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I> Some time back, I write a nicely-received story entitled “A Pink Slip to Paradise”. If you haven’t read it, I suggest you do that first, then come back and read this one. If you have, I hope you enjoy seeing these characters again.

Shortly after 9 AM, Misty Ferguson answered the doorbell. Standing on the doorstep were the last two people Misty Ferguson expected to find there at that time of morning, Terri and Terry Shea, with suitcases in hand.

“Come in you two, come in, it’s about to storm, hurry up or you’ll get soaked!” Misty said, giving both of them a big hug. Misty was always glad to see her sexy best friend and lovely daughter and it wasn’t just because they had shared a bed on a number of occasions. She honestly liked both women, they were bright with infectious, upbeat natures, you couldn’t help smiling and laughing in their company.

Terri brushed a blonde curl from her eyes, looking at her friend, while Terry moved their suitcases to one side. “Hello, you gorgeous thing, can you spare a cup of coffee for two weary travelers?” She grinned.

“I think I might have a cup or two,” Misty said, ushering the blonde mother / brunette daughter duo into the kitchen. Terry took off her coat and was wearing a nice light ruffled pink top with white painter pants that left nothing to the imagination, not that Misty had to imagine – that body had been naked in her bed several times, as had the pretty blonde who was now removing her own trench coat. Misty and Terri had discovered their own bi-sexuality over the past two years and when Terry the younger had started being curious as to why Misty and Terri were spending so much time together, the friends had conspiratorially agreed to show her. The incest-play of mother and daughter didn’t trouble Misty in the slightest, she thought they looked lovely together, especially due to the similarities in their facial features.

“I’ve missed our little romps girls, and so has Gerry – it’s nice to see you, he’ll be sorry he missed you,” Misty said, handing two steaming mugs of coffee to the beauties. After losing his job with the McMann agency last year, the two women had treated Gerry to a mind-blowing, life-altering mother-daughter fuck that left him gasping. It got better an hour later when Misty showed up and joined the festivities, she had arranged most of it with her two lovers. It was one of several foursomes they all enjoyed that had only recently ended when Nick, Terri’s husband, began acting strangely. Not wanting to set off any alarm bells with Nick, they had ended things, although Terri and Misty still had an occasional “lunch” – there was nothing at all suspicious about that.

“How’s Gerry doing at Dilbert & Scott?” Terri asked as Terry put cream and sugar in both their cups. Dilbert and Scott were the firm Misty’s husband had gone to work for after Nick had fired him, they were happy to get such a respected talent so easily.

“He loves it. There’s a lot less money, of course, but they love his work, they’re always telling him that and he has near-total creative freedom. Terry, what’s wrong baby? Why do you two have suitcases?”

Terri smiled at her friend and said “Misty, would it be okay if Terry stayed here for a few weeks?”

Misty nodded, her curiosity piqued. “Of course, we’ve got more than enough room, but why? What’s going on?”

“Mom’s left Daddy, she’s filing for divorce.”

“Oh no, Terri, I’m sorry. Why does Terry need to stay with us?”

Terri sighed. “Nick’s being …”

“An asshole.” Terri glared at her daughter. “I’m sorry Mom, but you know it’s true. Daddy’s being an absolute prick.”

Terri sighed. “She’s right. I’ve got a large suite booked at the Plaza, and I know Nick and I are going to have words, but I want Terry kept out of it. If she’s here with you two, he doesn’t have to know and I know I can trust you both.”

“Plus we can have some fun,” Terry winked.

“Terry! God, you’re incorrigible. Yes, I’m sure no one here will mind having you around, you little nymph. I hope it’ll be okay with Gerry?”

“Yes, of course, although he may be going into work tomorrow a bit bleary-eyed, if I know this one!” Misty laughed. “We have a nice-sized guest bedroom Terry, let me show you where it is, Terry, can you stay and have some breakfast?”

Terri nodded. “God yes, I’m famished. We left as soon as Nick went to work, we pre-packed yesterday, we might need to sneak back for more. Thanks Misty, you’re a love.”

Gerry got home from work around 5 PM, he was in a good mood. He and Misty were finally back on track, all their outstanding bills were now paid in full and they even had a tidy sum of money in the bank. So much, in fact, he had been consulting with a Travel Agent about the two of them going on a nice cruise in a few months.

“Hiya handsome!”

“Terry! Hey, it’s great to see you, where’s your Mom?”

