The Breeder Pt. 09

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Author’s Note: This story contains three horny werewolves (FFM), breeding/impregnation, anal sex, and more. All characters are 18+. It is not necessary to have read the previous installments in this series, however, doing so may give you some background on repeat characters. ©WednesdaysCoffin2020. This story cannot be transferred to any other site besides without prior authorization in writing from the author.

I believe that there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding as to what this series is, so I want to reiterate that these are interconnected stand-alone pieces. This is not a novel and these are not chapters – they are meant to be quick erotica pieces and nothing more. If you are curious about Connor and Aurora’s first meeting, however, I refer you to “The Breeder Pt. 04” and there is also “The Breeder Pt. 07” that features Aurora and Connor.

* * * * *

Speechless, the Alpha stared in awe as the pack’s newest breeding female lay in the center of her small room plunging four fingers between her legs and begging to be bred. Dewy tears in her stunning blue eyes and moisture obvious on her inner thighs, Raven was sobbing as she pleaded for a release from her desperate need. Next door, Aurora was doing the very same thing, and he and Connor had both bred the she-wolf multiple times throughout the weekend in hopes of aiding her pain. Unfortunately, it seemed that this fierce heat was spreading like hysteria throughout the Breeding Rooms. In fact, there was talk that another new she, Sirenia, was now suffering the very same symptoms as Aurora and Raven. Unless they were able to quell the outbreak, no doubt, there would be more.

Rubbing his temples to try and ease his growing anxiety, the powerful wolf sighed and attempted to force a reassuring smile for the sake of the young female. “Raven,” he spoke softly as he gestured toward the tiny little she, “please come with me.”

She jumped up quickly, bouncing her naked body and giggling with relief as she trotted toward his outstretched hand. “Are you going to fuck me, Alpha?” she purred as she rubbed her erect nipples all over his arm. Yesterday she had been a determined and yet still somewhat timid virgin, and today she was practically humping his arm as he guided her into the hall. This heat, he noted to himself, moved inexplicably fast. Whatever had caused it, it seemed likely to afflict the entire she-wolf population if answers couldn’t be found quickly and suitable precautions taken.

Taking her hand in his much larger one and guiding her gently, he responded with a soft rejection. As he knocked on a nondescript white door, he began to explain. “You’re going to visit with Aurora, okay? We’re going to try an experiment to see if any physical contact will staunch this heat. And while you two ladies are getting acquainted, I’ll find a wolf to entertain the two of you. Sadly, I do not have the time to play today, but I will make sure that you ladies are in the very best of paws.”

“Who’s Aurora?” the nineteen-year-old perked up at the mention of another she-wolf. Her gemstone irises glinted in the overhead lights as she smiled with glee. “Will she play with me?”

Just as the dark-haired beauty began to rattle off her listing of curious questions, the door creaked open on an intriguing scene. Aurora was sitting in the corner of her room, her back pressed into the wall and her chest thrust forward as she plunged her entire fist into her glistening pink pussy. “Please fuck me,” her sweet soprano mewled breathlessly into the empty space. “Please, goddess, I need it again. I’m so hungry for it! I’m so wet, why am I so wet? I can’t stop it!”

The Alpha bit his lip in frustration, willing his cock not to respond to the sight as he shut the door and walked tiny Raven into the room. Gesturing toward the moaning redhead, he blushed. “Raven, this is Aurora. Can you two make nice while I find someone to take care of the both of you?”

Goddess bless her, the miniscule little teen practically pounced on the older she. Red and black hair clashed as the two females instantly cuddled together in an intimate embrace, and the Alpha spun on his heel to exit, nearly colliding with his Beta. The bearded wolf smirked. “Two for the price of one, eh? You must love me!”

The Alpha shook his head slowly and jabbed a finger into the center of the other wolf’s chest. “They are both experiencing this lunatic heat and it’s only getting worse. Aurora is spiking a dangerous fever and Raven is not far behind her. Can’t you smell how strong their scents have grown in just the past twenty-four hours?”

Connor ran a hand up through his brunette locks and smirked. “Am I supposed to object to the scent of wanton sex?”

Sighing, the Alpha continued his speech. “Can you spend your day with the two of them? Try to get Aurora with a pup so that this will hopefully pass. I’m assuming it’s some mysterious form of hysteria and I don’t want it catching on to any of the other she-wolves.”

