The Cab Ride

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“Uh oh… I… haven’t got any money…” I was in New York city for the first time, on a trip by myself in an attempt to become more independent. That was apparently not going well, as I was a bit overzealous in my shopping all evening, and was now penniless, in a cab taking me to my drab motel room. “Whadju say?” the boorish cab driver asked, half turning in his seat.

“I… don’t have any money… do you take Visa?” I pleaded.

“Lady, does this look like a feckin department store?” He replied in anger. “This is a $60 tab, and you’re gonna pay me ” He continued.

My mind raced. It was just like me to land myself in this kind of situation. I considered bartering some of my newly bought items, but I loved them all so much, and figured that the cab driver wouldn’t have much use for my lacy thongs and high top leather boots. Eureka I knew just what to do. Rummaging through my bag, I pulled out a pair of red frilly panties, and the boots.

“How about this… I feel awful, and I’ll model these clothes for you to make up for the money?” It was a long shot but maybe he was horny enough to bite, and would be satisfied with a little strip tease.

He looked back to see my chose outfit. “You gonna wear nothin but them things, and gimmie a look at your kazoos?”

I assumed he meant breasts, and tried my best to keep a straight face an nod seductively. I was hardly self conscious of my chest. My 38D breasts were round, well formed and symmetrical. I had mesmerized many a man with them, so what was one more guy seeing them. It might even be fun to blow him away with my good looks.

I gave him a wink and asked “We have a deal?”

“Alright little lady, lets get up to that room a yers.”

He parked the car in my assigned spot and we made our way to my seedy motel door. He stood close behind me as I unlocked the door, as I opened the door, he told me to go ahead, he needed to call in and buy himself some time from the dispatcher. I replied that I would get all dressed and ready and he could come in and wait when he was done. I went into the room and unpacked my outfit, and took it to the bathroom. I got dressed, putting on the high boots, and the red lace thong. To flush things out, also put on some hoop earings, a pearl necklace (no pun intended) and some slightly whorish makeup. I realized I was actually enjoying myself, and getting rather excited.

Finally finished I opened the door. “You ready out there? I’m about to blow you away.” I said as I tweaked my own nipples erect to make them hard for him.

I walked out the door and nearly fell down in shock. There, sitting on the bed and in various places around the room, were five men, all leering at my topless body. I quickly covered up my breasts and took a step back, my back pressed against the wall. “Wha…” I started to utter, but my cab driver cut me off.

“Well I was thinkin… and I don’t think what you offered was a fair trade. So heres whats gonna happen. I know you’re a tourist and don’t want to run afoul of the law. You’re going to come over here, and suck my cock in front of all the boys I called in, and I wont call the cops. Capiche?”

So that’s what he went and did in his car, I thought. That bastard.

I was still in shock, but without realizing it, I found myself nodding to his demand. He smiled evilly at me and beckoned me to come forward. I uncovered my breasts and unsteadily walked ahead in my high heels. I stood up while the crowd all stared on awe at my breasts. He reached out and squeezed them both roughly, playing with them, rubbing them. He put a hand on my cheek and motioned me to the floor. I slid to my knees and stared up at him with my large eyes. He unzipped his pants and reached inside to pull out his cock. It was half hard, and very thick. His foreskin was not pulled back and his dick smelled slightly musky. He pulled my head forward and began to slap his cock on my face repeatedly. Using my face as an object, he rubbed, slapped, and flicked his cock all over my lips, cheeks and forehead. Despite myself I found my mouth watering and trying to catch his dick between my lips.

“Yeah little girl… you want this dick?” He asked huskily.

The cab driver stopped his slapping cock in my face, and pushed his hips forward, his head entering my mouth. I immediately responded by sliding my lips forward to take his cock half way into my mouth, and without realizing it, I moaned with pleasure.

“She loves it ” a man in the crowd yelled. “Fucking whore likes the cock “

The cab driver laughed and nodded his head. “Yeah boys I’m gonna make her little cock sucker mouth mine.”

I began to bob on his cock, trying in vain to get his enormous thickness down my throat. I gagged repeatedly. I felt hand on my breasts, and the spectators took advantage of my focus to feel me up. I slid one hand into my thong and began to touch myself. I was soaking wet.

“Yeah baby, take that cock.” he said as he pulled on the back of my head. “Fuck yeah, gag on it bahis firmaları hoe.”

