The Arrangement

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Act I: Hey You

The day started as normal as any other Brian was up at 6 am to help get the kids ready for school. He was dressing his 3-year-old son while his wife was busy trying to find something suitable for their teenage daughter to wear that would not get her kicked out of school.

At 7:30 a.m. the kids were dressed, fed and out the door. Brian’s wife dropped their son off at daycare on her way to work and Brian was trying in vain to school his daughter on the merits of old school hip hop as her drove her to school since he had the day off.

Brian took the day off as a “Mental Health Day” at least that’s what he told the wife, but he had other plans that day that would have shocked everyone in his world if they ever found out and Brian had no intentions of giving them a clue into what his day held for him.

About 10 miles away a similar ritual was taking place at the home of Sara a sexy mother of twin boys who was getting them dress and ready for school. Summer was starting so school would be ending soon so these last few weeks of classes was more about baby sitting the kids than teaching them anything. Once they were ready, they piled into her car and she raced them off to school, because she had a “morning meeting”, she did not want to miss.

Once his daughter was at school Brian shifted from dad-mode to guy-mode. It felt good to relax for a moment, and not have to think about kids or family stuff. For the rest of the day he was just a regular guy about to do something wonderful, but it could not be shared with anyone. Brian is going have sex with another woman.

By now, Sara had dropped her boys off and was just walking in the door to her modest townhouse. She also switched from loving mother to wanton sex goddess. She went to her bedroom, stripped naked, and took another shower to prepare her body for the day’s activities. Sara is going to make love to by a married man.

Brian who has never done anything like this before was nervously excited as he drove toward his final destination, his mind drifted back to how this all started. Brian and Sara are Co-workers at a large insurance company, Sara is a new hire that was stationed in Brian’s section.

The two became fast friends talking about there kids and eating lunch together almost everyday. There friendship became so close that it gave the appearance that they were having an affair, and the two weirdly enjoyed the attention often doing things in public that would fuel the fires of the rumor mill, but in the end, it was all innocent.

The turning point came when the two had a seemingly innocent hug after Brian did Sara a huge favor, which really saved her a lot of work, and she hugged him in gratitude. Something stirred in her when he wrapped his arms around her when he hugged her back. The embrace lasted long enough for Sara to “Feel” something “stirring” in Brian’s pants and she began to wonder “What if…?”

Later that week Sara confessed to Brian that she is sexually attracted to him and to her surprise, Brian was equally attracted to her and was eager to move forward with this stage of their relationship. This lead to a lot of late night phone calls and stolen kisses in the stairwell after work, finally, the two agreed to meet one day and just do it. This is that day.

Brian has been thinking about this day for weeks and wanted everything to be perfect, that included not being caught. To this end, Brian took a several precautions, like telling the wife he would be out enjoying the warm weather so that she would not be surprised if he were not home when she returned home and so she would not come home for some afternoon sex to find an empty house.

Brian’s alibi also consisted of him saying that he may hit the gym at some point in the day; this would explain why he would come home freshly showered. His last precaution was to park his car at a local mall, which is where the world at pendik escort large would think he spent the day. From here Brian walks to Sara’s home mentally preparing him self for what was to come.

Sara spends a long time in the shower knowing she has about 45 min until Brian get’s there, during this time she thoroughly scrubs herself so that her skin is silky smooth for him, after the shower, she rubs scented oil all over body paying special attention to her ample breast, curvy hips and moistening pussy.

The hourly chime on her watch broke the spell she was having on herself with her sensual touch, she sees that Brian will be here any minute, he’s always on time. She quickly slides on a super sexy g-string, lays a thick blanket on the living room floor so they do not get rug burn since they planning on have sex for quite a while. Prolonged sex in her bedroom would just end up in the living room anyway so Sara figured why not just start there.

Brian arrives at the address Sara gave him and steels himself before knocking on the door. The door opens to a darken living room and he steps in, his eyes have not adjusted to the dim room so he does not see the shadow behind the door. The door closes and Brian hears a familiar “Hey, you.” Brian thinks, “How can someone make two words sound so sexy is beyond me?”