Lowering bahis firmaları his voice as a seriousness shifted over his facial features, the Beta winced. “Sirenia is in the same state: masturbating for hours, trying to suck her own nipples, sobbing, begging to be bred by anyone. She’s teetering on the edge of a fever, as well, and doc says that she’s sweating enough that he’s worried about dehydration. Do we have any idea what this thing even is? Why is this happening?”

The Alpha paled at this news. “I do not know, but I hope that we can stop it before it spreads beyond the ladies who are already affected. Do your best to try and sate these two, and I will find someone else to visit with Sirenia.”

Connor bobbed his head in quick, stern acknowledgment and then, forgetting all seriousness, he raced over to the pile of naked she-wolves and cheered. “I won the fucking lottery today! Hello, ladies!”

The Alpha frowned. “Do not shift into your wolf while breeding either of them, and do not do anything to harm either of the ladies. Also, Raven just lost her virginity yesterday so go easy on her. She’s likely still sore and not prepared for your usual sexual gymnastics.”

Turning to the dainty teenager, Connor wiggled his dark brows playfully. “Oh, really?”

She glanced up from between Aurora’s perky breasts and giggled. “I need more, Beta. My body is on fire with need for a wolf’s touch. Once was hardly enough—I need another wolf inside me.”

Eyeing his Alpha with comedic amusement, Connor showed his brilliantly white teeth in a dirty leer. “Do we want this one impregnated, as well?”

Considering this, the Alpha frowned. “I would prefer if she was allowed a bit longer to adjust to the rooms. After she has been here for about a week, then I will sit down and see if she truly wishes to be a breeder—but first this heat has to pass so that she can think clearly.”

Plunging his large hands into the pockets of his black jeans, he shrugged. “I would prefer that you not seed her. She is still quite young and I’m not sure she fully understands what a pregnancy will mean for her future. Aurora, on the other hand, definitely wants a pup. She made that abundantly clear to me before this whatever it is hit.”

His Beta mockingly saluted. “Ay, ay captain. Impregnate the redhead with the luscious titties, do not impregnate the fragile little thing with the tiny titties.”

The Alpha shook his head in a blend of amusement and exhaustion as he exited the room and locked the wolf into the space with the two females. Inside, neither of the shes paid the Beta any attention as they continued devouring one another. Already positioned into a sixty-nine, Aurora was fiercely licking and sucking on the younger she’s glistening folds as Raven languished the redhead’s swollen clit with amorous slurps.

After watching the pair for several minutes and growing stiff with their moans, Connor growled. “The two of you smell fucking amazing. Whatever this heat is, wherever it’s coming from, it smells like dirty, messy romps on autumn nights, rolling in the leaves as our beasts rut beneath the moon. My wolf is desperate to escape and taste each of you. He wants to knot both of your beautiful bodies and fill you with his litters.”

Acknowledging his presence for the first time, Aurora glanced beyond the horny she who was timidly riding her face and began to whimper. “Connor, you’re here. Please Connor, please fuck me. Your fat cock is exactly what I need inside me while I eat out this baby she. Please fill me! It hurts to be empty! I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but it’s only getting worse.”

Raven buried her face into the vulva beneath her and began to tongue fuck the other female, growing excited with the sound of Aurora’s dirty pleas and escalating coos. Mesmerized, the teen watched as the wolf abandoned all of his clothing in a flurry of movement, then kneeled between Aurora’s legs. His upper chest was coated in a mat of dark hair that echoed his bearded face, but it was his manhood that demanded her attention as she licked her lips and ogled his flesh.

“I’m going to fuck her,” the Beta informed the teen in his raspy baritone. “I want you to lick and suck on her clit while I penetrate her, okay? Make her scream and beg us for more, Raven. Help me drive her wild so that she squirts all over my fat cock.”

Happy to be given instructions by the handsome male, Raven wrapped her pink lips around Aurora’s clit and sucked the nub hungrily. Developing a ferocious pace, she began to torment the older she with her kisses and licks as she watched, wide-eyed, while the wolf aligned his purpled glans with Aurora’s juicy entrance. Pre-cum was already dripping from the plump tip, its viscous scent oozing across Raven’s nostrils and increasing her heat. When she allowed her tongue to snake forward and sneak a taste, the wolf growled deep in his chest, something so bestial that she felt a tremor between her slick thighs.

