The Extended Family Ch. 12

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Chapter 12 — The Eight Bring Orgasms to a Whole New Level

I awoke the next morning amidst three exhausted naked women. What a pleasant way to wake up. I was thankful that life had given me this life style. I pulled on some sweats over my naked body and tiptoed towards the garage, but then paused with a thought. I went back and picked up another sweat suit.

I went to my den and cracked up the door. The hall light illuminated Carl and Rachel sleeping comfortably on the large pullout bed. Fortunately, Rachel was near the door. I went and knelt by her and leaned in and kissed her. She woke up slowly and opened her eyes and looked at me. “Jim? What?” she whispered.

“Come with me,” I said back in a whisper. Carl didn’t stir.

Rachel’s gorgeous naked body slid from beneath the sheet and came into the hall with me. I embraced her and kissed her again; she was most agreeable but had a questioning look on her face.

“Here, put these on.” I handed her the sweats, and she slipped into them. “I’m going to take you for what I hope is an extraordinary experience.” I led her to the car, and we drove to the beach. As we drove in the dark, I told her about my daily meditation time, my quiet time, at the beach each morning. She nodded and stifled a yawn still unsure what the morning held.

At the beach, I carried a blanket, and led her barefoot in the almost dark down to the water’s edge. We sat next to each other and meditated for a while. Even as I approached my trance state I felt I connected with Rachel on a deep spiritual level. Somehow without breaking my trance I looked at her occasionally and she was sitting erect and alert but with her eyes closed; she and I were one. When I finished, I waited for her and then she joined me back in this level of consciousness.

“You’re happy,” I said. “And Carl too. You hope there’s more of what we did today.”

“Yes, how did you know? You’re statement was so positive.”

“I touched your mind with mine while we were here. If you think about it, you’ll know what I feel too. Go ahead.”

She paused a second then quietly said in a relaxed and knowing voice, “You love me.” She looked deep into my eyes with the sunrise behind us.

“Yes, I do,” I moved and pulled her up. Together we walked to the dunes. I spread the blanket out.

“Are you going to make love to me?” Rachel asked already knowing the answer to the question.

“Yes, we will connect on another level — just the two of us.” I pulled our clothes from our bodies, embracing her when she stood nude in front of me again.

We knelt and then fell to the blanket in each other’s arms. Our lovemaking wasn’t rushed and did not arise from being horny. Instead, we coupled because two souls on this planet wanted, no needed, a deeper connection with each other — we needed to rekindle a spiritual bond we had forged only moments earlier. There was no doubt as to why we were there — it was to seal our love for one another.

I slid into Rachel’s body, and we moved together, gently thrusting into each other as we showered kisses over our torsos, neck, breasts and faces. We orgasmed together and just lay together as though we were still making love, still kissing and whispering love words to each other.

Eventually, it seemed as though our time was up and so we dressed, collected the blanket, and drove home. As usual, the house was still quiet when we got home. I said, “Go to Carl.”

“No,” Rachel said, “I want you to hold me some more. Suddenly, I find I love not one man but two, and I want to spend some serious time with the new love of my life.” She held her arms out to me.

We went into the living room, and Rachel cuddled into me. I stopped her. “Take your suit off. Be naked with me.” She nodded.

A minute later our two naked bodies were cuddled together on the sofa. I smoothed her chest, and she stroked my body; we kissed frequently.

“Tell me about loving two people at the same time,” Rachel said softly.

I said, “Well, it’s really easy in one sense and hard in another. It’s hard because you want to please everyone. It’s easy because you feel this great affection for everyone you love. If they feel the same way, it’s all easier because you ignore any imbalances that occur from minute to minute or even day to day or week to week.”

“What do you mean ‘imbalances’?” Rachel asked after she kissed me again.

“Well, I just made love to you. That means the other people I love didn’t get to be with me this morning: Karen, Lynn, Bev, and Mel. So this morning the scale tipped in your favor, but none of them will feel badly about it; in fact, they’ll be grateful that we had some private time together without the group. You’ll see. Each woman knows what it’s like to have time alone with her lover — Robbie, Carl, or me. I encourage them to have their private time with others too; for instance, Robbie’s become a skilled and considerate lover and he does love each of them deeply. He’s really enthralled bahis firmaları with your mother despite their thirty-five-year difference in ages.”

