The Artist

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The Art Project in Victorian Era

Her curves were gleaming and sparkling against the rays of the sun that penetrated through the window pane. She lay there, motionless and empty of cares. As for I, from behind my art stand, I sat there, erect on my stool, shyly glancing ever so often from behind the wooden stand.

“Well, Mr. Parish, are you blushing?” She teased me. She lay there on the suede divan chair. Her arm flung behind her head a she lay her back against the curve of the backrest. She lay on her side facing me; her poise deliciously accentuating her figure and her voluptuousness. Her dark skin flawless and alluring. Her skin supple and full, like a ripe fruit glistening under the caresses of the sun rays. Her beauty was one to admire, and an envy to most that wish they were as just.

Clearing my throat, and preparing to answer, I didn’t dare look at her now. For if I did peek around the protection of the drawing stand, she would see her suspicions were right, and that I was truly mesmerized by her beauty far beyond the professional boundaries of our short relationship. I wanted her, but I kept it hidden as best I could.

“Yes, you are beautiful,” I answered. “But if you continue to distract me with your uninhibited tongue, care to know now my depictions of you on paper will never be just as beautiful as you are in real form. Hold your tongue, unless you speak for a break or a question of my work.”

I responded in a lower tone, to accentuate my need for authoritarianism. In this moment, I needed a reason stop myself from acting on my impulses in expressing my desire for her. If she knew it or not, I didn’t want to jeopardize anything. But she was not without knowledge of her charm and her beauty. She obviously knew if she really wanted, she would have me. I knew that regardless of my efforts to remain unmoved by her seductiveness.

I loved my job. As an artist, I would paint people and see them in ways not many did. It was a privilege I never took for granted. I worked hard for it.

My customers paid by commission. They all found out about my services through word of mouth. In the beginning of my career, and straight out of the Art Academy, it was a struggle. In those days, I lived vicariously off of wine, bread and cheese which are cheap and always readily available these days. I had gone without meat for a year, before I served enough clients to afford it. Eventually, the female customers were more than the males. I started off doing portraits, then fully clothed, full figures.

The relationship with my customers had always been professional. Because most were married and of privileged backgrounds, I kept my repertoire clean. Though I have had a few encounters already with the females whom wanted more than a picture of themselves, I had to be a gentleman and plead with them that. Even though they were beautiful, I would not fulfill their carnal needs. And if that didn’t work, I told them I was from a strict religious background. That helped them step back and take that as a firm ‘no’ in regards to my response toward their advancements.

But Ava was different. She was the daughter of a rich businessman. And she had a mystery and magnetism I never saw in anyone else. I was surprised she was still single.

When Ava showed up, she took my breath away. A rare, dark beauty with black locks of hair that frothed neatly over her brow line. She started coming to me for a month and my experience working on her portrait was quite a surprise! Because, little did I know, she was going to be different than my usual customer.

“You are John Parish, I presume?” She extended her lace glove hand outstretched for me to kiss.

“The one and only, milady,” I replied confidently as I gently kissed her small, gloved hand.

She smiled. “I understand you are remarkable with the representation of the female figure and I can trust you have a keen eye for all details to exemplify beauty.

“I do not think you need any more exemplification, if that is what you are implying, milady,” I added, smiling at her warmly.

She chuckled softly, “I see you do not lack boisterousness. May I also add that you have never done a portrait like mine.”

“I sincerely agree with you.”

She was the loveliest creature I had ever seen. Her ravishing beauty, her natural flair was of a goddess picked from the cloud of Heaven and bestowed upon escort eryaman the wretched beasts of Humanity. I could not help but admire her.

Immediately, she had set her parasol down against the corner, and picked at her gloves to remove. Then her wide-brimmed hat. Her dark curls frothed even heavier when she bore no headdress, making her look even lovelier. Wilder, even.

I looked at her in amazement when she started to undue her buttons, “Are-may I ask-?”

“Of course you may. But first, I need your help. Don’t worry, I am over eighteen.” She motioned for me to help her undue the top buttons of her dress. I couldn’t but obey.

After I undid her buttons, she flung her dress on the back of my chair. After that, her corsets and petticoat were off and on the chair within seconds. All I could do was watch in shock. I had never had a woman undress in front of me before! Except in art school. Usually women were so timid about their bodies. This one carried herself with confidence and didn’t mind her nakedness and vulnerability in front of me, a stranger! I was in awe.

And there she was, standing there in all her glory. Her beautiful, hourglass figure a stunning revelation of God’s artwork that I was so blessed to recreate on a flat canvas.

I gawked at her, not realizing how long I had been staring at her perky and toned figure; her beautiful sex and her rosy nipples gleaming. Her sweet perfume now penetrating my nostrils. She smelt of honeycomb and jasmine. I could not help but get a bit aroused with her standing there, vulnerable to my stare.

“You see, Mr. Parish, I wish for you to paint me nude,” she explained.

