The Black Stone Pt. 04

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The black stone part 4. To understand this story, you really need to read previous stories.

The journey continues with more violence, strange sex and drifts into Incest.

Arriving at Marys house Mark was nervous, he hadn’t seen his younger sister since she had married her husband Tony almost 5 years ago, he remembered how she had seemed so happy when she visited him in prison. Telling him she was getting married and moving to Hartlepool. As they knocked on the door of the small terraced house Mary ran up the side passage and excitedly hugged her brother. Eventually she let go and turned to Fiona, welcomed her and then ushered the pair into her house.

The house was sparsely furnished and Mark started to notice the bruise on Marys face and her shabby clothes, he asked where Tony was “oh he’s at the football, he won’t be home till later tonight”. Fiona asked where the loo was and left the two siblings alone. Mark immediately asked Mary about the bruise on her face, looking pained she said that she had walked into a door frame a few days earlier.

Mark didn’t believe her and grabbed her arm to make her look at him, she knew better than to try and lie to her brother. He had always been able to see right through her. She broke down in tears as she confessed that Tony sometimes knocked her about. Fiona returned from the toilet and seeing the state of Mary looked at Mark wondering what the hell was going on.

Mark had never met Tony so quietly asked for a picture and where he was likely to be now. Looking at the clock Mary said he will be in the Star and Garter on the Riverside until about 2pm. Asking Fiona to look after her he left the house to find the pub. As he walked in the pub he caught sight of Tony almost straight away, he was a big man with an even bigger mouth.

As he looked on he saw him stroking the barmaid’s tits through her blouse and noted that she was leaning into him. At that moment the landlord rang last orders and the pub began to empty as people filed off to the Match. Mark watched as the women got her coat and Tony and her started to leave the pub.

Following them into the street and around the corner into a small industrial estate he crossed the street just in time to see them walk between some warehouses. He crossed the street again and cautiously walked along the road until he could see down the narrow alleyway. As he watched he saw Tony give the women some money and she knelt as he got his cock out.

When she had sucked his cock for a while he pulled her up, bent her over and proceeded to fuck her doggy style. Marks temper exploded. Running down the alley he caught the women in the side of her face with his knee and as she sagged to the floor turned to face Tony.

With his rage erupting he started to hit him stopping just long enough to hiss in his ear that he was Marys brother and he was going to beat him senseless for hitting her. Tony’s eyes went wide with fear and then he started to whimper as Mark hit him in all the right places as only a true sadist can.

Soon Tony was screaming in pain as Marks powerful punches rained down on his body. Mark waited for the pain to really bite on Tony’s tortured body. As Tony hovered on the edge of conciseness Mark left him in no doubt that worse would follow if he ever saw him again.

Turning to the barmaid he pulled her up by her hair, forcing her over a low wall. Dragging his stiffening cock out he wiped it around her gaping pink slit. Ramming his cock into her as hard as he could, her cunt flooded as she rammed back onto him forcing his 9″ into her old, worn out cunt. Mark grabbed her hips and continued to ram into her, feeling her cunt contract as her bahis firmaları orgasm racked her body he blew his load deep inside her.

As Mark warned her to keep her mouth shut about Tony she shrugged “no problem any time you need a fuck come see me”. Picking up her panties she said, “I never liked that fat cunt anyway” and walked back up the alleyway.

Mark checked his clothes and noticed his jacket had blood stains on it, cursing he took it off, folded it up and started to walk back to the house. As he entered the small house the lounge was empty as was the kitchen and garden. A little concerned he decided to look upstairs as he got to the landing he heard muffled giggling and soft feminine conversation.

He looked around the door and saw Mary on her back legs splayed wide with Fiona on all fours lapping at her pussy. His cock was instantly raging hard and he loosened his belt as he walked behind Fiona. His sister had her eyes closed and he noticed that she had a great pair of tits with long rock-hard nipples.

Fiona knowing, he was there waggled her arse invitingly. Mark released his rock-hard cock and aimed it at her sopping hole. He plunged in to her beautifully tight cunt and slowly started to stroke in and out. Mary felt the bed shift and opened her eyes, when she saw Mark she tried to cover her tits but then started to giggle as she realised the futility and was soon starting to cum. Pushing Fiona’s head into her pussy as she did.