I went on, “We’ll re-dress any imbalances in two ways. First, we’ll just be ourselves and sooner or later we’ll all have private time together in every which way. It may take a couple of weeks, but we know it’ll smooth out. Second, if someone feels out of balance, they’re not shy about saying so. We have an expression –‘my bucket is empty’ — or something akin to that, to signal to one of us that she or he wants some alone time with that person.”

“Wow,” Rachel said, “you have really thought this all through.”

“No, we’re making it up as we go along. Nancy, my first wife, taught me a lot about loving and keeping her bucket full. We had a full, beautiful life and for a few years we had another person that she loved deeply while she loved me. I’ll tell you more about it sometime. I guess you know that Nancy died of cancer about two years ago. I had a long, often drunken depression before I found myself again; I found Lynn about the same time and then your sister. I love them deeply as I find I’m loving you.” I kissed Rachel very tenderly again.

We sat for a long time talking quietly and then heard rustling from the master bedroom. Bev came out of the bedroom naked. She came and snuggled into my other side, demanding several kisses before she settled down with her head on my shoulder.

After a while she said, “Did you make love to Rachel at the beach?”

“Yes, we did,” I replied softly.

“Good,” she said then was quiet for a long time. “I hope you made it beautiful for her.”

“He did,” Rachel answered for me; she had a new enthusiasm in her voice.

Lynn appeared a few minutes later, her beautiful nude body glimmering in the morning light. She slid up behind Rachel and cuddled into her. Rachel responded by pulling Lynn into her and putting her arm around her. They kissed.

Karen came later, a pretty ribbon in her long tousled dark hair but otherwise naked. She sat at my feet and let Bev and I surround her with our legs so she didn’t feel left out of our large group hug. She tossed her long locks of hair into my groin area with a kinky grin then quieted down.

A naked Mel arrived and cuddled up to Bev who put her arm around her and kissed her tenderly. Robbie came up behind Lynn, kissing her and Rachel as he leaned in to embrace the two women.

We all sat for a long time just content in each other’s presence. Finally, Carl appeared. He was the only one wearing clothes; he had on a pair of boxers. He stood for the longest time looking at the tableau on the sofa before him. He smiled warmly, slipped his shorts off, and spooned behind Mel; the two of them kissed gently to welcome the morning. He’d read the mood of the day correctly.


Everyone pitched in, and we made a grand breakfast. We smoothed and touched each other’s bodies as we worked around the kitchen and dining area. We’d all dressed — barely. We sat around the breakfast table enjoying way too much coffee as Sarasota delivered another day in paradise to all our visitors from the cold climes.

I saw Rachel pull Carl away for a few moments. They walked down by the dock and sat there talking for a while. I was glad to see the communications. I often saw one or the other nodding their heads in the affirmative.

We broke into groups for a while. Lynn and Mel went shopping and to pickup some groceries. Bev, Karen, and Rachel sat by the pool and bonded with one another; I was glad to occasionally hear gales of laughter ring out from their conversation.

Carl and I had yet another cup of coffee and watched some fishermen off in the bay. After a thoughtful silence, he said, “Thank you for making love to Rachel this morning. She said it was one of the most special times in her life and that she’ll never forget it.”

I just nodded.

He went on, “Somehow, we got to where I’m not providing her those moments any more. I’m so glad that someone else can. Really, thank you.”

“Carl, you’re still providing special times to Rachel everyday. When you acknowledge that your interactions with each other are special, they become special. Lynn, Karen, and I celebrate each other almost every day; it’s part of how we love. We talk about our special times together. We remember them more that way.”

I went on, “Plus you have four great kids — I know, we’ve got pictures of them in the living room; in case you didn’t notice. Bring them here sometime, and we’ll take them up to Disney World. Those kids provide you lots and lots of special times. Unfortunately, they slide by in the rush of daily life and you don’t treasure them until they are long gone. I know, I was working too hard and missed many of my kids special moments.”

After a long silence Carl said, “She’s in love you, you know?”