“I figured that is what you wanted, Milady. But I don’t paint nudes,” I explained, almost flustered.

She laughed, “I have brought extra coin for your troubles…Will it be troublesome, sir?”

She looked at me as if asking for permission. When I uttered no reply and instead continued staring in disbelief, she giggled and walked graciously toward the divan in the drawing room.

That was what happened, shy of an hour, I think, and now she taunts me while lying there. Beautiful.

She continued on with her insistence, “Part of my large payment to you is my need for entertainment. I seek to talk to you, just for pure enjoyment and to overthrow boredom,” she explained, sweetly.

I smiled amongst myself from behind the drawing stand. “Very well. I will speak to you freely. I just don’t want anything to disrupt my work.”

“I promise I will remain still and keep my statements short,” she said.

I nodded.


“Call me John, please.”

She giggled, “And I prefer Ava…John, may I ask you something?”


“Are you a virgin?”

I stopped drawing and tilted my head to look over toward her. She had not moved and was looking away from me, toward the ceiling, as if daydreaming of a moments past.

“And what makes you feel like that knowledge is to bring to light?” I asked politely.

“Well, aren’t you curious if I am?” Ava added.

“Well, are you?” I asked, moving my focus back to my work.

“I’ll tell you if you tell me first,” she teased.

“Yes. I am,” I said, almost in monotone, trying to ignore my racing heart.

“Really?! I would have thought the opposite. You are so handsome and you are quite an artist. I have seen samples of your work… I always thought artists slept with all their attractive customers.”

“You thought wrong,” I muttered.

“I am also, sir. A virgin, I mean,” she confessed.

I was not in the least surprised, given her rank and whom her parents were. If she had, it would have been with the stable boy or some servant she sneaked into her bed after hours. But even with her flirtatious attitude, she seemed still a young woman with chastity. She still seemed innocent. Just horny.

“You are not surprised,” she said, speaking my thoughts.

“No, not in the least, and even if I were, I would never express as to offend your Ladyship, I-I mean, I would never want to offend you, Ava.”

There was a moment of complete silence. I suddenly heard her rustling on the divan. I cocked my head to the side to see if she had moved.

She was gone.

I looked around, confused. “Ava? Ava? Where have you gone?”

I got up with pencil still in hand, and looked round escort elvankent me, full circle. She was nowhere. I started to walk to the next room.

“She couldn’t have gone far. She is stark naked!” I thought, astonished.

And then I heard her soft voice coming from the drawing room, “I am in here, John.”

I hurried back to meet her. And there she was, back on the divan sitting upright with legs crossed. She got up and slowly walked toward me, her eyes seductive and deep, like a hungry animal in need of prey. I could not move, my whole body hypnotized by the rhythm of her hips, and the suppleness of her perky breasts. She walked toward me a beautiful beast, unspoiled, ripe and guiltless.

“I choose you,” she said as she stood in front of me. Her hands were on my shoulders, now gliding down to my hands. She was pulling me, luring me toward the divan. Suddenly, I realized my sex was completely hard. I have been aroused by her beauty. This woman I had just met had taken over my senses. I was suddenly spellbound and quiet. I felt powerless to stop it now.

She lay me down onto the divan and straddled me. Her light body pressing down onto the top of my groin. Her soft lips came down and touched mine, delicately. I lay there, melting into her soft kiss. My pencil falling carelessly onto the floor from my hand. My hands instinctively caressed her neck, her back and her hips as she smothered me in her delicious mouth and teased my tongue with hers.

She stopped and slowly lowered herself further and further down my torso, lifting my shirt, kissing my chest, my abdomen; tickling my skin with her lips and her tongue. She stopped at my groin and caressed my inner thighs with her playful hands, making my sex even harder form beneath the thin material of my trousers.

“You won’t stop me now, will you?” she smiled at me, playfully. She was pleased to see how hard I was for her. Oh, how much she had aroused me! She put her mouth on my sex and sucked me from above the material, making me jolt in pleasure and frustration. I was aching for her!

“Will you allow me to pleasure you?” she asked.

I nodded. My heart was pounding from within my chest. Such anticipation growing within me! Oh, to feel her warm mouth above my clothes, kiss my cock and play with it, her tongue twirling around it, I was bursting with moans.

She undid the material and opened my trousers. Immediately, my sex popped out in full erection. It was engorged and hot with desire now. She moaned with pleasure, darting toward it and taking me in her mouth. I heard myself moan as my eyes rolled back and electric shocks of pleasure took over; numbing me to all the cares that had once mattered, occupying my day. Now, all that mattered was this; this beautiful woman and her sensuality. She melted my senses with every suck and kiss and lick, devouring my cock gently and hungrily. My sex was pulsating within her mouth. She played with it using her hands to glide on it, up and down massaging it, teasing it. Her tongue licking my balls taking them in her mouth, sucking on both one at a time. At last, I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to be inside of her!

“Are you ready for me?” she whispered, massaging my wet cock with her hand.

