The Fuck of a Lifetime 02: The Saga Continues

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Dear Readers and Followers,

I know it has been a few months since I last posted anything—this past semester has been a real bitch insofar as reading material and writing papers is concerned—so I want to thank you for your diligence in awaiting this new piece. Just a short continuation of a previous work as I gear myself toward larger projects.


Sexually speaking, the past two months of Stacy Bandersnatch’s life were the most fulfilling she had ever experienced. She had been fucking her brother, Chuck, two or three times a day every day since the Fourth of July, and her pussy couldn’t have been happier. She still found time to masturbate a few times a week, but for the most part, with a little guidance from Stacy, Chuck had become quite the accomplished lover. Still, that was then, and this is now.

For some reason, Chuck and his friends got a wild hair up their asses and decided to join Habitat for Humanity. They would be gone out of state for one month building houses for those less fortunate than they. Stacy did not hate Chuck for this; she actually applauded his efforts and was surprised at his show of maturity, but her pussy was once again beginning to feel neglected, and she needed more than the dildo her mother had purchased for her could provide.

One particular day, Stacy had swept and mopped the kitchen, vacuumed the living room, washed clothes, and had prepared a lasagna that was even now slow-baking in the oven (THIS IS FOR YOU, OZ!!!), so she decided to lay in the sun before her parents got home. She walked out wearing her skimpiest bikini but removed her top as she took her place upon a chaise lounge. The sun felt good against her skin. Especially thrilling were the intervals of heat and cool as the wind caressed her nipples, making them rigid. She pinched one, and as a current of electric pleasure flitted through her body and rested at her clit, she was immediately reminded of her continuously increasing state of horniness. Immediately thereafter, though, there was an ominous feeling that she was being watched.

Stacy made to give the appearance of stretching. She raised her arms while simultaneously moving her head from left to right, and out of the corner of her eye she spotted her father, watching her from his bedroom on the second floor of the house. A small smile came to her lips as the thought of her daddy taking Chuck’s place entered her mind. She slowly slid a hand from her breasts down her stomach and finally inside of her bikini bottom, where she began to slowly masturbate to this fantasy. She peeked to ensure he was still watching, which drove her to orgasm. She removed her fingers and brought them to her mouth, where she licked them clean. She looked up again to see her father was nowhere to be seen.

Relegating herself to the thought that it just wasn’t meant to be, she was somewhat startled when the sliding glass doors that led from the house to the patio were thrust open. She looked over to see her father in a speedo, erection at full mast, carrying two Michelob Lights. As Karl Bandersnatch approached, bahis firmaları he said, “Hi, honey. Sure is hot out today, huh?”

“I’m just burning up,” Stacy responded as the forefinger from one hand found its way into her mouth while her other hand rested comfortably on her tanned belly. She made no action to cover her naked breasts.

“Well, I brought you a beer,” Karl said as he held one out to her.

“You know I can’t have any alcohol while on probation, Daddy.”

“It’ll be our secret,” Karl said to her. “Go ahead. Take it. You’ve been a good girl these past three months. You deserve it.”

Stacy reached for the beer and guzzled its contents without stopping. “Oh God, that tastes good.” A burp, an “Excuse me,” then, “May I have another, Daddy?”

“Here, take mine,” Karl offered, and she did. “You know, you should have some kind of tanning lotion on. You might burn.”

“Would you put it on me?” Stacy asked.

“A-Are you sure?”

Stacy jutted her breasts forward the tiniest of bits, but it was enough to let Karl know he had the green light, so he emptied a liberal amount of lotion into an open palm, rubbed his hands together, then moved to rub them on his daughter’s breasts, but he stopped mere inches away. “Go ahead, Daddy,” Stacy said in urging him on, so he complied. “Ohhhh,” Stacy softly moaned as her father’s palms settled upon her nipples.

He allowed them to rest there for a few seconds, then he began massaging her breasts with his lubricated hands. Her breasts were a bit smaller than Maranda’s, his wife’s, but they were much more firm and the nipples more receptive to his touch. His cock throbbed as he continued to rub the suntan lotion into his daughter’s naked breasts. “Mmmm, this coconut smalls good.”

“Taste it,” Stacy said to him. Karl made to move a finger to his mouth, but Stacy cut him off short. “Not that way, silly. Here.” She grabbed his head and guided his mouth to her right nipple. They moaned in unison. With one hand, Stacy held her father’s head to her bosom, but with the other, she began to lightly stroke his cock through his speedo. Karl had no trouble taking this cue to move his free hand to between his daughter’s legs where he lightly massaged her pussy. “Oh, Daddy. I’m so fucking horny. Eat me. Eat my pussy, Daddy.”

Karl slithered down and removed his daughter’s bikini bottom and just stared at her pussy. “Oh, baby. That’s the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen.”

“And it’s all yours, Daddy.”

Karl immersed his face in his daughter’s pussy and began to do things to her that Chuck’s inexperienced mouth had not yet learned. Needless to say, she came in no time, and her pussy had been so neglected that her orgasms were coming at regular intervals, which neither she nor Karl had a problem with.

“I need you to fuck me, Daddy,” Stacy, out of breath, finally said. “Fuck me the way Mommy won’t let you fuck her.”

“Oh, Christ!” Karl exclaimed as he stood, and as his speedo dropped, Stacy’s legs rose. He positioned his cock at the opening of her labia, then kaçak iddaa asked, “Are you sure, baby?”

