The Game Ch. 15

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Chapter 15: Intermission — Sex for one.

We left Chicago on Friday morning in my 5 year old Honda and headed south. Rachel sat drinking a Diet coke in the passenger seat and bobbing her head to the CD that played. It was a loud rock band that was pretty good and reminded me of AC/DC from the early 80’s. She was dressed in a pair of loose fitting shorts, a half t-shirt, and a pair of sunglasses. Her hair was pulled back with a tie and she looked absolutely stunning in the sun shining through the passenger window.

She turned toward me and caught me watching her.

“What?” Rachel asked smiling.

I sighed and said, “Nothing, just wondering if you were looking forward to this weekend.”

Rachel smiled and said, “Yeah I guess so. It will be a bit weird though you know.”

Butterflies swam up into my stomach as I realized how nervous I was. This surprised me as I had spent most of my time thinking about how Rachel would be feeling and had not spent a moment thinking about how I was feeling.

I swallowed hard and said, “How so?”

Rachel rolled her eyes at me as if I were daft and said, “Well a lot has changed over the summer don’t you think?”

I smiled and said, “Well I suppose it has, but I hope you are planning on exercising some restraint this weekend at least.”

Rachel laughed and said, “Totally.”

We drove in silence as I contemplated the weekend. It was the first time that Rachel was going home for a visit and she had some pretty big news to share with her parents. Her photography internship ended the previous week with a bang.

I remembered the Thursday night when she came home…..

* * * * * *

The door to my apartment didn’t open as so much exploded. I was sitting at my computer catching up on some work email when Rachel burst in.

“Aunt Sara you are not going to fucking believe it.” Rachel bellowed.

I jumped, startled and ran to the living room. Rachel was not just smiling, she was beaming. Her words came out of her not in coherent sentences, but in an excited, disjointed stream of consciousness that was like listening to machine gun fire.

“Mr. McDillon called me into his office. I won. I won. I can’t believe it, I won. And now I can go to college. And it’s just awesome. I can’t believe it, I won.”

I stared at her open mouthed as she spoke not really understanding. I knew Mr. McDillon was her boss and mentor for the summer internship program, but that was all I knew. That and something good had happened.

Rachel then dug through her bag and came up with a 8×10 color glossy print. “This is the one.,” she blurted laughing and nearly dancing as she handed me the picture.

The picture was of an athletic brunette woman, perhaps 24 with the Chicago skyline in the background. The woman was on the beach of lake Michigan and you could see the beach and a bit of water in the foreground as well as the iconic Chicago skyline in the background. The woman wore a form fitting one piece bathing suit and designer sunglasses. Under one arm was a volley ball and the woman appeared as imposing as the buildings in the backdrop. Under the photograph was a caption that read, “Where the pros play.”

The logo on both the volley ball and sunglasses were clearly visible and the marketing message was powerful but also subtle.

I admired the photo and said, “Wow pretty good Rach.”

Rachel laughed, “Pretty good? Do you know I nearly froze my ass off wading into the lake to get that picture from that angle at exactly the right time of day to make her appear as big as the skyline. Do you know what I had to do in photo-shop to get her to look that way and the logo’s to be visible.”

The rest of her litany was lost on me and seemed to be something about the technical aspects of light ratio’s, shadow components, and color schemas, but whatever she said it sounded impressive.

At the end I laughed and said, “Awesome I guess. So what exactly does it mean?”

She shook her head as if I were a photography idiot (which I was) and said, “It means I won the internship contest.”

I smiled and said, “Awesome Rachel that is incredible. I knew you would do well.”

She smiled and said, “But that’s not the best part.”

“Really?” I replied. “What is?”

Now she truly grinned and said, “Mr. McDillon sent my picture to the corporate sponsors and they are going to use it in a regional advertising campaign.”

I said, “Wow that is impressive.”

“Yeah it is, but the best part is that they don’t want me to quit. They want me to work full time for them starting next week.”

Now I felt a bit of panic. “Um Rachel, what about college?” I asked imagining my sister’s reaction to Rachel not continuing her education.

“That’s the best part. They said they would pay for it all if I agreed to go to Northwestern. They have a corporate deal with the college and with Mr. McDillon’s letter of recommendation they said I could go there for free providing I worked every summer and part time for the firm during school.”

