The Babysitter Did It Ch. 07

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Big Tits

Disclaimer: All characters in the following story involved in any sexual activity are 18 years old or older.

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The Babysitter Did It Ch. 07 – Krissy and Jack’s sex trip day 1

Krissy hadn’t spoken to me while we disembarked at Toronto’s Pearson airport. I could still picture the expression on her face when the stewardess Paola had leaned over her, ostensibly to tighten her seatbelt, but really to give Krissy a whiff of my cum that was still on her breasts. It hadn’t helped that Paola was at the cockpit entrance wishing people a pleasant evening and cheerfully told me, “Please cum again,” and winked at me.

I hadn’t meant to hurt Krissy. I accepted that this sexscapade was probably a bust but I just didn’t want our relationship to be one too.

I’d told her that I was going to do the paperwork for the rental car but she hadn’t even acknowledged me. When I got back, she was nowhere to be seen.

I walked around the rental area for 10 minutes and then waited another 20 minutes at the last place I saw her. I pretty much never called her on her cell except for official babysitting business because so many men had been caught that way but I realized while in Waterloo I had an excuse to call her as much as I wanted. Both Janet and Krissy’s parents expected me to look out for her.

I called her number. It rang and rang. I texted her, “Hello?”. It showed delivered and then a couple minutes later it showed “Read”. I waited 5 minutes but no response came. I thought it was safe to assume she was ok. I texted her, “I’m waiting for you where I last saw you”. Fifteen minutes later there was still no sign of Krissy. “Damn it,” I thought, “we could be half-way to Waterloo by now”. Then it dawned on me that maybe Krissy had taken an airport taxi to Waterloo which I knew from experience would cost about two hundred dollars. “Krissy, I’m going to assume you’re taking a taxi to Waterloo. If not, please call me on my cell and I’ll come get you wherever you are.” The text also went to “Read” yet still no response.

I went to where the rental was parked. In my worrying about Krissy, I’d forgotten that they had upgraded me to a silver Mustang. It should have been cause for a little excitement but I was no longer in the mood. I just wanted to get to Waterloo as quickly as possible, without getting a ticket and make sure Krissy was ok.

After another half an hour I decided to call the hotel to see if Krissy had arrived.

“Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Waterloo. How may I direct your call?”

“I’m calling to see if a guest has checked in yet.”

“What’s the name sir?”

“Krissy, uhh, I mean Ms. Kristina White.”

“Just a moment sir…yes, she checked in about 45 minutes ago. Would you like me to put you through to her room?”

“No that’s ok, I’ll be there soon enough.”

So at least she was ok. I was still anxious to see her so I kept the pedal to the metal. I arrived in record time and was glad to see it was still early enough for me to get a parking spot in the front. While checking in I thought about trying to ask about Krissy’s room number but figured a middle aged man asking about a hot blonde young girl’s room number probably wasn’t the best idea.

Instead, after getting to my room, I texted Krissy my room number. No answer but it was read. I didn’t really know what to do. I took a shower, dressed in a robe and sat on the bed.

“Fuck it,” I thought. “I need a drink and the company can damn well pay for it!” I went to the bar fridge and found they had a few miniature Glenlivets 12 Year Old. I grabbed them all and made myself a double. I was tempted to walk up and down the hallways calling her cell and seeing if I could hear it. I was that desperate but didn’t think it would actually work.

An hour passed with no word from Krissy. I was hungry but the restaurant was closed so I ordered a bacon cheese burger with a glass of orange juice from room service. It was going to be an outrageuos $30 before tip but I couldn’t care less.

The girl who brought the food was extremely cute with a nice body. She wore a mini-skirt that I was certain wasn’t regulation but was designed to get her bigger tips. It worked in my case. I gave her $10 but I ushered her out quickly. I suppose I’d learned my lesson.

Eating made me sleepy and after about an hour I’d just started to nod off when I heard a knock at the door. I thought maybe they’d come back for the food tray but according to the clock it was 1am so it was too late for that.

I peaked through the peephole but whoever was there was was blocking it.

I put the chain on and tentatively opened the door.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Krissy!” I said. But it wasn’t just my blonde beauty at the door. She was in a French maid’s uniform though uniform was probably a misuse of the term. She was in 6 inch black stilettos with white knee-high sheer stockings. Her silky smooth pendik escort bare thighs met a frilly black piece of material that was a skirt in name only. Panty cover might be more appropriate and it barely did that. The “apron” was a few square inches of material. Her mid-riff was bare and I had a sudden urge to lick her from her belly button. Looking further up, a gorgeous matching bra showed off her perky breasts and there was a hat to top it off.

