The Best Summer of My Life Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

The overriding theme of all my stories is exhibitionism and voyeurism. Please be aware though, that I will touch a lot of other bases as well, as this story runs its course. If you are offended by explicit, overt sex, sex between family members, bi or lesbian sex, then maybe it’s best you move on. Lastly, there are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. I say this to avoid having each the character declare his or her age in the dialogue. I have a number of chapters already written that I am currently revising, so you won’t have to wait too long for new installments. I really had fun writing this story because it incorporates so many of my favourite reading topics and I really hope you enjoy it.


The next morning I was over bright and early and I let myself in the back door. I walked through the hallway to the therapy room when I heard Magda call to me from her room.

“I’m in here hon,” she said, as I redirected myself toward the sound of her voice.

I entered just as she emerged from the washroom, fresh and naked from her shower. I took a moment to enjoy the view as she was bent forward a little and dried her hair with a towel. Her breasts jiggled and swayed as she moved and her long erect nipples seemed to dance around on the ends. Her skin looked flushed and pink probably from the hot shower.

“Oh how I love it when you look at me with those big blue hungry eyes,” she said, then looking down at my tented shorts, “and look, there’s the other one-eyed peeper trying to get a look at me. Let’s let him out and say hello?”

She wandered over and knelt in front of me as she pulled down my shorts. She slurped my cock into her mouth and after a few loud sloppy pumps she paused and gave me a lust filled look.

“I was going to call you last night,” she said, “but I figured you’d be here early this morning anyway. I have good news, my schedule is clear for the entire morning; it’s just the two of us. I was thinking maybe it’s time for your first lesson and we have the whole morning to teach you the basics. Are you up for it?” She asked.

As she spoke to me, she stroked my cock from base to tip, rounding the glans with her thumb before repeating the whole process again.

“Are you kidding?” I almost yelled, “That’s what I’ve wanted more than anything. I want to learn how to eat your pussy just the way you like it and to make you feel as good as you make me feel.”

“Oh, I like the sound of that,” she said. “Well the sooner we start, the sooner I’ll have an orgasm and you’re about to find out just how much I love to cum.”

She sat at the end of the bed and slowly drew her legs up and apart, leaning back on one elbow she beckoned. “Get your clothes off, Rick, I have something I want you to taste. It’s something you’ve wanted very badly, so lie down and get your face right up here,” she patted her pussy.

I did as I was told, sliding up the bed on my belly to within inches of my prize. I loved being so close to her beautiful juicy slit. My pulse pounded as I filled my nostrils with her fragrance. It was the same musky scent that had played in my mind since earlier that week. With both hands she rubbed her pussy loosening everything up as the air between us grew thick with her delicious scent. Her eyes were rolling back as she rubbed and then she stopped, took a deep breath and let it out again.

“OK, let’s start,” she began. Her voice was thick and a little raspy now.

“I’m going to teach you about all the parts of my pussy today and some of the best ways to work with them.”

“This is the labia majora and inside, this is the labia minora,” she said, pointing to the large outer lips, slipping in and rubbing her more delicate inner lips.

“You see where the inner lips meet at the top, the small skin flap here?”

I nodded.

“Watch as I pull back the flap a bit. You see the little button all cute and pearl colored?” She giggled. “That’s my clitoris and it’s the most sensitive part down there. You can turn me on or off, just as easily, by how and when you touch me there. You always have to be extra careful with it.”

“Now I want you to lick your index finger and stick it in me. That’s it, now feel around a bit inside and see what it’s like in there.”

I did as she said. It was so soft, wet and slippery and I marveled at the shapes and textures inside her. Then she patted her beautiful bald mound and told me to feel up in behind it. I turned my palm upward and probed around.

“Can you feel some ribbed skin, kind of spongy? Oo… God, yeah, that’s it,” she stiffened. “That’s my G-spot. Women differ about how much they enjoy having their spot rubbed, but I love it.”

“Now take out your finger and lick it all clean,” she ordered.

I didn’t hesitate for a second and sucked my finger just it like a Popsicle. I couldn’t wait to taste her juices again and my eyes opened wide as I savoured the flavor of her pussy.

“MMmm delicious!” I swooned. “Can I lick you now please?”

