The Birthday Girl

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John watched as his cousin blew out her birthday candles. It was her 18th birthday and since they’d always been close, she’d invited him to her party. He’d started feeling a bit uncomfortable about being around her ever since she was 14 and he was 16. Mainly because she’d begun to blossom as a woman, and he knew he shouldn’t have those kinds of thoughts about his cousin, but he did. She’d always been a provocative dresser, and today she was no different. She’d worn her dirty blonde hair tied in a braid and a bikini top and blue shorts. John tried to keep cool enough so she wouldn’t notice the hard on in his pants.

He’d given her a pre-paid cell phone for her birthday, since he knew she loved to talk on the phone, no matter where she was. She smiled and thanked him for it, and moved onto another present. He wasn’t really paying much attention to the party as he was deep in thought at the loss of his girlfriend. She’d decided to break up with him only last week, dumping him for a football jock. John was sad, but also a bit pissed. What the hell this football player had that he didn’t, he couldn’t fathom. He’d been more bahis firmaları than enough for her in bed, she’d begged him to stop a few times because she was exhausted. It simply boggled his mind.

After the party was over, he volunteered to stay and help her clean up. There wasn’t much, just paper plates and empty glasses to throw away. She then wanted him to stay overnight and watch a movie with him. “Sure, Janie. I don’t really have anything better to do,” he’d told her. She gave him a hug, knowing he was still getting over his breakup.

After dinner with her and his aunt and uncle, they announced that they were going to go to Chicago for the weekend on business. They were stockholders in a major corporation, so they had to attend meetings of all the stockholders occasionally. John and Janie cleared the table and made some popcorn. “Bye,” said his aunt. “We’ll be back on Sunday night.”

“Ok, Aunt May. Sounds good.” John said. They were now alone in the house. They sat down and started watching the movie, it was a chick flick that John found slightly boring but didn’t mind spending the time with his cousin. She kaçak iddaa leaned into him, making him shift slightly, so she wouldn’t feel his raging hard on in his pants. After the movie was over, they went to bed in separate rooms. As soon as John thought she was asleep, he slipped off his boxers and closed his eyes, imagining Janie’s sweet breasts against his skin. God, she was a hottie, he thought.

He was then suddenly jolted when the light came on. “Sorry, I couldn’t sleep,” Janie said, smiling sweetly at him. “May I cuddle you?”

“Uh, yeah sure.” he said nervously. He frantically moved his feet around, searching for his shorts so he wouldn’t be found out. But she walked to the bed and pulled up the covers too soon and saw his naked hard on. “Wow, John. I never knew you had a big one!” she smiled.

“Um, yeah,” he said nervously, fumbling for his shorts.

“Let me touch it. I’ve never touched such a big cock,” she asked.

“You mean you’ve done it?” he asked, surprised. “Yes, I’ve slept around a bit. But no one’s had a bigger cock than yours.” she replied.

John lay back on the bed and smiled at kaçak bahis her, letting her touch his cock. He moaned at the warm touch and couldn’t help but rub her pussy through her thin cotton panties. She moaned, shoving them aside so he could feel her wetness. It felt bare. “You shave your pussy,” he asked surprised. “Yes, feels lovely doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, really good” he told her. “What’s it feel like?”

She giggled. “Would you like to shave your pubes and find out?” she asked, smiling wickedly. “Sure, what the hell.” he said. They walked into the bathroom where she shaved his pubes, carefully cutting off all the hair. When she was done she said, “God John, I’ve been holding out looking at it long enough, I need it in me.”

He didn’t need to be told twice and got her on the floor and shoved his cock in. It felt so warm and so smooth, it was pure ecstasy. “OOhhhhhh yessss! Fuck me hard John! Fuck mmmeeeeeee!!” she moaned as he rammed his cock in and out of her, her tight pussy gripping his cock like a vise. “OOhhh godddddd….you’re soo fucking tight baby!” he moaned back.

He groaned, gripping her and holding as long as he could, until he started cumming inside her, his sweet jism exploding out of his cock. “Mmmm, John…I think we’re going to have fun this weekend.” she smiled at him..

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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