“Wow!” I said.

“I am Christelle, your maid zis eveneng. Eet eez time to turn down Monsieur’s bedt,” she said in a horrible pretend accent. I knew in reality Krissy spoke French beautifully having gone to French immersion since kindergarten.

“Uhh, okay,” I said and stepped aside to let her in. I wasn’t sure where this was going though it was definitely promising.

She came in and started making up the bed. As she bent over I could see her lovely perfectly round bubble butt. I wanted to see if there was any string hiding in the cracks so I made my way behind to caress her derriere. She spun around and slapped my hand really hard and said, “Ah non monsieur, you are meestaking me for zomething else, uhh vat eez zee word, ‘whore’ I teenk.”

“Krissy, I mean, Christelle, of course not.”

“Like zat beetch hostess een zee plane”

That was like a slap in the face.

“I’m sorry Krissy,” I said. Before I could try to explain she said, “Or perhaps you teenk I am a ‘prostitute’ who wants money for zee fucking!”

Oh shit,” I thought, “this was no longer promising”.

“Krissy, again, I’m dreadfully sorry for the other day when I thought you wanted to raise your babysitting fee. That was pure panic about losing you. As for today, I was waiting for you in the washroom when Paola came in and surprised me and before I knew it her mouth was on my cock and after that it was too late.”

“Ah poor Monsieur Adams. Always being seduced by the young girls, no?” She had switched to a high class French accent speaking English. I never knew she was so talented with languages.

“First the pool, now the plane. What next, a convent?”

“Very funny. I seduced you at the pool and the plane was an accident.”

“Good choice of word ‘accident’ as someone got badly hurt,” she said. The look on her face was heart wrenching.

We’d never promised each other to be monogamous. I still fucked my wife when she was in the mood – when the moon was certain shades of blue. But other than the special events when Krissy brought in a friend I wasn’t doing anybody else and wasn’t seeking out anybody else. Krissy I wasn’t sure of. She was such a nymph that it would hurt but wouldn’t surprise me to learn she had an occasional fling. Lucky for me though she was infatuated with me and apparently had been for years. Perhaps though with my recent screw ups that was wearing off.

“Krissy, my twins are the number one most important thing in my life and I can’t apologize for that. My wife, well, she’s a good woman and mother and I’m not intentionally trying to hurt her.”

Krissy looked a bit confused by the topics I was choosing to bring up with my sex-kitten so I quickly continued, “What I’m trying to say is that, you Krissy are a close second to what makes me want to live in this world. Without you I’m lost, drifting through a dreary life.”

“Would you do it again?” she asked, “And god help you if you lie!”

I considered what to say and decided on the truth, “Krissy, maybe there’s something wrong with me. Everything I said about you I mean but given how things played out on the plane, I’d probably have to say ‘Yes’, I’d do it again.” I held my breath. I looked up and stared into Krissy’s beautiful electric blue eyes.

She seemed to come to a decision and said, “Well at least Monsieur is not a liar. Go sit in your chair while I finish your bed.”

Krissy was standing so close to me I could smell her breath. “Wait, have you been drinking Krissy? You’re not nineteen yet. The hotel will…”

“Fuck the hotel! They don’t know my age,” she vehemently said without any accent. She caught herself, returned to character and said, “Monsieur must sit in zee chair or I will be going.”

I went over and sat in the chair like a good boy. Krissy finished making the bed giving me the occasional nice view of her cleavage and her ass whenever she bent over. Parts of me were clearly hoping that this was still leading somewhere.

Finally she stood up and looked over in my direction. She glanced down at the bulge in my robe and smirked. She started to undress.

“Hallelujah!” I said and made to get up.

“Sit down Monsieur Adams!” she snapped.

I sat down again even more confused than usual.

“Let me explain how this will work.”

It wasn’t easy to listen to her as she was now standing completely naked in front of me with her hands on her hips but I tried to focus.

“I will be leaving and going back to my room.”

The confusion meter jumped 3 notches.

“Monsieur will also take off ALL maltepe escort his clothes. If he can catch me before I get back to my room he can have me wherever he catches me. If I get back to my room monsieur will not see me again.”

