The Forbidden Muse Ch. 02

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Chapter II – Tropical Ambrosia

(This is the second and final installment. To better understand and appreciate this profound love affair, please read Part 1 as that sets up this final act of forbidden fulfillment. Thank you and I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it. Many thanks to Mimi for her editing skills and help.)

The flight was uneventful, yet relaxing. Laurie had dressed in a white mini-skirt that hugged her perfect hips and a low cut black blouse. Her legs glistened with a smooth polish, as they were sleek and completely bare… she looked absolutely delicious. Brian was bashful to sit beside his mother at first, but by the time we landed, he was relaxed and at ease with his glowing mother. He had been seeing the blond stripper since our visit to the club, and had fully lived out his dream… but I could tell he wanted more. And as for Laurie, I could see her nerves were getting to her again as we got off the plane and made our way to the secluded beach bungalow.

Each of us had our own bedrooms as Laurie slipped away to hers once we arrived. Brian and I threw our suitcases on our beds and popped open some beers we grabbed on the way to the rental. Sitting outside on the luxurious deck, Brian and I sat down to admire the deep blue ocean and the white sands of the deserted beach before our eyes… it was paradise.

Laurie strolled out on the deck moments later, outfitted in her tight, jaw dropping black bikini I had just bought for her. Her wide motherly hips were wrapped in an ivory sarong with strings dangling from its edge, accenting the caramel thickness of her ripe thighs and buxom backside. Undoing the sarong as if a striptease, both Brian and I admired the high cut of the bottom piece of the bikini… showing off her sexy goods…. not to mention the thin black thong that rested between the delicious globes of her ambrosial buttocks. I looked up to admire the top that held back her full breasts that seemed to spill out from behind the brimming, robust fabric. She looked radiant… her long flowing blonde tresses, fluttering in the ocean breeze… a shapely, hour glass contour that made both Brian and I dizzy with ambition. I could just imagine how irresistible she would look when a deep gold tan would burnish that heavenly body of hers.

“Well, how do I look?” Laurie asked, twirling about to tempt her son, who sat there with his mouth agape.

I glanced back to Brian, seeing the look of absolute wonderment on his face before looking back to his mother’s beautiful round ass.

“You look fantastic,” I immediately replied. “Beautiful.”

“Awwww, thanks,” she replied before handing me a bottle of suntan oil. “Can you put some on my back?”

“Sure.” I said without missing a beat.

Turning around, I caught Laurie looking over her shoulder at Brian as they shared a brief, sinful gaze before Brian looked away in guilt. With that, I poured a generous amount of warm oil into my palms and began to glaze her shoulders and arched back with the greasy gel. The wet sounds of lotion to skin made Brian clearly nervous as sat up in his seat, pretending not to notice.

“Can you get my hips please?” Laurie asked, arching her back out.

“Sure.” I replied, lathering the beautiful smooth skin of her flesh.

I was smitten by her body, enamored by its captivating radiance and voluptuous luster. I slowed my actions, taking extra time to admire the teeming outline of her heart shaped ass. God almighty, this was getting hot. I could see Brian fidgeting in the corner of my eye as I continued on, covering every sweet inch of Laurie’s curved backside with rich suntan oil. All I could think about was Brian’s hands doing the same exact thing… grasping those promising hips in the throes of sexual bliss, burying his cock deep within the precious warmth of his mother’s willing flesh. With both of my palms cupping the wide summit of each hip, I painstakingly descended down her legs, up and down, again and again as she moaned in surreal delight.

“Uhmmmm, thank you,” Laurie whispered before making her way out to the beach with only her towel as her companion. “See ya’ll later.”

Both of us sat there, watching her glazed hips and ass sway with each gentle stride she took. Every step seemed to burst with seductive charm, causing ripples of activity to shift from side to side across her ass cheeks. There’s just something so sexy about a woman’s strut… every divine step was as if a work of the purest art.

“Whew,” I murmured to myself, but loud enough for Brian to hear. “Sorry I got carried away there.”

“I’m heading down to the village.” Brian angrily answered, standing up to leave.

“Hey wait man!” I said, getting up to stop him. “Dude, I said I was sorry about that.”

“I didn’t come down here to watch you paw all over my mom.” Brian replied.

“Is that why you think I brought you along?” I asked. “You and I both know she’s already spoken for.”

“You don’t have to rub it in my face that you fuck my mom.” Brian cebeci escort defiantly said.

