The Home Depot Man

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I was running around town on a very hot August day. Which was especially hot being that I live in Oklahoma. It was a scorching 107 degrees today, and with the sky being overcast and the amount of humidity it felt like 115 degrees. The weathermen had been talking about the chance of rain for the last few weeks, but as of yet not a drop had fallen out of the sky.

I had a kind of free week, since my ex had our children for the week. This I had arranged so I could get away for a bit of fun, but that had all fallen apart. So, instead of spending this week having sex round the clock I was going around looking for a job. What fun!

I had found myself an income based apartment, but my budget had become a little more stretched than I had originally anticipated, so I figured it was time to get a part-time job. I could only get a part-time job, since I would be starting school in the fall.

I had three interviews today so I dressed in an attempt to impress. I wore knee length beige colored printed skirt with a diagonal hemline; it was fairly thin but with a slip attached to it. The hem of the skirt went from mid calf on one leg and rose to mid thigh on the other leg. I was also wearing a black tank top sweater that was very form fitting with a low cut V-neck.

The tank top showed off my tits, but I hid that mostly with a cream-colored lightweight suit jacket. I wasn’t trying to look sexy, and really when I did try to look sexy I still came off looking like a teacher, especially since I am cursed with having to wear classes. Classes make you look smart rather than sexy.

Though I must admit I hadn’t really tried to look sexy for a while, I’d been on a few dates since my separation from my ex, but those had not gone anywhere. One pseudo relationship that I had thought could go somewhere, eventually, had suddenly exploded in my face without any warning.

I had a few online friends that weren’t going anywhere mostly dead-ends, as far for any type of relationship. Plus I couldn’t find any men living close to my home and none willing to travel. So, basically I had locked away my sexual desire until I sat down to write an erotic story and any post horniness left afterward I was able to handle by myself though I did yearn for a bit of man meat between my legs.

I was on my last interview of the day and impatiently waiting for it to be over. The man was very boring going over all my qualifications and I attempted to answer each question to the best of my ability. The man giving the interview was possibly cold blooded, for his office was incredibly hot, creating sweat in places I’d rather not mention. Finally the interview came to and end with the obligatory, “we’ll call you.” I left the office and returned to the main part of the Wal-mart store, at which I was applying for a job.

Sweating profusely, I made my way to the ladies restroom. This being the last interview of the day, I no longer cared how I looked. I pulled my hair that I had straightened for today, up into a clip on top of my head getting it off my neck. I also removed my suit jacket, then once in the stall I also decided to remove my panties and bra. The bra was completely drenched and the panties were soaked as well, from sweat, not because I was horny.

I am not a woman that usually goes around without underwear, it usually makes me feel uncomfortable, for without the compression of a bra; my nipples are too easily stimulated from just the fabric of my shirt. It also makes me uncomfortable to go without panties, for I have always been a bit over wet between my legs, whether I am horny or not, and I’m afraid that some of my fluid will run out of my crotch and down my legs.

But, in this case the removal of my undergarments did nothing but give me relief from the all the sweat. Though the minute I took my bra off and slid my shirt back on my nipples became hard, I just hoped no one else would see. I hid my bra and panties, inside the folds of my suit jacket, and made my way out of the bathroom and out of Wal-mart.

I got into my car and once again was drenched in sweat for it was overpoweringly hot inside. I turned on the air conditioner, but at first it only spilled hot air out. I opened my car door, and waited for the air conditioner to blow out cool air. As I was waiting for this, I sat there thinking how I would spend the rest of my free night, without children.

I had recently bought a raw wood dinning table, which was a fairly good size for an apartment. I am a bit of a crafter, I like painting and carving, I’m no expert but I enjoy doing it, and showing off my crafts. I had plans for this table; I wanted to carve a Celtic design all the way around it and in the middle. This was a larger project than I had even attempted, mostly just carving small plaques and such.

I decided that this was the perfect night to begin my carving on the new table, but first would need a new bit for my dremel; I didn’t think the bits I already owned were good canlı bahis şirketleri enough for a project of this magnitude. Plus, I also wanted to get a stylus tool to attach to my dremel so that I wouldn’t have to hold up the entire dremel when I made my carvings.

