The Ex Ch. 02

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Hope squirms and pulls on the ropes trying to get free despite knowing it is useless trying to figure out something she can do for her sister. Hope gives a sigh of relief when the front door opens again figuring relief is on the way. Her father walks into the bed room and stops at the door to read the note. He looks over at the bed and grins, “Well… this would be a first but if she really wants me to sleep with another woman who am I to deny her?” Hope looks at her father terrified of what is about to go down.

Hope’s father walks into the room leaving the lights dim. Hope stares with tears in her eyes as her father slips out of his suit coat and drops his pants leaving him with his button up shirt and boxers. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his boxers revealing his large cock unknowingly to his daughter. Hope looked at her father’s cock surprised by it’s size hearing Jessye moaning from the room next door turning her on a bit hearing Jessye get fucked while staring at her father’s large dick.

Hope looked at her father’s dick curious as to what it would feel like and kinda excited to know the large dick was going to be inserted into her pussy shortly. She lay on the bed patiently waiting for her father to fuck her. He slowly got on the bed on top of Hope and slid his dick into her pussy.

Hope looked at her father in anticipation as her sincan escort father pushed into her. She groaned from the size but was muffled by the gag; Jessye in the other room moaning for more loudly. Hope’s dad smirks, “They seem to be going at it in there. Normally I’d yell at them but since I’ve got you I’ll let it slide.” He thrust in and out of her pussy hard and fast. Hope’s eyes rolled back in her head and she arched her back moaning in pleasure into the ball gag.

Hope started to buck her hips up into her father as he fucks her hard and fast and kisses her neck while rubbing her breasts and squeezes them. He pinches her nipples and she begins to cum. He feels her cum on his dick and can’t help but cum into her at the same time. He pulls out of her, “Wow, you were a good fuck but I really have work to do. Maybe we can do it again sometime.” Hope still in a horny stupor nods her head happily.

He begins to untie her arms and legs and she pulls the gag out of her mouth. She gives him a hug and kisses his lips, “Thanks daddy you were fun.” She jumps up thinking about what Matt had done to Jessye and runs naked into the hall forgetting about her dad. She runs to Jessye’s door and pushes it up. Jessye is wearing the cheerleading uniform and riding a guy.

She hears the door and tosses the blanket over the guy on the bed, sincan escort bayan “Hope uhhh… what are you doing?” Jessye turns bright red.

Hope looks at Jessye, “I’m here to save you from him.” She walks to the bed and tries to pull the sheets off as Jessye tries to keep him covered.

Jessye looks at Hope, “Please Hopie, just let me be…” She begs. Hope insistent to take care of the guy rips the sheets off to see her younger brother Ben naked and being straddled by Jessye.

Hope looks back and forth between her sister and her brother. “You two… are… how long?” Hope backs up into the wall.

Hope standing there naked cum dripping from her pussy, Ben looks at her and smiles, “You wanna ride too?” Jessye slaps him across the face.

Jessye then looks at Hope, “I’m sorry you saw this. Almost two years, I forgot to buy him a birthday present and he walked in on me in the shower on his birthday. I told him he could watch me masturbate as his present. Well… one thing led to another and I agreed to fuck him. Somehow it just kept happening each weekend. It’s nice to get pleasured with no commitment Hope. You should find a guy. Ben is mine though.” She leans down and kisses his lips.

Hope looks at her in complete shock, “My innocent little sister begin violated weekly by my innocent brother…”

Ben escort sincan looks at Hope, “It’s not like you didn’t fuck someone tonight…” He points to her leg. Hope turns bright red.

Jessye smirks, “We heard you thank daddy.” Hope gets even more red and looks down, “It wasn’t supposed to happen…” Hope drags her foot back and forth across the ground feeling foolish. “Matt tied me to the bed and forced me to fuck daddy.”

“You two were really getting it on. It was quiet hot and heavy and you enjoyed it right sis?” Ben says smirking.

Hope keeps looking down, “Well… yea…” Hope blushes. “Dad is really good and sex is really fun.”

Jessye giggles, “So after all this resistance to the idea you’ve finally come to the naughty side.” Jessye starts to bounce up and down on Ben’s dick some more.

“Mhmmm, guess there isn’t any reason to avoid having sex now.” Hope says trying to justify what her and Jessye are doing. Hope watches as her little sister rides her little brother.

“I suppose I should talk to dad about fucking him all the time then?” Hope rationalized.

Jessye moaned out while riding Ben, “Uhhh… ya… dad would enjoy fucking your pussy. Mmmm…”

Hope turns around. “Alright.” Hope headed back to her parent’s room and talked to her father. She made an agreement to fuck her father every day.

Hope being a woman of her word went to her father and started fucking him on a daily basis as she loved being pounded by his big dick just moving home skipping out on her dreams of being a social worker just being a sex toy for her father and any other guys she ran into willing to pound her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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