“I wasn’t talking about me.” I shot back. “And truth be told, that’s as far as I’ve ever gotten with her.”

“Oh, shut the fuck up man.” He yelled back.

“Dude, quit killing yourself over this,” I answered. “She’s beautiful, and we both know it. It’s all right to look at her. My God, you’d be a fool not to.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” he rudely answered.

“I think you know exactly what I’m talking about,” I said. “I heard what that stripper said to you back at that club that night… I know what it did to you, and how much you liked it.”

“Are you saying I’ve got a thing for my own mom?” Brian said, staring me down. I could literally hear the years of conflict in his voice.

Now was the moment of truth… this was finally it.

“Yeah I am,” I said. “And I think you should finally admit it and quit beating yourself up over it. That’s why I’ve never done anything with her, because I know you’re in love with her.”

“Oh this is fucked up,” Brian said, storming off as he tossed his beer bottle off to the side. “You’re a fucking pervert, you asshole!”

I shook my head, frustrated with myself. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything… Damn, this wasn’t as easy as I thought it to be.

Three days passed as Brian pretty much stayed away from his mother and I, going out every night to the nearby village to drink and have fun. I told Laurie what I had done, and she too was somewhat troubled by my actions. She too started regretting ever coming here and clammed up on me. Shit… Now I was not only out $5000, but also seriously jeopardized a dear friendship just for the sake of my own selfish fantasies. Maybe I was a pervert like Brian said I was.

That was, until Friday evening when Brian came into the kitchen as I was fixing supper. His mother had just come back in from sunning all day, and was already beginning to show a fantastic golden shine to her velvety skin. She was in the shower when Brian leaned against the counter.

“Dude, I’m sorry for being such a butthead,” He ashamedly admitted. “I shouldn’t have called you a pervert.”

I sat down the spatula and turned to him, “Its alright man, I understand.”

“No, I… I don’t think you do,” he continued. “It’s uhh… its just tough, you know?”

“What is?”

“Just the… the… things I think about… feel. Hell I don’t know.”

“I think you do know, Brian.”

Brian sighed heavily, fidgeting about with the papers on the counter in an anxious moment.

“What if… I mean, what if I did say that I… you know… I wanted mom?”

“I’d say you were completely normal, and that you are human.”

Brian looked to me as if he finally could trust me.

“I mean, really, Brian. Its perfectly normal to find a woman like your mom attractive and desirable.” I tried to assure him.

“So why haven’t you done anything with her?” he asked.

“Because, I didn’t want to take her away from you… I really think she belongs to you, Brian. I really do.”

Brian glanced down, trying to absorb the impact of it all. He looked back towards his mother’s room to make sure she couldn’t hear our conversation.

“You don’t think I’m weird, or a perv?” he asked. “Not at all,” I began. “I’d think you’re weird if you didn’t notice how sexy your mom is. I mean, how could any guy not want her?”

“You don’t.” he fired back.

“It’s been tough, I’ll admit, but… how can I compete with what you two could have together?”

I could see the hope begin to glimmer in his youthful eyes.

“I’ve always wanted her, man.” Brian ultimately admitted. “I mean, ever since I can remember.”

I smiled, trying to be encouraging. “How old were you when you first wanted her?”

“Geez, maybe 13 or so, I can’t remember, but God man… she’s just,” He said with a hopeful sigh of wanton desire. “She’s just everything I’ve always wanted in a girl. God, I just wish there could be a way for me to have her all to myself.”

“There’s lots of ways,” I replied. “I mean, you two could move away, and like live as a married couple, or…”

“Married?” he interrupted.

“Yeah, it’s easier than you think, buddy. Listen to me… there is nothing on this planet that could stop two people, who really want each other from being together. Nothing.”

“But,” Brian hesitated. “Couldn’t I go to jail for something like this?”

“Maybe, I don’t know,” I responded. “But who’s gonna tell the cops? Certainly not me, and I don’t see you doing it either.”

Brian huffed in agreement. “Oh hell no man, I’d just… God, I’d do anything to have her as mine.”

“You want me as yours?” came from the other room… It was Laurie, standing at her doorway, wrapped in a fluffy white towel, still dripping wet from her shower.

Both of us turned around in utter shock when we heard her sullen, nervous voice ask her son the ill-fated question of cebeci escort bayan his entire life.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there. Laurie looked absolutely stunning with her wet hair hanging around her smooth tan shoulders.

“Mom?” Brian balked, paralyzed by fear and trepidation.

“Is it true,” she asked. “What you said?”

