll lose the bra,” Natalie challenged.

“I hate to burst your bubble sis,” Jude replied, “that bra isn’t hiding much.”

“Suit yourself, but the tits behind the curtain are amazing!”

Jude wanted to see them, meet them, touch them, suck them so he shed his pants. His cock felt less restricted now and it was actually more comfortable. Once his pants hit the floor, his sister peeled off her bra, carefully shielding her now exposed nipples from the camera; teasing her brother, watching his cock twitch with envy beneath the tight light blue boxer briefs.

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