Fiona moved forward and started to kiss Mary causing Mark to grunt in frustration as his cock was pulled from her cunt, “don’t worry we will take care of you soon” she said. Fiona started whispering to Mary as her hand got busy between the older women’s legs. After a brief exchange of whispered conversation Mary nodded in agreement.

As the two women changed places Mark was confronted with his sisters hairy sopping wet cunt, it looked better than Mark had ever imagined, Mary looked over her shoulder and said, “I hope you enjoy me” then turned and got busy on Fiona’s cunt. As Mark pushed into his sister’s cunt she raised her head and said “wow, give me chance to get used to that you are huge”.

Smiling to himself Mark made gentle rocking motions until he was balls deep in his sister’s body, she was very tight but soaking wet. He moved slowly in and out causing her to moan in pleasure and he could feel her cunt walls start to grip him as her orgasm built. Mary continued to lick Fiona and soon she had a crashing orgasm.

Mark could feel Mary was cumming as her cunt squeezed her brothers cock. Luxuriating in her silken smoothness Mark took his time. As Mary was cresting to her 4th orgasm Mark exploded inside of her sending rope after rope of thick white spunk into his sisters clinging cunt. Collapsing onto the bed both women cuddled into Mark as they fell asleep.

Mark awoke to find both women working on his cock and was soon iron hard. Fiona straddled him and took his cock deep inside her and motioned to Mary who straddled Marks head lowering her pussy so he could lap at her free-flowing juice.

The girls kissed and tweaked each other’s nipples Fiona was the first to come and showered his cock with pussy juice. The girls changed position and he was again buried up to his balls in his sister’s sweet cunt. He had, had so much sex in the last few days but he banged his sister hard.

Mary whimpered with pleasure as his cock reached deeper than any mans. When Mark felt Mary coming again his cock swelled and he dumped another huge load into her. Rolling off him Mary started 69 with Fiona lapping up the mixture of Marks cum and Marys cunt juice.

He left them to it and went off to get kaçak iddaa a shower, on his return both girls were fast asleep with happy smiles on their faces. Mark went down to the kitchen, made coffee and flicked the TV on, after an hour or so he heard movement upstairs and as the shower started to run lots of girly giggling.

About an hour later the two women came downstairs still nude as Mary wanted to show her brother her newly shaven pussy, Mark drank in the site of two beautiful women proudly showing him their shaven pussy’s, he smiled to himself at the wonderful contrast between his sisters full, short cunt lips and strip of black hair decorating her plump mons and Fiona’s log thin lips with blond hair on her smaller mons. “We used Tony’s razor but I don’t suppose he will mind” his sister said.

Mark replied that no, he wouldn’t mind. Giggling like school girls the two women ran back up the stairs and soon came down fully dressed. Fiona said that she had ordered a taxi so the three of them could go out for the evening and get a nice meal. When they returned home, Mark felt stuffed and incredibly tired and soon fell asleep on the sofa. Mary covered him with a blanket and the girls went to bed to enjoy more girly fun before falling into contented sleep.

Mark woke at 6am and went out to the car to retrieve their bags. Taking a piss in the garden and then a quick wash in the kitchen sink as he didn’t want to wake the girls. He made coffee and then settled down to watch early morning TV.

It was around 9am before he heard the girls moving about and eventually they came downstairs. Fiona was her normal happy self but his sister was complaining of a very sore pussy and looked distinctly uncomfortable as she sat on the hard dining chair.

After breakfast, he asked her what she was going to do after he told her Tony wouldn’t be coming back. He saw her relax as she walked over to him, kissed him deeply and said, “thanks Mark”. The rest of the day was spent chatting and catching up with family news, he was stunned to learn that their mother had finally divorced the arsehole she had married just before Mark went away on his eight-year sentence and lived not far away in Durham.

As Mary had to be at work in the local factory at 6am the next morning they decided it would be best if they moved on. Mark said he would ring his mum the next day. Promising to return soon they drove away. Mary walked back into the house and was stunned to find £1000 on the table with a note simply saying, love ya sis, buy yourself something nice. Mark and Fiona xx

After a great night’s sleep at a local hotel Mark dialled his Mums number. A rather sleepy but recognisable voice answered. Mark and his mum chatted for ages, finally arranging to meet at a restaurant for lunch.

