The Arrival

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Note to readers: This story includes incest so if this offends the please read no further. It has been written in the first person and unusually for me in present tense as it is supposed to be a narration as events unfold and as such it is written as a simplified description of actions and thoughts. Originally the protagonists were not family and therefore it was not about incest but the subject matter seems to fit the premise. I have included both parts here as one submission for clarity. The story is written in English as spoken in the UK, I impart this information as I have often seen complaints about spelling when reading comments on this site and often this has been the reason behind it.

I read and write a lot and I usually have many stories on the go at once, some of which I hope in time will end upon this site, especially ones in this category. In the meantime I adapted this story to submit as I felt it was about time seeing the pleasure I get from reading the submissions here. If you have come this far then please read on and hopefully enjoy. Finally all the usual disclaimers apply; I own the rights, the story contained within is a work of pure fiction and any similarities to real life or real people – either dead or alive – is entirely coincidental and highly improbable, all characters are of legal age, no animals were hurt in the making of this story — oh you get the idea, I made it all up!

Part One

My plane landed six hours ago at Newark airport, you don’t know I’ve finally taken the flight over to come to see you. I’ve hired a car and driven down to the Blue Bay Inn near Sandy Hook to shower and change. It’s a hot and sticky June day in New Jersey and I’ve travelled for seven and a half hours before my flight landed; I need to clean up before I come to see you. I’m standing in the shower; the water is running down my body, bringing it back to life again after the gruelling flight as I’m thinking of you, what you will finally look like in the flesh after so many years apart. This makes me tingle and I feel that familiar sensation start in my groin that happens whenever I think of you, whenever I dream of you. I can’t resist touching myself as my cock hardens under the constant pressure of the stream of water cascading down me.

As I rub the soap in, my eyes close and I start to stroke myself, gently at first in my most sensitive area as it grows in my hand until it is rock hard and standing proud. I think of your face smiling at me, I imagine you watching me with your bright blue eyes, staring at my hand as it moves over my cock faster and faster, pumping away in bliss. I feel your presence as if you were already there with me, kneeling in front of me, your mouth open and those eyes by now staring up at me, begging me to cum for you, to cum on your beautiful face. My hand pumps harder and I can hold back no more, in my mind I see your smile beaming at me as my hot spunk flies over your face and down onto your chest. I open my eyes and realise that it’s not true, not yet, I’m still in the shower and I need to clean my cock again to wash the last traces away.

I dry myself and try to dress as quickly as I can, I don’t want to wait any longer now than I have to. “Christ I thought only women have this problem” I chuckle to myself as I throw my clothes around deciding what to wear; suit and tie, all nice and sharp or casual, relaxed and laid back. I decide on the latter, I don’t want to scare you off the first time you see me. I check my hair, grab a jacket, and saunter down to the car. I look at the map I’ve prepared to get me to your house, you already given me your address so I could send you something for your birthday that’s just passed. I hope you liked the roses; they were as red as your cheeks when you get excited but they paled in comparison to your beauty.

For the first time I start to worry if I have understood everything that has happened between us; that I haven’t misinterpreted your words and actions, that I’ve got it badly wrong. We have shared so much in the last few years since we started contacting each other on the interweb; before, all we’d had were letters and phone calls but for a long time we have been able to see and hear each other. Everything was normal at first as we just caught up and reminisced about our innocent life together before we were cruelly parted twelve years ago, half your age now, but then things started to become, well, shall we say interesting.

At first it started with a little harmless flirting; just a young woman exploring her own sexuality I used to think, but it rapidly grew until we realised that the feelings we held for each other were those of the most primal instincts known to mankind, love, desire, lust. It all exploded one day when you “accidentally” exposed your full, firm breasts to me on webcam and the reaction you saw on my face said it all. From then on we have explored and examined every aspect of each other that bahis firmaları it is possible to do without the physical presence of the other and have longed for the day when we could once again be together and finally consummate the love we have expressed so freely over the web.

