The Beginning Of The End Ch. 02

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I must continue my story from where I left off. My sister in law, Sarah, had just given me the best blowjob of my life. To paint the picture, Sarah is a gorgeous, five foot three thirty year old toned athletic blond with huge tits (double D) and an arse that is as round as a balloon. She had just blown me in the bathroom of my brother in law’s house at a barbeque with both our spouses outside, barely twenty feet away. We were both married, had just technically cheated on our spouses and not for a second did I feel any remorse. Given I had never cheated before in my life, I was amazed at how little guilt I truly felt.

In fact, I felt wonderful.

I went back to the barbeque as if nothing had happened. I sat back by the pool, drank my beer, chatted to my wife and flirted with her. The rest of the day seemed to fly by as I could not again take my eyes of Sarah. Thank God for my sunglasses.

All I could think of was hitting that ass like there was no tomorrow. I slammed my wife when I got home for three hours straight. The entire time I envisioned that she was Sarah. After we collapsed she exclaimed how she had not been fucked so hard in ages. I felt so empty, using my wife as mere vessel for my pleasure yet I didn’t care. All I could think of was that tanned arse and those perfect, naturally large tits and fucking her until she screamed. My sister in law, not my wife I mean.

The next week flew by uneventfully, until I received an email from her.

“Jimmy is on a business trip to Brisbane for the next two weeks as of tomorrow. Wondering if you can come over tomorrow?”

I would be working then, but I knew I would have a few hours before work. I knew I could tell my wife I would be at gym and she’d be none the wiser.

I replied instantly “I’ll be there at 12.”

I made sure I was in regular tracksuit gear. My plan was to go to gym on my lunch break so my clothes would least smell like I had gone training. I told my wife I would be out training and back late (I would work on weekends as required as part of my job).

I drove around to Sarah’s place. Knowing that nobody would be home I felt fantastic that I would be fucking her stupid. Just anticipation alone wound me up. I had an erection so huge I felt like I was going to nut in my pants, just driving up.

I eventually got there and she answered the door – in jean shorts, a tight t-shirt and three inch lace up heels. I noticed she had dull brown-red lipstick on to match her eyes. Her eyes lit up with excitement as she opened the door. I could tell she was dressed just to tease me. Those shorts hugged her tight arse as did the shirt hug those huge breasts. The heels were the icing on the cake – the laces wrapping around those sensuous calves and forcing the muscles to flex. God I wanted to bend her over the kitchen bench then and there.

“Hello Michael.” She grinned as I walked in. I walked in quickly and she shut and locked the door behind me.

She grinned even more. I grinned. It was perfect.

I pushed her against the wall. My hands slid over her body – along her bare legs, up those jeans, under her t-shirt and rested on that perky ass. I squeezed it tightly and pulled her into me. Those bedroom eyes of hers looked up into mine imploringly, begging me to take her to a place she had not been. My lips locked onto hers. Our mouths parted and tongues danced together. I closed my eyes and savored the moment, lost in the taste and smell of her. She smelled like jasmine in full bloom. Good god, she tasted so sweet, like strawberries and champagne. Her arms wrapped around me and her hands grasped my ass. It was then I was truly grateful for all those endless sets of squats I did at gym that made my ass feel like iron. She gently pulled me into her deeper and her hands slid up my shirt and over my back. My hands slid deeper under her t-shirt and it was then I noticed she had no bra on.

We kissed each other passionately like we were in high school, as if we had never kissed anyone before and as if it were our last. I cannot remember the last time I felt such passion. I was rock hard ready to burst already. Lost in an eternity, lost in the moment savoring it. After an eternity, she broke away and slowly pushed me towards the living room. pendik escort I tripped over the lounge room rug and fell onto the floor.

She was on top of me in an instant.

“I was so upset I didn’t get a chance to fuck you last time. Let’s just cut to the chase.”

With that, she yanked my shoes off and slid my pants off as well. At the same time I rubbed her pussy through those thick jean shorts. She moaned weakly as I did so, and it was then I could feel just how wet she was. She was wet through the jeans. Oh my god this was going to be awesome!

I tore those shorts off as quickly as I could and noticed she was wearing only a flimsy orange thong. My hands were all over her tanned arse, sliding the piece of cloth off. As I did so, her hands slid around my cock, gently stroking it. Her mouth met mine and they never parted the whole time. In next to no time flat I wore nothing but the socks on my feet and she wore nothing but the three inch heels.

Try to imagine Pamela Anderson with a wee bit more body fat, but a much larger, rounder arse and bigger tits and you had my sister in law. She worked out nearly ever day and was tight as. And she was guiding my cock into her sopping wet pussy. It slid in with ease. I felt her grip me tightly and her hands clench over my pecs as it went in, right to the hilt. Her eyes closed over, and we held it there for a moment – as if she could tell I was ready to explode then and there.