“Oh dear, whatever am I bahis firmaları going to do with you,” Magda squealed, “I’ve never met a man so captivated by pussy.”

“OK, for today we’ll start you with the basics and skip the foreplay. God I’m already hot enough,” she panted.

She slid down a little more. “OK now I want you to move in and GENTLY explore me everywhere. Use all your senses, look, touch, smell, taste and listen. Try to sense how I’m feeling and what’s working more for me than something else. I’ll give you more specific help in a bit but for right now I just want you and my pussy to get acquainted.”

I moved in, slowly getting closer and closer. Her lips were completely engorged now and her pussy had opened like a flower. There was wetness everywhere, on her vulva, leaking out her vagina and drooling down to the crack of her ass. I thought that might be a good place to start as I stuck my tongue out and began to probe her crack working my way up to her hole in short soft strokes lapping up every drop of juice as I went.

“OH GOD… SHIT,” she moaned. “Good first choice, I didn’t expect that. Keep going.”

I licked up all her juice as I worked my way up to her inner lips and the prize. When I reached her opening I licked all over her opening, then stuck my tongue into her vagina. By the way her hip movement slowed down, I sensed she wasn’t enjoying this as much so I changed things up again and sucked on her inner lips one by one nursing them with my tongue. Her hips became more active again as I nursed my way up to her clit. Stopping for a moment I filled my nostrils with the thick, humid musky scent again.

“Geez, I love how you smell. You really should offer this as aromatherapy,” I said.

“Oh come on,” Magda gasped, “you’re playing with me. You must have done all this before.”

I licked every square inch in between her legs before I answered. “No, never, this really is my first time ever. But it’s so much better than I hoped. I want to spend all day down here.”

“Keep going and I may just cancel my afternoon,” she panted.

I set my attention back on her plump swollen outer labia as I once more I licked them all over. Her juices had a sweet and salty taste and I there was just a bit of stumble to test my tongue. I paid special attention to the depressions between the top of either leg and her mound. The tight shape of that little spot really felt comfortable and fit my tongue nicely. I moved upward again and after kissing her mound completely, I licked it thoroughly for good measure. By this time she was moaning softly and wriggling on the bed.

I traced the valley between her inner and outer lips with my tongue. It felt really nice, the skin was so soft and stretchy. I kept doing that, moving from side to side of her vagina until I realized she had stopped moaning. What to do now? Then I remembered her clitoris and I remembered her warning. I thought I would just lick around her little flap and see what would happen.

I delicately licked all around and that brought on more and louder moans, plus her hips began to sway. I licked down a little lower, just inside at the point where her inner lips met. This time her back arched as she grabbed my head by the hair pulled me toward her. Still afraid of doing the wrong thing, I pressed up against her clit with the flat of my tongue and let her manipulate my head and mouth to where she wanted them. She held my head still as she rocked her pelvis and rubbed her clit against my mouth and tongue.

Suddenly she jerked and pulled my face hard against her as she came so violently I was shocked. She let out a soft, almost crying kind of scream and then collapsed on the bed, relaxing her death grip on my head.

“Put two fingers in my pussy up to the second knuckle with your palm down,” she asked softly.

I did as I was asked.

“Now, pressing downward with your fingers, slide them up one inside wall of my pussy then down over and up the other side. YES, yes yes, that’s it. Just keep doing that back and forth for a few minutes while I come back to my senses again.”

I continued to massage her that way occasionally licking all around her mound for good measure as I inhaled her womanly scent.

Pretty soon she was cooing again as I continued to massage her. She began to run her fingers through my hair as moaned very softly, almost musically.

“You did amazingly well Rick. You’re a natural. I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the tricks I’m going to teach you.”

“Can I keep practicing?” I asked. “It’s still early I think.”

“No it isn’t lover boy. But we do have time for a quick fuck I think. Would you like that?

I beamed with delight and enthusiastically nodded my approval.

“That’s what I thought,” she laughed.

She stretched out on the bed under me as I lifted myself on my forearms. She spread her legs as I slipped in between and I sucked on her left breast as I fondled the other one gently. Then I moved up further and we kissed passionately kaçak iddaa as our tongues intertwined.

“I want you in me Rick. Give me your virginity and become a complete man,” she whispered in my ear.