“Long tuzla escort story. Can a girl get a hug?”

Terry stood up and embraced her friend / lover, then kissed him with a bit of tongue. He broke away and swatted her now-bikini covered bottom.

“You’re incorrigible, you haven’t changed a bit.” Gerry laughed, remembering her slender, tanned brunette body wrapped around him in bed.

“Mom says that too, but I have changed. I’m much better.” Terry said, arching an eyebrow.

“Lord, the men in this town better watch out.”

“Only one who has to watch out for now is you, lover-man. I’m going to be staying with you for a while. To shorten the long story for now, Mom and Daddy are splits-ville, she’s staying in a Hotel and I’m staying with you. Which means you’re going to get a lot less sleep in the next little while, so you’d better start stocking up on Red Bull!” Terry grinned. She kissed a stunned Gerry on the lips and scampered back outside to go for another swim, wiggling her ass suggestively as she left the room. Misty came downstairs a minute later.

“I take it from the zoned-out expression on your face you’ve encountered our little house-guest?” Gerry nodded. “She looks so good in that bikini, I … oh, don’t you dare give me that look, Gerry Ferguson, I behaved, although we kissed a bit. She’s going to be here a few weeks, Terri’s at the Plaza. She wants you to go over tomorrow afternoon after work, if you can.”

“Okay, but man – having that little sexpot here for the next two weeks, you know what’s going to happen, don’t you?”

“Of course. I put her in the guest room earlier today and she said she didn’t think she’d even muss the sheets tonight. Are those steaks? Good – I think we’ll both need our protein.”

They’d barely finished dinner on the patio by the pool when Terry said “No sense beating around the bush …” She giggled “… okay, bad pun … but I’d like to go to bed and I’m not tired at all. I want some of your cock Gerry darling, it’s been too long, and Misty, I can’t wait to taste your fiery red pussy again, I want us all to have a nice reunion. Anyone have a problem with that?” She ran upstairs while the older adults brought the dishes inside and put them in the dishwasher. Terry’s voice cried down “Hey, I’m lonely up here.”

Misty smiled. “Go on, I’ll be up in a minute.” Gerry walked upstairs, he didn’t want to seem too eager, but Terri and Terry were the kind of women who got under a man’s skin. He remembered why the instant he walked into his bedroom, there was Terry, long brown hair, slender body, high, perfect tits, gorgeous legs, clad in a sheer, white lace peignoir with matching white high heels. She looked beautiful, he walked over to the young woman and took her in his arms, kissing her warmly. He loved holding her close again, she felt so nice in his arms.

“I’ve missed this,” Terry sighed as she felt him nuzzle her neck. “Oooh, you can keep doing that for – oh, a year or so,” Terry sighed as Gerry pulled away.

“That is a beautiful outfit Terry, I’ve never seen it before. Is it new?”

Terry modeled the peignoir, spinning a bit. “It is. Your wife bought it for me for my birthday.”

“I have one just like it in black, I thought you’d like it. I’m glad to see you wearing it, darling girl.” Misty entered the room and kissed Terry and held her close, their tongues mingling as she felt the naked, younger girl begin to respond.

“Why don’t you put yours on?” Terry suggested.

“I second that idea!” Gerry piped in. Misty nodded and went to her closet, got out the peignoir, then took it with her to the en-suite bathroom. She’d only been wearing a small top and shorts after her afternoon swim with Terry, so it didn’t take her long to change. She emerged from the bathroom, stood in the doorway, proudly displaying her drop-dead beautiful redheaded body. Walking towards Terry, the two women embraced, then fell together on the bed, kissing, embracing, hands stroking each other. Terry’s tanned skin looked so lovely against Misty’s paler, milky flesh, brunette against red, white against black. The peignoirs left a lot of skin bared, Gerry could see them touching pussies and breasts, murmuring words of desire.

“Is he just going to stand there?” Terry giggled. Gerry came out of his daze and got undressed as quickly as he could. Pretty young Terry clapped her hands as she saw the cock she had missed so much spring free, it was already hard for her. She swept down on it and began to suck while Misty moved behind her slender young body and began to feast on her cunt.

“Oooh, yessss, yessss, eat the pussy, lick the pussy, love me, love meeeee!” Terry squealed in her high, sweet voice. It always excited Gerry that their little friend got so turned on, she came by it naturally, Terri was very vocal during sex as well.