My hands ran over her entirely, squeezing those large firm thighs, her round arse, sliding up further over her clit. She groaned gratefully and slowly started to pump herself on my cock. We never bothered with condoms – we were both married, she had her tubes tied after her first child and we knew we were safe. Being able to fuck someone without restraint is the best feeling in the world. Going bareback, balls deep into my sister in law. I could not ask for anything better.

Her hands gripped my chest as she rode me. My hands grasped those huge tits and my fingers slid to her mouth. She sucked my fingers as my huge cock pounded her. She pushed my hands away and pinned my free hand, placing it on her arse. I was in heaven. The blowjob I had received a week earlier was nothing compared to this. She rode me like a bull. Up and down, occasionally pulsing her hips. Never grinding her pelvis. Oh god, it was perfect. The suction on my fingers, my hand gripping that arse – I was lost in the sensations.

My fingers slid from her mouth and my other hand gripped her other cheek, spreading them apart and I bucked my hips to match her motions – fucking her as hard as I could. She nearly collapsed on top of me – moaning loading and grunting.

“Fuck yes, Michael. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!” I was more than happy to oblige her. I pumped her harder and harder. She began to moan louder and louder. My wet finger slid to her puckered arsehole. Wet with her saliva and her own juices, I slid in effortlessly. Her eyes rolled over and her head rocked back. Her chest heaved and back arched. Her hips bucking so that her arsehole pushed deep into my finger.

“Ohhh yes! Fuck that feels SO good! MMMMMmmmm!”

I fucked her harder, squeezed her arse harder and pumped faster. My finger worked harder, digging deeper into her arse and they too, pumped harder. I then slid my finger out and stuffed two fingers into her mouth, including the one I just stuffed inside her poopchute.

She sucked on them both without hesitation, cleaning them both and greasing them up for another jab. My free hand slid over her huge, gleaming breasts and twisted her nipple as she bounced. She screamed loudly in pain and pleasure – my fingers being the only thing from alerting the neighbours to our infidelity.

She bucked even more furiously, her hips gyrating faster. I slid my fingers from her wet mouth and slid them into her arsehole. My other hand spread those cheeks to pave the way for her to be penetrated twice as hard. She pushed back into it, gasping loudly.

“AHHHhhhhrgghh” she grunted. “Fuck my arse…. That’s it… fuck it!” she grunted loudly.

My fingers worked her arse and I squeezed, tweaked, kneaded and groped her all over. I felt her arsehole and pussy clench up as she came. Her fingernails sank maltepe escort into my chest and she screamed, those acrylic nails biting deep.

“AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh FUCK! GOD DAMMIT ARRGGGHHHH!” Her screams so loud I felt for sure the neighbours would hear, if not her daughter – four blocks over at a friends place.

She bucked as I grinned, grinding her arse into my fingers and cock. I rolled her over, pinning her hands with one hand, force feeding her my dirty fingers into her mouth. She looked up at me, smiled and sucked the shit right from my fingers. She opened her mouth to meet mine. I kissed her right away. Something felt so primal and sexy about fucking her in such a filthy manner.

My fingers now cleaned, pinned both her arms. Those tanned legs wrapped around me and my mouth descended over her ears, her neck down to those nipples. I licked them gently, my tongue dancing over those areolas. Those nipples stiffed immediately, and my teeth gently clenched them, biting gently. She sighed and shifting underneath me – my cock stuffing her full, hitting her all the way.

“Unnnghhh. That’s it, UNNGGHH! YEAH” she grunted.

Since she left welts on my chest from my nails I felt it was only fitting to leave my mark on her. I bit her tit. Hard.

“UNNGGHHH FUCK!!” She screamed. My free hand ran the length of her thigh and squeezed her arse and slapped it hard.

“FUCK YOU WHORE!” I shouted. I lost my mind. I didn’t care about my wife. I didn’t care about the neighbours. I cared only about fucking this woman in every degrading manner possible and making her come back for more. “YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A WHORE WELL FUCKING HELL, I WILL.”

With that I pinned both her hands down. Her legs wrapped around me deeper and I fucked her harder. She started to scream loudly. I was totally lost in the heat of passion, I sank my teeth deep into her neck hard, like a vampire. I tasted blood on my lips. She just screamed louder.


I could feel her body quiver and cum as she screamed time and time again. My hands working over her body, my teeth biting her and she was paralysed to touch me or react to my overtures.

“JESUS CHRIST MIKE! FUCK YES!” she begged and screamed.

I held her there for a minute, gently rocking back and forth after she came. I let go over her hands and they immediately wrapped around me and she kissed me passionately. I broke away from her and rolled her over to her kness. She knew I wanted to fuck her doggy style. And like an obedient house wife, she obeyed, bending over and thrusting that round brown arse at me. My hands slid over those cheeks. I spread them wide and thrust my tongue out, guiding it over her – from hole to hole. I tongued her arsehole, slapped her arse, fingering her pussy and teasing her clit gently. She grunted and groaned softlty. I squeezed that arse as hard as I could and stuck my tongue deep into her arse, savoring the taste. I loved it, feeling her squirm underneath me and moan joyfully.