Full bahis firmaları understanding hit me and I gasped, “No fucking shit. That is awesome Rachel.”

I went to her and we hugged and danced around the room together in celebration. I knew she would do well, but a full ride to Northwestern was an amazing accomplishment. I now understood all of the late nights at the office and even later nights cursing at her laptop in her bedroom. She really had been working her ass off.

“I have to tell Mom and Dad.” She blurted when she had finally calmed down.

I laughed and said, “They will be so proud of you.”

She reached for the phone and I caught her hand. “Let’s tell them in person. I can take a day off and we can go tomorrow.”

Rachel looked at me and said, “Really?.”

I said, “Hell yeah, I want to see your Mom’s face.”

She giggled and said, “Me Too.”

That night we drank wine to celebrate, but not too much. We were both pretty keyed up and crashed hard before midnight. The next day we left to share good news.

* * * * * *

Now we were in the car 45 miles south of Chicago on I-55. It was warm and we both wore shorts and t-shirts. I looked at her again and was once again struck by her beauty as she sat cross legged and leaning back as only young women can. She looked sexy as hell, and I could not help but wonder if her transformation would not be obvious to her parents. This young woman had truly blossomed in the past 4 months and at least to me she appeared years older than the ‘girl’ that came to stay with me such a short time ago. Unease filled me, but also some pride. She was older in experience, and I only hoped the extent of her experiences were not to come to light. I was not sure how my sister might react if she knew everything.

Rachel turned down the radio and I knew she had been watching my internal debate. And then she said, “Nervous?.”

I glanced at her and was once again stunned by the depth of her perceptiveness.

“Well a little.” I replied. “I mean…..” my voice trailed off as I did not know what to say.

Rachel giggled, “Me too. Do you think they will know?.”

And there it was. The source of both our reluctance.

I said, “Um that depends. I expect they will notice a difference in you. Yes, but I doubt they will ‘know’ in the way you mean.”

She nodded and glanced out the window and said, “I almost don’t care if they do. I am not ashamed of what we, that is, I have done. But it might be uncomfortable, you know.”

I nodded as she had articulated exactly my feelings.

“Can I ask you a question?” Rachel asked.

“Sure.” I said.

“It’s kind of a weird one.” Rachel said fidgeting.

I laughed and said, “The best kind. Lay it on me.”

She then turned to me with an intensity I had not anticipated. “Um did the other morning with Ron turn you on? You know when he was jerking off?”

I considered for a moment recalling the image of Rachel masturbating as Ron stroked himself to orgasm on her body.

“It was very arousing.” I said.

Rachel giggled. “I thought so too. I am so glad he did it in front of me. I have been dying to see a guy ‘do himself’.”

I laughed and said, “Well I am sure any guy would have volunteered for you.”

Rachel smiled and said seriously, “Um well my boyfriend wouldn’t.”

I laughed and said, “Really? I don’t believe that you were trying that hard then.”

“No seriously, I wanted to watch him jerk off and he would only do it if we did it together or if I did it for him.” Rachel said somberly.

I considered her and said, “Well you can’t blame him can you?.”

She rolled her eyes and said, “Well no, I guess not, but I have been well thinking….” Now her voice trailed off.

“What are you getting at Rachel?” I asked, now curious.

She sighed and seemed to collect herself and said, “Well I know everyone ‘plays with themselves’ and honestly it’s kind of a turn on to think about. Does that make sense?.”

I considered her for a moment and said, “Sure, everyone does it. It’s everyone’s first time I guess.”

She nodded and said, “Exactly, but how come no one ever talks about it?”

I said, “Well I suppose it’s a personal thing. But you have seen both boys and girls do it recently.”

“I know and it’s super hot, but I have never seen someone do it without being ‘involved’ either as a participant or at a minimum doing it together.” Rachel said.

“Well it would be hard to not get involved, don’t you think?” I asked smiling and imagining some of our exploits together.

Rachel nodded and said, “Yeah I know, but even so…..”

I sighed and said, “Rachel spit it out.”

She grinned and said, “Okay the other night I stayed over at my boyfriend’s apartment and we went to bed. I had just started my period and was definitely NOT feeling romantic, you know?”

I nodded.