He turns and sees Sara standing in front of the door in nothing but a lace blue G-string that looked like it was made for her. The two stare at each other for a second that lasts a lifetime and with the sound of the bag Brian was holding hits the carpet with a soft THUD, the two launch toward each for a kiss so passionate that it would seem that they were trying to devourer each other.

Brian holds Sara’s face in one hand as he probes her mouth with his tongue and in that instant he knew that, he would not regret this decision. Sara also feels her previous apprehension fall away as she surrenders to the softness of his lips and the strength of his other hand at the small of her back pulling her into him.

The kiss breaks as the two come up for air and Sara gives Brian a look as if to say, “Are you ready for this?” Without waiting for an answer she proceeds to undress him, removing his overshirt and tank top and then unbuckling his khaki shorts so that the fall to the floor around his ankles with out so much as a pull on her part.

What she finds is that Brian was not wearing any underwear and was sporting a massive erection, her mouth salivated at the sight of it and she knelt in front of it. She grasped it with both hands caressing it before ultimately sliding it past her lips into her mouth. As the tip of his dick entered, her mouth Brian almost lost his balance it felt so good, he placed his hands on either side of her face as she slid his dick further and further down her throat until she had all of him in her.

As she deep throated his dick, Sara would look at Brian and with her eyes, would beg for his cum to shot down her throat and within a minute or two her expert dick sucking skills produced a substantial amount of cum which she eagerly swallowed and then begged for more. As Brian regained his composer, all he could say was “Damn! Girl that felt SO good. “With a cocky smile Sara rose and answered” I aim to please”.

While Brian was fully removing his shorts and shoes, Sara eased out of her G-string and tossed at Brian who caught it in mid air and brought it to his nose inhaling the sweet aroma. By now, Sara had positioned herself on the blanket with her legs spread as she fingered her pussy spreading around her glistening pussy juice. Believing that one good lick deserves another Brian slowly dropped to his knees and crawled across the floor with hungry eyes trained on that hot wet pussy.

The first touch of his tongue was electric and sent shivers up her spine, his second lick was a long slow trail from the bottom of her pussy, up across maltepe escort her pussy lips, ending slowly at her clit. Sara resisted the urge to grab his head and push it into her crouch, because she knew that he had the situation well under control and he would need very little guidance from her.

Brian licked, sucked, and gently pulled and pussy like it was a job and he wanted to be employee of the year, and at the rate, he was going he was going to get it in spades. As Sara’s orgasm grew, her body began to work in time with Brian’s motions so that there was no gap between his mouth and her pussy. Then Brian did something that totally sent her over the edge, he used is free hands and began to softly rub her nipples, the combined sensation of having her pussy licked and her nipples rubbed was more than she could take.

Sara’s body began to tense like a coiled snake about to strike and then it came, the deep guttural moan that accompanied an equally deep orgasm. Brian flow of juices washed into Brian’s mouth, as he held onto her body tight with her legs over his shoulders.

Maintaining the connection with his mouth as he continued to lick and suck her pussy which caused multiple orgasms that crashed into each other causing Sara to moan so loudly that if her neighbors were home they would have definitely called to cops.

While Sara was coming down off of her first orgasm of the day Brian stayed between her legs gently stroking her lightly haired pussy, not really trying to stimulate her, but just to provide comfort and to maintain skin to skin contact. When Sara’s breathing started to return to normal Brian reached with one hand into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out a string of condoms, ripped one from the bunch carefully with his teeth, opened it and slowly rolled it down his dick, which is now hard as a rock.

Sara watched as Brian sheathed his erect penis in the condom wishing that he did not have too, she wanted to feel all of him raw inside her, but with the situation being what it was she knew that this was the safest alternative.

Her other wish was that she wanted to just be fucked by him for now, those multiple orgasms take a lot out of her and she really didn’t have the energy know to bounce on top of his dick. She got her wish. Once Brian’s cock was ready for action he re-positioned himself back between her legs, but he was done eating her.

He lightly kissed his way up her body starting at her pubic mound stopping for a moment to tongue her belly button, and then back up to her two soft supple breasts, which up until now were being totally ignored. What a shame.

Brian took this time to honor her ample breasts by lingering there sucking on the nipple of each and he could tell by the look of pleasure on Sara’s face that she really enjoyed having her tits sucked and played with. As Brian was eagerly working on Sara’s tits, he had positioned himself so that the tip of his cock was at the entrance to Sara’s pussy, but he did not enter just yet, he just let the length of his shaft glide back and forth over her pussy lips occasionally touching her clit.