I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying this but wanted more than my tongue inside her. I pulled away and gently slid my cock right into her wet, throbbing pussy.

Seeing her arse cheeks pressed right up against me, seeing her body in such a vulnerable state and feeling that pussy grip my cock was too much. I knew I would not be lasting long like this.

My hands grabbed two handfuls of her hair – one in each hand. Like ponytails. Gripping tightly I began to fuck her and yanking back hard. She screamed even louder than before if that was at all possible.


I pumped her hard. I thought of all the repressed sexual misdeeds that lay buried inside me and thought of pouring them all into this slut infront of me and felt exhilarated. Empowered. Godlike. Powerful. I pumped away. Slowly and steadily, dragging this out as long as I could.

“Moan for me, whore.” I commanded.

One hand took a hold of the other handful of hair and jerked her head. My new free hand slapped her arse as hard as I could, leaving a red welt as I fucked her and pumped away. I kept slapping and fucking and could not stop. I forgot about cumming kartal escort and was focused on punishing this woman and making her feel pain and pleasure in ways she had never felt, to degrees of which she had never known. Her arse was red raw with the slapping and she obeyed my commands and moaned louder. I looked at our reflection in the television (even though it was turned off) and felt powerful. I looked like a Greek god, dominating this feminine mortal beauty. I felt the part as well.

I began to speed it up. I fucked with the fury I had never known, with a lust beyond what I had conceived possible. I had tapped into a primal lust beyond anything I had known. Right or wrong, it felt fantastic and I never wanted it to end. I knew then that I would do anything, time and time again, to reclaim this sensation – no matter the cost. I was truly a slave to my passions.

My hand slid from her arse to those huge tits beneath, twisting those nipples until she screamed so loud I thought she was in genuine pain. I actually slowed for a second, slamming deeper and harder into her – worried I hurt her. But she sensed my hesitation and kept screaming.


She kept pushing into me, cumming again and again. Smiling that she was savoring this as much as I, took this as inspiration to continue with the pain. I jerked her head and she gasped for air as her head reeled. I held her there for a second and stopped. I pulled my cock from her pussy and slid it along her crack over her arse. I teased her arsehole with it. I noticed then she slid her hands back, grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her hole full force. It slid in effortlessly.

Her arsehole was everything I envisioned it to be. Tighter, warmer, moister. She exhaled deeply and sighed. I licked and kissed her back and neck, gently biting and nibbling her ears.

“Ahhhh…. Now Michael. Please cum in my arse.”

Still grasping her hair and my hand now gently caressing those arse cheeks and lower back I began to slowly pump away. If this was to be my last time fucking this woman, I wanted it to be something I would remember for eternity. I spread those cheeks further apart as I speared her, pumping harder and faster. She kept gasping and began to play with her clit. I felt those fingers touch and flicker my balls as she touched herself.

This was by far, the best fuck of my life.

My hands ran over her thighs and arse, slapping and stroking as I grunted and pumped. I didn’t want this moment to end but I knew it would soon. I felt the pressure rising inside me and tried to hold off on that moment as long as possible. But this was too perfect and no amount of willpower or discipline could contain the passion inside me. Sarah must have sensed it too. She stopped playing with herself and grasped both her arsecheeks and spread them as wide apart as possible.

She sighed gently and whispered “Cum inside me Michael. That’s it gorgeous. Right inside.”

Needing no further invitation, I screamed,


I climaxed like a nuclear explosion, my cock and balls erupting deep inside her, emptying their load. I jerked on her head as I came, screaming loudly. She gasped just loud as I blew deep inside her.

I held her by her hair there for a few minutes as I came back down to earth. I took a look at her. She was smiling! She had blood from the marks in her neck, I had blood on my chest from her nails. Jeez, this was going to be hard to explain – if I could. But for some reason we didn’t care. Judging from the look on her face I knew this was the most sexually intense encounter she had ever had, much like myself.

I knew we would be back for more and we would do anything to conceal our misdeeds. I was not ashamed, I was not feeling guilty. I felt drunk with ecstasy – and I wanted more.

I licked the blood from her neck and she licked the blood from my chest. She then went down on me, never taking her eyes off mine. She sucked my cock so that it was perfectly clean of all her juices.

She sat up and we kissed each other for the longest time. My hands groping that intense arse and hers caressing my back and my arse. Just kissing her felt as intense as our fucking. I’m not sure why but our chemistry was so intense.

Despite blowing my load already, I felt my cock stir yet again. She did too and grasped it knowingly, gently stroking and pulling on it.

I was going to be so late for work. 🙂

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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