And with that she ran out the door, turning right.

It took a couple seconds for it to sink in but I didn’t have time to think how crazy this was, the consequences if she or I were caught, if there were cameras around, etc. Alarm bells were going off in my head as I wasn’t sure if she’d meant I wouldn’t see Christelle again or if I wouldn’t see Krissy herself and I didn’t know if the threat was limited to tonight, to this trip or worse.

I bolted for the door, shedding my robe on the way. I could see Krissy heading for the stairwell and ran as fast as I could. She went through the door and when I reached it and entered I didn’t know if she’d gone up or down. I looked up and down trying to figure out. I could hear some pitter patter of bare feet and then caught a glimpse of her hand on the railing a couple floors down.

I took the steps 3 at a time and the door was just closing as I got to the landing. As I opened it I saw she was almost half-way down the hall. I had gained some but not knowing how far away her room was I went flat out after her.

Even though I was a bit out of shape, I was still able to sprint but I didn’t know how long I could last. It turned out that her room wasn’t on this floor because she was headed for the stairwell at the other end of the hall. When she went through that door I was only a few paces behind.

I raced after her up the stairs and thankfully realized I was probably going to catch her in a moment. I started to reach out for her when she suddenly stopped and I bumped into her unexpectedly. Luckily I didn’t knock her down completely on the hard stairs because she had a hand on the railing.

As she stood up straight again I heard her say, “No fucking way!”

I realized she was looking at something and tentatively poked my head around her. My jaw dropped. Sitting on the top stair of the landing we’d been climbing was Paola, the stewardess that was the source of Krissy’s anger. She was in a sheer wrap and was smoking. I recognized the smell as marijuana.

The weed was probably what dulled her reactions to us as she just raised her eyebrows a bit.

“Well if it isn’t Blondie and DOM in the buff no less!” she said and took a puff of her doobie and blew it out into Krissy’s face.

“I guess you’ve patched things up…unless DOM is in the middle of trying to rape you…either way, don’t mind me.”

I don’t know if Krissy heard her but she said, “The bitch must be in heat…it looks like she’s following you around!”.

Paola slapped Krissy across the face, hard to sting but not too hard to leave a permanent mark.

Krissy paused in shock but I saw she was about to lunge at Paola and pulled her back. I wrapped my arms around her.

“Why are you protecting her?”

“I’m protecting you Krissy!”

“Me?! I can take this cunt no problem!”

I glanced at Paola to see if that would get her going too but she just grinned.

“I’m protecting you from making so much noise from a fight that it attracts security.” I don’t think she was listening.

“And why the fuck is she calling you Dom? Did you give her an alias?”

“It stands for ‘Dirty Old Man’,” said Paola.

For some reason that struck a chord in her and she stopped struggling and seemed to calm down a bit.

“Cute,” she said and seemed to mean it.

I let her go.

“So tell me Blondie…”

“The names Krissy.”

“Yeah I heard. Tell me Blondie. How’d you become part of DOM’s world? You his student?”


“Ah…let me guess…you had a crush on him for years and now that you’ve turned 18 you decided it was now time.”

“Time for what?” I said.

“Time to take you for herself.” said Paola.

“Don’t be ridiculous. I take full responsibility for…”

Paola cut me off. “He’s too cute…he thinks this relationship was his idea.”

I was now standing to the side of Krissy and noticed she was starting to fidget a bit as if she was uncomfortable. I looked at her face and she was blushing.

Paola blew a puff of smoke in my direction. “DOM. Blondie here is an Ultra-Venus type. She’s super cute, super hot, super smart and goddess-like. She knows her power and how to use it. Blondie, be honest, did he ever have a chance?”

Krissy said nothing.

“Did he?”

“No,” said Krissy.

“Look at me,” Paola said. She put down her joint in an ash ash tray and stood up. She let her robe fall to the floor. I guess I would have been surprised if she had been wearing underwear when she hadn’t been on the plane. Her hands were on her hips in a combination of challenging yet sultry manner.

“Do you think he had a chance with me?”

Krissy looked her up and down and took in Paola’s gorgeous body.

“Yes, yes, I’m a 12 out of 10 but there kartal escort are a lot of hot women out there. Look at ME.”