I first thought of going back into Wal-mart to get what I needed, but decided that I probably wouldn’t find it, and if I had any questions there wouldn’t be a worker around that could help me. I remembered that there was a new Home Depot just up the street from this Wal-mart, I’d been in there a few times and the people were usually very knowledgeable and willing to help. With a plan formed I climbed back into my now cooling car, and drove out of the Wal-mart parking lot.

When I reached the Home Depot I saw that everyone had the same idea as me, for the parking lot was completely full. I drove around the parking lot, until I finally found a spot in the far back of the lot, very far way from the store itself. Since I didn’t have children to lug into the store, I decided I didn’t mind the long walk. While driving around the parking lot, I had noticed the already over clouded sky suddenly get increasingly darker, maybe it would rain after all.

I had parked my car and grabbed my purse, and started my walk up to Home Depot. I was not into five steps of my walk when suddenly there was a large clap of thunder and the clouds finally released their pent up moisture, coming out in a torrential shower. Everyone standing in the parking lot, attempted to run for cover, including myself. I made a b-line for the store, but being as it were that I was wearing my high heels; my run wasn’t as fast as I would have wanted.

I finally made it up the to the entrance to the store, and found that all my efforts had been in vain, for I was completely drenched from head to toe. I removed my classes since they were spotted and smeared with rainwater, and since I did not have a paper towel handy I just pushed the glasses into my purse. I unclipped my hair, and rung it out, but returned it to the clip once I was finished, since my straightening job had just came out and it was already beginning to curl. I then made an effort to pull my clothes from my body, since they were pasted to my skin, but this also was mainly in vain.

Then in shock I noticed that my nipples had become erect and where clearly standing out from my tank top. I pulled the tank top from my chest, and attempted to ring the moisture from it, but being that it was a sweater type of material it hung heavily on me pasting to my body and pulling down from the neck revealing a little more in the v-neck than I would have preferred.

I thought that because of my indecent attire, that I should just forgo my shopping plans and get back in the car and go back home. After looking back out to the parking lot, I realized this was not a good plan both for it was still pouring down rain, and I had no urges to go running back out in it. I caught a glimpse of myself in a reflective display case, it wasn’t a very clear image, but I decided I didn’t look like a hooker, so decided to continue with my shopping trip, until the rain stopped.

I went ahead and walked into the main part of the store. I walked past the aisles looking for the one, which held the dremel parts. As I walked down the store, I noticed men staring at me, or more like glaring. Some me looked right at my boobs and others looked down below my waist, straight at my crotch area. I didn’t know what this was about, I had never attracted this many stares from men, I started to think that maybe I had been wrong about my appearance.

But, then I thought that if I did have something showing here, surely a woman that had walked past would let me know, but most the women that walked past me, just walked seemingly without much notice. I just figured that the men were looking at me cause they didn’t see many woman walk through Home Depot (a man’s store) in a skirt and high heels.

Finally I found the aisle I was looking for with all the dremel supplies. I looked at each bit hanging there, trying to figure, which would best accomplish my goal on my new table. Then I looked at some stylus attachments trying to figure out which would be able to equip my style of dremel, plus I was also trying to figure, which one I could afford. About that time, I had given up any chance of figuring this out on my own and decided to go find an employee that could help me.

I had turned to find an employee when one came to me. A man walked up the aisle wearing the red Home Depot work shirt, and tan trousers. As my grandmother would have said this man was a tall drink of water, I couldn’t be for sure how tall maybe 6’4” could be less could be more. All I really knew is that he had long legs, I’ve always thought that I myself have long legs, being that I’m 5’8”, but his legs totally surpassed any length on mine.

I could tell through his red t-shirt that he was muscular, and canlı kaçak iddaa I could see a bit of dark chest hair coming out the top of his t-shirt. He also had dark brown hair and dark smoky eyes, his skin was a tan color, and I thought either he spent a lot of time in the sun or maybe he had a bit of Native American in his genes. He was very attractive, but I knew there was no way he’d be attracted to me.

