The Cherry Poppers Ch. 03

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Lana and Jason woke at the same time on Saturday morning. It was fairly late morning and Jason really needed to return the car to his friend. Lana suggested they shower before he left and Jason liked what he thought that meant.

They stole into the bathroom together. They found it unoccupied and quickly got into one of the private shower stalls together. The girls’ dorm had communal bathrooms but private showers with curtains that hid the occupant. Many times Lana had entered the bathroom to realize that some girl had a guy in the shower with her. Lana had always been jealous of those women but never thought she would be one of them.

Once behind the curtain she quickly shed her robe while Jason took off his tee shirt and pants. Seconds later they were both naked and the hot water was running. They each washed their own hair and faces but then switched to soap each other’s bodies. Lana loved running her soapy hands over Jason’s well toned body, muscular from swimming on the varsity swim team. Even in the off season he practiced several times a week to stay fit and competitive.

Jason found it equally interesting to wash Lana’s small, tight petite frame. She had the cutest little ass he had ever seen and he loved playing with her small tits. Her nipples were hard and delightful to play with as he soaped her up. Their bodies were like complete opposites. Jason stood tall, muscular, and broad shouldered, while Lana was tiny in almost all aspects but had a cute, tight feminine package.

Naturally all the rubbing and special attention to certain body areas soon had both pleasantly aroused. Lana’s nipples were engorged and distended, making wonderful playthings for Jason’s hands to hold, pull, and tweak. The same was true of Jason’s big stiff cock, with Lana’s soapy hands constantly caressing and stroking his dick and balls.

They joked and played with each other, having a great time, until they heard one of the toilets flush, realizing they weren’t alone. They giggled quietly until they were sure the other person had left the room. The other person’s presence didn’t alter their caressing hands from being active or stop their passionate kissing.

Jason was too tall to fuck Lana standing up easily unless he picked her up. However, Lana claimed to be still slightly sore from the previous night, so they masturbated each other instead. Lana proved to have very adept hands. She stood in front of Jason jacking his cock and fondling his balls. He soon groaned his nearing orgasm and Lana watched intently and with fascination as his cock shot rope after rope of white, thick cum against her belly and between her tits.

Lana’s first sexual experiences had been jerking off guys and she never tired of feeling their cocks pulse in her hands and watching them shoot cum. When Jason stopped spurting, she pulled him over to rinse off the soap remaining, and then bent to suck on the head briefly to drain every remaining drop of cum. Jason moaned his gratitude until she finally released the softening cockhead from her mouth.

Jason’s caressing hands had given Lana a small orgasm but it was enough to satisfy her for now. They shut off the water and dried, still behind the curtain. Lana looked to make sure the coast was clear and they made a beeline to her room.

Jason offered to do more for her, but they also agreed to go out that night to a play at the school, so Lana told him she was okay. She inwardly hoped to be ready for another fucking later. Now that she was no longer a virgin, she couldn’t get enough of having his big cock inside her tight pussy.

Jason dressed and left to return the car to his dorm friend. Before he did though, he went to the store and bought a dozen pink roses and a card for Lana. He wanted her to know how much he cared about her.

When Jason was back in his room his cell went off. It was his Big Brother Mark. Jason answered but smiled to himself knowing Mark was probably curious what had happened on his date. He had to admit though to being curious as well if Mark had scored number eighteen.

“Hi, Mark,” Jason said, utilizing the call waiting name recognition.

“Hey, Little Brother. How are things going, dude?”

“Excellent,” Jason stated. “And with you?”

“The best! Number eighteen in the bag with Janice. Geez, if she didn’t like that boyfriend of her’s so much, I might be convinced to stop working the contest to stay with her,” Mark claimed.

“Really? That good, huh?”

“For a girl that never fucked before she took to it like a duck to water,” Mark professed.

“Yeah, great was she?”

“One of the best ever,” Mark said. “But what about you, Little Brother? You join the ranks of the contest entrants?”

“I guess I did at that,” Jason confessed.

“Oh, boy! That’s great, Little B. Was it good?”

“Wonderful,” Jason claimed. “Lana is so hot and sexy. That little body of hers is packed with dynamite.”

“Sounds great,” Mark agreed. “Did you take my advice on how to do it?”