“Oh, yes! God yes!” I managed to cry out between moans. The pleasure was so overpowering, speaking turned into a chore. I never wanted anything so much before!

She got on her knees and positioned both her feet on each side of the divan. Now, she was towering over me. I brought my hand up to cup her soft breasts, to pinch her full nipples. My hand went on toward her sex; the wetness dripping out from within it. She moaned as I played with her clitoris, bringing my fingers to my mouth and tasting her. She was just as sweet as I had imagined.

She took me into her slowly and then she plunged my sex deep inside of her. We both moaned when her tight sex engulfed mine within it. Its tight, moist walls devouring my pulsing manhood. She moved her hips rhythmically, and with every twirling movement, I felt my cock’s membrane sliding inside of her, rubbing against her on all sides. The faster she moved her hips and pushed me deep within her beautiful sex, the louder I moaned.

I brought her torso down on me and kissed her mouth passionately. Lifting her up off me, I gently flipped her down onto the divan and went on top escort emek of her, thrusting my sex deep inside of her again, and pounding her, controlling her with my movements. My cock hitting her deep within and sending her into a frenzy of ecstasy and orgasmic torment. She was all mine in this moment in time. I was pounding, using her to meet my carnal needs. I thrust myself into her tight, virgin sex, which had never been opened and deflowered, claiming it for myself! My pre-cum, my essence filling her up little by little, marking what was now mine.

She was all mine! In this moment we were connected and writhing like hungry animals! She was all mine to penetrate, to invade.

Our sweating bodies slid on top of each other, and she orgasmed. The deeper I went, the more she shivered with every stroke. And then she cried out in the ultimate climax. But I kept going. My sex was far from done. I quickly got up from on top of her, and moved her gently onto her knees. I slipped my hard manhood inside of her hot pussy and could feel the orgasm had made her tighter still. Her legs quivering as I slid in and out of her, faster and deeper. Teasing her, I pulled out and slapped my large cock head against her engorged clitoris. She loved that! Her moans elongating and becoming more vocal.

I slid into her again. She was dominated by me, and I was surrounded by her. We controlled one another, and it felt like Heaven.

I couldn’t control myself any longer and felt my swollen testicles empty as my penis throbbed and squirted my warm juice inside of her. I filled her up and pounded each squirt deep inside her, seeding her, filling her, claiming her.

She slumped onto her side, laying on the divan. My juices spilling out from her beautiful sex. I looked down on her and she was beautiful.

I smiled at my triumph but still wanted to finish my part. So, I took her legs and guided her body to lay on her back. She allowed me, laying there in submission. I opened her legs gently and pulled her with me as I kneeled beside the divan, facing her beautiful womanhood, still dripping with my juice.

Then, I devoured her. Opening my mouth onto her sex, I licked and devoured her like a ripe fruit, cleaning her with my tongue, licking my warm juices away. I filled my mouth and my face with her essence, eating her with the devotion of irresistible passion and boundless to stop until her quivering legs and long, defenseless moans came out from the bowels of her Soul. I devoured her and filled myself up with her juices and moans. She lay there, unable to stop me, or pull away. She was helpless, surrendering to the wants of my tongue and my moans, vibrating her clitoris. My nose smelling her sex, penetrating her and surrounded her womanhood. She was mine once more and ready for the conquest. I had gotten hard again, and I pleasured myself with my hand as I ate her like a fruit. She was utterly defenseless. Beautiful in her submissiveness. A strong woman, held helpless is pleading for more under my power over her. I had shown her what her seduction had done to me, and what I was capable of giving her.

She was stunning laying there, screaming out her cries of ecstasy. And her swollen sex sweet and as ripe as ever, giving into my every lick, my every hot breath. Her pleasure turned me on. And the more she moaned the more I pleasured my hard cock with my hand. I pleasured myself harder, as I felt myself cum on the floor. I moaned as I held her sex in the grasp of my mouth.

Almost instantly after I got off, I felt her whole body quiver and shake violently as she orgasmed again. I was almost finished eating her by then. Her beautiful box happy and moist from our lovemaking and my craving satisfied. I was finished. So, I gently licked her quivering sex one last time, kissing her inner thighs, as I got up and picked her up.

Carrying her to my bed, I suddenly felt like a real man. I was no longer a virgin but what was more incredible, is I lost it to this beauty in my arms. And she lost it to me. But I was far from finished for the day. I carried her like a trophy; a delicate and priceless trophy whom I wanted to penetrate again and again before the morrow.

“This was worth every penny and your efforts exceeded my expectations, John,” she said as we made our way to the bed. Her voice filled with satisfaction.

“This is mine to cherish. You don’t owe me monetary payment. This is what I needed,” I said as I looked down toward her lovely face, nestled against my arm. “Do you promise to let me penetrate you as much as I want before the sun comes up on the new day?” I asked, politely.

She laughed wholeheartedly, “I could think of nothing better.”

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