As they entered the restaurant Mark was feeling nervous and elated at seeing his mum again. As the waiter showed them to their table he saw his mum walk through the door. To Marks eyes, she was stunning and all his teenage fantasies came rushing back. Ruth was around 5′ 3″ tall had grey eyes was slim and had a decent figure. It seemed to Fiona that Ruth was uneasy around her son but as they chatted and ate she seemed to relax. Looking at her watch Ruth explained she had to get back to work but gave her address and said dinner would be 7pm.

Driving down the road to his mums he felt his cock stirring as he remembered his teenage fantasy and the one time he saw his mother semi-nude. When Ruth answered the door Marks breath was taken away, she was stunning. Fiona looked on knowing full well that his Mother had not been at work that afternoon.

Her shoulder length black hair shone and her kaçak bahis makeup was flawless. As Mark and his mother hugged and chatted Fiona noted the tight, short summer dress that accentuated her tits and shapely tanned legs. Mark grabbed her hand as they walked through into the large comfortable lounge. Ruth made them drinks and then asked Fiona if she would mind helping to serve dinner.

As Fiona walked into the kitchen Ruth grabbed her and pinned her against a worktop. Mary tried to fight back but Ruth was much stronger. Ruth took her hand away from Fiona’s mouth after hissing in her ear that she better not makes any noise. Fiona’s arm and hip really hurt but she kept quiet as Ruth’s hand trailed across her breast and down her back, resting on her backside.

It seemed that Ruth was more than a little pissed at her son dragging Jail bait into her home. As calmly as she could Fiona explained that she was 18 and was with Mark because he excited her. Loosening her grip, a little Ruth asked a few more questions before smiling and letting her stand up.

As Fiona rubbed her arm and hip Ruth calmly passed her various things to take to the dining room.

After dinner Mark was dispatched to the lounge with a large glass of brandy as the 2 women cleared up and loaded the dishwasher. As they continued to clean up Ruth told Fiona that she had spoken to her daughter and was expecting the same treatment and had booked tomorrow off work.

The 2 women tried to come up with a way of telling Mark that he was going to have to watch his mother and girlfriend get it on. Eventually Ruth just went into the lounge and told Mark to come upstairs in 30 minutes.

Mark walked upstairs and saw a trail of clothes leading to one of the bedrooms. He walked through the door to the sight of his mother and Fiona sharing a large double ended dildo. His eyes darted between his mother’s thighs as she pulled her end out of her sopping pussy.

She was totally shaven and he could see her long full cunt lips splayed open. As he looked at Fiona she pushed her end in as deep as she could. Mark could see how stretched her cunt was around the brutal dildo as she fingered her clit. Mark’s cock was rock hard and uncomfortable and was relieved when his mother sprung his cock out of his jeans.

Ruth was trying to deepthroat his cock but just couldn’t force his girth into her mouth much further than 4″. Pushing him backwards she mounted his cock her cunt was so wet that he was buried to his bollocks in his mother’s pussy. Mark gasped as he felt the silky smoothness and heat of his mum’s cunt as she started to move. Whilst her cunt was not as tight as his sisters her pussy was doing wonderful things to his cock.

Fiona soon straddled Mark and brought her cunt down so he could lick and nibble her clit. Mark was in total heaven as his mum’s cunt continued working his cock and he lapped up Fiona’s sweet pussy nectar. Soon he felt his mum cumming all over his cock she fell forward and his cock fell out, quickly being replaced by her mouth.

As Mark licked in swirling motions around Fiona’s pussy and clit he soon heard her start to moan and squeal as she started to cum. Pushing her arse up Mark watched as her cunt dilated and contracted as she came. At that moment, his mother stopped sucking his bell end and straddled his cock again.

As his sensitive bell end was forced into her silken depths it wasn’t long before his cock was jerking as he spurted deep inside his mother’s body. With a final wiggle of her hips Fiona ground her sopping cunt against Marks mouth and clambered off. It was then he saw his sister with a huge grin getting off his softening cock.

The girls erupted into laughter when they saw Marks look of confusion. “Wassup boy” 3 women too much for you? Marks answer was smothered as Fiona kissed him deeply.

Lots more to come if you want…Comments please!

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