And gag I did. His cock was enormous in girth, I could hardly believe it. He filled my mouth utterly, and buried my nose in his thick curly pubic hair. It was a good thing he was only 6 inches long, or I would have been in big trouble. His heavy balls pressed against my chin and I attempted to lick them. He moaned and began to rock his hips. Keeping himself deep, he started fucking

my mouth, laughing as I gagged. A thick stream of saliva began to spew out of my mouth and run down my chin to coat his balls and my breasts.

“Oh yeah… fucking take it you cock sucker” the cab driver muttered as he picked up speed.

The crowd was cheering now, chanting for him to cum.

“Mmmmphh” I tried to scream that I needed air as he unceasingly fucked my throat. I slapped at his thighs as I choked, but he ferociously held me in place, fucking my mouth with short fast strokes.

“Oh yeah, get ready for it baby… here it cums.” he shouted as he thrust himself even deeper inside me. I gagged uncontrollably and my nostrils flared, desperate for air.

“Fuuuuuuck…” he continued as I felt the first blast of cum hammer down my throat.

I didn’t even need to swallow as he shot it right into my stomach. He backed off slightly after

basting down my throat twice, and his cum began to fill my mouth with a torrent of salty cum. He filled me like a river, his heavy balls emptying their contents, flooding me. I struggled to keep it all in, and instead opened my mouth slightly, relieving the pressure and letting it slide

down my chin.

“No you don’t… you swallow that bitch ” he yelled angrily.

He still wasn’t finished. I swallowed what cum I could, gagging on the taste. My mouth continued to fill. He came in buckets. “Oh yeah, swallow that shit.” he muttered as he stroked my cheek.

“Look at her go” one of the men said, and I could see several of them stroking their cocks.

With a final roar, the cabbie thrust back into my throat and unleashed one more shot of cum. I gagged again and this time lost the fight as it spat out and onto the base of his cock. He laughed and finally removed his cock from my mouth, ordering me to lick up the mess I made. My eyes watering,

spit and cum coating my chin and chest, I meekly leaned in and licked the cum from his cock and balls.

“Alright he said, who’s next?” The cab driver bellowed.

Uh oh. I suddenly realized, here on my knees covered in a stranger’s cum, that my ordeal was far from over. My mouth was filled with the salty taste of the cabbie’s cum, the unpleasant taste the result of a diet too heavy in coffee and fast fry burger meat. I gagged as I struggled to force myself to swallow it down, but it was a losing battle. Opening my mouth was difficult, his cum so thick that I felt like I had peanut butter sticking my tongue to the roof of my mouth. I heard a man chuckle as he approached me, laughing at the scowl on my face as he walked forward, cock in hand.

“Get ready little girl,” the newcomer muttered, “you’re far from done yet. I’m going to fuck your face nice and hard, and you better not puke.” His words were a statement of fact, rather than a request, and accompanied with a threatening tone.

I got a good look at this man’s cock as it approached my face. It was average in size and girth, which was a relief after the struggle I just had with the last one. The head was bulbous and purple, already totally engorged with blood thanks to his stroking. A thick vein protruded down the entire underside of his shaft, running all the way down to his cock’s most memorable feature: the balls. This man’s balls were absolutely enormous, dangling heavily in their sack, distended a full three inches from the base of his cock. They swayed too and fro as he advanced, the last few inches towards me, and I could only imagine the cum shot they would produce.

As a feeling of helplessness washed over me, I opened my already aching jaw and felt a small stream of drool leak down my chin. My mouth was watering, its hunger for cock insatiable despite the pleas of my mind, jaw, and stomach that I had enough already. Without any undue delay, his cock entered my mouth, and he began to thrust slowly and firmly in and out of my mouth. I took his length with ease, and he placed his hands on his hips, groaning each time his cock head bumped the entrance to my throat.

“Yeah you fucking take that whole dick baby.” he grunted as he thrusted between my lips. “Make daddy proud of his little girl.”

A hush has fallen over the room as the spectators anxiously watched my every move, the only sounds the slopping of my lips over his cock shaft, and the desperate pumping of the guys still stroking their cocks. I glace my eyes around as my mouth is fucked, and am startled to see that two of the men have their cell phone camera’s aimed at me, taking video and pictures. As I start to pull off the cock in front of me, kaçak iddaa I am rudely pulled back onto it as man who approached unseen behind me forces me head towards the man fucking me. I gag harshly at the surprise move, and am held on his cock, my teeth pressed into his pubic hair, and my chin into his scrotum.