“Yes. It worked perfectly, thanks.

“Good. So you didn’t hurt Lana too bad then?”

“Well, it hurt ulus escort her, but she is tough and fought through it,” Jason informed.

“Janice acted like she barely felt it,” Mark stated.

“Wow. Really?”

“Yeah. One of the easiest I’ve ever had. Almost like it was already partially broken. Well, welcome to the ranks of the Theta Chi Cherry Poppers.”

“Thanks, Big. But I don’t like bragging about it. I like Lana too much …”

“Did she enjoy it?”

“Yes, she said … “

“Do you think she regrets giving up her virginity like you thought?”

“No, I guess not. I think she was ready … “

“So would you now agree we’re not as evil as you thought?”

“I guess so. I can see how sometimes it’s like you say, that the woman is ready and wants to enjoy the experience,” Mark confessed.

“See. I told you so. We’re not the evil vampires – seeking virgin blood – you made us out to be. We are caring and provide a service to women that want to finally enjoy fucking as much as the guys and other girls they know,” Mark reasoned.

“Well, you may be over-simplifying it, but I’d have to agree I think Lana is happy and was ready for it,” Jason allowed.

“Good. I think you’ll see more of it as you pop others.”

“I’m not sure I plan to pop others. I like Lana … “

“I said that after one, four, five, nine, let me see, twelve, fifteen, and didn’t I just say that about Janice,” Mark stated jokingly.

“Funny! Just because you felt that doesn’t mean … “

“Oh, you will. I don’t hope you will. But I think it will probably go for you like it did for me,” Mark exclaimed.

“No offense, Big, but I don’t see myself being in the running for the most ever. You can have the top honors if you get there. Me, I’ll be happy to stop at Lana if she wants me to,” Jason proclaimed.

“We’ll see,” was all Mark allowed with a big smile.

The rest of the week went normally. As usual Mark and Jason split the work duties at the infirmary. Jason did take notice of one more virgin, a cute blond with nice knockers. Her name was Claire and she had the bluest eyes he had ever seen. She had been very friendly when they talked to get her information for the card. She was a freshman just like him. He thought there might have been a little connection between them. Jason just made a mental note of her but wouldn’t consider anything because of Lana.

Lana and Jason dated every weekend for the rest of the school year, taking advantage of the tickets and expense account of the contest. They fucked like rabbits every time they were together. Lana still pleasured him orally as they both enjoyed that immensely but they fucked several times a week too. She had taken to it right away and Mark was right; she never seemed to miss her virginity. Actually quite the opposite, Jason was convinced Lana had been more than ready for intercourse.

Mark managed to tie the record but not break it by the end of the school year. He had until he actually graduated in a week to still try but his chances were pretty slim that he would find that last twentieth virgin by then. Therefore he resigned himself that at least he tied the record.

Jason ran into the Asian girl, Ariel Chen several times. They developed a ‘hello, how are you’ relationship but nothing beyond that. He also saw Claire around campus and shared a drink with her once at a frat party before Lana arrived. He could see himself dating both Claire and Ariel but not as long as Lana and he were together.

Lana lived in Dover, Delaware and Jason in Westfield, New Jersey. They promised to see each as often as possible and call everyday but the couple hours drive between them was a definite barrier to work around. Jason planned to buy a car that summer which he told Lana would help him come see her more often. She appeared to be all for that. They hugged and kissed passionately the night before they both were to leave for the summer. Lana and Jason sucked each other to glorious orgasms and then fucked long and hard to a mind-bending one. Both seemed to want to make it last until they could get back together again.

The next day, both their dads were there to pick them up and take them home for the summer. They left somewhat early and didn’t get to say goodbye like they would have preferred.

Jason was working at his father’s company during the summer and started almost as soon as he got back. In addition he could get part time hours at the local park district pool as a lifeguard which he had done all through high school. The hours were mostly weekends and nights. Lana was off for a week but found a job working for a catering company. Unfortunately many of the jobs were in the evenings and especially on weekends. A month went by and neither had the same day off at the same time to try to see each other.

They did talk everyday on the phone but lately the calls were shorter. One or the other complained about being tired and the conversation petered out. They tried to end each call with a plan to get together but so far none of them had panned out.