“I need it, Daddy. Please.” This was all the motivation Karl needed. He slid his cock into his daughter’s wet, creamy pussy and began to fuck her unmercifully. “Yes! That’s it. This is the cock I’ve been waiting for. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me like I’m a whore.”

“Oh, God-damn!” Karl shouted as he repositioned her on the chaise to where she was damn near bent over double, then he continued his assault on his daughter’s pussy. He fucked her as hard and fast as he could, and five minutes later he announced, “Oh, damn, baby. I’m going to cum.”

“Cum inside of me, Daddy. Please. I need to feel your cum inside of me.”

“Holy mother of God!” Karl shouted, then unloaded himself inside of his daughter’s pussy. He kept thrusting, though, albeit slower and more deliberately, but it took him another five minutes to come to a complete stop, which didn’t hurt Stacy’s feelings one bit as she was able to get two more orgasms out of it. Finally, she pulled him down and kissed him on the mouth. Karl was a bit surprised at this, and it showed in his kiss. He said, “Was it good for you, baby?”

“Oh, Daddy. How did Chuck put it the first time he and I had sex? Oh, yes: It was the fuck of a lifetime. You were great. Don’t worry.”

“You … fucked your brother?”

“Yes, and now I fucked you, and I don’t regret either one.” She looked into his eyes. “Do you regret it, Daddy?”

“Uh … No. Of course not.” He picked up Stacy’s phone and looked at the time. “Your mother will be home soon. Better get cleaned up.” He stood, grabbed the beer bottles, and drained the contents of the second one as he made his way back into the house. Following his cue, Stacy made her way to her bathroom to bathe.

Maranda was home by the time Stacy returned downstairs. She told her mother to go rest while she fixed everyone a salad and some garlic bread (for you again, Oz), and fifteen minutes later they were eating. Once dinner was over, Karl told his wife to go on upstairs and take a nice, long, relaxing bath, that he would take care of dishes. “I’ll help,” Stacy said, and joined her father at the kitchen sink. As they began the task of washing and rinsing, Stacy asked, “Are you cool with everything?”

“I just have to wonder if this would have happened if Chuck hadn’t gone away like he did.”

“Well, it did happen, Daddy. Can’t that be enough?” When Karl did not immediately respond, Stacy said, “Look: It shouldn’t matter.”

“Do I …”


“Once Chuck returns, is it over between us?”

“Is that what you’re worried about?” Stacy asked, then rubbed her daddy’s shoulders. “You can have me anytime you like.”


“Well, Mama is upstairs.”

Karl hoisted his daughter onto the counter and pulled her shorts from her, and was a bit surprised to see she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He dropped his own shorts and entered her with ease, so lubricated had her pussy been with cum. “So sweet,” Karl whispered. kaçak bahis “So young and tight.”

“I love the way your cock feels inside of me,” Stacy whispered. Chucks was a good seven inches, but her daddy’s was at least eight, and was as plump as a smoked sausage. “See the way you make me cum?”

“Oh, baby,” Karl whispered, then his knees buckled as he came inside her yet again.

Stacy left her mom and dad to the downstairs TV, choosing to stay in her room, as usual. She fell asleep around ten, but was up again at two. A thought came into her mind, and she chose to act upon it. She stealthily made her way into her parents’ room, then very carefully pulled her father’s cock from his underwear. She began to suck it and delighted in the feel of it growing and hardening in her mouth. What was even more exciting, however, was the idea that her mother could catch her at any given moment. She began to masturbate as she blew her father, and after his breathing became more labored, he finally awoke to see what was going on.

“Stop,” he barely whispered, but Stacy didn’t. Even when he attempted to pull himself from her mouth, she latched on and wouldn’t let go. Finally, Karl gave up and allowed his daughter to suck him off, which took all of ten minutes.

When she finished, she whispered in his ear, “You taste good, Daddy. Now, why don’t you come in my room in a few hours and wake me up the same way?” Then, without awaiting a response, she turned and left.

Much to her dismay, Karl did not reciprocate; yet, she was more than happy when he called in to work later that morning to take a sick day.

Karl and Stacy had spent the whole afternoon fucking. Neither could get their fill of the other, especially when Stacy announced that she wanted him to fuck her in the ass. This opened up a whole new avenue of pleasure for them both, and they mired themselves into it happily. Karl told her that he could not do this every day, but he was glad he could do it with her this day. Tomorrow, however, it was back to work, back to business as usual, and they would just have to find the time to see each other, even if it meant him sneaking into her room as she requested.

Thus it went for the next week or so, and then Chuck returned. Stacy made her father promise to not say anything to Chuck. She thought it best that Chuck just never know of the relationship his sister and father carried on, and Karl agreed. Stacy also talked with Chuck and limited their time to days only, when their parents were at work. “There’s no sense in us tempting the fates and getting caught,” she said in way of explanation, and Chuck agreed. What this really accomplished, however, was for her to be with her brother during the day and her father at night. Stacy could fuck herself silly around the clock now, and that’s exactly what she intended to do.

A solid month in and it was all going so well, so fucking well, but her own carelessness, coupled with that of her brother and father, brought the great axe of profundity swinging wildly and ready to cleave heads. Stacy looked at the EPT, the third one in as many days, and shook her head as she not only had to accept the fact that she was pregnant, but that she had to accept that her pregnancy was brought on by either her father or her brother.

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