“Don’t worry baby, daddy will make you famous.” the man fucking me assured me. “You’re going to be the famous cock sucking whore who put on a strip show for her favorite cab drivers. You’ll make your family and friends so proud ” His words were met with agreement from the spectators, nodding heads and encouragement.

With the added excitement of video cameras, the man in front of me began to thrust faster and harder into my throat. I felt his massively heavy balls begin to swing up under my chin, to slap me on the throat as he pounded my lips. The man behind me made sure to hold my head steady, forcing to accept every single deep thrust. I gagged involuntarily as he cock head just barely breached my throat at its deepest point. Given the treatment I was receiving, I barely even noticed when two more guys crowded in on either side of me, and placed my two hands on their own cocks, gripping my fingers to their shafts as they continued to stroke their own poles.

I was an absolute mess for the camera. My face was still crusted with jism from the first cabbie who had overflowed my mouth. My cheeks were bright red from lack of oxygen, and stained with black lines from my running mascara. My big tits were bouncing with the ferocity of the thrusts to me face, and they were liberally coated in saliva which flowed freely from my mouth. My nostrils flared wide, and my eyes bugged out with each new assault on my throat. I gagged and wretched constantly and loudly, and a constant gurgling noise filled the room. Intermixed with that sound was the occasional grunt from the man in front of me, moan from the men I stroked, or mutter of encouragement from the camera man.

“Look this way baby-girl.” Pleaded one.

“Oh yeah honey, take that dick. Show the camera how much you love it ” From the other.

Truth be told, despite the pain, discomfort, disgust, embarrassment, and anger I felt at that moment… I did love it. Being on me knees for a group of dominant men, totally exposed, totally used, solely a mouth for men to dump their cum into; I was in heaven. Though the men couldn’t hear it, I was moaning with pleasure between my gags and gurgles. My pussy was absolutely drenched, my panties soaked through. I could feel my clit pulsing, begging to be touched by my busy hands. I was a goddess of fellatio, the perfect cock whore, in her proper place on the floor before dominating men.

As my thoughts drifted back to reality, I became aware that the man in front of me’s balls were no slapping high on my chin, just below my bottom lip. As his balls tightened in their sack, I fortified myself for what I was sure would be a massive surge of cum. I felt his pace quicken and become more ragged and he fucked my mouth harshly. His chest heaved as he gasped for air, and suddenly, I felt my mouth void of cock. I looked up, and my eyes locked with the man in front of me.

“Open your mouth, whore.” He gasped between breaths. “Open it “

I willingly obliged, and eyes still locked with his said “Filly my dirty little mouth.”

The room went NUTS. Men cheered my words, and the man in front of me began a great roar. My mouth and jaw ached from the force I used to open it as widely as possible, my face a mix between a gaping maw and a wide grin.

“Uggggggggggggggh ” The man in front of me bellowed.

“Holy shit ” Exclaimed a man in the crowd.

Holy shit indeed. I felt like I had just been blasted by a full turkey-baster. The initial surge of cum missed my open mouth entirely, splashing instead into my forehead, plastering my hair, and running wildly down my nose. It was nothing short of super human, that first jet. And it showed no sign of subsiding.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” from my front.

This time the man’s aim was better, and I felt a mighty jet hit my tonsils. I gagged involuntarily, but was able to keep my mouth open somehow. A grin returned to my lips. In close succession, I felt two more smaller blasts fill my mouth, and dribble down my lower lip and chin. I tilted my head back so that I wouldn’t lose any precious semen, as I already felt the bottom of my mouth filling up.

Cock in hand, the man in front of me continued to stroke himself off at my face. His cock head was now closer, sitting just on the rim of my mouth, pressed against my bottom lip. A look of disbelief was on the man’s face as he looked down into my eyes while I smiled and took his enormous load. Spurt after spurt flew into my waiting mouth, probably 9 in total. Even with my head tilted back, I still felt my mouth fill up nearly to overflowing. With a smile, I leaned in as his shooting subsided, and gingerly sucked the remainder from the head of his cock.