I have threatened and cajoled you for a while that the day was coming soon when we would meet again but when you told me that you would be alone when everyone else went on holiday I knew that it was time. I wanted this to be a surprise; I hope and pray that I have not misunderstood our actions and that it is me you truly want, just as you are my only desire. I know you have not had a boyfriend for some time now, not only have you told me but we have “met” on cam every day for so many hours that you wouldn’t have had time for anyone else. As for me I haven’t been bothered with anyone since we started talking intimately, knowing that you are the only one I want in my life now, however difficult that might be.

I draw in a deep breath and exhale, calming my nerves as I turn the key and the car burbles into life, a shiny blue Corvette; nice I think to myself, always fancied one of these babies. I roar off down the road, I have to get to you as quickly as I can, the evening is drawing on now and I want to take you out to dinner so we can talk more intimately. It is not far but this last little bit of the journey seems to be the longest, it takes only minutes but each one seems like an hour as I hustle along, dodging through the evening traffic towards your home. Finally there is the neighbourhood sign and I slow to check where I am and where you are. Not far now just a few minutes and I’m outside your door. I’m shaking with the anticipation, what will I say, I’ve rehearsed it hundreds of times in my head but now my mind is blank, I cannot think, I cannot speak.

The road is quiet; I look around and admire all the white painted clapboarded houses, “hmmm, the garden state,” I think to myself, “it’s certainly green and pleasant around here.” No one seems to be about as I walk up to your door and knock on it, far louder than I thought I had so I take a step back just in case I’ve upset anyone. There’s no reply at first, maybe you’re not in but just as I’m about to knock again I hear footsteps approaching the door. It opens and there you stand before me your face an absolute picture as you look at me enquiringly and then the penny drops.

“Dad? Oh fuck, daddy!” I hear you whisper to yourself as to hold on to the door frame to steady yourself after the shock of seeing me there, in front of you for real, for the first time in twelve years, since you’re mother decided she wanted to go home to the USA and leave me back in England. I can see you shaking, your hardening nipples poking through the thin material of your white cotton top to greet me as you check again.

“Yes babygirl, it’s really me, I’m here at last” I smile at you as you stare, bewildered by my presence. I take your hand and kiss it gently, lingeringly and then look to your face. A huge smile has formed on your perfect lips,an amazing welcoming grin that I have waited so long to see for real. You lead me into your house, thankfully empty except for you.

“It’s just us” you whisper to me in a sweet hushed tone, “We are all alone.” Now it’s my turn to shake as your words let me know all I need to; we are alone, no one to disturb us, no one to worry about – you do want this. Any thoughts of going out are lost to an overwhelming urge of longing as I sweep you up into my arms and kiss you deeply and passionately. Your lips are as hungry as mine and our tongues explore each other’s mouths greedily, seeking out every possible bit of pleasure that we can have. As we kiss I run my fingers through your soft, golden mane and caress the smooth skin of your cheeks, I’m in heaven already and we have only kissed. You take my hand and lead me through to the bedroom, at last I’m standing in the inner sanctum of your life, the familiar walls I have only seen on screen surround me for the first time and I have to pinch myself to make sure it is real, that it is happening.

I gaze into those beautiful blue eyes of yours; the windows to your soul that now were allowing me an unguarded view of your true inner beauty that glows through every word you have ever written or said to me. We kiss again, locked even deeper in passion if that were possible, time standing still for the two lovers for whom this day never seemed to be coming, but at last, at long last it was here, it was now, it was real. You take over now, pulling me towards your bed, the one I’ve dreamed of sharing with you for so long. You sit me down and pull my shirt roughly over my head, your excitement obvious to see as you fall to your knees and start kissing my chest, while your hands reach around and stroke up and down my back.

I’m already hard and my bulge is plain to see, you smile and lick your lips and gaze hungrily at kaçak iddaa the tent in my trousers.

Suddenly I’m on my back and you’re tugging down my trousers and briefs all at once as my rock hard cock springs to attention before you. I feel your slender fingers grip my balls and you pull back my foreskin, starting to lick my engorged, purple knob, around and around and then poke your tongue into the little slit and wiggle it. Your mouth engulfs my cock in one taking me to the back of your throat and sliding all the way down my shaft again, up and down sucking hard as you pull away and biting it as you take it back down again. You squeeze my balls as you take each suck and pull them gently each time you bob back down my shaft again building up a steady rhythm that makes me sigh with pleasure.