So, I put any fantasies of an all night sex session with him and instead walked up to him as a confused customer. My only hope was this manly man wouldn’t treat me like some kind of stupid female. I turned to the Home Depot employee.

“I need your advise on something. Could you help me?” I said.

The man stopped moving, just standing there in the middle of the aisle staring at me. His eyes traveled from my high heels, up my legs mostly on the side of the skirt, which showed more leg. Then his eyes traveled to my crotch area, and stayed there a minute, then his eyes traveled further up and again staring this time at my tits. Finally his eyes made it to my face. At which a smile came across his face. His eyes seemed to clear, and he resumed walking toward me.

Again I was starting to rethink my decision to continue shopping after my rain shower, and I was feeling very uncomfortable in my drenched clothes. In my head I was beating myself up for taking off my underwear. For some stupid reason, even though all these glances from men were a little disturbing, especially from this man, I started to feel a bit horny. I figured the tingling in my crotch was just because all my parts were open to the air, instead of being trapped beneath my underclothes.

Finally the man was beside me, actually a little too close beside me. I could see his nametag, which read David. David seemed to be breathing a bit heavily, I started to wonder if he had asthma, but thought this mountain man had to be in great shape and probably didn’t have a thing wrong with him. David looks at me in the eyes, but I watch as his eyes keep dipping lower and then back up.

“Ah, uh umm,” stutters David. “What can I help you with?”

At David’s statement I start to think that he isn’t the strong man as I first thought, that maybe he is timid or a bit shy.

I explain to him, my plans for my new dinning table, and discuss the different items I need to accomplish my goal. David shows me the different bits that should get the job done, and shows me the best stylus tool that will fit with my brand of dremel.

As he talks about the tools he is once again in control of himself, and I reorganize my thoughts of him, once again, realizing that he is a strong man and not as timid as he seemed when he first spoke.

Then after I have acquired all the items David showed me to buy, I start to tell him thank you, intending to walk away from him and pay for my items. I look up at him and start to speak, but he beats me to it.

“I hope you won’t think this to forward of me, if I tell you something,” said David.

“Ah, no. Just tell me,” I said somewhat stunned.

I started thinking does this gorgeous man thinks I’m good looking? Impossible. This man would prefer skinny, tanned, hard bodied women, with big boobs, and I am no where near any of that. This is were he’s going to tell me that I’ve got something sticking out of my nose, or something stuck in my teeth, and I’ll just feel stupid.

“You are a beautiful woman. I can’t help but staring at you for the rain has drenched you clothes and they a sticking to you so I can see every inch of your beautiful body. I would like to have your phone number or something, cause I want to see more. Though I can see most through that skirt or yours, I can even see that while you shave your crotch you don’t completely shave it, do you?” said David.

Forward! This was not just forward this was shot in the dark abrupt, maybe even partly sexual harassment. I was shocked, stunned, and maybe a little flattered. I couldn’t speak; I didn’t know what to do, so instead fate or clumsiness took over for me, when all my intended purchases fell out of my hands and on to the floor.

Feeling stupid, not being able to come up with anything to say, or a smart wisecrack, I just bent down to the floor and began to pick up my spilled mess. David bent down beside me, helping me pick the things off the floor, actually he was so close our shoulders were touching. I noticed David looking at my tits and looked down myself. I saw that in this kneeling position, which this water weighted sweater on, that I was fully revealing my tits to him.

Grabbing the top of my sweater, I stood up quickly, not wanting to give him another chance to peer at any more of my body. In my rush to stand I had not realized that my heel had been standing on the longer end of my hem, and when I stood completely up the seam on the opposite side of the skirt gave away tearing all the way up the waist, which thankfully still stayed intact.

David canlı kaçak bahis now had a complete view of one of my legs from my foot all the way up to the top of my waist, and it was apparent that I wasn’t wearing any underwear, though according to David that was apparent before the skirt had ripped. David slowly stood up, but as he did he took in every square inch of my exposed leg.