With kaçak bahis a mouthful of cum, and the man in front of me staggering backwards, I turned towards the nearest camera and opened my mouth wide to show off my load. I gargled it, and swished it around, now fully playing up for the cameramen. At this exact moment, the men on either side of me, whom I was still absentmindedly stroking, moved in close on either side and began to finish themselves off in my face.

“Here come two more ” exclaimed one of the cameramen as the men on either side of my face began to splatter me with cum.

It flew everywhere. I found my right eye suddenly caked shut, and my mouth received even more gooey semen. It overflowed slightly, and a trickle ran down my cheek. I closed my mouth carefully to ensure I would lose no more, and for my trouble received a sizeable shot to plug my nostrils. My face was covered in gobs of cum, complimenting the now drying mascara on my cheeks. With as much of a grin as I could manage without losing any precious cum, I smiled at the camera and opened my mouth one last time to show off my reward. Without further delay I closed my lips, and in one big gulp, sent it all down to my belly.

Applause filled the room. On shaky legs, I stood up, and smiled at my audience. I bowed to one camera man, my dripping wet breasts swinging freely as I did so. Still in my heels, I walked unsteadily to towards the bathroom, hoping to end my ordeal calmly and with dignity. I was stopped on my way there by my original cab driver, who placed his hairy arm around my shoulders and walked me to the bathroom door as the other men began to leave the room.

“Listen girly, we’re gonna make a deal right now.” he said to me in a conspiratorial tone. “I knows you don’t want them videos all over the internets, so I think you’re gonna suck my cock every day you’re in town here.”

“Yes… whatever you say.” my voice warbled, and I cleared my throat before continuing. “Can I suck off the other cab drivers too?”

With genuine surprise, the cab driver turned me towards him, and looked into my eyes. “Baby, you can suck off every man in New York for all I care. Now why don’t you show me how good you can do with those bruised little lips there?”

Right in front of the bathroom’s floor length mirror, I went to my knees yet again. Placing his hands on my shoulders, the cabbie mashed his semi-erect cock into my face, rubbing it all over, smearing the other mens’ cum left and right. He reached down and used the head of his cock to scoop the cum from my right eye, allowing me to tentatively open it again. Fluttering my sticky eyelid, I looked up lovingly past his gooey cock and balls and into his eyes.

“That’s right baby, you know you love this big cock.” he uttered as he ran his hardening cock’s head back and forth over my bruised lips.

“I do.” I responded with gusto. “I love your big cock in my mouth, and your big hairy balls in my face.” I was mesmerized by my earlier experience, in a sort of lust-filled trance. All I could think about what the big dick rubbing against my face.

“Alright little girl, I want you to suck my balls real good then” he commanded me.

I went to work, as ordered. I leaned in and tilted my head back hard, so that his cock rested on my nose as I sucked one ball and then the other into my mouth. I swirled my tongue over the whole sack, flicking his balls lightly, nibbling on them. He was sticky with semen that rubbed off my face, and I could taste the salty residue. He moaned as I sucked one of his balls right into my mouth, and tugged it down slightly from his cock. I felt his shaft stir on my face as I got harder, and he helped it along by gripping the base in two fingers, and slapping it down on my nose, cheek, and eyelids.

“Oh yes, I’ve been a bad girl, hit me with that fat cock ” I said with a mouthful of testicle.

“Shut yer mouth slut, and suck those balls.” he replied.

I slurped and slobbered loudly, sucking on his balls like a woman possessed. I moaned and gyrated my hips as I rubbed my wet clit inside of my panties. I made eye contact the whole time as I made him happy, looking up past his hand stroking his cock, to lock eyes with him. He sometimes threw his head back in ecstacy as I sucked, groaning when I hit a particularly sensitive spot. I felt his balls go from dangling to tight to the base of his cock, and knew he was ready for the main course.

“Open wide you feckin whore.” he said loudly enough for people in the next room to hear.

I did as I was told, like a good slut, and opened my ravaged mouth wide for him. Taking his cock in his hand he rubbed it in a circle along the inside of my lips… making several full rotations before suddenly changing course, grabbing the back of my head, and thrusting hard into my throat. He held himself deep, his hands entwined in my long hair, pulling me onto his cock, choking me with his immense girth. I took it all in stride, gagging involuntarily a few times, but never pushing against his legs to buy myself space to breath. Looking down with admiration for my skills, he eased back every so slowly, allowing me to breathe while his cock remained half way in my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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