“God you’re so good at this!” I gasp as you speed up a little and I feel my balls start to harden. You instinctively know to slow again, you’re not ready to have me finish just yet, you have other plans for my cum now you’ve got me here. You stand up next to the bed and remove your top. Your braless breasts seem to breathe a sigh of relief as they are released from the constraints of the material and I’m mesmerised by their beautiful teardrop shape; two perfect nipples crowning the perfect sight. You lower them to my mouth and I suck greedily on them one by one, as a baby suckles hungrily from its mother. I can see your huge smile as I do so; you know just how much I had longed for this, to suck the breasts I had coveted for so long, to have those perfect pink nipples in my mouth and lash at them with my tongue. Your face has changed now too and the look of lust I had seen earlier had returned as I suck at your nipples.

By now your hands are pulling at your tight jeans and they slip down your legs to the floor and I see your soft, plump thighs next to me, your beautiful silky skin gently shining in the dull light of the end of the day as the sun sets through the window. I move to kiss your thighs but you hold me down and lift your leg over my head and lower your magnificently hairy, wet, fleshy mound down towards my face. At last I taste your sweet nectar as my tongue runs along your tight little slit up and down teasing the puffy lips as it goes. You reach down and pull it open, now is not the time to tease, you want to feel my passion and I’m not one to disappoint a lady such as you. My tongue seeks out your tight little hole and starts to probe inside, your juices run out over my face as I push deeper and I can smell the beautiful aroma of your womanhood all around me.

My cock is twitching with excitement as I swirl my tongue around inside, tasting more and more of you as you grow wetter and wetter, my whole chest now awash with your heavenly fluids. You reach forward and grab my twitching cock, grasping it firmly and slowly you start to pump it up and down. My tongue slips to your hard little clit and I start to stroke it gently as I hear you moan with passion. Your voice is calling me to go faster, you want to cum, you need to cum. My tongue moves faster, around and around your love button and you grip my cock even firmer matching my tongue for speed as you build up towards orgasm, your juices flowing fast and your breathing heavy, panting and moaning my name as you get ever closer. I increase my speed again and you start to tremble, your beautiful soft thighs rubbing against my cheeks as you reach the point of no return. You scream loudly, releasing my cock.

“Oh God, Oh God, I’m Cumming daddy, I’m Cummmmming!” you shoot even more of your love honey over my face and I drink it all greedily, savouring every moment of your orgasm as you pant and moan. “Dad, dad, daddy!” you scream as the sensations ripple through your body for ages, the most intense, most shuddering, longest orgasm you’ve ever had.

You’re still panting as you lift your dripping wet pussy from my face, turn around and lower yourself onto my angry swollen cock. Your pussy is very tight and even though its wet and waiting you still struggle you slide down my cock straight away, you have to ease yourself on slowly, moaning as you do. Your eyes are staring intently down at me now as you take my hands and put them on your breasts. Your hips start to grind and ride me slowly, savouring every little sensation as we finally make love with each other. My hands knead your soft breasts and tweak your hard nipples as we build up to a steady speed, my hips rising to meet yours as you ride me expertly, your tight pussy gripping my cock and pulsing as you rise and fall.

Your head starts to rock rhythmically back and forth and I see a glazed expression on your face as your tight pussy grips me harder and pulses faster, I know you are about to cum again, your panting and moaning getting louder as you start to scream my name again and buck wildly against my body, grinding your pussy down on to my cock until it feels as if our hearts, our souls and our bodies have kaçak bahis combined into one perfect being. Your juices flow even more, you are so wet, so turned on that you cannot control yourself and with one final scream you collapse forward onto me our bodies covered in our sweat and your sweet honey nectar and your golden hair around my face, smelling of the sweet summer sun.