In mid-July yenimahalle escort Jason managed to get a Sunday off and they agreed to meet. Jason drove down to Delaware, picked Lana up and they headed to the beach. They had a great day together at the beach, followed by dinner. On the drive back to Dover, Lana took him to a quiet spot she knew of and they parked. In seconds they were in the back seat naked and fucking like the last couple on earth. They both came quickly the first time but Jason remained hard and he pounded her to three more glorious climaxes before he once again filled her pussy with cum.

Temporarily physically exhausted but not sated they headed back to Lana’s house. Jason had to start for home as he had work the next day and hours of driving ahead. Lana offered to suck him off before he left but he was running way late and very reluctantly declined. He had beaten off countless times in the last month thinking about her mouth on his cock. He wished he could stay but couldn’t or he risked falling asleep at the wheel on the drive home, not to mention being a zombie the next day at his dad’s office.

About half way home Jason kept thinking about Lana and the blowjob he had missed out on. He wanted to turn around and rush right back to her but couldn’t. Instead he drove the rest of the way home with a raging and slightly sore cock.

Another month went by and still they had not gotten together again. Jason had managed to buy a used Toyota Camry. It was in good shape with low mileage from an older couple. He wanted desperately to see Lana and show her his new car but every time he called she had work. Even their once a day phone calls had become every other day and then only several times a week. Jason blamed himself and vowed to do better.

He switched shifts with one of the other pool guards and called Lana to say he had freed up another Sunday if she was available. She said she couldn’t make it and he, in a moment of frustration, accused her of not trying as hard as him to get together. That led quickly to an agreement, the first they ever had.

Two days later he had cooled off and called her to apologize only to find out she was out for the evening. He asked if she was working but her mom said no. He felt like pushing the issue to find out more but didn’t think grilling Lana’s mother would endear him to her and declined.

Instead he went out with some of his old high school buddies on Sunday. They had a few drinks at a party where he ran into one of his old girlfriends. The two of them ended up in his car parked outside a Burger King talking. Turned out they were both in the same position. Both had steady partners but hadn’t seen them much over the summer. They talked for a good long time. When it was late, Jason drove her home. They kissed goodnight, looked longingly into each other’s eyes, but said goodbye.

‘It would have been so easy,’ Jason thought on the ride home, ‘to have done it with Gwen. I know she wanted to as much as me.’ However, neither person wanted to break their silent vow to another distant lover.

Two weeks before they were to report back to college for their sophomore year, Jason freed up another Sunday. He called Lana with the good news. She couldn’t make it again. She apologized immensely but it didn’t seem to help Jason’s depressed mood. He hung up with her somewhat upset and told her he would see her back at school then.

Jason spent a little of the money he made from working on upgrading the stereo in the Camry and having it detailed. By the time the two weeks passed and it was time to return to school, the car was looking pretty good. Jason drove back to Princeton and moved into the frat now. His Big Brother, Mark, had graduated but without getting to number twenty.

Jason went looking for Lana after he unpacked and found her unpacking as well. They kissed hello and everything seemed to be back on track as they talked. Jason thought it just must have been the work schedules and distance that kept them apart. He took Lana for a ride in his new car. He drove out to the same quiet farm road where they had first fucked. He parked in the same spot. Things suddenly became different when he tried to kiss her.

“What’s wrong?” Jason asked.

“Jason, I have to tell you something. I met one of my old boyfriends over the summer. We hit it off again and started dating. We dated most of the summer,” Lana explained.

“You did. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wasn’t sure at first it was anything but after a while it became clearer. He loves me and I feel the same way about him,” Lana confessed.

“What happened to us?” Jason asked.

“I don’t know. I guess I should have been honest with you at some point over the summer but I didn’t want to hurt you either. I’m sorry. I should have … “

“Yes, you should have,” Jason said, restarting the car and backing up.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s just that I guess I never stopped caring for him,” Lana said sincerely.

“I thought we had something going too,” Jason stated, his voice now showing his eryaman escort anger.

“Don’t be mad please. I didn’t mean for it to happen like this. I will always care about you and what we did together,” Lana claimed.

“Not enough, I guess,” Jason chided.