I pushed myself up with my arms, my cock was hard and pointing like a laser at her pussy. I swung my hips forward and the head stopped just missing her entrance. Magda reached in between us and guided me in. The warmth, pressure and slippery wetness were so sensational I could barely stand it as I instinctively began to thrust forward then slowly pull back out.

She felt amazing and I wished I could stay in her wonderful place forever but that wasn’t going to happen. Only minutes after entering her I began to feel my orgasm building. In only a few more seconds I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

“Oo, that’s it, cum for me baby. Give me all your sweet precious cum honey.” Magda comforted me as she stroked my back and my ass.

As I came back to reality I looked her in the eyes and apologized.

“For what?” She asked. “For giving me one of the best orgasms I’ve had in years?”

“That was your first time Rick, and every guy comes right away their first time. The next time you will last longer, you’ll see. The point is you were great, incredible actually, and we both had wonderful sex.”

After kissing and cuddling for a few more minutes we headed for the shower and cleaned up thoroughly again. After toweling off, Magda got dressed and I stayed in the nude. We went to the therapy room and Magda began treatment with a massage and some electro then sent me home for lunch while she caught up on a few things.

When I got home my mom was sitting at the table with my lunch already prepared. I walked over to her, stripped and then leaned in to kiss her on the forehead.

“How did it go this morning?” She asked.

“Great, I learned a lot and I got some new treatments.” I answered.

“That’s good,” she replied, “keep up the good work.”

Then I noticed her top; it was something I’d never seen her wear before. It was a loose knit like crochet and I could make out skin in the spaces.

“Nice top,” I complemented her, “I’ve never seen that before.”

“Oh this?” She said. “It’s just something I used to wear a long time ago when I was younger, I’m surprised it still fits.”

She turned side to side showing off the fit and I could see more skin and what was clearly a nipple. She had nothing on underneath what was basically a thick woolen fishnet.

“I love it,” I said, “shows you off perfectly. You should wear more stuff like that. It really works on you and makes you look sexy.”

“Yeah sure,” she laughed, “says the boy who can’t wait for me to parade around naked with him.”

“That’s right Mom,” I replied, “I’m really hoping it will happen one day. I think, deep down, you want it as well and you’re testing the water here by wearing such a revealing top. I can clearly see your nipples you know and they’re every bit as beautiful as I remember.”

“Oh, think what you will,” she smiled.) “That wasn’t why I put on this top and you can’t really see that much,”

“Just the same,” she said, “I think maybe I’ll change if this is too risqué to be seen outside in.”

She left the kitchen and I saw her pull off the top at the base of the stairs before climbing up to her room.

What should I do, I thought? I decided to think of it as flirtation and not push it any further. After my lunch, I went upstairs to say good-bye to Mom. I entered her room as she sat at her vanity wearing her terrycloth robe.

“Going shopping?” I asked.

“No I’m meeting your father downtown for dinner and a movie. Who knows, I might even get lucky without using my hand tonight.” She laughed and then a very serious look came over her. “Oh dear, what’s gotten into me, please forget I ever said anything so crass, Rick.”

“Don’t worry Mom,” I laughed. “Maybe you’re forgetting just how much I’ve seen of you. There’s nothing you can do or say to make me think less of you. You’re my beautiful, gorgeous Mom.”

“Oh no, I’ll never forget that,” she said. “Even my husband of twenty years has never seen THAT. I’m ashamed that your ‘happy place vision’, as you put it, has to be that one. I must have looked a fright, all sweaty and disheveled. And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get dressed,” she stood, removed her robe and dropped it to the floor.

My mouth gaped open as I took it all in. She stood in front of me wearing only her high heel pumps and nothing else. Her make-up was clean and flawless and showed off her high cheekbones and piercing eyes. Her fresh red lipstick gave her mouth a wet and inviting look.

She seemed to revel in my amazement as she did a slow turnabout giving me the full three-sixty view. I especially loved her breasts that seemed so firm yet they jiggled like the top of a Jell-O dessert as she stepped around. My cock came to instant attention and she beamed widely as she looked down at it.

“I’ll take kaçak bahis it that you approve then,” as she stared intently at my diamond hard erection.

“Oh, you have no idea,” I answered. “Simply no idea.”