Lying kaçak iddaa beneath Raven’s petite body, but also driven wild by the smell of the male’s fluid, Aurora mewled into the raven-haired she’s pussy as she continued to lick and suck on her folds and clit. Teasing the younger breeder, she set a languid pace as she began tongue-fucking Raven’s tight slit. Just as the teen began to mewl in ecstasy, the redhead felt her own sex beginning to stretch to accommodate Connor’s penetration.

Raven’s blue eyes continued to widen in shock at the super close-up view of the hard length that was sinking between Aurora’s dewy red curls. Slowly, torturously spreading her open with its gooey purple helmet and causing the other she to vocalize her pleasure, the penis seemed tremendous this close. And his scent, she nearly sobbed, his masculine scent was overpowering as it filled her nostrils and made her skin itch with desire.

Driving the redhead beneath him wild, Connor parted her folds with his thick tip and then remained still while the she bucked and begged for more. Her dainty fingers frantic, she alternated between grasping handfuls of Raven’s jet black locks, forcing the teen’s tongue onto her swollen clitoris while she reached out to try and force the wolf closer. But all he did was smirk defiantly down into her heated eyes as he avoided her hold and watched her struggle.

Observing the veins that ran across his shaft, the plump ridge of his glans, Raven found herself enchanted by the Beta’s sex. Resting her cheek on Aurora’s flat abdomen, she snaked her tongue out and licked the organ as the wolf continued to torment his victim, driving her wild as he allowed her to adjust to his intrusion. Aurora howled and sobbed, nearly forgetting about the other she’s swollen clit that was resting over her.

Burying just an inch at a time, Connor drew out his penetration and caused the heat in the room to flare. The aura of their desire hung heavy in the space, creating a fog that drugged the three creatures and only fueled their romp further. As the Beta began to move, his thrusts growing in length and power, Raven’s oral attention to his steely shaft brought a lupine grunt from between his lips, and he reached down to cup her chin. “Do you like watching me fuck your friend, teen wolf?” he demanded in that lurid baritone. “Does it turn you on to taste her juices on my cock?”

Aurora moaned. “Oh sweet goddess.”

Finally allowing himself to plunge fully into her depths, Connor’s heavy balls began to loudly slap the redhead’s ass as he thrust his hips violently. “Watch me fuck your friend,” he demanded of Raven. “Watch me beat her pussy up with this cock while she begs me to knot her and fill her with my warm seed. And when I’m done with her, maybe I’ll take another one of your virginities, little she. Would you like that?”

“Oh goddess,” the redhead squealed as she felt his balls slap against her ass yet again. Wiggling beneath Raven and losing her focus on the young she’s clit altogether, she moaned. “You’re going to fuck her ass, aren’t you? She’s so tiny, Con, you’ll break her!”

“I like to break shes,” he roared as he somehow managed to amp up his pace to something even more extreme and brutal. Flesh pounded flesh roughly and Raven’s head bounced atop the she-wolf’s abdomen as the redhead was filled roughly over and over, her sex making a series of squelching noises with each insertion as the male grunted wildly.

Wrapping a hand into Raven’s dark locks and holding her tightly, his voice shifted to something that was animal. “Look at her, Aurora. Look at how miniscule that little body is—she will be so easy to destroy. Don’t you want to watch her overflow with my release as it leaks out of her battered holes? You can drink my cum out of her asshole, whore. Or should I do to her what I did to you for our first time?”

Clutching her full breasts as best she could with the girl lying on top of her, Aurora purred wildly. “Fucking hell, Con. You say the dirtiest shit! Does she even know what you like to do to shes?”

His baritone nearly a bass growl, the wolf eyed the black-haired beauty. “I enjoy plunging my cock as deep inside a she’s walls as I can get and shifting while buried inside her. She can’t help but cry out as my cock grows and it forces her painfully wide.”

“It hurts so good,” Aurora sobbed as she squeezed her erect nipples. “It feels overwhelming.” She gasped as he plunged especially deep, ramming into her cervix as she cried out. “Please fill me so that my belly grows,” she pleaded, writhing beneath the weight of the other she. “I need this heat to end, Con. I’m desperate for it to end!”

Raven nibbled on Aurora’s clitoris as the wolf continued to fuck her, eventually beginning to grow erratic in his thrusts as he and the she-wolf traded perverse sentiments. When he knew that he would explode at any minute, he gripped a handful of Raven’s black locks again and held her in place. “Get ready for it,” he roared as kaçak bahis he thrust deep into the older she-wolf and emitted a series of bestial sounds. “Stick that tongue out, teen wolf, and get ready to clean her sloppy cunt!”

