The Bank

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Lunchtime and I find myself driving around in my car, work forgotten and the afternoon mine. No destination in mind I just drive. My head spinning in glorious excitement flipping between the woman I love and that of our lovers, the female side especially.

I pull into the parking lot and stop, after turning the car off I sit back and let my eyes take on the building before me, I feel my cock stir as I think about what could happen. My heart beats loudly in my chest and I swear that I can feel the seat around me pulsing with it’s beat! Opening the door I climb out of the vehicle closing it lightly behind me, turning I face the doorway inside and with a large inhale walk through the door.

The inside a typical bank, people are lined up waiting their turn, women working behind the large counter moving the masses quickly through. I walk up to the service counter and give them your name, “I have an appointment,” I almost whisper afraid to speak louder, sure they would hear the excitement in my voice and know something is different about this meeting.

“Have a seat,” the woman behind the counter tells me, motioning the stiff looking leather chairs behind me. Taking a seat I watch her lift her phone and speak into it, “Hi Heather, a Mr. Anderson to see you,” she pauses for a moment and looks up at me, “yes a Mr. Anderson.”

She hangs up and smiles, “she’ll be right with you.”

I nod and then thank her before relaxing my body and let my shoulders sigh against the back of the chair. Thinking to myself I wonder, “Which door will she come through,” as my eyes scan the numerous doors filling the wall behind the counter and women diligently working.

I don’t have to wait long to find out as I watch a door open almost directly in front of me but across the bank and you step through. My heart smiles and I gasp slightly at seeing you, though not the first time, every time I see you I am stunned by your beauty, today is no different. Your eyes widen slightly when you see me and you stop for only pendik escort a fraction of time, no one notices it but I do and in that moment our eyes connect and we drink each other in! Your tongue slowly licks the top of your lip as you walk forward and I feel myself harden a little more. Your eyes never leaving mine you cross the bank and as you approach your hand slowly rises, “Mr. Anderson?” you ask as if questioning is that who I am, more for the woman at the service desks benefit.

I stand and find your hand in mine as we softly shake, my finger caresses the palm of your hand before we release, “Yes,” I whisper.

“Good,” you respond, “Just follow me and I will take care of your needs today.” You turn and walk ahead of me and I follow, my eyes drifting down to the way your bum moves in the grey dress slacks you have on. Though the walk not very far I’m afraid that everyone will see the bulge visible in my pants in the few seconds it takes to cross the room.

We cross the threshold of your office and you slowly close the door with effort, your eyes never leaving mine. As soon as the door clicks behind us you push me against it and kiss me hard your tongue dancing across my lips, your hand cupping the front of my dress pants.

“I didn’t know it was you,” you moan between kisses. “But I’m so glad you are here!”

“Heather,” I moan into your lips, “I want you right now!” and my hands move to the buttons of your blouse and I slowly start to unbutton them.

Your hands stop mine and between kisses you whisper, “but I’m at work!” before sucking my bottom lip into your mouth. I lower my mouth to your neck and lick up to your ear. “I don’t care,” and I slowly move you to your desk chair.

I drop to my knees and kiss the front of your pants; my hands on your ass I pull you close crushing my lips against the crotch of your pants. My hands find the front of your pants and I slowly unzipped them and push them down to the floor, a moan escapes from your lips in anticipation. Again maltepe escort I pull you close and kiss the front of your black panties, slightly moist I taste you through the thin layer of cloth, take in your aroma before pushing my tongue against your panties pushing them both inside of you! Your body arches and you shake for a moment from the sensation your hands dropping to the top of the desk and the back of the chair to hold you steady!

My hands leave your ass and find their way up to the waistband and I pull the cloth down over your cheeks and let them drop to the floor. Your wetness causes your lips to glisten and I eagerly suck one lip and then the next into my mouth, tasting your dew on my tongue. Your clit opens like a flower and I can’t resist but flick my tongue amongst its folds! Your body shakes above me and your hands find their way to my hair and you pull me closer

I push my tongue inside of you, tasting you, enjoying you. Your fingers wrap tightly in my hair and you pull me up to you and kiss me again this time tasting yourself on my lips. Your hands fall to my waist and you quickly undo my pants and they fall to the floor. Kissing me again you look me in the eyes and smile before slowly lowering yourself down. My cock is pushing against my underwear waiting to be free but you don’t allow it yet, instead you kiss me through my underwear causing my cock to jerk. Slowly you pull my underwear down letting me free, you look up at me and smile again and slowly lower your mouth along my cock, looking at me the whole time. You are incredibly beautiful and I can’t believe that I have you sucking me like this; you close your eyes and move up and down quickly on my shaft. It feels so good and my legs start to shake slightly as you move my body to bliss.

I can’t take it anymore and I pull you up and slowly lower you to the seat of your chair. Legs up I position myself at the entrance of your pussy and let my head slowly trace its way along your lips.

Your eyes ask me to kartal escort stop teasing and I comply and push myself into your tightness…. God you feel so good so tight. Slowly I start pushing in and out of you, your moaning filling my ears explicitly! Faster and faster I stroke your body reacting with mine your hand pulling my bum close to you with every stroke, your nails digging in slightly. I suddenly pull out and drop quickly to my knees and suck your clit into my mouth, in moments your body shakes and you cum against my tongue.

With out giving you time again I stand and push myself inside of you and stroke until I can’t anymore and shoot deep inside of you!

I fall against you in exhaustion and you wrap your arms around me pulling me close, “that was incredible Heather,” I kiss across your neck, you can only mumble, “uh huh.”

Getting up I slowly help you get your pants and panties back on before getting dressed myself. Kissing you again, you open the door for me and we walk back through the bank, stopping at the service counter you say to the woman there, ” you need to make Mr. Anderson another appointment for tomorrow, same time but make sure my schedule is free the rest of the day, because we will have lots to go through!”

“Sure Heather,” she responds, “it will be done.”

You turn to me and with a smile say,” So we shall see you tomorrow?”. I can only smile as I watch you glance down to the front of my pants and lick your top lip.

Turning I walk out of the bank already thinking about tomorrow’s appointment.

I walk back to my car my heart beating fast my head already going through the events that just happened, exploring every delectable angle of the still fresh memory. I glance through the window and see that you are still at the service desk chatting with the woman there and I stop to look at you. I smile because of the person you are and feel lucky that I could spend that time with you. You glance up and catch my eye and smile seductively and I wave, With a small discreet nod you turn and start to walk back to your office and I cant help but smile because that’s when I notice your hair, pushed flat in the back and sticking up and I can only guess that it was from pressing against the chair in your office

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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