The Feather

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You are on your bed, lying on your stomach, head on your folded arms, breasts hidden, naked, of course-just out the shower. I am sitting next to you. I take a feather, which I found on the beach when I was sitting there, watching you surf. Getting hard every time I saw you paddle, to catch a perfect wave. Your gorgeous body moving the board gracefully to ride the wave to the very end – the way you like to ride everything.

I take the feather and run it across your forehead and down the side of your face, ending at your chin, before moving it up to your ear. I run the tip along the top ridge of your ear, down to your earlobe. I gently stroke it across the back of your ear, and down your neck. I pause there, making sure that I have gently caressed every centimetre of your sensual throat. The feather takes a daring dash down your spine, stopping just short of your beautiful, tight ass, circling the butterfly tattoo a few times, then up, to move gently across your shoulders.

It moves backwards and forwards, trailing a silky path across your perfectly tanned back. I slide the feather along the underside of your right arm out to your elbow, then back to your armpit and down the side of your gorgeous breast. You lift your body, wanting me to do more, but I pull the feather back across to your other arm, to your elbow. Back down the side of your other breast. This time sliding down your side to your hip. Across the small of your back and the butterfly to your other hip and up your side, then back down, across your hip and over your ass cheek.

I gently stroke it backwards and forwards across your cheek and down, until I reach the top of your thigh. I slide it straight across to the other side, very slowly, so that when it bridges the gap, your legs involuntarily open, just a little. It slides across your other thigh. Back and forth stroking the other cheek all the way to the top.

I slide it to the butterfly again, around and around before going down, between the cheeks so that it gently caresses both at the same time – deeply. It slides down, almost between your legs, stopping just short of what is, by now, a very wet pussy. Then back up again. You arch your back, lifting your ass as the feather moves gently, up and down, retracing its sensual path. You then push your pelvis into the illegal bahis bed, to relieve a bit of the ache that is building up, between your legs.

I continue my exploration, to less sensitive territory, down your thighs, the back of your knees, your tight calves, one at a time, drawing out the pleasure. I kiss you on the neck as I take one of your shoulders in my hand, and roll you over. I kiss you on the mouth, gently at first, then a little more urgently as I suck your tongue into my mouth and massage it with my own.

I let you go and sit up so that I can move the feather back to where it started, across your forehead. You close your eyes as I gently stroke it across your eyelids and your nose, then gently down your cheek and across your lips. I take a little longer there since I know that they are a little more sensitive now. I play the feather along your top lip, then down and across your lower lip.

I move the feather down your chin, you tilt your head back giving me access to your throat. I trail the feather from high, near your ear, down your throat to the top of your chest across and back up to the other ear then down a little and across under your chin. Around to the other ear.

I slide the feather down your chest, between your breasts and down your stomach to your belly-button. I circle it a few times, then back up. I trail a soft line across and below your breast where it meets your chest. I trail it along the under-swell of your breast, below the nipple. Your nipples harden. But I avoid them. I trail the feather across to the other side, then back across and around your nipple, circling, teasing, but not touching. You bite your bottom lip as the ache builds. I finally give you some release as I stroke the feather, gently over your nipples, first one, then the other. At first softly, to tease, but not to give release. Then a little firmer, around your areola and across the now stone-hard nipple. I move the feather to the other nipple, not wanting it to be left out. You respond again. I decide to give you a little release. I lean forward and take the first nipple into my mouth, sucking gently, at first, then more insistently. A soft moan escapes from you. I run my teeth lightly across it. You arch your back to meet me, gasping as the pleasure takes hold. I move to the illegal bahis siteleri other, more for my pleasure than yours. I love your breasts. I want to continue sucking, but I haven’t finished what I started, so I lean back, and let the feather continue where I wanted to.

It slides down your stomach to your belly button, stopping just short, to trail across to your side and back up to below your arm, across the underside of your breast to the other side and down. It slides down to your upper thigh, avoiding your preferred destination and continues down your leg, along the top to your knee, then your foot. It slides up the inside of your leg to the sensitive skin of your inner thigh. Your legs open wider to allow it to move unhindered to the top, stopping just short of where I can already see the passion escaping, making your lips glisten, weakening my resolve. I move it across to the other thigh, ignoring your arching pelvis and annoyed moans. Moving down the inside of your leg, past you knee to your other foot and back up the ridge of your perfectly tanned leg. I can see the excitement in your eyes as I approach where your legs meet.

I continue up your thigh, back to your flat stomach (that alone drives me wild), and criss-cross back down to your mons. Turning slightly, to avoid your weeping slit, and down to caress the sensitive skin between your outer lip and inner thigh. Your knees lift and your legs open, allowing me to see you more intimately than before, weakening me. Your breathing is more rapid now, craving release, but I am not finished – at least, not yet.

I move the feather down, to cross over that little bit of flesh separating your pussy from your ass. And I linger, teasing myself as mush as you. I flick it backwards and forwards across that sensitive bridge. I see your hands grabbing the sheet, your knuckles white. The tip of the feather gets wet from the juices oozing out of you. I stop for just a second to put the tip of the feather in my mouth – to taste you. It’s something I have been wanting to do for too long. I can see your impatience growing, so I replace the feather against your hot skin, sliding it around the other lip, and back up to the top.

I can see your clit, already hard, and glowing, demanding attention. I stroke the feather around it, canlı bahis siteleri teasing – before gently sliding it across the angry nub. Your reaction is immediate. You lift your pelvis, trying to increase the pressure. Your one hand is now on my leg, your nails digging into my inner thigh, a delicious contrast to the heat building in me.

I lose control. I drop the feather – it’s done its job – and lean forward, to gently kiss you just above your slit and down the side to the paw tattoo, where I stop momentarily to pay a little attention to the mark I have come to dream about. I kiss it gently and run my tongue lightly across it, at last. I have waited so long. I move back up and flick my tongue across your clit. Your hands are in my hair, pulling, trying to end the ache. I won’t be rushed. I slide my tongue past your clit, down your beautiful clean-shaven pussy, tasting the abundance of your juices as I go, driving me almost as wild as you already are. My tongue reaches the bottom of its path, at your entrance. Pausing, before penetrating you, deep – tasting you hungrily, as if you are the last meal I will have (it would be enough to last me a lifetime). I flatten my tongue and lick back up to your clit, capturing all the juices I can before settling on your clit. I suck it into my mouth, gently, while running my tongue over it, backwards and forwards. I slide two fingers inside you. They slip in easily, lubricated by the abundance of juices, yours and mine, mixing freely. My other hand moves up to you breast squeezing it before gripping your nipple between my fingers, and rolling it between them, gently, then a little harder, gently, then harder.

The fingers inside you slide up until they feel the soft spongy spot on the front wall, and there they focus, on your g-spot, stroking over and over while I consume you. I stop occasionally to push deep inside you, as if hoping to reach your heart. Your back is arched. Your moans become louder and more desperate as you near orgasm.

I can feel it is near. I move my hand from your breast, and use my 2 fingers to hold your slit open. Allowing me to alternate between sucking your clit and running my tongue, firmly, down to your entrance and back up, while steadily fingering you with the other hand. Your body stiffens. I suck your clit into my mouth, hard, while rubbing my two fingers backwards and forwards. My other hand, back up to squeeze your nipple firmly through your orgasm. Your juices flow freely, and I can’t get enough. Until you flop back down, spent, perspiring, satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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