Gerry was impatient to be inside young tuzla escort bayan Terry’s horny little cunt again, she’d been driving him crazy throughout dinner, so once he was hard, he nodded to Misty, who knew all his moves by now. She moved away from the pretty brunette, who whimpered for a second, but once she saw Gerry’s hard cock, she didn’t complain. Gerry moved in behind the young woman and began to fuck her, strong even strokes, hearing the frenzied slapslapslap of their fucking bodies moving together. During the fucking, Misty moved up to the top of the bed and spread her peignoir open so that the scrumptious brunette had full access to her redheaded snatch. Terry didn’t have Terri’s skill at cuntlapping, but she was a damned close second. Mother and daughter together were beyond description, as Misty knew well, she hoped Terri’s life would calm down soon enough. Once she was divorced, perhaps they could all resume their four-ways, because Misty also got off on watching Gerry fuck Terri, the mature blonde had an expression of pure, unadulterated bliss while being screwed.

The trio fucked until nearly 3 in the morning, only stopping because Misty felt a bit tired and achy. Terry was up for one more round, but the couple begged off, although Misty did lick the younger girl to one more soft, gentle orgasm. They fell asleep together, one woman on either side of Gerry.

He called in to work early the next morning, claiming he was working on an idea for a campaign at home. As he’d done that in the past, no one at Dilbert and Scott questioned him. Gerry then went upstairs and went back to bed. He had to sleep with ear plugs in, because he could hear Misty and Terry laughing by the pool and he knew damned well what they were up to.

The suite Terri had at the Plaza was beautiful and absolutely huge, you could almost fit a football team in there. Terri was likely soaking Nick’s bank accounts a pretty penny for this place. Wearing a simple white pantsuit with a low-cut top, her tanned flesh spilling out, Terri gave Gerry a big hug.

“You’re beautiful Terri, as always. I’m sorry about you and Nick.”

“No, you’re not.”

“You’re right, he’s an asshole and he never deserved someone as hot as you. Christ, any man who would even chance letting a babe like you get away is a fucking moron.”

“Straight to the point, that’s why I adore you Gerry. God, why couldn’t I have met you before Misty? You’re the perfect guy for a woman like me and you’re a great fuck besides.”

“Thanks gorgeous. Want me to remind you what a great fuck I am?” Gerry winked.

“Soon babe – I’m pretty sure you’ve reminded that perverted daughter of mine, right?” Gerry laughed at her words, then saw there was something she wanted to talk about, so he sat down and accepted a Rye & Coke.

“Gerry, I used a great deal of my own money to back Nick when he wanted to buy in to the McMann Agency and now that we’re splitting up, I want my goddamned money back. Not only am I entitled to my monthly alimony, for which I intend to bleed the bastard dry, I own 25% of the company, which my lawyer figures out to be around …”

“10 Million bucks or so, if my math is right,” Gerry whistled, knowing what Wall Street had estimated his former employers Net Worth to be.

“Yes, give or take. I’d like to offer some of that to Dilbert and Stevens as an investment, so they can expand and we can hit Nick right in the balls. Do you think they’d take it?”

“They’d be crazy not to.”

“There will be one condition Gerry – you have to become a partner, I want you to manage the money and oversee everything. It’d mean a substantial increase in your income, more than you were making working for Nick. You’ll be earning more than Nick, actually. What do you think?”

“I-I’m enormously flattered, why me?”

“Why not you? You’re married to my best friend, you’re someone I love, you’re my friend, you’re smart and capable and seeing you succeed will kill that S.O.B. I used to be married to.” Terri grinned. “So, do we have a deal?”

“If they agree and Misty’s up for it, damned right. Shall we drink on it?”

“Hell, no. I haven’t fucked you in months tiger, let’s fuck on it!” Terri said as she slid off her pantsuit. She was wearing pretty white & lilac lingerie which she slid off her beautiful, big-titted mature body. All the tanned, blue-eyed blonde wore now were white high heels. She stroked her pussy and turned away from her one-time lover, looking over her shoulder. “The bed in there is very comfortable, but it was lonely last night. Get your ass in there.”

