The Broken Furnace

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I was taking heating and air conditioning in trade school. That’s why Grandma called me when her furnace quit working. I knew quite a bit about fixing them already. It was a bitter cold winter’s day when she called. She lived about 70 miles away, so I loaded up my tools and headed towards her house.

Mom suggested that I spend the night at Grandma’s instead of trying to drive the icy roads at night. So I arrived at Grandma’s house, and looked at her furnace. It needed a part that I didn’t have with me. I called and they told me they could have the part for me the next morning. I told Grandma the news, and she made us a cup of hot chocolate. It was pretty cold in her big old house. I tried to talk her into coming to our house, but she was a stubborn 55 yr old woman.

It was getting fairly late, and she suggested that we turn in. I climbed into the bed in the guestroom, and lay there shivering beneath the cold sheets. A few minutes later I heard her call my name. “Why don’t you sleep in here with me” she suggested. We could keep each other warm.”

It seemed innocent enough to me. So I headed towards Grandma’s bedroom. I climbed into her king sized bed with her, and we snuggled beneath the blankets. Sure enough I was warming up quickly. I lay next to Grandma, feeling her warmth. My crotch rubbed against her ass. My cock began to stir. I tried to back away, but she followed me. My cock was now fully hard, and it pressed against her soft ass.

Grandma reached behind her, and began to stroke me through my long johns. Her fingers worked their way into the open bahis firmaları fly, and she touched my naked cock. It throbbed excitedly as she gripped it with her soft hand. Grandma moaned as she began jacking me off. Suddenly she rolled over.

“My, what a big dick you have, why don’t you take them long john’s off and let Grandma have a look at it” she said to me. I quickly slid them off. My large throbbing 10 inch cock stuck straight up. Grandma once again took me into her hand. She gripped my hard cock, and began to stroke me tenderly. I looked at her, and could see her huge titties through her thin nightie. Her dark nipples were rock hard, and were poking thru the thin matierial.

I reached and cupped one of them in my hand. Her titties were so soft. I began pulling Grandma’s nightie up over her head. Her naked titties flopped freely as she leaned over me, jacking me off. She moved towards my crotch, and took me into her wet, warm mouth.

“Oh, Grandma, I moaned, it feels so good”. She began moving her mouth up and down my long hard cock. It felt incredible. I realized that she didn’t have her false teeth in, and the wonderful sensations were coming from her gums. It was like fucking the tightest pussy in the world only better. Her mouth fucked my cock and I can’t begin to use words that describe how good it felt as her soft gums chewed at my throbbing cockhead.

“I’m gonna cum if you don’t slow down” I told Grandma. She continued sucking me at a quick pace. My hips started jerking, and I could feel my hot cum as it began it’s descent. “Oh yeah, here it cums” kaçak iddaa I moaned. Grandma took me deeply into her warm throat, as her gums clamped onto the base of my cock. I shot my load, filling her mouth with my jism. She hungrily sucked it down, and continued milking me with her incredible mouth. She looked up at me, with my large cock still in her mouth, I could see the look of pleasure in her eyes.

She released my cock from her mouth, and began kissing me. Our tongues met hungrily. We passionately french kissed like two long lost lovers. I slid my hand between her legs and pushed her panties off of her. Her pussy was quite wet. I began rubbing her swollen clit. She moaned, and began moving her pussy against my hand.

“Put your finger in me” Grandma moaned as I rubbed her juicy pussy lips. I slid a finger into her pink wetness. I began to lick her large swollen clit, as I thrust my finger deeply inside of her surprisingly tight pussy. “God, fuck me, lick my pussy” Grandma yelled. As her body began to quiver, I knew she was cumming. I continued to lick her large clit as she climaxed. Grandma’s hot pussy juices flowed rapidly from her pretty, pink pussy. They tasted incredible. I greedily lapped up her hot pussy juice, still finger fucking her tight box.

“Please put your big cock in me” Grandma begged. I climbed on top of her, and began rubbing my large throbbing cock head against her moist pussy. I would gently push the head inside of her, then quickly remove it. I teased her this way a few times. She grabbed me by my ass, and firmly pulled me deep inside of her. kaçak bahis My cock entered her hot, tight pussy without much effort.

Grandma grunted as all 10 inches filled her pussy. “OOh yes, fuck me, fuck your Grandma’s hot pussy” she screamed. I began to fuck her pussy hard and fast. She grunted with each thrust. I took her large, dark colored nipples into my mouth and sucked them as I squeezed her soft breasts. My cock plunged deeply into her hot pussy. She began to moan uncontrollably, and I could feel her pussy tense up. She climaxed furiously. Her cunt held my hard cock in it’s tight grip.

I moaned as my cum blasted inside of her sweet pussy. “Oh, yes baby, give Grandma your hot cum” she yelled. I continued filling her hot pussy with my warm cum. She violently thrust her hips fucking me in a way none of my girlfriends had ever imagined. My cock felt so good in Grandma’s pussy. As the last of my cum shot inside of her, I removed my cock. Grandma kissed me passionately, using her hot tongue inside of my mouth again. We rolled apart and snuggled both of us very warm now.

The next morning I awoke to more of her incredible head. I came in her mouth. We fucked so much that day, that I forgot to pick up the part for her furnace. So, I called Mom and told her, I would be gone another night until I could get the part and fix the broken furnace. As I talked to Mom on the phone, Grandma told me to tell her not to worry, she would take good care of me. Then she took my hard cock into her mouth. I almost moaned over the phone, but remained calm. Good bye mom, I said and hung up the phone. I fucked Grandma right there in the floor.

Needless to say, I spend a lot of time at Grandma’s house now. She cooks the best food, spoils me, and also gives the best head in the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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