Krissy stared into Paola’s eyes and they held each other’s gaze for what seemed like an eternity but was probably just ten or fifteen intense seconds. Finally, begrudgingly she said, “No…but why’d you pick him?!” She’d raised her voice. Then louder and angrier she said, “You only knew him for 15 minutes!”

“Simple. Jealousy. I saw the way he was looking at you. I’ve been with men that would kill for me. Oh wipe that silly expression off your face, no one ever did…”, she said. She turned to me laughing and then back to Krissy and continued, “Yet that is…anyway, I’m a good judge of people. Growing up in the favelas of Brazil teaches you that skill quickly. I could tell with DOM here it’s at a different level. Like Helen of Troy, he’d start a war for you.”

Krissy glanced over at me but I didn’t say anything.

“I’ll admit it was quite petty of me…also, I’m not accustomed to being ignored either. It pisses me off and almost always means the guy is gay and we’d already established that wasn’t true of DOM here. And don’t forget you were flirting with that young prick.”

“I was not!” said Krissy and folded her arms over her bare breasts.

Paola stared at her.

“Ok, fine, I was…I was just trying to get Mr. A’s blood pumping.”

“Well, we both succeeded in that I think,” said Paola and grinned.

Krissy tensed and I thought that might set her off again but after a moment she relaxed slightly.

“Funny,” she said and seemed to half mean it, “but I hate you.”

“Of course you do,” said Paola. “The fact that you seem confused tells me that you’ve never met another Ultra-Venus before.”

Krissy paused to consider this. “I’ve never heard that term before but I get your meaning and I guess the answer is ‘no’…other than who you might call my mentor.”

“Krissy had a mentor? What the fuck?” I thought. “Who could that be?” I didn’t know if to be be grateful, jealous or maybe even angry.

“We’re pretty rare. My job puts me in contact with way more than the average number of people and you’re only the second one I’ve found. You’re accustomed to getting who you want, when you want, where you want, how you want and neither you nor your target care why.”

As she was talking, she stepped down the steps and went behind me. I could feel the nipples of her breasts on my back. She wrapped her right arm around me and started to stroke my cock.

Nature took over and I was rigid in a couple seconds which is how long it took Krissy to react.

“What the fuck! Leave him alone!” shouted Krissy.

I was sure someone was going to hear her and that would be the start of a disaster but I didn’t budge an inch. I had to see this play out.

“Ok, fine. On one condition. Close your eyes.”

Krissy stared at her a few moments while Paola continued to gently pump me. She closed her eyes and immediately Paola let me go. She stepped back up and this time stood behind Krissy. She leaned forward and whispered in Krissy’s ear. All I heard was, “…keep…closed…”. With that, Paola leaned forward and gave Krissy the gentlest kiss I’d ever seen on Krissy’s left shoulder.

Krissy inhaled sharply. She unfolded her arms but still kept her eyes closed. Then Paola moved to her right ear and I thought she was going to tell her something else but instead at the last moment she bit her on her earlobe.

“Ahhh…mmm,” Krissy let out what sounded like a mixture of pain and a groan.

She picked up the doobie and put it between Krissy’s lips.

“Inhale,” she said.

Krissy did as told and immediately burst out into a coughing fit.

“Ok, scratch that,” said Paola and handed me the spliff. “I guess Blondie here is too prim and proper to know how to smoke. Would you like to finish it, DOM, while I finish her?”

I took the zoot. It had been a long time since I had gotten high from marijuana, long before the kids.

“You sure about this Krissy?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m ok,” she replied in a submissive tone I wasn’t accustomed to hearing from her.

“My cuffs are in my suitcase. Little miss Blondie is free to go whenever she wants. All she has to do is open her eyes and that will be the end of that.”

I’d been surprised that when she was choking on the smoke she hadn’t opened her eyes but now I knew why.

I went and sat down on the steps where we had found Paola which was going to give me a nice view of the action that was about to unfold. Had you told me yesterday that this would happen I would have guaranteed you that I would be beating myself off like there was no tomorrow. However, I was mesmerized by the scene in front of me and made no move to relieve the blood pressure in my lower extremities. I was recording everything in my mind for later playback though.

Paola ever so gently ran her finger nails down Krissy’s back but when it reached her butt she dug her nails in so hard I was sure it would leave a mark for a few days.

She then pressed her body onto the back of Krissy, reached around and started gently squeezing Krissy’s already taut nipples. She played with them alternating between her whole breast and the nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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