She continued, “Well anyway, he wanted sex and I told him that I was not into it and just wanted to go to sleep. He was kind of laying next kaçak iddaa to me and I could feel his cock was hard against my thigh. He was kind of persistent and finally I said, ‘Dude, its not going to happen why don’t you take care of it yourself’.” I laughed and said, “So what did he do?”

Rachel sighed, “He was like, ‘why don’t you help me out or give me head?’. I was getting irritated and said, ‘jerk off or go to sleep. I need some rest.’ I didn’t mean it to come across that I was pissed, but I really just wanted to sleep. I would have been fine if he needed to jack off. In the end he went to sleep.”

I was grinning and said, “So what happened?.”

Rachel laughed. “Well the next morning he was pouting. I asked him, ‘what was up?’. He said he was horny and had ‘blue balls’ from last night. I asked him, ‘well why didn’t’ you take care of yourself?’. He blushed and said that I was a bitch. We have not talked since.”

My grin turned to a frown. “He called you a bitch for not fucking him?”

Rachel smiled and said, “Relax Aunt Sara, its okay. I am just confused.”

“What is confusing?” I asked genuinely curious.

“Well I guess I am confused what the big deal about him jerking off was? Why was he so pissed? I mean I am sure he does it when I am not around.” Rachel said.

I considered her question and said, “He was probably just embarrassed.” The words sounded lame in my own ears but I didn’t know what else to say.

Rachel laughed, “Yeah I am sure. He doesn’t find it embarrassing to masturbate all over my tits while calling me his ‘cum slut’, but jerking off quietly next to me must have been so embarrassing.”

I laughed out loud at the image.

Rachel shrugged and said, “Then I got to thinking about it and you know, I have never masturbated in front of someone either but I figured that was just because a guy would never ‘just watch’. You know?”

I nodded and said, “Yeah you would have to do it alone; no guy could ‘just watch’.”

Rachel smiled and said, “So I wondered if couples ever masturbated openly in front of each other except when getting each other off. Or is it such a personal experience that no one could ever openly do it unless the other person was involved.”

I considered her question in the context of my own experiences. No couple, no matter how into each other, could always be sexually in sync with each other at every moment. I thought about Ron. I had seen him stroke himself countless times, but each time in my memory involved me being equally sexually aroused. I thought harder about times where I had stayed over night with him and had not had sex. There were many nights like this, although the sex was what I remembered. Now I tried hard to remember a time where he wanted sex and I did not. I am sure it had happened, but I did not remember a time. It dawned on me that to my knowledge he had never masturbated although I knew this not to be true. I filed this knowledge away and would remember to talk to him about it.

Rachel was watching me intently and said, “It’s never happened with you either has it?”

I glanced at her and said, “Honestly, I had never thought about it, but no it never has.”

We drove in silence, each of us in our own thoughts. Finally I said, “Rachel, don’t let what your boyfriend said bother you.”

Rachel turned to me and laughed and said, “He can learn to suck his own dick as far as I’m concerned. I am done with that asshole.”

I laughed and said, “Amen girl.”

Rachel smiled and said, “It is kind of weird though don’t you think? I mean every human on the planet masturbates and to my knowledge no one does it in front of anyone unless they are ‘involved’.”

I nodded and said, “Yeah it is kind of weird.”

Rachel nodded and said, “I think an orgasm is probably the most vulnerable moment in a person’s existence if you exclude birth and death. I think people just are not capable of being that open and vulnerable alone.”

I did not reply immediately, as I was once again impressed with Rachel’s power of perception about the human condition.

Finally I said, “I think are right.”

After another moment Rachel said in almost a whisper, “Sometimes,….. Sometimes I fantasize about being that brave.”

I looked at her and saw her vulnerability and carefully considered my words and finally said, “How so?”

Rachel sighed as she nervously bit her lower lip. Finally she said, “Sometimes I imagine masturbating in front of someone that just watches me.”

I smiled and said, “Really?” as I remembered my window buddy from a few months back. I had never considered masturbating in front of him, but I could relate to the fantasy.

Rachel said, “Yeah. I have and you will probably think this is weird, but I have done it a few times in the living room around the time you came home from work. I always imagined you walking in and catching me ‘in the act’. It was kind of crazy because I had no idea if you would be alone, but it kind of added to the rush.”