“Yes, boss-lady,” Gerry laughed. He knew that Terri would be a much more agreeable employer than her shit-heel ex, as she moved on top of his cock with her warm, butter-soft lips, he couldn’t believe his incredible good fortune. Having his friend / lover give him this fabulous opportunity, having escort tuzla her as a lover again – it was all too perfect. She swung her body around and he pushed his face into her shaved cunt, knowing how much Terri enjoyed oral and having picked up some good tips from Misty and Terry in the intervening months since they’d all been fucking. Like her daughter, Terri was a noisy little fuck and she was groaning and bucking against his licking tongue. Terri gave amazing oral as well and she sucked until he came in her mouth. She always did that, Terri could be a bit of a cum-slut when aroused, she bobbed her head up and down until Gerry was steel-hard again, then climbed on board and fucked his brains out until around 6 PM.

He went home, Misty and Terry had waited dinner for him. They cheered and cried and laughed when he told them the story, then they ate, went upstairs and had another night of sex comparable to the previous evening’s. As it was a Friday and he didn’t have to work, Gerry stayed in bed until almost noon. He might have slept longer, but he was wakened by the aroma of fresh coffee, someone kissing his mouth, someone stroking his chest – he knew his wife’s fingers – and someone sucking his cock …?

“Hello there, sleepyhead,” Terri grinned, and resumed sucking his dick again.

“I think we wore him out last night Mom,” Terry giggled, sharing a kiss with Misty. The 3 women wore only bra and panties, very cute and feminine, in different color schemes. They helped him up, offering him his coffee and keeping him aroused by teasing little kisses and caresses as he drank.

“We figured we should have a little celebration of sorts, so we called Mom while you were sleeping and told her to haul her gorgeous ass over here,” Terry smiled as she stroked her lover’s cock, which was getting harder by the minute. “After the day you had yesterday stud, think you can handle one more day of passion?”

Gerry got an evil grin on his face and kissed his wife, then Terri, Terry last. “I think I can handle my three wild women, but I know what will guarantee to get my motor running. Terri, it’s been months since I’ve seen you and your daughter make love. Would you two oblige me while my wife keeps me company over here?”

“Of course Gerry, our pleasure. Come over here darling and let Mama take care of that naughty cunt of yours, these awful people want to watch us have incestuous lesbian sex. Tsk – they’re such perverts!” Terri couldn’t wait to get at her daughter again, they’d had to play it very coy over the past few weeks, so as not to tip off Nick. Terry straddled her mother’s beautiful face and lowered her own mouth to Terri’s cunt and began licking her ardently. She loved having sex with women, Terry had only met a few men equal to the task of satisfying her the way Terri and Gerry did. One of those few men was Gerry.

“Oh God Mom, I don’t ever want to stop fucking with these wonderful people again, they bring out the best in us!” Terry sighed as she felt her mother’s tongue stabbing and whirling about her pussy. Her juices were flooding Terri’s face, she just relaxed and went with it, she could feel Gerry & Misty’s eyes watching them, but they didn’t watch for long.

As mother and daughter continued their love-play, Misty and Gerry had recovered, situating themselves wherever they could fit. Misty fondled Terri’s big tits and licked her fat nipples while Gerry massaged Terry’s long legs and back and kept her stimulated. The women were bucking and writhing, holding on for dear life as the foursome grew hotter.

Naturally, it progressed, Gerry was soon fucking Terry sensually, her warm, slender body taking him deep, while astride a strap-on wielded by his equally-kinky wife, was Terri. Mother and daughter held hands as they were fucked by their lovers, then switched positions. The sexual free-for-all continued well into the afternoon, when they broke apart for lunch and drinks, followed by a cooling-off swim.

Terri told them all she was going to look for a Condo in the neighborhood so that she and Terry could live closer and they could all resume their sexual encounters. She finally revealed the reason for her divorcing Nick and for his snide, condescending attitude of the past few years. A friend had revealed to her that Nick was under investigation for unfair trade practices and was facing several indictments. Terri’s investment was safe and the firm likely would remain intact, but splintered afterward. Nibbling on Gerry’s ear, Terri told him “I wanted to bet on the winning horse … cock.” The other two laughed, then Misty began preparing the grill for the hamburgers and corn.

Gerry went inside and picked up the phone. “Hey, Ted, how are you, it’s Gerry Ferguson. You know that Cruise I booked the other day? Do you think you can book me two more passages for the same cruise. It’s no problem, thanks buddy. Yeah, it’s for a very special occasion, thanks again.” Gerry hung up the phone, happy with the surprise he’d be springing on the girls later on. Then he thought, after my vacation with those three hellcats, I might need a vacation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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