Brian took a deep breath, summoning all of his courage and will. I could tell he was trying to find the words with all of his heart.

“Yes,” he began. “And I’m in love with you… not as your son, but as a man to a woman, mom. I’ve always loved you.”

Oh… my… GOD. I couldn’t believe what he just said. I stood there, looking back and forth between the expressions both mother and son was sharing. Brian was staring right at her, not flinching at all. He had the courage and bravado of a thousand men behind him. I was extremely impressed.

“You love me?” Laurie barely uttered back in complete amazement.

Brian nodded yes before saying it… “Yes, I do. More than you’ll ever know.”

“Oh my God,” Laurie breathlessly whimpered. “My own son.”

“I don’t care, mom, I don’t. You can yell at me all you want, or tell me to leave… but I can’t go on like this anymore. Every girl I meet, I look for you in them. Maybe I’m wrong, but sometimes I hope that they are you.” He shamelessly confessed.

Tears stung Laurie’s eyes as she hung her head. She started to cry as Brian rushed to her side.

“Mom,” he lovingly whispered. “Please don’t cry. I’m sorry– I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“No,” Laurie answered. “I’m crying because… because I’ve always wanted to hear someone say those words to me.”

It was like a scene from the most romantic movie I had ever seen… two lovers who had come to terms with their lifelong feelings. Breaking down the barriers of forbidden sorrow in favor of an undying love.

“Oh, mom.” Brian lovingly whispered, cautiously lifting his hand to her soft, bare shoulder.

She looked up at him with tears streaming down her face. At long last, guilt or shame didn’t interrupt their gaze. Gingerly placing his hand on her left shoulder, Brian at last felt the warm touch of his mother’s naked flesh. Just the mere touch of her son made Laurie sigh in untarnished relief.

“I love you so much.” Brian affectionately murmured as he wiped away the tears from his mother’s lovely face.

“I love you, Brian,” she replied as her voice quivered in splintering expectancy. “I’ve always known it.”

“You have?” he quietly inquired.

She tediously nodded yes, gazing up at her handsome son.

Brian nearly lost it, but held his composure as his fingers slithered to Laurie’s full nourishing lips, tracing their sexy outline. I could tell the mere touch was something he had dreamt of all his life. Laurie’s eyelids fluttered, feeling her son’s fingertips touch her.

“Oh my God.” She avowed, helplessly surrendering to her son’s romantic charms.

“I’ve wanted you for so long.” He spoke so softly, watching his fingers skim the lips he desperately wanted to kiss.

“Oh my God, this isn’t happening,” Laurie exhaled, shuddering in crippling awe. “Tell me this is really happening.”

“Yes it is, mother.” Brian replied, massing her bare shoulder with his other hand.

Laurie gasped, as if hearing ‘mother’ was somehow a magical word that sealed their fate. “Yes,” she whimpered aloud. “God yes.”

Brian inched closer, closing his eyes as he inhaled the fresh forbidden fragrance of his mother’s shower. Lingering about her hairline, Brian scarcely brushed his lips across her forehead as she lifted her hands upward, unsure as if to touch her son’s body. Her palms fanned out, then clutched his waist as Brian brought both of his hands to her head, caressing her silky wet hair.

“Oh, my sweet mother.” Brian confessed, producing another series of shivers in Laurie’s body.

“Ooooooh yes.” She scarcely replied, drifting her face towards his.

Her mouth fell open as their eyes met yet again. Both mother and son danced about the kiss at hand, unsure if to enter into the sinful bonds of maternal ecstasy. Brian’s fingers held his mother’s lustrous jaw in place, gazing at her with boundless devotion. Laurie whimpered, bringing both arms about her son’s back, claiming him as her rightful love. Both could feel the warmth of each other’s hot breath cascade across their faces, assuring them that this was indeed a justifiable coupling.

“I dreamed of this… kissing you for the first time.” Brian said. “Kissing the woman who gave me life.”

Laurie balked, wanting to feel her son’s mouth to hers, yet still clinging to the last remnants of guilt and sin. She knew as well as he did that if they were to kiss that there would be no going back.

“Give me life again, mother.” Brian asked before Laurie groaned in awe, smothering her mouth to his in one final act of total surrender.