He did this to tease the pussy and to prolong the anticipation of what was to come. Sara could feel his cock at the opening of her wet pussy, parting the lips slightly but not fully entering her, the sensation felt so good it was maddening to the point where Sara couldn’t take it and moaned in Brian’s ear “Stop playing with me and stick it in!”

At her command, Brian plunged his engorged penis deep inside her in one fell stroke, the sudden rush in pleasure caused them both to gasp deeply and then all movement stop as they each became accustomed to each other’s bodies.

Brian closed his eyes so that he could further enjoy her, for fear of cumming too soon Brian concentrated on his breathing and just focused on one thing, the feeling of his dick inside Sara’s pussy. Sara had kartal escort teased before that her pussy was still tight after having two kids seeing as they were born through C-Section and other than the scar, it left her body was perfect.

She was not bragging about the tightness of her pussy, it felt like Brian’s dick was being grasped by a warm, wet, velvet fist, and as her body adjusted to him her pussy would squeeze a little bit causing even more pleasure for Brian to somehow not submit to.

At the same time, Sara was going through some internal adjustments of her own. Sara was not expecting to feel all of him in one fell stoke, the sensation left her taken aback and sent her body into another round of mini-orgasms. It took her a few seconds to adjust to being empty one second and completely filled the next, once she caught her breathe she could enjoy the feel of him.

His dick was not the biggest she had had, but it had just the right shape, almost as if it was made for her. Just big enough for her to really feel it, but not so big that it caused pain.

When she opened her eyes, Brian’s piercing gaze staring back down at her with a look that meant he was ready for business greeted her. “You ready?” He said with a voice that sounded more throaty and guttural almost like a snarl. She matched his cockiness by responding “Willing and able!” With that Brian slowing began pumping into her, pulling his dick almost out of her and then all the way back in.

As Brian settled into a nice steady rhythm, Sara just gave into him, her body offered no resistance she just wrapped her arms around him and pulled his sweaty body into hers and held on tightly as he gave her the long stroke for what felt like eternity. Her orgasms returned, but these were not the baby ones from before, these were full on adult orgasms and they were not alone.

Sara’s orgasms came in waves with each thrusting of Brian’s dick. One after another, they came and came and came until she was riding one gigantic orgasmic wave. The world fell away in her mind, nothing else mattered except for this man’s dick and her pussy, she did not care that he was married, at this moment he was hers and she was his.

Brian rose back up onto his arms covered in sweat not breaking his rhythm for a moment, he looked down and saw that Sara was cumming again and it was a big one. “Harder, fuck me harder!” she moaned her body glistening with sweat, her full breasts undulating with every stroke of his dick.

Following orders Brian begins to pound her pussy mercilessly, soon he feels his own orgasm begin to rise, Brian tries every mental trick he knows to stave it off but there was no stopping it. Brian was pleased he had lasted this long, he gave credit to the fact that Sara masterfully sucked him off earlier and the condom was dulling some of the sensations, but this pussy was TOO good and he was going to blow and soon.

“I’m gonna cum, baby!” Brian panted between breaths as his pace slowly in an attempt to get a few more strokes in. Not realizing that Brian is wearing a condom she whispered “Go for it baby, fill me up with your cum.”

Sara was on birth control and Brian was married so pregnancy and STD’s were not an issue for her, but Brian thought “Better safe that sorry” and brought several condoms, one of which was being filled to the brim as he exploded inside of her. His face contorted in sexual ecstasy as he let out a sound, which could only be described as a roar.

Physically depleted of all his energy Brian slowly withdraws his dick from Sara’s still quivering pussy and comes to a resting place next to her on the blanket. Sara, who is now very aware that her pussy is no longer filled, puts her legs down and finally begins to catch her breath.

The two lovers turn on there sides to face each other and even though they just finish having sex and are covered in each others sweat they still crave each other enough to lean in for a tender post coital kiss.


Author’s note: If you made it this far I thank you and if you have any suggestions for Acts II & III feel free to post them, I look forward to all comments good and bad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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