“Yes, I know. I love her too.” I paused for a minute. “Rachel hasn’t stopped loving kaçak iddaa you to love me. It’s an ‘and’ not an ‘or’. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, I think I do. I guess I’m the sort of person who falls in love with the women I sleep with. So now, I’m not only in love with Rachel, but I have pretty strong feelings for Bev and Karen, and I’m feeling pretty tender about Mel and Lynn too since they were part of what we all shared last night. I don’t love Rachel any less, and, as I think of it, even more. I feel so alive and awake to feelings and emotions I didn’t feel before. It’s not just being horny either, although I’m starting to feel my oats again.” He laughed aloud.

“You’ll feel as though you’ve expanded your ability to love to a whole new level when you leave and return home. I don’t think it’s just the sex either although that helps. It’s that you get really close to other people. You open yourself to them completely; you make yourself vulnerable. It’s called unconditional love. You love them without question, for whom they are right now, and they take you that way too. There’s no attempt to change the other person, to make them something they’re not. The lovemaking just helps seal the deal.”

“Where do you go, who do you talk to, and what do you read to pick up this philosophy? I love this, but it seems new to me. I want to learn more.”

“I have a few books, but mostly I’ve patched it together from a bunch of different people over time: the O’Neill’s, Buscaglia, Rimmer, Jung, … to name a few. Take a look at the books on the shelves in the room you’re sleeping in.”

Carl nodded.

I stood and stretched. “OK, it’s time for some healthy exercise.”

Carl looked optimistic. I said, “Not that kind! I was thinking of some golf. Do you play?”

An hour later Carl, Robbie, and I were at the Bobby Jones Golf Course ready to tee off. No one did really well, but we did have a great bonding experience, and I could tell Carl felt closer to us by the end of the round.


The eight of us went out for dinner to a very dressy and expensive place called Café L’Europe at St. Armand’s Circle. I hadn’t eaten there for years, and they didn’t disappoint.

At one point, I sat back and studied each of the people at the long table, thinking of how they fit into our unusual set of relationships.

Lynn was sitting next to me and often touching my leg or arm in a gesture of love and affection. I’d also get a kiss every now and then. She was one of the most beautiful women in the world, a tall, trim, leggy, longhaired, lithe blond with the face of a model. Tonight, her hair was up in a sexy twist and she was wearing a short scoop-neck summer frock that I was sure was entertaining the wait staff when they stood behind her; she was not wearing a bra. She was the start of my return to sanity after Nancy died and the person to first capture my heart when I felt I was ready to love again. She was open-minded and lusty in our relationship, creative about sex, and always looking for an opportunity to create fun experiences in our lives.

Karen sat across from me with her legs entangled with mine; she too wanted contact with me. Karen was a beauty too: long, twisty, shiny jet black hair that cascaded down her back; a body to die for; and a face that belonged in Vogue or some magazine that emphasized beauty. She was wearing a tight, little black dress with large gold earrings and a matching belt. To complete the ensemble, she was wearing four-inch black patent leather spike heels — apparel that I think is really sexy; she calls them her ‘fuck me pumps.’ Karen is a people person, unusually sensitive to how we’re feeling and our moods. She can be wild in our sex encounters and is usually vocal, making up erotic and creative phrases that drive us all to distraction and orgasms.

Robbie sat next to Karen, often putting his arm around her affectionately. He was in his middle twenties, one of our projects, and was what Lynn called a ‘hunk.’ Officially, he was Mel’s boyfriend and he was totally devoted to her, almost with a puppy dog fondness. He had let Mel be the lead for his involvement with our extended family; happy, I’m sure, that it gave him open access to all the women in our circle. He seemed to have a special place in his heart for Bev, who he gravitated to when Mel became occupied with someone else.

Bev was sitting next to me truly dressed as if she came off the pages of Vogue wearing a trim sheath in navy with sexy heels and a very Florida shawl. A petite dynamo, it was hard to believe by looking at her that she was sixty and loved to fuck, suck, and anything else sexual that you could think of. After her initial shock at how we lived, she quickly fit right in.

Carl sat on the other side of Bev, and I noticed the two then cooing into each other’s ears. Bev had her hand in Carl’s crotch for a while with a devilish look on her face. Carl was a raw gem of a man who let it all hangout. Devoted to Rachel and his kids, kaçak bahis he was the good husband personified. I guessed he was grappling with whether there’d be after-affects from his visit.