“Oh, I think I do,” she said. “I just thought you deserved better vision for your ‘happy place’, but now get out of here while I finish getting dressed. You’re too much of a distraction.” She giggled and waved me away.

“You know I truly hope you get lucky with Dad tonight,” I said. “Just put that other top back on after you get home and have a few drinks together, I’ll make sure Jan and I keep out of your way.”

Still standing naked in front of me, she said, “You know I’m starting to think that aliens kidnapped my son,” she said. “They put a sexy little devil in his likeness to test me and drive me crazy. I just don’t recognize you anymore. You’re maturing so quickly, especially where sex is concerned.”

I left Mom to finish dressing and went back over to Magda’s. When I arrived, Eva and Beata, were already there along with their mother Anya. Magda called me over and did the introductions.

“Rick this is Anya and you remember her daughters Eva and Beata. Anya would like her daughters to begin training in the nude like she used to in Russia. She asked if she could stay and observe, would that be OK with you?” She asked.

“Sure, no problem here,” I answered.

I slipped off my shorts as everyone watched and asked Magda where she wanted me. She directed me to the table to lie on my back and she began another massage. Meanwhile, Anya turned her attention away from me and back to Eva and Beata.

“OK, so why don’t you two skinny down and get to work like Rick just did.”

Eva glared back at her, “Listen, when I signed up for this little project, nudity wasn’t a requirement.”

“You’re right but this is the perfect opportunity for you to lose those hang-ups about people seeing you naked,” Anya replied, “Both you and Beata have lovely figures. Get them out, show them around. Believe me, if you get more comfortable with your body, you may just start to feel sexier as well. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Eva hammered back, “and when was the last time ‘the great Anya’ put her body beautiful out on display?”

“Well, now we’re getting somewhere,” Anya said as she reached down and pulled her stylish trainer top up, over her head and off. Then in an equally swift maneuver she hooked her thumbs into the pants and took everything down in one deft move. As she cast away the pants, she stood up straight and turned around to show herself off to the room. “Satisfied?”

I was dumbstruck at Anya’s body. For a woman with two adult daughters, she was in unbelievable shape. Her breasts were a little bigger than her daughters’ and gravity had been kind to them. They maintained their shape well, despite the small droop. Her long statuesque legs and ass were a work of art, perfect in form and shape like a marble statue in a museum. Her body was still firm and round where it counted and in front, she had a long thin landing strip shaved on her mound. Her thick dark colored pussy lips protruded and hung from her vagina.

Beata had long since shed her clothing. From her behavior the last time I saw her, it seemed she was starting to get into it anyway. Eva tried to remain firm but she soon realized she had lost any bid to stay dressed. She slowly peeled off her clothes, joining Anya and her sister in the buff. The three of them standing together naked was a vision of breathtaking beauty, a fact quickly appreciated by my stiff cock.

“Oh we’d better get you over on your stomach,” Magda said nervously.

“Don’t bother,” Anya chuckled. “I’m flattered I can still get that kind of reaction from a young, virile man.”

“Thank you and very nice Rick,” she added with a wink.

The rest of the afternoon I delighted in the beautiful sight of the Anya and her daughters as they moved around and trained. Occasionally Anya would demonstrate something for them and I was sure she lined herself up to give me the best view of her assets as she did.

As the afternoon came to a close, Anya was showered and dressed while she waited for her daughters. Beata and even Eva had become accustomed to being in the buff and they took their time, as they got ready to leave, stopping to talk as they dressed.

Anya came over to the table I was on. “Look at that,” She said to me,

“both taking their time to get dressed. That’s a good sign. Well good-bye and have a nice weekend Rick. Best of luck with your back problem.”

Two minutes later, the three of them walked out the door, leaving only Magda and I.

“Thank god,” Magda said, “now we can have a little more fun before you go home for the weekend. You must be a little corked up from drooling over the lovely Anya and her girls?”

“Come on, let’s go back to my room and you can fuck me again. We’ll see how long you last this time. I’ll bet you go a lot longer.”

She was right, I did last longer, almost twenty minutes this time, she checked. But the twenty minutes weren’t enough for her to have an orgasm. “I guess my lovemaking skills need a lot of upgrading.” I thought to myself.

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