The Fisherman , I

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My pussy ached like you wouldn’t believe but I was stuck on this stupid retreat with my church for an entire week and there were no men. We got here on Sunday night and it was now Wednesday and I was used to getting fucked at least once a day and now it had been three since I’d had anything but my finger. I really thought I could do it when I left my boyfriend and his nine inch dick back in Nashville but now I was looking at the bed post thinking I should ride it.

Half ways to insanity I decided I needed to take a walk. It was five o’clock in the morning and everyone else was asleep so I got up quietly got dressed and went for a walk down to the lake. On the way down I decided to massage my clit so I could get a really good orgasm out of my system and make it to the end of the week. I was working my finger vigorously over my clit and was very worked up when I got to the pier. I sat down and dropped my sweats around my ankles and began to watch the sunrise and work my pussy even more. I soon became lost in the rising sun and the release I was getting from my workout and failed to notice the guy in the boat heading out for an early morning fishing trip. My attention was suddenly drawn to him when the sun was blocked from my view and standing before me was this 6’6″ guy with the most massive chest I had ever seen. He looked at me and illegal bahis said nothing as he dropped to his knees, removed my hand and placed his massive head between my legs and began to eat my pussy out like it has never been eaten before.

Everything about him seemed to be massive his chest, his hands (now moving up under my shirt to massage my 36 C breasts and his tongue. Oh my god his tongue was as big as some guys dick and it made me realize that his tool must be enormous. He continued to eat my pussy until finally I tensed up and exploded all over his face with my pussy juices and screamed to the now risen sun. I screamed so loud I awoke the rest of the camp who all began to look for me, unknown however to me.

I knew I must have him inside me and I knew it had to be now. I grabbed hold of his belt and as I undid it his pants fell to the decking revealing his 12 inch long dick and 5 inches around. I suddenly realized that I was going to have to put that massive dick in my tiny pussy but I was up for the challenge. I grabbed hold of his dick and began sucking the head into my mouth but was unable to get anything but the head in. I told him to lay down on the bench and that I would get on top to control entry. As I finished removing my sweatpants and my top to release my breasts I climbed atop my Mt. Everest. I squatted illegal bahis siteleri over his fully erect and enormous dick and placed it at the entrance to my pussy. I slowly lowered myself down. I felt like I would split in half and I only had about ½ inch in me yet. I raised up and decided that I was going to have to do this like the night I lost my virginity, quickly. I raised up again and this time as his cock was just touching my pussy again I slammed down onto him driving 10 of those 12 inches into me. I screamed like I had never screamed before which alerted everyone as to where I was. They all came running down to the lake only to find me astride the most massive cock any of them had ever seen.

I felt like a virgin again having to sit still until the pain subsided from the penetration of this behemoth. I was finally able to move in a circular motion and then up and down driving that cock into me. I could feel him way up inside me, further than anyone had ever been before. I loved it. I was really getting into the swing of things when he grabbed me and rolled me over onto my back, my pussy still impaled upon his dick. He was now on top and grabbed my ankles and slung them over his shoulders allowing him to get the remaining 2 inches of his cock inside me that I could not get before. I was so full of cock I came all over canlı bahis siteleri his cock and could feel my pussy juices running down the crack of my ass. The convulsions of my pussy pushed him over the edge and suddenly I was being filled with splash after splash of cum deep inside my pussy. As I came back down to reality I saw the other women of the retreat all shocked and amazed at what I had just done, after all this was a church retreat but how could they blame me with a cock of this size. My fisherman friend was invited back to the lodge where most of the other girls took the pleasure of his massive cock.

I returned home that Friday night but not before getting fucked by that beast twice more. Once at home my boyfriend knew I had cheated on him because I was so stretched out. He broke up with me soon there after. A little more than a month after returning home I discovered that I was pregnant. I wasn’t sure who the father was since I had sex with my boyfriend and my fisherman friend. I also soon learned that 7 other girls from the retreat were all pregnant as well. As the baby began to grow inside me I soon knew that it was a product of my affair on the retreat because it was a huge baby. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to handle to birth but when it came time the stretching out that the fisherman had given me was all in practice for the birth of this baby.

I long for that morning to come again and this time I would like to have him fuck me in the ass to see if it can be done with his massive member. Like I said before I am always up for a challenge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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