Thanks, Sister-In-Law Ch. 01

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When my sister-in-law asked me to meet her on the dock at the lake of the campground we were at, I had no idea what she had in mind. She’s been happily married to her husband for over a year, and while the hour that she wanted to meet me was late, I thought nothing about it. I figured that she and Joe wanted someone to drink with, or even if she wanted to go skinny-dipping, that there would be other people there. I was hoping for the latter, since it had been about two years since I’d seen her naked in a cabin she’d shared with her sister and me.

When I got to the dock, she was there all by herself. She was wearing a simple dress that she had made for herself (we do historical re-enactments, and I was wearing a long tunic and belt myself).

“I wanted to thank you for representing me in the tournament today,” she said. Her speech was a little slurred. I’m sure she’d had a little to drink, but wasn’t really all that drunk. “You want to go swimming?” It was a clear, warm night, moonless. Perfect swim weather.

“Sure,” I said. “Where’s Joe?”

“He’s off getting drunk with his buddies. You know, you owe bursa escort me.”

“For what?” I asked.

“I know that you saw me naked at that event two years ago, and now it’s your turn.”

I’m not the Mr. Olympia type, but I’m not afraid to take my clothes off. “It’s a good thing that there’s no moon tonight, or you’d be blinded by the reflection off my pale skin.” I burn when even in moonlight; I’m not the most tanned person.

“That’s okay, just get naked,” she commanded.

No problem. I took off my tunic and my underwear. The thought of being naked in front of her had a positive effect on my manhood. While I wasn’t fully erect, I didn’t look like a tiny dick either. She moved closer to inspect me.

“Not bad,” she said. I told her that while I did see her without her clothes on, I really didn’t get a good look because I was trying not to look like I was either awake or looking. “Help me out of this dress then,” was her answer.

I pulled the dress over her head and was presented with the lovely sight of my naked sister-in-law. She had lost weight since I’d last seen her this way, but her bursa escort bayan breasts were still firm and perky, and this time her snatch was shaved to a stripe of fur.

Now, I couldn’t help myself. I became fully aroused. “I’m going to thank you now,” she said as she sank to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Oh, God, what she could do with that tongue. While she licked up and down the shaft, she also played with my balls, and put a finger in my asshole. I couldn’t stand any longer and told her so.

I lay down on the dock, and she retook my cock in her mouth, while positioning her obviously slick pussy in my face. I began to finger it slowly, and then replaced my fingers with my tongue. I slid a pussy-slicked finger in her sphincter. Her moaning almost caused me to come in her mouth.

She then told me she wanted to change positions. She told me to get behind her. I told her first I wanted to play with her tits. They aren’t big, but I could get one in my mouth. She continued to stroke my cock, while I sucked on her breasts, and fingered her cunt. I could tell it was having a good effect on her, escort bursa as she became slicker to my touch.

I then told her to get on all fours. I got behind her and slid my cock into her receptive pussy. Again, she moaned her consent. We found a rhythm in our pumping. She pushed back as I pushed forward, her ass slapping my thighs and my balls slapping up against her. As we sped up the pace, she then leaned forward, lying completely flat on the dock. She brought her legs together, and I thought I was going to cum right there and then, because it caused her pussy to tighten. If anyone else had been watching, they would have thought that I was fucking her in the ass.

I stroked harder, and I could tell I was about to cum. I tried to pull out but she squeezed her legs together harder. That did it. With one furious stroke, I tried to jam my whole body into her pussy with that last thrust. It sent her over too, because I could feel the torrent of spasms as I came inside her for what seemed like an eternity.

We just lay there afterwards. I didn’t want to pull out, and she didn’t want me to; but nature had other ideas. We snuggled up and kissed each other. I played with her nipples a little, until she stopped me. We then actually did go swimming in the lake.

Naturally we needed to shower off afterwards, but that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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