The Dock Ch. 02

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This story is solely my property and may not be reproduced or published without my express permission. Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent. Any resemblance to people living or dead is merely a coincidence.

This is the long delayed second chapter to “The Dock”. I hope it’s as well received as the first chapter was.

A deep thank you to all of my readers. You make it all worthwhile.

Nick looked at Jerri and asked her the obvious question, “So how much did you see Aunt Jerri?”

Jerri grinned as Nick and Kelly got dressed, “I saw enough guys, and god was it hot. And for crying out loud just call me Jerri, we’re all about the same age.”

Kelly watched Jerri suspiciously, “So why aren’t you freaked out Jerri?”

“Let’s just say I have an understanding of your situation. Your Uncle Joe and I will explain over lunch okay?”

Once Kelly and Nick were presentable the three of them walked back to the cottage. When they got closer to the house Jerri called out that she’d found them plotting their next evil scheme on the dock. Everyone laughed and started getting their food. Joe and the kids got their plates and sat down. Nick, Kelly and Jerri joined them a few minutes later.

Jerri looked over at Joe with a little smirk, “You were right daddy, I caught them red-handed.”

Nick looked shocked and Kelly looked scared.

Joe smiled reassuringly at them, “Don’t worry guys we won’t tell anyone else.” He gave their kids Max and Zoey a stern look, “That includes you two too.”

Jerri smiled warmly at Nick and Kelly, “How do you think Joe and I really met?”

Kelly grinned, “That’s a trick question, I know you told us you met online.”

“Sorry Kelly but you’re wrong. That’s just what we told everyone. I met Jerri when she was eight. She was my sister-in-law’s step-daughter. I’m not exactly sure what the legal relationship is for us but I always thought of her as my niece. It was hard at first, accepting that I was sleeping with my niece, but Jerri kept hounding me that she was only my niece because I said she was. Well eventually it sank in and I’ve never been happier.”

Nick shook his head in confusion, “So is Jerri your niece or isn’t she? And your kids know what’s going on?”

Jerri gave Joe a little grin, “There is no familial relationship between Joe and I, and yes the kids know. We felt it was better to tell them the truth than lie to them.”

“So what’s all this got to do with us?” Kelly asked.

Joe smiled, “I’ve been watching you two and as you’ve gotten older you’ve gotten cozier. So it doesn’t surprise me you’ve gotten to this point in your relationship. Jerri and I have a little experience with it and would like to help where we can.”

Jerri turned to Kelly, “I hear you’re going to Unity in the fall. Do you have a place to stay yet? You can stay with us if you need to.”

“Nicky’s already offered his spare room to me. Would that be okay?” Kelly said, uncertain of herself.

“That would be fine sweetie, better to keep it under wraps for now where others can’t see or judge you,” Joe said with a chuckle.

“Dad? Are Nicky and Kelly going to be like you and mom?” Zoey asked innocently.

Joe smiled at Zoey, “Well Zozo that’s up to them. We can only help them make the right decision for them by giving them the best advice we can.”

Joe gave Kelly and Nick a serious look, “We’re going to stop preaching now, just know that you can call either of us any time okay?”

Both Kelly and Nick looked relieved knowing that they had people on their side.

After lunch was through the games began, Nick and Kelly stuck close together. Very often with their arms around each other and hugging every chance they got.

“Cool it you two, your aunts and uncles are wondering what’s going on,” Joe said as he wandered up behind them.

Both Nick and Kelly took his advice to heart and eased up a bit, worried that they’d already blown it.

Kelly’s mom and dad called them over from where they were sitting.

“So we hear from your Uncle Joe you’re moving in with Nick while you’re going to school. I trust you two will behave yourselves.” Kelly’s dad said from his chair.

Kelly grinned, “Don’t worry daddy, Nicky’s already laid down the house rules. He said I don’t have to pay rent either.”

Kelly’s mom turned to Nick, “Well at least let us help out with her food.”

Nick laughed, “Man I think I’ll make more money off of her food than her rent. Mind you she does eat like a horse…”

Kelly elbowed him in the ribs and he wrapped an arm around her waist.

“Nicky you’re always so mean to me!”

“Aww you know I love you Kells.”

As it got later Nick got his fire ready to light. It was a four foot tall box style monster. Kelly and a few of the older cousins helped him lay it out. When he figured it was ready canlı bahis to light he called all of the kids over to witness the “Lighting of the Blaze”. Parents drifted over too, always ready for a laugh from Nick’s silly theatrics.