You smile at me as you crawl off and kneel on the edge of the bed on all fours, your legs open as wide as possible, your beautiful, curvy bottom in the air and your swollen pussy, wet, glistening and still pouting from my hard cock.

“Come on daddy, now it’s your turn to show me what you’ve got” you tell me, your voice still husky from the screaming that you’ve done already. I don’t need a second invitation and rising to my feet I position myself behind your glorious womanly bottom, taking in the amazing sight that’s there before me.

“Jesus Christ, that’s the most perfect arse I’ve ever seen” I sigh, giving it a playful slap and watching it gently ripple. “I just want to put my face there and taste all of your heavenly body.” I see you shift to look at me over your shoulder and the hungry look in your eyes tells me not now dad, concentrate on the job in hand. I smile at you and place my cock against your swollen lips. Rubbing it up and down I tease your clit with my knob and then I thrust in, one push all the way into your tight pussy.

It grips me straight away and you cry out “Fuck me dad, fuck me hard, make me cum, make me sore, fill me with your hot spunk!” I buck my hips, in and out, in and out, hard and fast gripping your waist in my hands and squeezing your flesh through my fingers. I grab at your long soft hair and pull it; I reach down and grab your engorged nipples tight in my fingers. My hands cover every part of your body as I pound relentlessly in and out, in and out, pushing my cock in as far as it will go, deep into your body, making you moan louder and louder again. An orgasm washes over you, your body shaking violently as I carry on thrusting hard getting faster now.

“Oh God yes!” you cry, “Fuck me daddy, fuck me like you’ve never fucked any woman before.” I moaning too now, my breath is short and my thrusts are faster, harder, I’m pushing all the way in, not pulling far out as I now hang on to your hips pounding back at mine, our flesh slapping together, my balls swinging wildly against your clit. My balls get tight, my strokes very short, and I feel your pussy pulsing around me, drawing my spunk up my cock.

“I’m gonna cum Jess, I’m gonna cum deep inside you babygirl!” I shout as I feel the first jet of my burning hot cum shoot out of my cock, pressed hard up against your womb. I thrust and shoot streams of cum deep inside you and I feel your pussy tighten so much I can’t move my cock from its vice like grip as you explode into a shuddering orgasm once more, this time with me, our bodies again melting into the one being as our love is finally satisfied and we experience the most wonderful sensations two people can together. Finally we collapse, your tight little pussy red and swollen, my cock still hard and purple waving in the air like a flagpole. We smile at each other, your blue eyes gazing into mine with love. When I get my breath back I tell you I was going to take you out for dinner. You smile again, warming my heart even more.

“That can wait for tomorrow daddy” you say, “I’ve got a much better idea” and smiling once more you reach for my still hard cock……………………………

Part Two

I’ve been in Jersey with you for five days now and we’ve hardly seen the light of day or the dark of night; just luxuriated in each other’s bodies, hearts and souls. There’s not a piece of you I don’t know now, not a piece I haven’t kissed, haven’t licked, haven’t stroked, haven’t stared at in wonderment at its beauty and perfection. You have made me feel like a God, like a warrior, like a king and in turn I have treated you as my Goddess, my Amazon, my queen, the most perfect being in all of God’s creation. We have explored each other’s bodies with abandon, we have kissed and touched, stroked and licked each other to heaven and back, over and over again, our passion unmatched throughout history, our thirst for each other unquenchable.

We have awakened in each other’s arms, like Rodin’s the kiss wrapped around each other for all eternity. I take your hand and lead you to the shower and we stand beneath the water together slowly and lovingly soaping and washing each other’s bodies, the touch like electric as we allow our hands to roam freely over each other, touching everything, nothing hidden, everything adored. My cock is already hard in your hand again, I marvel at its resilience, we have hardly spent a moment awake it the last five days when it hasn’t been like that, hard and rigid, ready to do your bidding at a moment’s notice. Your blue eyes are flashing at me as your start to massage up and down its length and my lips greedily seek out yours as I grip you tightly around your beautiful body and start to rock my cock back and forth across your soft tummy, so sexy and yielding.

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