I looked at Rachel who was blushing deeply kaçak bahis and said, “Well that would definitely have been a surprise even with all the things we have done together. But I would not have been upset or freaked out. Just so you know.”

Rachel grinned broadly and said, “I know deep down that is true, but it was still kind of a rush. Not the same as truly being walked in on or watched, but it’s a new fantasy for me.”

We both laughed and I said, “I’m flattered.”

We drove for another minute and silence and finally Rachel said grinning, “And just so you know, I am horny from this conversation and plan to spend some quality alone time in my room tonight.”

I laughed and said, “Just hope your parents don’t surprise you with turn down service. You would never live that down.”

Rachel blushed and said, “That’s not even funny. They would both probably have heart attacks.”

I laughed and said, “I doubt it and yes it would be funny, at least for me.”

Rachel laughed and said, “I think I will lock the door, but I do plan to cum later.”

I laughed and said, “Why wait?” jokingly.

She looked at me intensely and for the first time I notice her erect nipples under her t-shirt and realized she was not wearing bra.

She stared at me intently and said, “Are you serious?” with all traces of humor gone.

I swallowed hard and considered. She had just upped the ante considerably and said, “Um if you want to, I can pull off.”

Rachel shook her head and said, “Not unless you are planning on getting out of the car. Would it freak you out?”

I was curious as hell and becoming a bit aroused myself. Finally I said, “No not at all. Go ahead.”

After a moment of hesitation, Rachel replied “Okay.”

With that, Rachel reclined the passenger seat slightly and lay back and closed her eyes. Her hands were flat against her abdomen and for awhile she only took deep even breaths. I wondered what she was thinking about but said nothing. After a few moments she slowly began rubbing her belly with her right hand. Her left hand slowly rose to her left breast and began slowly rubbing her erect nipple through her t-shirt with the palm of her hand.

The sun beamed through the window seemingly making her glow.

I noticed her breathing was less deep and more erratic as she stroked her aroused nipple. Then her right hand trailed up her body to her right breast. This time her hand was under her shirt. Her shirt rode up exposing her breast as her right hand tweaked her hardened nipple without the encumbrance of the thin material of her shirt.

Slowly her hips began to rock in her seat pinched her hard nipples. I was hyper aware of the semi-truck passing us. Rachel never wavered or opened her eyes.

It was doubtful that anyone could or would notice anything out of the ordinary going by at 70 MPH, but I felt vulnerable for her none the less. I imagined a burly trucker seeing my soon to be 20 year old niece masturbating in the passenger seat and wondered what he would tell his friends.

I imagined him secretly jerking off to her and the thought turned me on tremendously.

Her breathing was more gasps now, and she licked the first two fingers of her left hand. Slowly she trailed them down her body and across her flat belly that was now exposed as her shirt rose up. She slipped her left hand into the tops of her shorts and into her panties.

Her shorts pulled out from her body where her wrist entered them and it was just enough for me to glance her swollen and aroused labia and imagine what her clit must look like. It was hard to pay attention to the road now.

I passed a Toyota and the driver glanced at across at us. He did a double take but then was gone. My own clit with throbbing and I knew why no one was capable of doing this alone. Jesus it was hot.

I could smell her arousal and her breathing was in time to the rocking of her hips now. Her left hand fully in her shorts; her fingers obviously alternating between vaginal penetration and clitoral massage.

I was dripping in my own arousal.

She moaned now, her arousal continuing to build. Her shirt pushed high above her breasts now, exposing hard pink nipples. I fought the urge to fondle her.

In one swift movement, she slipped her panties and shorts down her thighs and legs. She lifted her left leg out of the confines of her shorts and spread her legs as widely as the passenger side would allow in my small car.

I could see her pussy now, pink and slick with excitement. She entered herself with two fingers and groaned in pleasure. She then used her other hand to massage her clit. She rocked back opening herself and shifted slightly toward me. I could see her sex better now. It was open and wet; hot and slick. I wanted to lick her desperately, but settled for watching.

She bucked as she masturbated herself. She pushed her fingers deeply inside herself, but never let up the two finger assault on her clit.

Her passion built and built until her whole body seemed to tense and ripple.

She came suddenly and hard. Her body seemed to strain against itself. A groan that might have been, “God yes” came out of her with a grunt of pleasure. A small dribble of girl cum pooled under her pussy.

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