Raven was trapped in his grip as he issued an eerily lupine sound and pumped the other she full of his seed. When he eventually pulled out of Aurora’s battered cunt, he shoved the younger she’s face toward her leaking folds. “Clean her up,” he directed as the copious mixture of his fluids and her moisture began to slide out from her puffy folds. “Clean her cunt, little she.”

Titillated by his harsh dominance, Raven feasted on their joint release as it bled from between Aurora’s thighs. Sucking it loudly and plunging fingers into the other she to get more, she put on a show for the wolf as he sat back and began to wipe the sweat from his forehead. Still high from her orgasm, Aurora simply lay back and panted for breath, still rubbing her palms over her sensitive breasts.

Her ass in the air and wiggling as she feasted on the other female, Raven was sure to make plenty of noise as she licked, sucked and fingered Aurora. Connor watched, his cock beginning to twitch again as his eyes focused on her tight ass. The only way to fuck a she-wolf and not risk impregnating her was to get creative, and he prided himself on his extremely perverse mind.

He forced himself to move away from the she-wolves’ beautiful bodies, and knocked on the door with a devious smirk pressed across his lips. He whispered quickly to the guard, who nodded and then called to someone else. Minutes later, he was handed a small bottle and the door was again locked loudly behind him.

Turning to the pair, he waved the item in the air triumphantly. “This is what I need to guarantee that you fucking love what I’m about to do to you, tiny little thing.”

Nervous, Raven glanced from the sexy, sweaty wolf to Aurora who was lying on her side and mewling. “It’s happening,” she was chanting softly as she ran her hands all over her flat stomach and up to her perfectly rounded breasts. “Oh my goddess, I can actually feel it. It’s happening.”

Kneeling beside a somewhat fearful-eyed Raven, the wolf sniffed the air and smiled warmly. “She’s impregnated, little teen. I can smell it on her. Do not be afraid, okay? While it’s not normal that a she-wolf can feel the moment of conception, it is also not entirely unheard of. She’s not in any pain, alright? I promise you. What she is feeling right now should be her heat abating as her body begins to prepare for the pregnancy.”

Aurora mewled with joy. “I feel amazing,” she agreed as she continued to worship her own flesh. “I feel so strong and yet I feel exhausted! Is that normal? I feel alive and bone tired at all once.”

“Yes,” the wolf nodded as he set the small plastic bottle aside. Biting his lip from chuckling at her choice of words, he smiled warmly. “Do you want me to call them to take you to another room, or do you wish to stay and play with our tiny teen-wolf?”

Yawning, the redhead shut her eyes and began to slowly sit up. “Please, the room. I can’t possibly fuck again—I need to finally sleep. I already feel cooler, calmer; my skin isn’t itching to be touched. Now that the heat is gone I can finally sleep—thank the goddess.”

Nodding, Connor placed a gentle kiss onto her forehead as he set his large palm onto her abdomen. “Thank you, sweetness,” he purred tenderly.

Before she could open her mouth to question him, the wolf stood up and went back to the door. He issued a series of commands, and a guard covered her in a silk robe before guiding Aurora out of the room. Raven watched, her nerves spiraling out of control now that she was alone with the male. Her blue eyes were widening as she assessed his movements, as he held a hand out to her. “Come, little Raven. I’ll take you back into your room and we can play there. They will want to clean Aurora’s space and prepare it for your new neighbor.”

Guiding her back to her original room, he shut the door and knocked three times before gesturing for the nude she to take a seat atop her mattress. Without hesitation he sat down beside her and placed a comforting hand onto her thigh. “You seem calmer. Are you still in heat?”

She nodded. “I think so, yes. It’s hard to think of anything but sex, and my pussy feels like it’s electric. I just want to have an orgy and get filled in every hole.”

“Sexy teen wolf,” he began to purr as he twirled a tendril of her long, silken locks around his finger. “You don’t have to be nervous to be alone with me. I’ll only play the games that you want to play, okay?”

Raven bowed her head and looked away from his growing erection. Having witnessed his session with Aurora so up-close, she was well aware that he was large enough to spread her folds wide and stretch her petite body. This knowledge made the inferno flair across her skin as she experienced a simultaneous mix of fear and excitement.

He kept his hand on her thigh as he spoke softly in that deep, calming baritone. Like a talented hypnotist, he planted a sensual suggestion with his words. “Have you ever had a wolf inside your second hole?”

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