Nick stood next to his monstrosity and spread his arms wide, “Ladies and Gentlemen and children of all ages!” He said in a deep baritone voice.

“Prepare to be amazed by the pyrotechnic talents of the incredible Nicholas Curtis as he lights the sacrificial fire for weenies and ‘shmallows!” With that he took a torch lighter and touched it to some kindling at the bottom of the tower.

The kindling smouldered for a minute then caught. Everyone waited with bated breath to see what would happen next. There was a sudden sucking sound like a vacuum then a WHOOSH like a jet engine as the flames shot ten feet from the top of the tower of wood.

Everyone ooohed and ahhed at the tremendous blaze. Nick began dancing wildly around the fire, grabbing the kids to join him and even getting Kelly up with him too.

Eventually the dancers tired and fell to the ground, sweat on their brows from the fire. Nick and Kelly fell together and Kelly landed with her head on Nick’s shoulder laughing.

“You are an idiot Nicky.” Kelly murmured in his ear.

After the fire died down a bit Nick and the kids roasted weiners and marshmallows at the fire. Most of the adults were busy tearing down so it was handy that Nick was keeping the kids occupied.

Everyone started to slowly filter off and head for home. Soon it was just Nick, Kelly, their uncle Joe and his family and their grandparents.

Nick and Kelly drifted off towards the dock again. Once they were out of sight they held hands as they walked. When they got to the dock they sat back down on the couch.

“Hey Nicky, whose idea was it to put a couch down here?”

“I think it was granny’s idea. She liked coming down here to listen to the loons, but never had a comfortable place to sit, so pops brought an old couch down here. I think this is the third or fourth one now. Hey Kells?”

“Yeah Nicky?”

“Do you regret what we did earlier? Do you think maybe what we did was wrong?”

Kelly looked at Nick, “Why, do you? I don’t regret it Nicky. Now that I know about Uncle Joe and Jerri I feel a lot better about what we did.”

The loons and frogs started calling in the evening light. They sat quietly on the couch for a while.

“Hey guys, granny and pops are gone and we’re heading out too. Don’t get her home too late okay Nick?” Joe called from the end of the dock.

Nick waved, “Okay Uncle Joe, and thanks for everything. Say goodnight to Jerri and the kids for us.”

“Have fun you two,” Joe said as he walked back towards the cabin.

Kelly rested her head on Nick’s shoulder, “Do you think he meant what I think he meant Nicky?”

Nick grinned at Kelly, “What did you think he meant Kells?”

Kelly giggled, “Hmm, we’re young, horny, no one’s around to catch us… I’m thinking he was implying we should go ahead and fuck while we had the chance.”

Nick grinned mischievously, “That was the impression I got too Kells. So you wanna?”

Kelly jumped off of the couch and started stripping down. Once she was nude she dove into the cool lake water, barely making a splash.

Nick quickly followed her lead and jumped in a few seconds after her. When they broke water Nick grabbed Kelly around the waist, lifted her high and threw her across the water. Kelly and Nick horsed around in the water until they got cold.

They raced to shore and ran back to the fire pit. The flames were banked and gave off a soft glow which lit their wet, naked bodies. Kelly was sitting across Nick’s lap, running her fingers through his curly hair. “So how many girls have you been with Nicky?” she grinned shyly.

Nick chuckled, “Not as many as everyone thinks, but take a guess Kells.”

Kelly giggled, “Fifteen?

Nick looked stricken, “Good God no!”

“Hmm, twenty?”

“I’m not a man-slut Kells.”

Kelly thought for a second, “Okay how about ten?”

Nick tweaked Kelly’s nipple and laughed, “Well that’s closer at least.”


“Lower kiddo.”

Kelly giggled again as she got a sneaky look in her eyes, “One girl?”

“Oh come on Kells, go higher.”

“Fine, three?”

“Yeesh! I’ve been with six girls before you. Hell, you know I was pretty serious about two of them, I even proposed to Mel.”

Kelly grimaced, “I never liked her, she wasn’t right for you.”

“Well I found that out the hard way didn’t I?” Nick chuckled sadly.

Kelly pulled Nick’s head to her chest and held him gently, caressing his shoulders and back. “Don’t worry Nicky, I’ll never hurt you.”

Nick flicked his tongue against Kelly’s erect little nipple. Kelly gasped softly and arched her back.

“Mmmm that feels bahis siteleri so nice Nicky, please don’t stop.” Kelly murmured.

