The Contract -3

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The Contract – 3

All that week I had been thinking about what I was doing. I had more money than ever and was getting used to the ideal being a bitch to a dog. As Friday came around I headed out to the farm.

As I arrived and walked in I could see 5 guys and a girl getting ready to shoot a film. They had apparently just started because most of them still had their clothes on. Jim was talking to the guys and shaking his head in disgust. Looking out of the corner of his eye he saw me, “Billy, thanks for coming early. I need a favour from you. I need a fluffer to get this film started.” (A fluffer is someone who’s job it is to stay off camera and make sure the dicks are hard and pussies wet for the action)
“Alright, when do you want me to start?”
“Now! Get over there and I’ll send the guys over.”

I went over, off camera, to a daybed in the corner and sat down. Three of the guys came over and undid their pants. I was staring at three soft limp cocks and I knew what I had to do. I sucked the first soft dick into my mouth and started rolling it around and sucking on it. It took about two minutes but he finally got a raging hard on. I kissed the head of his cock as he pulled away and headed over to the action. I quickly turned my attention to the other two dicks in front of me. I took both of them, kissing, licking, sucking and stroking them until, in on time, they were rock hard. I must have done a good job because I heard no complaints from them or Jim. I stripped out of the rest of my clothes as I watched the action going on in front of me. This girl was taking a cock in all holes and jerking the other two off. After a short while I could tell it was getting time for the money shots. Two of the guys started coming over to me and I knew I had to get them close to coming. I quickly got on all fours and was ready for them. I grunted as the first dick forcefully pushed its way into my dry asshole but I didn’t have time to think about the pain as another cock started forcing its way past my lips. Both cocks started rocking back and forth in me and I was loving it. After about five minutes I was really getting into it when they suddenly pulled out and went over to the action being filmed. A quick change in positions and soon all five guys started cumming all over the girls face and tits. The cameras clicked away as she posed with cum dripping from everywhere; finally Jim yelled “cut” and the group headed for the showers. I was so horney that I had to suck off one of the crew to bring myself off.

As we packed up and cleaned the stage Jim came over to me, “Thanks for the help with that film. You did an excellent job. I might have to add that to your next contract.”

Saturday bursa escort morning we were sitting around having coffee as Jim explained what he wanted me to do for my next movie. He wanted me to get fucked and tie with Butch. I have never done that yet and Jim explained all about the dogs knot and how it swells to lock him to his bitch to impregnate her. I was a bit nervous at this and it must have showed, so Jim made me a strong rum and coke to calm my nerves. By 10:00 and a couple more drinks I was a little tipsy and Jim was ready to start filming.

I got down and started playing with Butch, rubbing his fur and feeling his big cock that was coming out of its sheath. Quickly I took my clothes off and was down on all fours playing with him. He started sniffing and licking my ass and I moved around so I could take his cock in my mouth to get him wet hard and ready. I sucked him into my mouth and he started to hump my face. We were there crotch to face, both of us enjoying what the other had to offer. I felt and tasted him shooting his precum in my mouth and quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth. I could tell Jim loved it when I let him shoot his juice all over my face. I could tell Butch wanted to sink his dick into something and I was ready too for a good fucking (although I was a little nervous about getting him to tie with me.)

Butch came around and licked my face and I don’t know why but I kissed him back using my tongue. It’s an erotic feeling to French kiss a dog. I reached around and slapped my ass and Butch quickly got the message. He came around and mounted me and I felt his now familiar weight and fur on my back. My hole was open and ready for him from all his licking. It only took about three pokes then I felt the head of his big pointed dick enter me. I moaned as he started shoving more of his cock into me and he was humping away in earnest. I started rocking back on his in strokes to get more of his wonderful cock in me, moaning with every thrust. Soon I felt his knot bumping against my ass and, knowing this is what Jim wanted, with nervous anticipation rocked back harder to get him to sink deeper into me. I let out a loud groan, partially in pain and partially in sexual pleasure, as I felt his knot stretch my opening and enter me. Butch slowed his quick and frantic stabs and started long strokes to bury more of his dick inside me. His knot started swelling inside me and from the feeling I thought it would split me in two before it stopped. It finally stopped when it was the size of a large orange. I had never felt so full in my life and could feel we were locked together. He stopped humping and I could feel him shooting his seed into me bursa escort bayan trying to impregnate his bitch. All I could do was just stay there and let him fill me up. The feeling was both erotic and humiliating, being on all fours with a dog cock locked in my ass and seven or eight guys standing around filming and watching.