“Jason, please … “

Jason didn’t say another word as they drove the twenty minutes back to campus. He dropped Lana off at her dorm. She said goodbye but he just stared straight ahead. He drove back to the frat and parked. ‘Mark was right,’ Jason started to realize. “Not all these women are saving themselves for just the right man. Some just want to have fun.’

Jason picked up right where he left off working for Dr. Jenny accept now he had all the hours. Dr. Jenny had reluctantly agreed to stay on another semester for the college president until they could find a suitable replacement, which was proving difficult. Three days into the new school year he already had the name of two more new freshmen that were virgins.

Beth was a dynamite looking redhead with a super looking body. She was a swimmer like him so he realized he would be seeing her around the pool for sure. The second was Caitlin, a girl next door type. She was brunette, a few pounds too heavy, but otherwise shapely. She seemed to have a bubbly personality when he registered her. He also felt as though she liked him a lot.

While walking to class on Thursday he ran into Claire. He luckily remembered her name and was equally surprised when she remembered his. They said hello and asked each other how their summer was but then had to go to class. He did find out what dorm she was in. Ironically enough, he ran into Ariel Chen that same day on his way from class to work. Once again he remembered her name but had to remind her of his. The conversation almost mirrored that with Claire and he found out Ariel was in a sorority.

That Saturday night was the first frat party of the New Year. It was mostly to start attracting new pledges but quite a few women showed up as well. Caitlin showed up with a friend, Jason noticed. He grabbed a couple beers and offered them to the women. They struck up a conversation and Jason learned Caitlin lived in the next town to him as did her friend Nina. Caitlin was indeed easy to talk with and it was made even easier by the familiarity of places to go and things to do back home. Caitlin had even worked at the miniature golf course Jason had played numerous times. Nina had too.

When the party got too loud to carry on a decent conversation, Jason invited them both to his room. It seemed innocent enough and the girls accepted. They probably felt safer in numbers. Jason filled their beers and they headed to his room. His roommate, Chad, was still partying, thus out of the room. Jason turned on some music to drown out the noise from the party downstairs.

The girls stayed for about another hour talking. Jason really liked Caitlin and Nina was fun too. They had a million questions for him as the big sophomore. He told them all the best places to eat and where to find things. Caitlin and Nina were roommates and stated how poor their room looked. However, they had no way of getting to the store to buy a few things. Jason told them of his new car and offered to take them shopping on Sunday. They were elated and they agreed to meet at 11:00 the next day before the two left.

Jason went back to the party after they left. It was still going but people were starting to exit. He noticed Kyle, a frat buddy from his pledge class talking to Claire and a friend over in the corner of the bar. All had drinks and were having a lively conversation as he approached. Claire spotted Jason walking over and smiled.

“Hey, Jason. Is this your frat too?” Claire asked innocently.

“Yeah, hi, Claire,” Jason confirmed.

“Oh, you two know each other?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, but I don’t … “

“I’m Kim,” the other girl said before Jason could ask.

“Hi, Kim,” Jason replied.

“Kim’s my roommate,” Claire offered up.

The conversation continued for a good twenty minutes and somehow evolved into Claire and Jason talking while Kim and Kyle did the same. Jason now had full access to the expense account for the contest and all the tickets. He knew there were two tickets for Sunday’s Trenton Thunder minor league baseball game. He asked Claire to go and she accepted. He only had two tickets but offered to buy two more for Kim and Kyle. They readily accepted too so the date was set. The women left soon after.

“Kim is fucking hot,” Kyle said to Jason, as they were helping clean up.

“Yeah, and Claire is pretty hot too,” Jason said.

“Fuck, she’s smokin’,” Kyle agreed. “That was a great idea of yours to go to a baseball game, but you don’t have to pay for us.”

“That’s okay. My treat,” Jason said knowing he could never spend all the money for the semester in the expense account.

The guys cleaned up and Jason finally got to bed at two. He had to set his alarm to make sure he was up in time for the shopping trip. He was a little tired when he picked up Caitlin and Nina but the strong coffee he brought in the car for each of them helped a lot. Caitlin and Nina thanked him for the coffee and for the ride shopping. They chatted nonstop about what they needed for their room. Jason listened intently but really concentrated on thoughts of the date with Claire that evening.

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