Nick let his hands roam Kelly’s body as he kept on sucking her nipples.

Kelly pulled away and turned so her back was to Nick, then sat back down on his lap and placed his cock between her engorged outer lips.

Nick groaned as his cock slipped slowly into her squishy pussy. “God Kells, I’ve wanted this for so long, you’re so amazing.”

Kelly’s response was to lift herself off of his cock until he almost popped out. She slowly slipped back down and whimpered at how she felt stretched by her cousin’s member. Kelly’s juices covered them both, making a slurping sound as they moved towards mutual climax.

Nick reached around Kelly and caressed her firm breasts, pulling on her sensitive nipples. He slipped one hand down her belly and strummed her clit, making Kelly moan with pure lust.

Kelly started picking up her pace, grinding her bottom into Nick’s lap as they both gasped and groaned.

“God Nicky, I never thought this would feel so good, it feels like you’re touching me everywhere in my pussy.”

Nick tweaked Kelly’s clit again and chuckled, “I know babe, you fit me like a glove. You’re so tight it’s driving me nuts.”

Both Nick and Kelly sped up more, their movements more urgent and frenzied, as they approached orgasm.

“Oh Nick, I’m almost there babe, cum in my pussy. Please baby fill me with your cum.”

“Fuck Kells here it comes, I’m gonna cum!” Nick roared as he unleashed a huge torrent of cum into his cousin’s tight pussy.

Kelly screamed as she came and felt Nick’s hot juices coat her insides. Kelly was shuddering and howling as she came over and over.

Kelly eventually slumped back onto her cousin’s chest, her own chest heaving as she tried to regain her breath.

Nick continued to lightly caress her body. He kissed Kelly on the cheek and smiled into the night. “So when did you want to move in Kells?”

Even though it was three weeks early, Kelly moved in with Nick the following weekend.

“You’re sure about this Nick? If she’s any trouble you let us know, okay?” Kelly’s dad said as he handed Nick a cheque to cover her food expenses.

Nick gave Kelly a conspiratorial grin as he took it, “Don’t worry Uncle Steve, she’ll behave.”

“Yeah Daddy, how much trouble could I get into with Nicky watching over me?”

Kelly’s dad shook his head with a wry smile, “That’s what I’m afraid of sweetie.”

Eventually Kelly’s parents said their goodbyes and it was just the two of them.

Kelly stuffed her hands into her pockets and looked at her cousin shyly. “So, uhm now what?”

“To be honest I hadn’t really thought past moving in together and fucking Kells,” Nick said sheepishly.

“So I’m like a built in booty call for you Nick?” Kelly asked, a bit annoyed.

“No! No, it’s just that I don’t know where we’re going here. This is kinda new for me too you know. I love you Kells, I always have, but this is something totally different.”

Kelly giggled, “No duh! How many girls do you know who lost their virginity to their cousin?”

Nick wrapped Kelly in his arms and smiled at her, “Just one, and she was worth the wait.”

Kelly gave Nick a quick peck on the lips, “Good answer cuz, you just saved me from calling my dad to come back and get me.”

Nick kissed Kelly back, “You wouldn’t really do that would you Kelly?”

Kelly laughed and snuggled into Nick’s arms a bit more. “No! But I don’t want you to treat this like I’m your plaything.”

“I promise I won’t ever treat you like that Kells. Tell you what, you get settled in your room and I’ll get us some lunch. After that we’ll go over to the college so you can check it out.”

Once they were ready to go Nick drove the short distance to the campus. They parked near the admin building and roamed around while Nick pointed out different faculty buildings.

“So, how do you know so much about the college Nicky?” Kelly asked playfully.

Nick laughed, “I’ve been to my share of college parties Kells. Living so close to the school I get invited to a lot of them.”

“I guess you weren’t being totally honest about being with six girls then?” she giggled.

“Okay you’ve got me on that one,” Nick said as he wrapped his arm around Kelly’s waist and blushed. “I’ve only had six serious relationships, seven if you include us. Aside from that, probably twenty girls.”

“Ha! You’re a man-ho!” Kelly laughed.

“Hey, what can I say? College girls like me.”

“More like the other way around!”

“You never did tell me what program you’re taking.” Nick said, trying to change the subject.

“I’m taking Police Sciences. I thought you’d know that since I was always the cop when we played cops and robbers.”

Nick laughed and gave Kelly a bahis şirketleri squeeze, “So I guess you’ll be arresting me on Grad day for fucking my cousin?”