Rachel sat across from Carl: my newest love. We caught each other’s eyes and looking with love at each other. I blew her a kiss and she returned the gesture. She seemed to accept her sister’s life style, but had been testing and evaluating to see whether she wanted to add to our life style to her life. A mother of four, her body was starting to show the battle scars of being a soccer mom and career women living in suburbia. She had dressed in a lovely pleated skirt and top with matching shoes. She had a knack for fashion like her mother and sister. She could be as lusty as her sister, and I think she had amazed herself by finding her ability to produce nearly unlimited orgasms during her lovemaking.

Mel sat next to Karen, the two of them often canoodling together over what would happen later in the evening. There was no doubt that Mel was Lynn’s daughter; they were from the same mold. Mel had that freshness and innocence as well as a natural sexiness that oozed from her pores and made heads turn wherever she went. She could have cared less. Bev was coaching her on how to dress sharply, and tonight she was at her peak with a gold lame blouse and very short tight skirt with tall heels (my favorite again). Mel’s natural sexiness was something we all loved about her. While she was Robbie’s girlfriend, she professed her total devotion to me and for that I will always be eternally grateful. She is a superb lover too — actually we all are!

As for me, I was wearing the first necktie of the year — and it was almost New Year’s Eve, with a sport coat and slacks, no socks, and dress shoes — apparel that Bev told me she thought made me look more like the sexy man she knew I was. As I looked at my friends and my lovers I realized how blessed I was; the Universe had not only saved me from desolation it had hurled me into the land of love and abundance. I couldn’t have been happier.

I politely asked Carl whether I could make love to Rachel again as we walked around the Circle after dinner. He smiled and encouraged me. He asked about the best way to approach Mel, and I shared my insights with him. He left my side, and I watched him walk with her; Mel welcomed the attention and soon the two of them were walking with their arms around each other. Bev and Robbie were an interesting pair, particularly since obviously their attentions to each other were far from platonic. Lynn and Karen were walking holding arms, in the very European sexy way foreign women do; they betrayed nothing of their relationship except closeness. I pulled Rachel to me and put my arm around her; she was surprised and gave me a big smile of happiness that I had “claimed” her.

When we got home, Karen asked whether she could join with Rachel and me when we made love. I, of course, held my arms open to her. I pulled the two of them into the master bedroom. Karen and I had Rachel stand with her eyes closed as we disrobed her and romanced every new area of skin that became exposed. The two of them were accepting of the erotic situation even though they were sisters.

We then turned our attention on Karen, slowly peeling off her layers of clothing. Then, it was my turn. Having two tongues run up and down your cock is a VERY stimulating and exciting situation, particularly when the ones doing it are as beautiful as these two sisters. Karen showed Rachel how to deep throat me; I was tolerant of her efforts in this direction and praised her eventual success. By now, I was harder than rebar and wanted to return the favor.

I lay on my back and had Rachel mount me; Karen came over my face and lowered her pussy to my eager lips. She tasted divine, and eating her and having Rachel ride me was one of the Wonders of the World. After a while we switched, and I got to eat Rachel again. The sisters did not taste the same — both were divine, but different.

While in our two-above-one positions, the women kissed and fondled each other in a most un-sisterly fashion. I could feel more than see what they were doing, my focus being on the pussy nearest my lips and on prolonging the sexual contact. I occasionally heard Karen giving directions.

It didn’t take too long before the two of them started to have climaxes that I could feel and taste as their lubrication flooded my thirsty mouth. Karen was the first, and then Rachel succumbed to my oral attentions. Then, I felt the two of them start to manipulate and rub each other’s clit; both women fired off again shortly after that.

Eventually, they fell beside me, Rachel again deep throating me to show me her new skill. “Yum,” she said as she came up for air, “pussy and man. What a fine combination.” She looked at Karen and asked, “Who gets his load?” She smirked.

Karen thought for a minute as she ran her hand up and down my wrought iron cock and then asked her sister, “Have you ever done anal sex?”

Rachel looked horrified for an instant, then pensive then accepting and finally experimental. “Nooooo,” she said, “but with this man I might be willing to try it.”

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