When he stood to his full height he walked toward the self and placed all my items from the floor in a pile on the shelf. Then David walked behind me, I didn’t notice cause I was still concerned over my ruined shirt.

I suddenly sensed David behind me, I stood up straight afraid to move, no longer holding the rip in my skirt closed. David pushed himself right up to me and pushed me practically into the shelves. I felt the bulge of David’s crotch pressed into my buttocks. I didn’t know what to do, but I felt my earlier slight horniness increasing. My pussy began to throb, and as I had feared my wetness began to run down my legs.

I told myself no matter what my body was doing he shouldn’t be doing this, but I really wanted him to. David’s left arm was above me supporting him on the shelf, causing him to lean more into me. Then his right leg came up and rested on the lower shelf, somewhat closing off the view from any passers by at what he was getting ready to do to me. This man’s form was impressive to view but even more so pressed behind me, I felt small; his body seemed to swallow me.

David grinded his crotch deeper into my butt, his right hand came up and took the clip out of my hair releasing my damp mass of curls. He ran his hand through my hair. Then David’s hand was unexpectedly under my shirt and cupping my tits, while running his finger over the tip of my already erect nipple. I told myself I should push his hand away as well as the rest of him, but I hadn’t been touched by anyone but myself in sometime, and I enjoyed the feeling.

I liked that I had been able to arouse a man in such a fashion that he just wanted me, right then and there. If I weren’t so shy, I probably would have attacked this man the minute I saw him walk up the aisle. Though I am shy, and did not think this man would be attracted to someone as simple as myself.

Finally I relaxed my body, leaning back against David’s body, fully yielding my willingness to him. David’s hand pulled out from my top, and went down to the tear in my skirt; his long arms reached down and grabbed my leg at the thigh. He pulled my leg up until my foot was resting beside his foot on the shelf.

Soon David’s hand was through the tear in the skirt and at my pussy, lightly rubbing my lips. I suppressed a moan that wanted to part my mouth. David’s head came down next to my own, his lips next to my ear.

“See I knew you shaved your pussy,” David whispered into my ear.

His fingers found the soft mound of hair I left right at the top of my pussy.

“But, looky here you left a little hair, just for me,” whispered David his lips softly caressing my ear as he spoke.

Suddenly, David’s fingers where down in between my pussy lips, roaming the length of my pussy. His finger thrust up inside of my hole, and pushed in and out of me. I was very close to climax; I felt the orgasm building inside me.

“I don’t know what to do, you’re going to make me cum. I don’t want to make a scene,” I whispered.

“Dear, we are already making a scene, if anyone cares to pay attention. But if you are going to cum, I want to feel you first,” said David.

David’s finger left my hole and the pressure of his bulging crotch left my buttocks. I thought I felt David’s hand behind me, and then my skirt was lifted up from the back. Without warning I felt David’s cock enter my pussy, I almost screamed in surprise. He thrust once into me, and the left his cock sitting there inside me not moving. His hand moved back under the tear in my skirt and his fingers began rubbing my clit.

“You feel wonderful, just like I knew you would when I first saw you standing there,” said David.

David began rubbing my clit in circles, the orgasm I felt building increased. My breathing grew quicker. My body began shaking, the muscles in my pussy tightening around David’s hard shaft. I felt like screaming or moaning or something in between, instead I reached over to David’s upraised leg and grabbed on to it, putting all the pressure of my screams into my clutch on David’s leg.

Spasms ripped through my body as an orgasm and then another passed through my body. My inner muscles pulsed, almost pushing David’s cock out of me, and then I came as a flood of juices ran down my leg. After seeing me climax, David pulled himself out of me and removed his fingers out from my crotch. Some how he managed to put his hard on back into his pants, but this time leaving his Home Depot shirt untucked at an attempt to cover his bulge.

Our bodies separated from the shelf, I once again clutched on to the tear in my skirt. I was a little disappointed that this little encounter was at an end; David looked me in the eyes with a look of guilty pleasure.

“Let me help you fix that skirt, let’s go back into my office,” said David clearing his throat.

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