Kelly pulled Nick down for a kiss, “No, but if you’re a good boy I might sneak some cuffs home for us to try out.”

“Ooh, Kelly! I didn’t know you had it in you!” Nick laughed.

“Actually I haven’t had it in me since last Saturday, but who’s keeping track right?” Kelly stated.

“Well I’m always up for some fun Kells, but lets stop off at ‘Naughty but Nice’ on our way home. It’s an ‘adult’ shop, we might be able to get something interesting there.”

“Seriously? What did you have in mind Nicky?”

Nick blushed and told her to wait and see.

When they got to the store they browsed the aisles, looking at vibes, lotions and other toys. Nick slowly guided Kelly over to the clothing section. He pulled out a sexy cop costume and asked Kelly if she wanted to try it on.

Kelly giggled and took it in to the dressing room. When she came out Nick gave her a low whistle. The little mini skirt just barely covered her ass and pussy, the sheer top did little to hide her breasts.

“Holy shit Kells you look totally fucking hot! Jesus, you took off your bra didn’t you?”

Kelly giggled and flipped the front of her skirt up, showing him that she was pantyless too.

Nick grabbed Kelly by the hand and quickly dragged her back into the dressing room, pushing her up against the mirror, and kissing her hard.

“Nicky! What are you doing?” Kelly whispered.

Nick shushed her and spun her to face the mirror, flipping up the back of the skirt. Kelly heard him unzip his pants and drop them. Nick slipped his hand between her legs and tickled her pussy, drawing more moisture out of it.

Kelly’s knees wobbled and she gasped. She couldn’t believe Nick was doing this! Especially considering they could get caught at any moment! Kelly moaned as Nick pushed himself deep into her warm cunt.

Nick couldn’t believe how hot Kelly looked! He got a raging hard-on in seconds. When he got her in the change room his fingers diddled her pussy and spread her juices around. He positioned himself and pushed in slow and deep, burying his cock in her tight quim in the first stroke. Fuck she was hot! It felt like her pussy was burning him.

Nick and Kelly started a steady rhythm, him grunting and her squeaking and moaning softly. Kelly put her hands against the mirror, pushing back into Nick. Her hips started to roll and her legs quivered with her growing excitement.

“Oh fuck Nicky, what the fuck are you doing to me?” she gasped as he fucked her harder.

“What, you don’t like it sweetie?” he said as he smacked her ass.

“Uhh…If we get caught you’re dead Nick!”

Nick stuffed his cock into her harder, bouncing her head off the mirror a few times before she could catch herself.

Nick smacked her butt again and chuckled. “It’s a sex shop Kells, what are we doing wrong?”

Kelly giggled then gasped when Nick reached around and stroked her clit a few times. God this was so exciting! She was trying so hard to keep quiet but every once in a while she couldn’t help herself and let out a low moan.

Nick knew he was getting close, Kelly was too as they both gasped and moaned. He began fucking Kelly harder and faster, ramming himself deep into her steaming cunt.

All of a sudden Kelly squealed loudly and started to shake, her knees going weak. The only thing keeping her standing was Nick’s cock and hands. Nick grunted and groaned as his cock swelled in his cousin, spilling his seed into her warm, waiting pussy.

They stood there for a few moments catching their breath. Nick slipped his cock out of Kelly’s saturated pussy, making their cum run down her inner thighs.

Kelly moaned as he pulled out of her. She grabbed her shirt and started cleaning up as much as she could while Nick pulled his pants up. They looked at each other and grinned, thinking they were in the clear as they stepped out of the change room.

“Hi guys! Have fun?” the girl manning the store said with a giggle.

Nick chuckled and grinned at her while Kelly blushed a deep crimson. He pulled the tags off of Kelly’s clothes and handed them to the girl and said they’d be at the counter in a minute.

“Jesus, Nick! I still have cum running down my legs! Can’t we just go home?” Kelly hissed into Nick’s ear.

Nick laughed and kissed her, “Just a few more minutes okay Kells? Why don’t you go wait at the counter babe?”

It didn’t take long for Nick to find what he wanted. He saw that Kelly and the girl were talking in hushed tones and giggling. He put his items on the counter and both girls laughed and blushed. Nick had grabbed two sets of hand-cuffs, some edible undies and body paints.

“I think I know what you guys are gonna be doing!” the girl said in a sing-song tone. “Don’t worry about the change room thing, it happens. You guys weren’t as loud as some people.”

The girl rang through their stuff and handed Nick a black bag, grinning mischievously. “Have fun!”

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