Both nearly fell apart at first escort cebeci contact, vigorously basking in each other’s delicious fervor. Brian’s manly arms enveloped his mother’s buxom frame, bounding her body to his as her hands gratefully clawed his hair. It was obvious these two were on fire for each other as I watched their lips coil and curl together, hungry and raw. Laurie groaned her desires into her son’s mouth and vice versa. I sat back, aghast by the taboo event happening before my eyes. I simply couldn’t believe that a mother and her son could be so sexually driven… so eagerly hungry for each other.

Brian pushed his mother back against the door frame as their hands inevitably twisted together. Brian pulled her arms down, tonguing her mouth as Laurie offered no resistance whatsoever. Their first kiss lasted for an eternity, and I was applauding them every second of the way. Brian was first to break the kiss, taking the time to look into the misty blue eyes of his dear mother. Not a word was said as all they did was speak to each other through their eyes, casting thousands of hopes and dreams into the other’s soul… silently seducing the other with the fires and sins of all mothers and sons who secretly longed for this extraordinary privilege.

“Maybe I should leave.” I quietly suggested as I made my way to the door.

“No,” Laurie interrupted. “Please stay Roger. You’re just as much a part of this as we are.”

I looked at her with a dubious look.

“Please,” she begged. “There’s no one else who could appreciate this more.”

“Brian?” I started. “Can I stay?”

“Sure,” he replied with a knowing smile, keeping his loving gazing at his newly found love. “We wouldn’t have this had it not been for you.”

Laurie cooed in luxurious repose as she curled her arms around Brian’s neck, bringing him in for another soulful kiss. Enlivened, Brian bent down, hoisting his mother’s body into his thick brawny arms.

“Oh Brian,” Laurie gasped between the slurps of their lips. “Take me. God, just take me please.”

Brian quickly became the masterful lover, effortlessly carrying his woman off to bed. It’s as if they both instinctively knew where to go, what path to take, and what course to follow. It was ingrained in their nature to consummate this lifelong purpose… to unite together in glorious, soulful lovemaking. Brian slowly sauntered into his mother’s bedroom as the two remained speechless… I sat back, observing this magical affair evolve into what it was meant to become. Stepping to the king-size bed, Brian eased his mother down to her feet as they stood toe to toe, mouth to mouth… and soul to soul. Keeping her eyes on her handsome son, Laurie lifted her hand to undo the towel.

“Watch me, Brian,” Laurie demanded with a surreal tone. “This is for you.”

Brian sat still, peering down to watch his mother unveil the single greatest mystery of his entire life. Affixed on the deep crest of her dark cleavage, Brian watched as the thick towel slowly cascaded down, baring her large motherly breasts for her only child. At long last, Laurie was completely nude.

“Oh my God,” Brian gasped in heartache. “So beautiful.”

Laurie lifted the towel to her side, letting it drop to the floor as she let her son take in the heavenly spectacle of her disrobed body. His stare went back and forth between her breasts and eyes, unsure as to what to do next.

“Touch me, Brian.” Laurie fondly gasped, taking her son’s hands in hers, placing them over each heavy udder.

Brian nearly lost his footing, feeling the luscious heaviness of his mother’s prized bosom. Every finger delicately nuzzled the savory mounds, cupping the fullness in dire appreciation. Laurie’s eyes closed, basking in the unhurried, affectionate hands of her son.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Brian whispered. “I’m touching your beautiful breasts. I’m really doing this.”

Laurie crept in for another profound kiss as Brian let go to enshrine his mother’s body to his.

“Make love to me.” Laurie muttered, inspired by their lifelong desire for each other.

Her hands slithered down Brian’s back, slipping under the waistband of his shorts, pulling them down without any qualms. This was something she longed for, needed… craved. Brian began trembling as he felt his solid manhood pop out as his shorts pooled about his ankles. Gazing down to see her son’s throbbing eight-inch cock, she shuddered seeing its strapping largeness because she knew it was because of her that he was hard. She had made him that way, and that thought alone crippled her senses.

“My God,” Laurie resonated, curling her freshly painted fingernails around the base of her son’s shaft. “Did I really do this to you?”

Brian could only nod yes, swallowing the years of wanton desire and hope. Seeing his frantic response, Laurie looked back down to watch the sizzling raw cock twitch uncontrollably.

“God almighty, it’s beautiful.” Laurie spoke, running her fingertip beneath the wide bulbous tip.

“You made this,” Brian scarcely said. “You made it, mother.”

“I did, didn’t I?” she answered, stroking the entire length of his life stalk. “Now it’s gonna come back to me, isn’t it?”

“Oooooh God yes.” Brian yelped like a helpless kid, teetering back and forth.

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