I was down with a dog stuck in my ass as the cameras slowly stopped taking pictures. Jim said “O.K. guys. Take a quick break but keep an eye on them.” “Just let me know when you feel him starting to shrink so we can get some shots of him pulling out of you. Just relax and enjoy it Billy, knowing Butch you’ll be there for about another 0 minutes. Just call if you want anything.” Butch started to move and Jim quickly got the cameras rolling as Butch slid down and turned so that we were now ass to ass. I could still feel his cock spurting inside me. Butch started to walk forward and suddenly I felt a pain in my ass like never before. It felt like his knot was going to rip me in two and take my guts out with it. I had no choice but to crawl backwards quickly and heard some snickering from the crew as I did.

It took about 30 minutes for Butch’s knot to start going down and as soon as I felt it shrinking I called out to Jim. Jim and the crew started the cameras rolling and finally, during a barrage of flashing lights Butch pulled his dick out of my sore ass. I could feel what seemed like a gallon of cum run out of my ass and down my legs. Butch walked over to the corner and started licking himself clean. Jim yelled “cut” and threw a towel to me to contain all the mess.

I put the towel between my legs and hobbled over to the toilet. As I sat down I could feel what seemed like a gallon of cum oozing from my sore butt. After a quick wash I got dressed and joined the crew. About two hours later, “Fuck, I missed the shot!” Jim yelled. My heart sank a little as I knew this meant getting fucked and tying again to get the right shot. Jim came over to me “You’ll have to tie again and this time we’ll keep all the cameras rolling. I don’t want to miss a thing. You O.K. with that?”
“If that’s what I got to do then so be it.”
I got undressed and down on all fours. Butch came over and knew what to do. He jumped up and soon he was fucking away. This time I knew what to expect as I felt his knot enter me and start to swell. We only stayed tied for about 15 minutes this time and Jim filmed the entire time. When Butch finally released me I felt the now familiar feeling of his cum running down my legs. I went to get cleaned up and Jim seemed happy to get the shots he wanted.

The next morning, as we were having some coffee Jim looked up and said escort bursa “For your last movie on this contract I hope you’re not afraid of horses.”
“Oh shit, a huge horse cock will probably kill me!”
“Don’t worry yourself. He’s not going to fuck you. All you need to do is suck him off, and I need a good money shot!”
I had seen stag films where some girl sucks and gets fucked by a horse and thought “What the hell, if she can do it then so can I.” We finished our coffee and headed out to the barn. Jim and the crew were getting everything ready as this one would be filmed outside. One of the guys led the horse over to me and handed me the reins. He was a beautiful animal and with a quick peek under him I could see a massive cock still in its sheath. The plan was simple, to ride the horse out and back then get off and suck him off. And Jim wanted a cum shot all over my face.

With the crew and cameras ready I mounted my stud and rode him out. It felt wonderful to have something so powerful between my legs as we turned and came back. We stopped and I dismounted him. I started to rub him on his flanks and around his cock and massive balls. His dick started to grow when suddenly a massive stream of piss started to shoot out from him. Without thinking I guided the stream all over my body. I could tell Jim was loving it as I was drenched in horse piss. I was soaked and on my knees when he finally stopped pissing. I continued to stroke his huge cock as it grew and grew, I had never had such a massive dick in my hands and with my heart pounding I licked at the big flared head. It tasted salty, probably from all that piss, but it wasn’t too much unlike a human cock. I continued to lick and stroke his cock trying to get my reward quickly. It took about 5 minutes of licking, sucking and stroking him and my jaws were getting tired when I heard him grunt. Suddenly a massive glob of cum shot into my mouth. Institutively I swallowed some then realizing I had a movie to finish, I pulled my mouth off his dick and aimed it at my face. He was shooting the biggest load I have ever seen! It squirted on my face, neck and chest. By the time he was finished I was covered in piss and cum. I did some poses for the cameras and finally Jim yelled “Cut”.
“That was great! I loved what you did with the piss!” Jim said.

Feeling degraded, humiliated, but like a star, I headed off to the showers to get cleaned up. I couldn’t believe the amount of cum and piss dripping off me. After a shower and a stiff drink to settle me down I returned to where Jim was.

Jim was already looking over the footage taken had nothing but praise for me. As I prepare to leave he handed me an envelope. It contained the usual money and also a new contract. I had finally made it to the big time. As I walked away I wondered if I should read this one first……or just sign it.

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